Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Sure, listen to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. And I gotta tell you, I didn't see this until about a minute before we went live this morning. Whoopi Goldberg, what big old bird on the view. On the view, I got to play this for you. I literally just about a minute, two minutes ago, I had my hands on my knees laughing as I was making sure that the livestream camera was connected and just making the final pre programmed checks here. I was I just can't even believe what I'm what I'm hearing. I mean, I can, by the way, welcome to the program. I am your host, Todd Huff. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Where Yes, it's okay to be upset have questions, demand answers. But we are not bitter. In fact, we know in the end that we stand on the side of truth with conservative values that we are defending what it is that makes America great, those ideas and principles. And even though we are living in trying and challenging and difficult and tense times, we have lots of reasons to have hope. And ultimately, that hope, my hope, ultimately, two reasons number one, that I serve a risen Savior, number two. Number two is that we err on the side of truth. When it comes to ideas, again, that made this this nation great and that I believe folks will accept these ideas, if they just have them explained to them, not everybody. Of course, we have some that are committed to this idea that they are owed things from the government or from other citizens or whatever, this concept that whatever they want is a God given rights. Whatever the case may be, but anyway, I am very, very confident that if we just have a chance give if we take advantage of the opportunities presented to us we can. In fact, we can in fact, tilt the tilt the needle, move the needle, I should say So anyway, email, Todd, The Todd Huff I heard from you yesterday. Also, I should tell you, we have the huff hotline 317-455-5250 you can call I don't currently take live calls. And that's because of some internal decisions that we've made. But we may change that at some point. But you can text me you can text us at that number. I don't know why, if I've even told you that I can get your text messages during the show. 31745 5250 don't text and drive. Don't text and drive. But you can certainly send me messages. So here's what I was listening to. About a minute before. About a minute before I started the program, Whoopi Goldberg yesterday, lecturing, those who have questions about the election. It's as though folks 2016 never happened in the mind of Whoopi Goldberg. It's as though 2016 was an absolute, utter Mirage bad dream. What have you listen, listen to this, even by Whoopi Goldberg standards, even by the view standards, this is incredible to me. So listen, listen to what she has to say. Yes, that's when you know who was elected four years ago. You know, Hillary Clinton didn't say Hey, wait a minute. This doesn't feel right. Stop the cow. She didn't say this isn't right. I'm not going for She didn't say any of that. Are you kidding you suck it up. Suck it up. Like we stopped it out. Like if you're not sure that you're comfortable with don't do what we did find things and then take it to the law. And if the law says it's something to look at, look at it from now on, suck it up, suck it up. What role the pair for him, that he can't grow for himself? Because this is ridiculous. You know show that he wants you bringing into question. All these Americans who voted legally came out and stood and voted. What a strong dare you question it? What a straw man argument. You got to be kidding me. We're coming to what they did. Are you freaking kidding me? Let me tell you what they did. They first lived in complete denial. they screamed at the universe. They got adult coloring books and playdough. they canceled college classes they hosted cry ins. they screamed at the universe and more ah universe. Remember this? What? What is she talking about? She says that we should that Trump should do what Hillary did Hillary Still, if Hillary is given a microphone today, Hillary will say that she had the election in 2016. stolen from her. What universe? Is this woman Whoopi Goldberg living in my friends handle it the way that they did? You got to be kidding me. And I want to say thank you would be for giving us a nice segue here because you want to compare. I said this back in 2016. In fact, I had a little thing I don't. I had a little thing I said the anatomy of a conspiracy, the anatomy of a stolen election. You want to know whether the anatomy of a stolen election looks like it looks like this. You can point to specifics, you can point to videos that have been released in the state of Michigan, where people are being trained, allegedly, by the poll workers to commit fraud and to basically I mean, I don't have time to play at all today. But in Detroit, specifically, to coach people to vote for Biden, to make sure that they don't allow people to be able to inspect them as they're counting votes. This is actually being taught this was being taught it's caught on video, by the way, the Attorney General in the state of Michigan, has told the individual who has these recordings and video that if he does not stop posting them, she's given him a cease and desist and says you will be criminally charged for this if you don't do that. Folks, folks, folks, I don't care who you are this morning. You could you could have a Harris Biden t shirt on this morning. And yes, I got the order, right. By the way, you could have a Harris Biden t shirt on this morning. You could be clapping and applauding and talking about all the great things Joe is going to do. And by the way, I would like you to tell me, let me know when cancer is going to be cured. That's what I want to know, cancer. I want to know when it's going to be cured. I want to know when Alzheimers is going to be cured. I want to know when diabetes is going to be cured. That's what I want to know Joe Biden his promises that literally promised us that I know people don't believe this. In fact, I should play the audio but he's done this multiple times. He's going to do that is going to cure us from COVID. Gonna curious from COVID Governor Cuomo, the brother of tough guy, Chris Cuomo, is out there telling us that now that Biden is president, which is not, which is still not president, by the way, you know, even if he won the election. Think I threw up in my mouth, just saying that. But even if he won the election, he's still not present until January. What is the 20th? The 20th? I guess 21st. That is when he becomes president. So big Cuomo is out there telling us that suddenly states are going to be working with the Biden ministration. differently. I mean, they don't even pretend anymore. But what is Whoopi Goldberg lecturing us about? Again, 2016 they wanted you to believe in leprechauns and unicorns and other fairy tales. They wanted you to believe that this was stolen by some mythical monster, Vladimir Putin, because he knows how to make Pokemon Go and Facebook ads. That's what they told us, folks, for for four years. This is all we've heard. If you ultimately the President was impeached, I know it was because of Ukraine, but Ukraine was just Russian collusion. 2.0 in the in the media's narrative. That's what they told us. Hillary Clinton still out there, still out there four years later, telling us that the election was stolen in 2016. Because Trump partnered with Putin and made some really hypnotic Facebook ads, and Twitter ads. And then we had to listen to the Facebook's and the Twitter's of the universe go before Congress and basically say, Oh, you know what, we're going to jump in front of it. This time. We're going to get out there in front of this so that this doesn't happen again in 2016. And so anytime anyone posts anything about the election that we don't think they should be saying, which right now, if you want, I'm telling you, President Trump's twitter feed is almost Virtually, virtually all has some disclaimer from Twitter. The election There's your this is a question about tweet or whatever the stupid, stupid little blue box underneath it says, For facts about the election click here. Meanwhile, Joe Biden can claim he's the president of the United States and the General Services Administration, GSA, who's responsible for transitioning some of the technical behind the scenes parts of our government. They said they cannot ascertain who the winner is yet. They say we can't begin the process of transitioning to a winner of this election. Until we have some things that are straightened out in the states yesterday, Attorney General bob barr told told prosecutors across this country that they can begin and should begin the process of looking into allegations of voter fraud in their respective districts. folks to act like this as a done and foregone conclusion is way, way, way premature. I'm not predicting that Trump is going to win. I'm going to tell you this, though, I'm predicting that we're going to find out some things that are absolutely heinous. And I want to talk about this as well. There's a couple things I have thoughts running through my mind left and right, I want to talk about the different types of fraud. That's what I want to do different types of fraud. There's a difference between somebody trying to vote twice some random dude in Albuquerque, New Mexico or wherever. And a system that teaches people that tries to coordinate and dare I say collude with one another, so as to massively create a scenario where vote tallies are much different than than they would have otherwise been. And I want to go through those differences. There's also a third type of voter fraud that Well, part of it depends if it's either a technical glitch, or if it's an intentionally program situation, which is certainly may have been, in some of these instances, some of these cases, if that is the case, that is fraudulent as well. But bottom line, there's either random people trying to affect the outcomes of vote counts from the outside from outside the system. And then we get people on the inside the fox watching the henhouse. Right. The the prisoners running the prison sort of thing.

And that is we've got allegations of both we have we have video, we have audio. We have signed affidavits, again, doesn't mean it's enough. But my own my the folks that cried about Russian collusion and this mythical mystical, nonsensical gibberish for four years, they suddenly cannot find how people teaching people training poll workers to keep people from watching them. This whole thing in Detroit folks should sick and every one of you, every single one of you would be second. I also want to talk about give you an update. I said yesterday, and I stand by it today. I don't know if we've reached out I have reached out to the brawn to Mike Braun's team been in communication with them. I think we're gonna get senator Braun on this week. We've not yet I believe, reached out to representative Jim Baird. And I'm not sure about Todd young as well. But I talked about that. And I want to tell you about that as well. On a man there's again, there's so many things fast moving. For those of you that listen to the program yesterday, you heard me get on the republicans and I got on Senator Todd young, and I stand by it. I don't really particularly care, whatever it comes from this other than to say to you, elected officials that are republicans better stand up, and they better be prepared to fight and they can't hide behind things and then come election time tell you how they lead the way and how they're tough. And how they're, you know, just great for Indiana or select your state, whatever, Iowa, New Mexico, we got listeners all over this country. Whatever the case may be, don't fall for this nonsense. You want to lead. This is the moment in time where you lead and I didn't call for this yesterday, but I've had multiple people tell me through text through email. Maybe I don't, I don't think anyone's called but text and email. I heard from multiple people yesterday, who said that they reached out and sent a message to Senator Todd young, I did not I want to tell you this is not what I do. I don't call for this. I didn't ask for this. But when you know, what's being done, what little leadership we see coming from our elected officials. What I tell you makes you want to reach out and tell them and complain about it. Ask them where they are anyway, they didn't you deserve an answer. And again, I'm not calling for this. I'm just saying that that many of you are upset about this. Now there have been 39 House Republicans, House Republicans signed a letter that sent it to ag bar. One of those there was one who signed it from Indiana he deserves a standing ovation that the letter encouraged ag bar. I'll read it after the break. It encouraged ag bar. To begin the process of investigating these claims of voter fraud through the Department of Justice at Jim banks, Representative Jim banks is one who signed it the only one from Indiana. So if your representative is not Jim banks, your representative did not sign this letter. Now, there's not a litmus test in my mind, but I think it's a fair question to say, why aren't more republican signing on to this? Why? Why not? What is so wrong for asking about the Department of Justice to look into these things? When the allegations are literally off the charts? You cannot keep track of these there is no way possible. It is drinking from a firehose. Anyway, thank you, Jim banks for doing that we may reach out to his team as well to have him on the program. But this is what we need. This is the time for leaders to stand up and lead. This is not you know what, if you're not out front leading that I'm left with the choice to determine whether you are fit to lead us we have perilous times here we have literally the whole entire integrity of our election hanging in the balance. Where are you? republicans? Where are you? I don't care. If you don't like Trump, I don't care if you're afraid of consequences. I don't care if you're afraid of if you're afraid of consequences of siding with someone or raising questions, legitimate questions about our election or the process. You're not fit to be in politics, that candidly is what has gotten us to this point, that candidly is what has existed prior to President Donald J. Trump walking into the White House. I said before, I'm on record as saying this, there were two big problems. And I'm long in the segment two big problems with the Republican Party over the course of my lifetime. One is they're not conservative enough. The other is that the two big wimps, that's what we had, that was the consistent problem with the Republican Party, both of those things, Donald Trump came in and change those things overnight, practically. And they have watched what happens when you I mean, look at the energy, the excitement, the connection, look at look at what he's done for the Republican Party. And yet they stand back preferring to take things back to where they were before Donald Trump when they could stand there. And, you know, pretend to be pseudo conservative. Give me a break enough of that. We've got to take control of this party. And our party's got to win control of more and more America. And we cannot do that. If there is no election integrity. I've got to take a timeout. You're listening here to almost conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in a minute.

The views expressed on this program do not necessarily support the views of our advertisers or our sponsors. But folks, as you know, they absolutely positively unequivocably should do that. I want to get into this letter that was sent from 39. House Republicans. Kudos to the House Republicans, kudos to those who decided to stand up against this nonsense. It is incredible. Whoopi Goldberg has the audacity pay Audacity. If you miss that, quote from her that that soundbite from earlier in the program, I may play it again, telling republicans and Trump supporters to suck it up. Because Donald J. Trump has lost Hillary is one and that we need to take a page from the playbook from the Democrats, the democrats playbook as to how they took this. The results of 20 1620s I can't even say with a straight face. What in the world are we dealing with here? It's totally predictable. She says, you know, basically follow what B Goldberg says follow the example of Hillary Clinton. I guess that means Donald J. Trump If this turns out to be the case, I guess Donald Trump should go on a four year speaking tour and talk about how the election was stolen. Of course, this time, it's much different in the anatomy, as I mentioned last segue with the anatomy of an election steal doesn't look doesn't involve as a last step, a PR campaign. The last step is incredible. Here's the last step of our plan we're going to send out, we're going to send out Facebook ads, and it's going to trick people. Wow. How about as the last step of your campaign is we're going to train people for the polls, allegedly, possibly. We're going to train people to work the polls that are going to try to stat stuff the ballot box for Biden, what about we're going to have a computer program that counts votes, that allegedly every time there's a glitch shows us the votes were added for Biden, these are the allegations. I am not claiming they're definitively true. But folks, folks, folks, should we not want to figure out what is going on? I don't understand this. This seems as patently obvious as anything, anything possible. But I do want to get to this letter. This letter written by House Republicans, which again for those of you in the Hoosier State that is home base for us, I know many of you are all around the country and in fact the world but most people listening are locally. based here in Indiana, you had one representative sign this Jim banks, just Jim banks solid, conservative leader from the state of Indiana. We need many more like him, but one from Indiana has signed this. Here's the letter to Attorney General Barr dear Attorney General Barr while each state runs its own election process, the United States Department of Justice is ultimately responsible for the integrity of federal elections, the American people must have the utmost confidence that the outcome of the presidential election is legitimate. With widespread widespread reports of irregularities, particularly in the vote counting process, it is time for you to use the resources of the department to ensure that the process is conducted in a manner that is fully consistent with state and federal law. And it is also important that the process be completely transparent so that the American people will have the full confidence in the result. Folks, this is exactly right. Yes. oz is telling me it's time to take a break when up. But I want to get the rest of this letter in. This is absolutely correct. Here we go. Continuing in the letter, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division voting sections responsibility to ensure that the right to vote is sacred. This is not this not only means access to the ballot box, but it also means ensuring that no one's vote is devalued by any means of voter fraud. Absolutely, folks, there's no I challenge someone to find anything wrong with this letter. And I also ask yourself, if you're a representative in Congress, why would you not sign this? Why anything so far, that's made you feel nervous, not me. Us Marshal service is also available to ensure that judicial orders are carried out. When it comes to a federal election. It shouldn't not matter whether those judicial orders come from a state or federal court that's taking a bit of a jab at Justice Roberts there, for example, of a state court orders that observers can watch ballot counting in a federal election, no local election officials should be able to defy that order that's talking about Philadelphia, of course, which is I mean, it's a free for all and these states. With that in mind, they right we request an immediate response to the following questions. What are you doing to ensure the integrity of the voting and counting process right now? Will you commit to using all the resources at your disposal to ensure that only legal votes are being counted and being counted in a fully transparent and manner? Immediately? Thank you for your prompt reply. And it's got this signatories on here and again, the one from Indiana one, we have nine representatives. What is it seven to two democrat republican? I think so there's six other Republicans that have not signed on to this. But Jim banks from, you know, from the state of Indiana was the lone Indiana the lone Hoosier, representative to do so what's wrong with that letter? What's so terrifying. They're asking the Department of Justice to look into these allegations. If you can't say that, and you're a member of Congress, if you can't say that and your Republican leader, if you can't say that and you're a person with any sort of influence or voice, you, my friend, are not qualified for that position. You're not pure and simple. This is the time again Conservative not bitter. I'm not saying that this is I don't know. I'm just like you folks, I don't know. I have my hunches, I have my concerns. I see the evidence. It's appalling in cases, the left ads like it doesn't happen, that the left acts like it's not there. The left acts like everybody does this. So what? First of all, it's not the same. And we'll break that down as well. But we see examples of this, this is this is absolutely. This cannot be allowed to happen. I don't care what the final counts are. When we have people inside the operation that are doing things allegedly doing things that we're seeing on video, audio files of this, it is completely and 100% unacceptable. And if you are a Republican leader, a conservative with a voice, a microphone a following on Facebook, whatever the case may be, and you sit quietly on this, you don't have to say that Trump is going to win. You don't have to say that he might I don't know. He might not. What matters is that we have election results that matter what happens, or what matters is that we have people who run elections in cities that are held accountable for their actions, there are rules and laws for a reason they need to be enforced if laws are broken. Illegal votes should not be counted pure and simple. There are rules for all these things. It is in black and white, it is not complicated. But yet they act as though it is they act as though the state can do whatever it wants and change deadlines and requirements for ballots simply because of COVID. Meanwhile, COVID knows, I'm actually going to work on a bit of a parody song set to the old mama nose, country song back in the 90s. I think COVID knows COVID knows if you're at a Biden rally or at church COVID knows if Biden is president or if Trump is president. COVID knows. You can't catch it if you're at a Biden rally, which usually you can't catch it because there's nobody there. But at these celebra Tory rallies, you can't catch it. And I actually have seen people try to explain. You can't catch it. If you're looting and burning down big buildings out of Black Lives Matter. Riot can't catch it. You know, the stuff that we're told to believe the stuff that we're told to accept the stuff that we are told is reasonable and rational is insane. And where are our republicans? God bless the 39 who signed this god bless William Barr, God bless President Trump. But there's a whole bunch of weak leaders that we see out there that were in the cannon. No, we don't see him. That's the problem. We don't see him because they're hiding behind whatever they're hiding behind. Because they're afraid to stand up and lead. It's pathetic in my estimation, back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. For those of you in this audience who have not heard this yet, Whoopi Goldberg's advice to you her scolding of you of all of us. We need to take these words seriously. I mean, after all, they did set the example in 2016. We do need to suck it up. We do need to follow the example of Hillary Rodham Clinton who was so graceful, so so graceful in the way that she conceded the election the way that she, you know, tried to unify the democrat party may hide President Trump the way the media has gotten behind Trump, the Democrat Party in general. I mean, they folks they went to for 11 days. They went 11 days before calling for Trump to be impeached. I mean, that's remarkable. They got they got to the month of February. Maybe it was January 31. I'm gonna hope it was February 1. They got through the whole month of January Trump's of Trump's first term before they started crying and screaming for impeachment. Listen to this again, I cannot get over this. This is the most asinine thing. ridiculous thing. Why is it a plane when you're not was elected four years ago, one would say Trump's Hillary Clinton didn't say, Hey, wait a minute, this doesn't feel right. Stop the count. She didn't say this isn't right. I'm not going for She didn't say any of that. No. So all of you suck it up, suck it up, suck it up like that. If you are not sure that she is optimal with Joe Biden, do what we did do what fine things and then take it to the law. And if the law says it's something to look at, isn't that what we're doing now on? Suck it up? What have you been drove the pair for him That he can't grow for himself. Oh my goodness, because this is ridiculous. You're not sure that he wants you bring it into question. All these Americans who voted legally came out and stood and voted. How dare you question Stop it.That's absolutely absurd. That is idiotic. That is a funny, she's serious about that. This is This, to me is illustrative of the position that they've they've taken that this is the best that they've got. They don't like that you're digging into this. They don't like that you're questioning. And look, I don't want to question for the sake of questioning sake. just for the heck of it. I don't want to undermine your confidence in the system that we have in this country. But folks, what about this headline Michigan election fraud lawsuit alleges backdating of ballots just 78 page lawsuit that's been filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center. And they are saying that in order to count ballots, that there were the day for change on the ballots effectively. What about that? What about? I mentioned this earlier, the GSA, the government services administration, thought I had this pulled up maybe I know there it is. The GSA, they can't determine who the President is. I have the wrong link here and gone it but the GSA has said that the GSA has said that what about this? I referenced this earlier. Gateway Pundit reporting headline here, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nestle sends a cease and desist order to journalist demanding he raised his hashtag Detroit leaks video showing voter fraud training, or guess what he's gonna face criminal prosecution. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nestle sent a cease and desist letter to big league politics about their exclusive content hashtag Detroit Detroit leaks that outlined a poll worker training were in workers were bragging about committing voter fraud in a variety of different ways. The intrepid reporter who broke this story, Shane Trejo was also one who was a witness for the voter fraud in Detroit. Trejo says he considers this witness intimidation is and is fearful that it will be used as a pretext for some criminal actions. And the shocking letter dated October 28, the Michigan Attorney General cites two to three, two or three factual errors in the bulk of trade Joe's reporting and demands on behalf of the Michigan government to take every single article related to Detroit leaks off the internet. So I don't have time to play the audio of this. But it's I'm looking here. I'm going to start. It's well, this one's 57 seconds. I saw one that was I think, eight minutes the other day. Detroit Lakes, you can search for these yourself. You can search for these yourself on Twitter. If you go on to the if you venture into the gutter of the universe, Twitter and search for hashtag Detroit leaks. I mean, maybe, maybe jack Dorsey has already censored these. I haven't looked this morning. But folks, this is troubling stuff. It doesn't mean it's enough to steal an election. But I tell you what, it's enough to raise concerns from any fair minded American This is ridiculous. Continue this after the break. Actually, I want to talk about the types of voter fraud. I meant to do that earlier. Just so many things. Whoopi Goldberg stole me for a loop this morning. That was one of the best things you're going to find someone say who wants to be taken seriously, that was the most asinine, stupid thing I've heard in quite some time. quick timeout back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, I want to talk really quickly in the waning moments of this program about the types of voter fraud. So there's the type of voter fraud where someone outside the system wants to find a way to infiltrate the safety measures and so forth to cast multiple ballots or whatever, right so someone who wants to vote multiple times, maybe get a couple of ballots and pass them out to friends. That sort of thing. Right? Then we've got the situation where there's someone inside or dare I say lots of someone's inside who may do things like train people, to coach voters to vote for Biden allegedly, which is what's happening, allegedly in the state of Michigan. So these are people who have access to the counts, these are people that have access to the software that counts, you know, the, whatever votes are cast. These are people that can throw votes out, you can see where this is a big problem, right? This is, now we're getting into the realm of, you know, what's the difference between a misdemeanor say, someone stealing 50 cents out of the console of your car versus someone who has access to your bank account, someone at the bank, who can get in there with your routing number, and move monies around? completely different thing. The third is, the third can be used, either intentionally or unintentionally. The third can be a glitch in software, or technology where something doesn't work. The question is, does it not work? Because there was just a glitch? Or does it not work? Because it was told to do is it working exactly as it was told to do? Is it told by someone inside the system to change? vote counts for someone else? I'm not saying any of that definitively happened. But I'm saying it absolutely unequivocally, without any questions needs to be looked into. So folks, there are people on both sides who are bad actors, doesn't matter. None of us are free. In fact, if we're all being honest, we all none of us are perfect people. The Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God that is a universal, a universal truth. But I'm talking about so any individual there can be a republican out there a Democrat, a liberal conservative, who decided to try to break the rules and the laws him and him or herself, right. But we're looking at organized inside coercion or collusion, corruption on a massive scale, this Fox watching the henhouse sort of stuff. And that needs evidence. And I have questions who's the one that runs these elections? Who's the ones who are running the deep state who tried to cheat? Should we point out in 2016, who spied on the Trump campaign who made up a phony dossier? Who did that in 2016, who undermined our elections for the past four years, despite what crazy Whoopi Goldberg I have no idea what she's talking about. But despite what she has to say, who holds who are the ones who holds government up to be God, who the government never makes any mistakes, who were the ones that does this stuff, who are the ones who runs these cities where these questionable acts may have happened, which side always, by the way, gets the votes to bump in their direction. Which side always seems to benefit. Who wants to know voter id who wants to count votes starting earlier and are shooting who wants to start voting earlier and count votes later, as Mark Levin has pointed out, who tells us voter fraud isn't the thing who tells us that anyone who questioned the outcome of this election should be censored on social media? Who wants to rush to judgment and who wants to ignore the allegations? Got to pick a timeout? Come back here in a moment and wrap up.

Alright, folks, that's all the time that we have today. But to act like this is no big deal. This is hum, whoa, that this is just another example of Republicans not following the advice and leadership of the Hillary Clinton team. I just I can't get over this. The way that they responded in 2016. Folks, there are answers that need to be given here. Pure and simple. I don't want to give you any false hope. I'm not suggesting who knows. I do know this. It is rampant. It is inexcusable. And we deserve answers. If we want to have faith in our election system got to go SDG take care