Well, that is right. You are listening to some of conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, I am your host, Todd Huff email, Todd, The Todd Huff show.com, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, The Todd Huff show.com is the handle on all of those social media platforms Good to be here. This Friday morning. Now we are what 10 days past 10 days past the election. And folks may I suggest to you that they and I mean, the media, I mean, the Democrat Party. When I use the word they the pronoun they they are scared. They are candidly I would suggest and I suggest to you that they're beginning to be terrified. They're terrified of where this is all headed. Yesterday, a court ruled with logic in the state of Pennsylvania folks this if if judges follow the rule of law, Pennsylvania is going to turn out to be a major problem. For the Democrats. This has been predictable. This has been there for anyone to see who cares to see it. It's not because Trump stills Pennsylvania, it's because the rule of law is, is being allowed to actually be enforced. Turns out kudos to courts that recognize this, that it is the job of the legislature, not the job of the executive branch to come up with laws pertaining to how things happen in the state of Pennsylvania, when it comes to elections. That is simply not the way that this that this works. And it was predictable for those who wanted to, to follow the law. We also have meltdowns from CNN, and other Well, from other anchors. CNN is melting down. I mentioned that this is scaring the media. They're making it sound like they want you to believe that this is simply about worrying about the safety of our country on on election day, but of course there's much more to it than that. There's so much news to go through here today. That is candidly, again, a little bit overwhelming, but suffice it to say, suffice it to say that the media, the Democrat Party, they are definitely concerned and scared for what they see happening in the courts. Did you see this headline here something else? This is coming out of news.com dash or.au. This is the slow week remember we had the Georgia had a busted waterpipe on election night I remember talking about this when I was live on election night, being a little bit confused and uncertain as to what this meant and why it was going the direction it was going. But they said on election night that there was a burst pipe at Atlanta's State Farm arena and that was what caused the pause in voting on election night Well, turns out that officials in Georgia according to this overseas news outlet which let that sink in for just a moment. They are reporting here that officials in Georgia have not been able to produce any invoices or work orders related to a burst pipe at Atlanta's State Farm arena. That was blamed for an abrupt pause in vote counting on election night. So you had the um, that's something that's kind of I don't know, I would think important. We have the we have issues all over the country here. We have a secretary of state in the state of Arizona that in 2016, so the Secretary of State effectively responsible for running the election in the state of Arizona, tweeted back in 2017, the following August 15 2017, Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State Arizona, at real Donald Trump, that's Trump's Twitter handle, of course, has made it abundantly clear he's more interested in pandering to his neo nazi base. That's right. The neo nazi base, then being POTUS, President of the United States for all Americans. That is what she tweeted in August of 2017. She also retweeted something from at that time, Senator Jeff Flake, Jeff Flake tweeted this, the white supremacy in Charlottesville does not reflect the values of the America I know hate and bigotry have no place in this country. She retweeted that tweet from Jeff Flake, then Senator of the great state of Arizona, with her tweet that says this, the President is on the side of the freaking Nazis don't just say stuff. Do something this against someone who's running an election in the state of Arizona. Now, does that mean anything in and of itself? Not necessarily. But folks, it's certainly good. If you think that the President of the United States is pandering to Nazis, if you really believe that the President of the United States is the next Adolf Hitler, as she seems to at least open up that possibility. And you're responsible for an election in your state, it at least should make someone wonder if you know, if you would do something. I mean, you should just be open to questions, I would think because, you know, and I remember that what the Secretary of State in Pennsylvania, they were early on saying there's no way that President Trump wins, Pennsylvania, when all the votes are counted, very, very confident, almost supremely confident of this. Like you would think the right thing to say as an elected official is, look, we're going to make sure that these all legal votes count. We're here to make sure that if a vote is illegally cast, that we prevent it from being added to the counts, because that does in fact, cancel a ballot cast by someone who is exercising their their constitutional right to to cast their vote. So it doesn't seem logical, it doesn't seem constitutional. It doesn't seem fair, reasonable, whatever the case may be nothing good to take votes that should not be legally cast, there are laws. The left is acting like there shouldn't be any laws. The media is acting like there shouldn't be any laws as it pertains to elections. Who's the side that's against things like voter ID, who's the side that's against? deadlines, who's the side that's PR, you know, providing all of these alternative ways and extended timetables, to vote, same day registration? Not having to prove in some places if you're an American citizen, I mean, on down the line, it's pretty insane. Some of these things that people are wanting to do remember, even in the state of certain cities in California, you can vote for local offices, but not for federal offices, because people there are they they wanted illegal aliens to be able to vote, excuse me, undocumented workers. Anyway, the point is all this stuff going on. And the left is instead of, you know, they're First of all, they're pretending like this doesn't exist. They're pretending like there's no voter fraud. Meanwhile, the chair of the FEC Federal Election Commission says that voter fraud is a real thing. Of course, it's a real thing. It's just insane to think that someone is literally going to say there is no voter fraud. In America, you can say that there's not enough to swing an election or you're not convinced, okay, we can have that discussion. But please do not say that there is no threat of voter fraud in this country. I've said for a long time, for example, it's amazing to me how we fully acknowledge that people cross our border illegally in this country. They come across the southern border, believing they have a right to be here, they, sometimes they're what they used to be captured and then released and told to show up from for coordinates. And well, under the 90% of those folks never showed up. The program was called catch and release the left wants you to believe the media wants you to believe that that is not something that is real as well. They want you to believe that all the folks who came illegally they showed up dutifully for court probably a little bit early, maybe brought the judge at Apple. And that's what they want you to believe. But of course, that's not reality. That's not what happens. That is the exception, not the rule. And I remember saying on this program for a long time, for a long time, the left wants you to believe that people do cross this border illegally. But those same individuals would never think of crossing the line into a polling place illegally. Why? What is it that's so sacred and special about the polling place? In fact, we have a lot of evidence, say in the state of Nevada, have a van that says Biden Harris out front, that they are filling out ballots in in the van right there. That's been a fact that's been, I believe, testified to and a sworn affidavit. I mean, folks, we have there are multiple exams. I haven't even touched on yet Dominion voting systems concerns. I haven't even touched yet on now, the process of a hand recount in the state of Georgia, which has been has been honored. Folks, they know Pennsylvania is a real risk. And I'm not making a prediction here. But Pennsylvania, if judges follow the law, and interpret the law, as it should be interpreted no matter who appointed them, to democrat appointed them or Republican, if they simply follow the law, there's literally no way there is literally no way that these ballots that missed that didn't meet requirements, whether they be timeframes or signatures or whatever it is. There's literally no way these ballots should be should be counted now. Will the poll workers lie about how many of those that there were? That's certainly a possibility? Could there not legitimately be enough? Sure. That's a possibility. I've been open to that since day one. I've not been the one on here. That's been saying ridiculous, stupid things about there not being such a thing as voter fraud. Of course, there's voter fraud. The question is, is there enough to actually change the outcome and keep a close eye on Pennsylvania because they the media, they the left they know that Pennsylvania is in jeopardy, we can quibble and Quarrel about the likelihood that it could flip, but it's certainly a front runner and after what we've seen reported from Michigan, and there's an affidavit that's signed there as well, which I want to get into about someone who said that she personally witnessed over 100,000 or 100,000 votes right at 100,000. Some such number that came in at two or four in the morning, that were 100%. For Biden, there's sworn affidavits that are sign that say that people watched poll workers in Michigan counterbalance to three four up to eight times. up to eight times in the state of Michigan, Michigan is I bring up Michigan because it right now it shows a huge lead for for Trump, but if these things in fact happened, and if these things can be proven, and if there is an audit trail slash paper trail that we can make any sense of we're gonna have a really big Michigan's going to be a really big question mark, as well. Again, I'm not predicting that it's going to change. I'm simply saying that this battle is nowhere near over, folks. That's why they're screaming louder and louder for Trump to accept just accept, you know, Hillary, Hillary and I love these comparisons to Hillary, by the way, Hillary in 2016. You know, Whoopi Goldberg told us the other day to make sure that we followed her example of just taking it taking it in stride. Hillary has complained about this for four years. Hillary gives speeches, focusing on how this is stolen, how it was stolen from her in 2000. And 16 even even probably yesterday, somewhere, folks, the idea that Hillary Clinton is the model, an example to follow here is patently absurd and laughable.
And I'm not saying that that should be the the road that we take. But look, if there's evidence, if there's reasons to have concerns about the outcome of an election, we just shouldn't say, yeah, we'll figure it out next time. And that's what I'm getting from the left in the media. Man. There might be some voter fraud out there, probably not. Voter voter fraud is really exaggerated by the Republicans, blah, blah, blah, except for we got sworn affidavits. There's no evidence. What do you think an affidavit is? folks and affidavit is evidence? Again, you can say, you can say in the court proceedings, that if you're on a jury that the evidence provided wasn't strong enough, but to say that there wasn't evidence. If this thing goes to, you know, I'm just pointing out in a case than an affidavit. The witness testimony is evidence. When they instruct you, I, I sat on a jury before I've shared and when they instruct you, they tell you you have you can decide which evidence you find to be most convincing. You listen to the evidence, you make a make an assessment on what you heard in the evidence, you determine what you believe how you prioritize it, how you piece it together, you can say that doesn't really matter to me at all. Am I thinking I'm going to put that aside, or you can say this is a critical piece of evidence that really is the centerpiece of the entire case. But to say it wasn't evidence is not the way to go about that. You can say it wasn't strong or convincing or compelling evidence. But witness testimony is by definition, evidence, and there is a lot of it. You saw caitli mcenaney, holding up 234 pages of signed affidavits on television recently, anyway, they are scared. They want to change the narrative. They want Trump to concede. They're trying to make you think that Trump is putting America at great risk. I'll play a soundbite after the break of Jim's skeeto of CNN saying that very thing. Trump is putting America at risk of a nine another 911 folks by not conceding and letting the Biden team basically begin the process of transitioning. So talk about that here after the break. But I've got to take that right now. You're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I told you before the break I was gonna share with you, CNN ANCHOR, Jim scudo. Telling on on air with a guest, someone from, I think from the Bush administration here talking about how Trump not effectively conceding Yes, former Bush administration assistant attorney general jack Goldsmith, jack Goldsmith was on with a couple of his split screen for folks to CNN anchors on who the other end of poppy Harlow was the other anchor and someone else does. I just want you to hear what Jim skeeto says here. He is basically saying that President Trump here is setting up a scenario whereby we are more likely to have a 911. And why because Trump is not conceding as not conceding, Biden is not allowed by the GSA to begin the process of transition. transition to the presidency. And so this is this is where this conversation goes. I just want you to listen to this here. It is fair. Let's put some teeth on that if we can for a moment because there was sitting members of Congress who were around in their positions at the time of 911. And the 911 Commission Report specifically cited the shortened transition after the 2000 election for having an impact on national security, I'm quoting here, it hampered the new administration in identifying recruiting, clear clearing and obtaining Senate confirmation of key appointees. The fact is we have experience for how shortened transitions make a difference in national security. Why Why are we hearing from Republicans about that granting that potential danger There you go. So Republicans, that's just the question. The answer, of course, echoes, of course, you know, echoes the the questions, the questioners, my guess, bias or the intention of that question, which is to say that a delayed and delayed transition created 911. And look, I know that's in the 911. Commission, the 911 Commission found that that was part of the problem, as it's it's remarkable. I mean, we had agencies that were not communicating information, we had President Bill Clinton that wouldn't act on intelligence to take out Osama bin Laden back in the day. We had this reluctance at the time to accept that we were the mortal enemies in some political circles of certain people around the world, certain people who have a certain religious slash political worldview that has come to be known as Islamic extremism, Islamic terrorism, we had a lot of resistance to believing that back in the day, but they want to blame it on some administrative part of the process here that that was the reason. The reason for nine 911, are they telling me, are they telling me if Clinton remained president? Well, you know, I know the election was tween was between gore and bush, but let's just forget about that there was an election or they really wanted us to believe that 911 would have been avoided if Clinton if that say fell, not at the end of Clinton's term, the beginning of Bush's term heart, it's in the beginning of Bush's term, but meaning if Clinton was still president, just there wasn't an interruption at all, if Clinton could, in fact surfer a third term as he wanted to back in the late 90s, you know, he would just put me up for one more term, I'd love to serve you people. gonna miss you, folks. Anyway, that's pretty pathetic. I know. But still, if we get to the point to where, you know, there wasn't a transition, or they really, they really wanting us to believe that the reason that Osama bin Laden and a group of terrorists evildoers, terrorist punks, terrorists. Just you know, Islamic terrorists, Islam, oh, fascist terrorists, jumped into planes and flew into buildings, and were able to get away with that because of a transition. I mean, we have so many examples of what happened with, you know, agencies not being able to communicate, people being able to go to flight school, tell their instructors, yeah, I just wanna learn how to fly the plane, I don't really want to know how to land it. But it's somehow because of the transition. This is ridiculous. And really, there's a lot of effort for this notion of Trump needs to concede, because they know, you know, there was a point where they wanted this to drag on so that they could, you know, watch number that they had the ability to, one can make this case anyway, they wanted the election count to drag on so that they had some leeway, and some that they could operate in the shadows, calculating whatever numbers they need, and they're still calculating the calculating whatever numbers that they needed to to get victory. You can make that case i'm not saying it's with certainty, but you can certainly make the case. Now, I think that they're wanting this thing to be concluded. Now they don't want they don't want the the legal battles. They don't want the investigations. They just want people to come out and certify the selection. That's what they want. They don't want anyone to question it. They don't even want to acknowledge that fraud is a real thing. But yet, this is where we find ourselves. This is where we find ourselves and I'm sensing some some panic. And I know I know, this is not popular. But Trump still has a chance of winning some key decisions, finding some things through the audits and flash hand recounts and whatever other recounts are happening around the country. And this could pose a problem for this notion that Biden is President Elect. I know folks don't want to hear that. I only want it to be the case if that's where the evidence will let me pause. I don't want there to be a President Biden. I shared yesterday even that people are saying like pastor Robert Jeffers on Fox News said that he wants if he said if Biden succeeds we all succeed, and I challenged that notion. In fact, I find myself in agreement more with what rush limbaugh said about Brian Obama back in 2009, which is I hope he fails not personally not for some vendetta, not for some revenge not so that we can get. retribution politics as the left has called for with the packing of courts and Republican lists and so forth. What I'm saying is, what I'm saying is that if his intentions are to move the nation away from the constitution more towards socialism more towards big government away from Liberty away from opportunity away from how we were, candidly created to live as free, free people created in the image of God, if he's going to seek to do that, then I hope he fails at that I don't make any apologies. And I don't I don't care what anyone really thinks about that. In so far as I just think it's the right thing. Why would you want someone to succeed in fundamentally destroying or recreating your nation, that's clearly especially when it's the antithesis of how it was founded to be when it's the antithesis of how we are created to live, when it goes against human nature and history, when it goes against the founding principles and critical foundations of liberty and so forth. Why would you want that? Why would you want someone to succeed with that? Anyway, they want us to move into this, you know, discussion of accepting this as our reality. And it may be the reality folks that Biden is will the President Elect, but the fact remains, he's not today, and the fact remains that there are court decisions and there are lots of, there's lots of evidence out there. That makes it obvious that they are beginning to panic. At first they laugh at this now they begin to kind of criticize it. They're going to go into all out attack mode here pretty soon. And they've already started the rumblings of that Trump is basically putting us at risk for another 911 cnn says because he doesn't concede the election hogwash, my friends hogwash gonna take a timeout come back and continue this after the break. Sit tight back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I want you to listen to this this is Chris Cuomo. I'm not gonna play the whole soundbite from tough guy Chris Cuomo here, but I am gonna play part of this. Chris Cuomo yesterday. But no, two days ago, Veterans Day. Well, I just want you to listen, he's he's this is I think, I don't know if it's at the end of his program. Let's see. Actually, maybe at the very beginning, either he I don't know if he comes on a nine or ends at nine but either the very beginning of the very end. I think it's the very beginning but nonetheless, tough guy Chris Cuomo, talking about Veterans Day politicizing it, making it into a political speech. I want you to listen to what he has to say here.
Happy Veterans Day. The men and women who serve now did serve and to the families, the husbands and wives worrying at home. The kids with Miss memories, the brothers and sisters and loved ones wondering when those who risk it all for us to have it all will be home. Yeah, because they farm to each right. All of you
agree with that. We appreciate certainly I appreciate your service. He does. Who does I may we take the message of this day Trump the ideal of putting nation before self committing to the ultimate sacrifice more to heart? Yeah, I'm politicizing it. Here we go. And I'm looking at you, GOP enablers. Okay. And you know why? Tough Guy Veterans Day came from pharmacist Armistice Day Eisenhower renamed it Armistice Day was when both sides lay down arms and World War One. The date was to mark the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. When it ended? Well, it is the 11th hour now, after this election. And these GOP cronies know it is over, you know, there's a problem
allowing it to become contagious as COVID and your rank. So here we go.
Why do you think Trump is ousting Pentagon leadership and loading up with loyalists loyal loyalists spinning out there? Maybe it's for troop withdrawal. Maybe it's to get Russian information released. And maybe it is because he is twisted enough to try to do something way worse. Remember who said nothing.
Oh my gosh, twisted enough to do something way worse. You know what that means to have a coup, military coup. He's gonna hunker down on the White House. I mean, this is what Chris Cuomo wants you to think Trump's gonna hunker down in the White House. He's going to dispatch the military. Get rid of the people at the Pentagon who won't go won't go along with this. He's to hunker down in the military, or excuse me in the White House, just like we as Hoosiers hunker down here in the state of Indiana, and we're all in this together, fighting through this one step at a time. I love Hoosiers. That kind of stuff in the White House. That's what we're supposed to believe. So So Trump is going to have a coup that's what this what tough guy Chris, Chris Cuomo here is suggesting something much more nefarious, using Veterans Day, thanking veterans and then basically saying, you know, I'm genuinely thanking you Trump's basically using you, that's effectively what he's saying here, which is, which is pathetic, which is predictable. But I only point this out. A because it's a little comical to me, B, because this is the beginnings of what it looks like when these folks folks begin to go into meltdown mode into panic mode. Trump is a fighter, I think they knew that there's going to be some degree of fight. I didn't think I don't think that they really expected it to be at this point. And with the momentum, the momentum of court cases, the momentum of affidavits. I mean, folks, there is some incredibly terrible stuff going on out there. Why in the world, and I saw someone tweet this. We have some guy who's working at the post office, who says he saw some questionable things about dates being changed or whatever, on balance. He's basically interrogated by a Navy SEAL team of interrogators professional interrogators designed to break you there on audio admitting that they're trying to crack the guy, just just to put him under a little bit of pressure. So that that helps him really remember the truth. Because if you're comfortable, and you were, you know, everything is you know, you're in a state of peace and not under stress. Well, that makes it less likely for to remember for you to remember things, so I'm gonna try to scare you. But I'm not trying to scare you. Wink wink. Right. I think I saw Donald Trump Jr. Maybe I've got the wrong person tweeted out, why do we have? Why do we have a heavy handed interrogation of a postal employee within 24 hours or 48 hours of his claims of witnessing voter fraud, tampering with dates on mail? Why don't we see that? But yeah, after all this time, no one's even picked up the phone to talk to hunter Biden, it's a fair question. It's a fair question. And we have a problem on our hands. And every day that it is exposed to light. These folks, these folks who are professional deceivers, the likes that we find some of these folks I've played to you from CNN, and there's lots of others to choose from. But they're beginning to get a little bit nervous. they're beginning to think that maybe just maybe judges are going to rule in the favor of the law in the Constitution. And what happens if that begins to be the case across the board? And what happens if there is evidence enough evidence to? Well, to prove that there was mass fraud, then what happens? They make it sound like Biden is one this thing. Without any questions, you take Pennsylvania off the table, which is a legitimate possibility. I know folks don't want to accept that you do. I think that's still according to the tallies leaves Biden right at 270. Exactly. But I say watch Michigan as well. In the VAT is not Overwatch, Arizona, we've got the Georgia recount situation. Wisconsin as well out there, and there's there's problems across the board. Anyway. quick timeout is needed. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff, sit tight back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Start there had to do adjust the microphone. So look, we're down to the final minute. So there's two things that did something I I want to start something called civics Friday. And I was going to start that today. In fact, I even referenced it at the beginning. I've run out of time. I've run out of time playing sound bites of the media, particularly CNN, beginning their meltdown moments. This is this is the precursor to the real meltdowns. If this continues to go in Trump's favor as we go through the legal process, the recounts and so forth, get ready buckle up, it's going to be it's going to be something to watch. Let's just say that. So we played that we talked about some of these allegations. I didn't even mention that there's too many things to mention. There's a postal worker in Philadelphia, who is now saying that he was ordered to stop delivering mail to republican households, voters and so forth. Again, there's no evidence though no evidence. So but I want to start something called civics Friday, because one of the things my heart is, it really is I come on here, I want to talk about these issues and so forth. But my heart is to to help Americans understand, really what we have. And I know most of you, the vast majority of you follow this and know a lot about politics. We are in our system, our government, how America was set up the beauty that was created by our founders, but there's a lot of new folks, a lot of new folks out there. And so they're they it's like jumping on a moving a spinning merry go round. You know, with the merry go round spinning. There's so many bits of information and context because of you know, why the Constitution says this or why some branch has this power or why a state can do this and electors Electoral College, certification of votes, secretaries of state What's going on? Trump's not conceding that seems like the end of the world to me, right. I mean, a new a new voter may be overwhelmed, especially if they listen to these jokers in the media. So I wanted to get to civics, Friday, we're going to start to do some things on that to, you know, to, for those of you that are new, it can be helpful to help you understand and have some framework about some things. For those of you who have been doing this a while. It's always good to have refreshes. And for the old veterans that have found this for a long, long time, this is an opportunity for you to really refine and maybe, you know, have, I don't know, just remember some key points and maybe refine some things that you when you when you share with someone who's new sometimes if you've done it for so long, you you forget what it was like to not know anything about our system. So that's what I wanted to do. But I've run out of time. I want to read this tweet before I take one more time out here today. This is a treat from a tweet on a treat a tweet from Alex. Bruce Hurwitz. Alex is the CEO of x strategies DC. And that is he's an advisor. He's an advisor to politicians, public figures and other organizations. But he tweeted this out last night I saw this I think I tweeted this out, as well. But I want you to listen to this. I want you to listen to this. And remember that Jim scudo and CNN tough guy, Chris Cuomo. They get this sort of information too. So when you hear the anger when you hear the out of outta line allegations about how republicans aid this, they're they're setting up another 911. Right. That's what Chris Cuomo that's what skeeto said. And, of course, Cuomo said that Trump is basically preparing to hunker down in the White House and stage a military coup. That's what we're supposed to believe. But Alex Bruce Hurwitz tweeted this out last night, just met with top bush gore litigation lawyers in DC. They are not magga types at all. So these are not Trump guys. guys and gals. Excuse me. They said that they respectfully disagree with Karl Rove's assessment of the situation, and that they believe, President Donald Trump, buckle up and brace yourselves for this has multiple paths to victory. Wow, is what he says. And what are they talking about today? They're talking about how Trump should simply concede, gotta take a break, come back and wrap up. So tight back in just a minute.

Folks, I know this is probably the most depressing time of the week for you. That's okay. I understand completely. But fear not. For now. We'll be back here on Monday. And you can always you can always go to The Todd Huff show.com slash Listen, you can listen to old excuse me archived episodes of The Todd Huff Show. And we'll be back of course Monday but there's a lot of things going on a lot of moving parts. Attorneys for the in the bush gore fight slash debacle in 2000 are now saying reportedly, according to the guy that we mentioned last segment, Alex Bruce woods that Trump has multiple paths to victory still this is I'm telling you there's a whole group of people that have no idea what's going on. They're wondering why Trump is not conceding. Biden's talking about his chief of staff. Biden wants you to think they've got him out in front of you know, pictures that says office of the president elect as though that's a real thing. They want you to think he's the president foregone conclusion, but we're not there yet. Votes we may end up there, but that's not where we are. Gotta go. Thanks for listening. SDG Have a good weekend. See you Monday. Take care.