Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
My whole my buckle up from what is promising to be perhaps one of the most incredible weeks in American political history. I mean, there are so many things brewing out there, I don't even know what to say about a lot of this. Welcome, by the way to The Todd Huff, Show your home for conservative not bitter, not better, we can navigate all this nonsense, we can sound the alarm bells, we can warn you and point out some of these gigantic, massive problems in our system allegations. We don't have to declare anyone, any winner or anything of the sort here. I still do it in a conservative, not bitter way, folks, it's there's a difference between being conservative, not bitter. That basically means that you're not giving up on this country, you've not thrown in the towel, you are committed to the cause of advancing constitutional conservatism, conservative principles and ideals, committed to standing with those ideals, no matter what the opposition may be. You don't give up on your fellow man just because he or her Does not he or she does not see the issues that are out there, you're prepared to communicate those and not give up hope. And not to hate those who are simply confused. Now, of course, those who are pulling the strings, those who are leading in the deception, those folks need to be held accountable and it should rile you up a little bit, maybe even a lot a bit. Talk about all these things. Today, email address, Tata, The Todd Huff,, Facebook, Twitter. YouTube program is streaming on all those platforms this morning as well. So I want to start, I want to start here with an interview that Sidney Powell had Sidney Powell who has now been welcomed to the Trump legal team, Sidney Powell was the attorney for Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell. May I say, Sidney Powell, is at this point in the game, I am thoroughly impressed by Sidney Powell now, folks are going to hate her they already do. And I wonder, by the way, wonder, by the way, if people will be told by the media not to hate her because she is a woman, which brings up a whole nother series of questions I have I know that we have Rudy Giuliani out there as well. He's been interviewed. He has told Maria Bartiromo, I believe that there will be overwhelming evidence. They're predicting that this election will ultimately be flipped to Trump, because the allegations and the evidence of fraud is going to be so overwhelming. It's going to be undeniable. Now many out there are saying well produce your evidence. Of course, that's not exactly how it works. When you're creating a legal argument, you have to prepare this. For court you have to be have to be careful and methodical until you present that. Of course there is evidence one of the things I've done. I went back this morning, I noted this over the weekend. But I went back this morning and I looked at the ads. Remember they released they showed us the ads in 2017 that were supposedly ads that were hypnotically causing people to vote for Trump instead of Hillary. That's an actual thing. They actually have some of the Facebook ads that the Russians allegedly put together. And I am telling you what it is completely when you compare these two instances. You compare that the media was convinced that because you put an ad out Russians put an ad on Facebook in 2016 Even back as far as 2015. That I mean, I'll reference some of these benign Facebook ads maybe a little bit later, but they're they're what you would see from other people. But they act as though those ads unequivocably undeniably point to election interference and a stolen election in 2016. But yet they see nothing about hundreds of sworn affidavits. They see nothing about video and no problems, video evidence of poll poll workers not being allowed in to count votes. If you're Republicans, Democrats are allowed in some precincts, especially in places like Philadelphia, Detroit, if you can't, I it's it's remarkable to me how these these two things are not even in the same universe. The Russian collusion hoax stayed in this world of ambiguity, of mysticism of, you know, just kind of this. There were never specifics. Now, did we see one person who made a claim at the ad switched his or her vote? I went in there to vote for Hillary and I don't know something took over my mind. I was scrolling through Facebook, before walked into the polling place, and I pressed the button. I wasn't even sure I was supposed to press I don't even know what happened. Did we even hear one of those stories, folks there and there are countless examples of people who have made allegations of inappropriate actions taken at postal places from counting ballots up to eight times. One witness in Michigan said she witnessed a batch of 100,000 ballots come in, they were all for Biden. Or if it was the same witness or another said that ballots were counted to three up to eight times run through the machine. That was in Michigan as well. We have examples of Democrats in Pennsylvania, Democrats in Pennsylvania, calling democrat voters before election day after having received their mail in ballots telling them something was wrong with their ballot that is unequivocally against Pennsylvania law. Clearly not my interpretation. I mean, it's right there for you to see if it's we're just we're scratching the surface, I haven't even touched touched on Dominion yet. Or the software that's used to count and tabulate the votes. I haven't talked about the statistical evidence, folks. The statistical evidence of this, in and of itself. Now, I know it's circumstantial, but I defy you, I defy you to explain to me why, why it was less likely in high republican districts for someone to vote for Trump on the ballot, if it wasn't a straight Republican ticket, then if it was in a district with 5% Republican, I mean, it is truly remarkable. And and to see the curve, I don't know if you've seen this the statistical analysis. But you can see that there's a flatline it's it's hard to explain over radio, but you can see exactly the point where something happened to the data. And it takes a flatline yet that the flatline make, you know in a downward motion or downward action that shows less and less percentage of people are choosing Trump on their ballot. Unless they voted straight Republican. It's hard. Again, it's hard to explain over radio, but suffice it to say that there's no way they asked, they asked the statisticians. What's the likelihood that this was a coincidence? Or can be explained through something else? The statistician said, I'd like to say 100%, but I can't say 100% of anything is possible, or you know, that's, I'm going to say 99%. And folks, common sense would tell you the same thing. So there's all this mounting evidence, the media is pretending like it doesn't happen. I'm still getting emails, by the way. Because my friend signed me up for these. Thank you, Jay Dodd and Scott for doing that. But I still get emails that from Biden, asking for support for his legal fund. Why wait a minute, why am I getting emails to give money to his legal fund? If he is the president elect? I just want to know this. Why is that happening? anybody tell me why that's happening. I thought it was a done deal. I thought the media declared the president I thought this was over and done with Why is Biden out there trying to raise money to protect his presidency. Oh, because Todd, President Trump is prepared to do whatever it takes and even take legal actions that are clearly outside the scope of the law. And Biden has to protect himself because anyone can take Anyone to court okay to a point but why do $30 million? That's what I think they're trying to raise $30 million? Why do you need $30 million to fight a lawsuit that judges are just gonna throw out as frivolous? Why? This is so obviously frivolous $30 million to hire an attorney to walk in there and just say this is clearly from Listen, the attorney and the judge says, You know what, you're right. We can't allow this to happen. Wait a minute. How can you tell us one on the one hand that you are not, you know, these allegations, the these charges are, are trumped up Pun intended? Why can you tell us team Biden that there's no Do you are the President Trump's doing these acts of desperation, and then on the other send out an email, asking your supporters to raise $30 million for your legal defense doesn't make sense to me if these cases are so obviously frivolous, that they'll never go to court long enough to where you'll have to pay an attorney $30 million, unless it's part of the nother scheme by the democrats to pay hunter Biden or something. I'm kidding, just kind of kidding. Anyway, this is where we find ourselves this morning. But I'm impressed by Sidney pal, I'm happy to see her on the team. And I made this comment. I wanted to just quickly touch on this to my wife last night. You know, I think you've heard me on this program. I think that there's a problem with masculinity in today's world. I don't I don't mean don't misunderstand. I'm not a guy that says the idea of toxic masculinity is silly to me. Of course, there's people who are doing things they shouldn't do. But that doesn't mean masculinity itself is toxic. I'm simply saying. I'm simply saying that when I look around, and I see the folks who are the strongest, most adamant defenders of Trump, so many of these folks are women, and that is great. But I also at the same time find myself asking where are where are the men? Where are the men standing up? out there? I don't mean you. I just mean in DC, and I know it's DC. They're gonna do what they do. By the way, quick update I did. I have been in communication with Senator Braun's team about a potential interview, I think as early as tomorrow, have not heard from anyone else that includes senator Todd young, still Mia out there. It'll probably wait until March to where he's ready to talk about I just had it I this is this is I don't see leadership out there. I see it. I see it from a select handful group of people like Sidney Powell, like Kaylee mcenaney, like Rudy's out there fighting. But where are these folks like Jim Jordan, like louie Gohmert like Ted Cruz, but there's a major absence of leadership number one, in the Republican Party. And number two, Ronna McDaniel, another example. You see leadership in the Republican Party limited. And when you do see it, most times, many times it's it's it's women, which is great. And I have no problem. I just were the the conservative leaders, Republican leaders, the men who are out there leading as well have a problem with that. I just, I just kind of pathetic to me. So just something I was thinking, as I was thinking about Sidney Powell, I want to play a little bit of this interview Sidney Powell had with lou dobbs over the weekend. I want to talk about this. I also want to talk about this possibility or not this possibility, I think this absolute truth that many Republicans, many conservatives, dare I say many of my even conservative Christian friends have no idea what we're up against here. People think well, you know, the democrats one says who says the media? Are you not troubled by what we're finding out? The more that this goes on? Even I don't care if the media reports that or not? Books, truth is truth, no matter who says it. Truth is truth, even if zero percent of the people if no one's out there saying it truth doesn't need a majority truth is what it is. And the truth is, this is damning. This is don't don't tell me there's no evidence if someone says that there's not evidence they either do not care, haven't been paying attention, or in some cases or is worse. They're trying to deliberately deceive you as to what you are saying, Do not be deceived. Your eyes are not lying. This is a problem on multiple levels. And it has to be addressed. No matter I'm at look, no matter the the result, no matter the consequence of who wins this election ultimately, when all the dust settles. And yes, Trump still has a chance. I'm not gonna give predictions On no odds and so forth. But this is not the first time in American history been here, you've heard a lot of talk about the election of 18 7068, the election of 1800. Some folks are reminded of the 2000 election, maybe a tiny bit of 2016. But this is much different in many ways. So anyway, gotta take a break, come back after the break. And with the help of Sidney Powell are gonna release the crack. And as she says, so we'll do that after the break. Lots to go through on this busy Monday. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I'm going to share, like all this stuff has to be proven I'm not making any I'm not making any definitive claims or sorry, about my iPhone. not making any definitive claims here, you know, who's making the definitive claims the media? fact I'm looking here, USA Today did a fact check. fact check. Dominion voting machines didn't devote did not delete votes from Trump, switch them to Biden. How do we know this? Because according to the fact checkers, they've spoken with people in our government. Okay. Yeah. Man, may I remind you, may I remind you some of the things that has been happening, and I don't have to remind you 2016 we had a government we had a Pfizer warrant issued against the Trump administration, particularly specifically against Carter page, issued by the wall requested by the Obama administration. In fact, did not see Christopher rea recently say based upon what he knew today, he would not issue that would that face a warrant? Oh, my God, he wouldn't sign off on it. Why? I'll tell you why. Because it accomplished what they were trying to do at the time. And now they've gotten caught. Now they've gotten caught the same government that spies on the opposing candidates admin admin campaign, not administration, look, administration, too, by the way, the same the same government that did that is telling us that there's no voter fraud, or those that the Dominion system has not changed any votes. I forgive me for saying this, but I don't really care at this particular point. I don't care the same government, by the way, who told us that Facebook ads created by Russia, were the most egregious thing that this nation has ever gone through electorally hacked? Like there's no problem? Here? Also, guess who else? Choose me? Well, that came out of nowhere. I apologize for that. Guess Who else did God categorically denies this? Dominion voting systems? That's right, folks, Dominion voting systems who's been involved in, according to what I've read and heard from people like Sidney Powell, Dominion voting systems, is has been involved in elections in Venezuela. In fact, fact, folks, why would you create as part of a feature in your software, the ability to go in and wait votes? Why? Why do we need to wait votes? I don't care what any, what some over educated and my dad has a term over educated idiots, people who have been educated by people so much that they've lost their sense and reason, their abilities to, to to follow common sense and reason and logic. There's no reason to go into the system and change what's in it. There's literally no reason, the old the only purpose to counting votes in a, in a sane world, the only reason to have a system that counts. Votes is so we know what the real count was. That needs to be safe and secure, that needs to be reliable. It doesn't need to be changed under any circumstances. None. It's not a feature, to be able to go in and change it after the fact what world folks if you're hearing this stuff, and you're being persuaded, which I know you're not, but if you know someone that is, just ask them what in the world under what circumstance should we be able to go in and change the data a vote counts? Why, by the way, Way, as as being reported, apparently, from what I've seen why our vote stored in Dominion as a decimal? Can you have a point six three vote in favor of a candidate? That doesn't seem fishy to you, right? Of course, you can't have a point that there's either a vote or there's not. But Dominion has denied these claims. So they have it. There you have it. That's that's the fact check, folks. There used to be a time when reporters would actually do journalism, they would say, the Trump team is alleging this Dominion says that's not true. The government says that not that's not true. And you get to decide you. I know this is foreign, for those of you who are younger than I don't know, maybe 30. Heck, in another sense, everyone hearing my voice has never actually seen a much true journalism, but especially if you're under 30, you don't even know what I'm talking about. When we make up our own minds. They're not there's not factcheck websites, so that that used to be the role of journalists, they used to provide the arguments of both sides. And if they found other facts that that they would just report what they what they knew. One side says this, the other side says that, you know, someone else pointed out that this was a reason not to believe this, someone else said that this should be considered because of this. Now you make up your mind, we don't do that anymore. We get a fact check websites about Dominion changing votes, and that's fact there's tell us factually wrong, remember this. If this turns out to be proven, as Sidney Powell says that it will be as Rudy Giuliani says that it will be if this voting software is 1%, as corrupt as they're telling us. Remember this, never end the rest of your life, should you put an ounce of belief an ounce of confidence in these fact checkers in the media. We already know that anyway. But these folks, these folks are I'm telling you, professional deceivers, the vast majority of them, they wake up every day, trying to figure out how they can further their agenda, how they can mislead the public, how they can hide things that are not good for their particular side. And their Spin Doctors. That's what we're dealing with. There's not there's there are a handful of journalists left. There's a handful of journalists left Thomas Sol on this assault on the freedom of the press will forgive me for calling out for calling out the media when I see that they're lying and being deceitful. Forgive me for that. They're not doing what I'm accusing them of then put on their big boy big girl pants and fight back. Don't tell me I can't say that's a direct violation of the First Amendment, the freedom of free speech, the freedom of speech, I should say. Anyway, I'm gonna get to this interview I did what we're dealing with is remarkable. What we're dealing with Sidney Powell actually said in this interview with I don't know if it was Maria Bartiromo, I've seen so many things. I spent more time this weekend, preparing and researching and studying and all this stuff than I have. I do this a lot anyway. But I'm telling you then, a long time, I mean, the amount of time I put in over the weekend, and it is Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Some of the things that we've seen, heard and so forth. But Sidney Powell said that, folks, this is the second. This is the Second American Revolution is what she said, we better fight for our country. That's what she said the lawyer for the Trump team. And I'm telling you if it is as bad as they're alleging, if we are dealing with widespread fraud, corruption, people within our government doing things that are both against the law, that are designed to squash the will of voters, of voters in different states around this country, then she's absolutely correct. And it is time to stand up and fight. At this point. The fight is just for transparency and answers to these allegations. That's it. If it's as bad as it sounds, it's going to turn into a fight for Trump to be able to be reelected, dare I say, if what we're being told is true. At the level of lying and deceit about votes, and how things are calculated and tabulated and stored, why are these things stored in foreign countries? Does that even make sense of course. It doesn't, why they're not uniform codes, why? I mean, all these questions that exists out there statistical evidence, what possible explanation can they provide? That explains what's usually almost always actually? Yes. 99 all the time a flat line on a graph. Why does it show in certain states where the software has been used? In many instances, why does it show a line that's not flat, that actually works in Biden's favor, it doesn't make any sense. It's like Hillary Clinton winning 100,000 coin tosses in a row. Got to take a timeout. Come back. I want to play this interview part of it. Part of the Sidney Powell interview when I get back, sit tight back here in just a minute.

Back if you're watching on Facebook, Tyler thanks for for telling me this, but the Facebook is now tagging my live videos about election results and reminding everyone that's watching that Biden is the projected winner. Biden is that again, if it's what does this word projected? mean? I thought he was the president elect. Remember they had that banner behind Biden, didn't they have one that says protect the projected winner? project? Oh, no, no, no, not projected. And it said office of the president elect. Office of the President Elect, give me a break. These folks are desperate deceit. They want to plan in your mind that Biden is the president. He can't legally have it, say President of the United States. Although I'm wondering why that even stops, then. I'm telling you, we're dealing with the deceitful month. Let's listen here to Sidney Powell. Now they have to prove this. the Trump campaign the Trump team still has to prove this. I'm not saying this is a foregone conclusion. I have no first hand direct knowledge. I can tell you, I can tell you that there are some really big problematic things that come out of statistical analysis that have come out of affidavits, signed affidavits, which, by the way is his evidence. Again, when these folks tell you there's no evidence that there was any election fraud, they're doubt they are outright lying to you. Either that or they're talking about things they do not no problem is a lot of these folks are attorneys. And an attorney knows folks and attorney knows that there's evidence when there's testimony, when there is signed a signed affidavit is evidence. If an attorney tells you, there is no evidence, he or she is absolutely lying to you. Now, he or she may say the evidence is not strong enough. That attorney may say that there's not enough to persuade you it's not there's not enough of it, or there's it's not a strong enough quality to actually convict. It's not damning evidence, okay. That's now we're getting into the realm of subjectivity and people making up their own minds. I've sat on a jury before and I know that some things to some people mean more than they do to others and vice versa. That's the nature of what evidence is I remember sitting there when they instructed us. You know, you can listen to this testimony, this evidence and you can choose to put this evidence over this evidence you can you can ignore this. I mean, you have to pay attention, but you can say that that evidence doesn't even matter to my way of thinking here. can set that aside, you can prioritize. However you decide to look at that. That is your job as as a as an independently minded juror. But it's not that it's evidence. Tell me it's not evidence. I tell you what we are living in a world of true deception. Let's listen to part of this. I know I'm gonna have to take a break here in a moment, a part of this interview, Sidney Powell with lou dobbs over the weekend. This is well joining us tonight is Sidney Powell. This is our president general she's a pitbull, defense attorney, a great American and prominent lawyer so great to have you with us today. Michael fluster with dominion. Listen, this is a straight A straight out disavow of any claim of fraud against the company, its software or machine which he said was proof that it was a bottle I hardly wait to put forth all the evidence we have collected on dominion, starting with the fact that it was created to produce altered voting results. Venezuela for Hugo Chavez, and then is shipped internationally to manipulate boats for purchase. In other countries, including this one. It was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba. And China has a role in it also injury. So if you want to talk about foreign election interference, we certainly have it now. We have staggering statistical evidence, we have staggering testimony from witnesses, including one who was personally in briefings, when all of this was discussed and planned. Think, with Hugo Chavez and how it was designed there, and then saw it happening in this country. As soon as the state shut down on election night and stopped counting. Those are the states where the most egregious problems occurred. We also need to look at and we're beginning to collect evidence on the financial interests of some of the governors and secretaries of state who actually bought into the Dominion systems, surprisingly enough, Hunter Biden type of graft to line their own pockets by getting a voting machine and that would either make sure their election was successful, or they got money for their family from it. Whoa, I mean, whoa, folks, are you listening to the words the CSA now she's been out other times, she's been on Maria Bartiromo? I can't play this whole interview. Part of me wishes that I could. But Whoa, whoa, she's saying she's saying that states have used this Dominion software, the software was designed, was designed to manipulate the votes of, of people who cast their ballots designed to change it. If the result was not what was desired, desired by who? By whom I should say, who desired this. not tell you who desired this. The people who are putting the software in the place the vote that's the allegation here, I'm just saying if this is what if this is where this goes? If this is where the evidence leads us see, as I said, in 2016, I remember this four years ago. I remember saying, folks, this is not what a conspiracy to overthrow an election looks like, you don't take as your last step, as your last step in the Russian collusion hoax, and you say, Now, our last our last step to get President Trump elected, we're not gonna turn it over to the voters, boom, we're gonna trick them. And that's not how this works. I'll tell you how it works is right here. Now, whether this proves to be true or not, is another story. But this is exactly how it plays out. In a true conspiracy. You control the data, you control access to the data, folks, the states that stop voting on election night. I remember as I was doing this live on election night, being somewhat perplexed because I follow this my whole life. This is you never have people come on and say, You never have people come on and say, Hey, we're gonna stop counting until tomorrow. What are you talking about? I never heard that. Why were you not ready to count all night? What did you think was gonna happen? burst waterpipes alleged that wherever that was Atlanta, they can't come up with an invoice a bill that shows what happened. That's no problem. But she's alleging that Governor's secretaries of state people have decided they've decided to literally, according to her allegations, have decided to choose this election software because it allows them a path to secure either a reelection or B it lines their pockets, folks. Now. This, of course can be incorrect. But she's made these are bold claims. These are claims that if someone is making without any evidence, there can be some consequences for this individual. But if this is true, we I don't even I can't even wrap my head around what we're really dealing with. If it is true, and it does exposes the evildoers, the professional deceivers, then that can be good as long as we can see this through to completion is terrifying. It's it's maddening to think that this is these are even words that we had to listen to. But this these allegations are truly just off the chart. And I'm gonna take a break a little bit long In this segment, sit tight, be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. I want to play one other piece. One other soundbite from the Sidney Powell interview with lou dobbs. I've his questions much longer than this. But the very last part of this question I'm going to play and then I want you to hear her response again, remark, just just let this sink in. Just let this sink in. Let's love what she's about to say, sink in. Here you go.
What's the Justice Department isn't all of this? I wish on you I'm not on the inside. So I'm not privy to that information. I know that even democratic senators and Congress people for years have reported problems with this system to the FBI and to the government. And nobody's done a blooming thing about it. The people in the election security part of the Department of Homeland Security need to be fired yesterday. They're absolutely ridiculous. Of course, Chris Wright needs to be fired too, because the only FBI interview of any witness was to intimidate him and try to get him to change his truthful testimony for hours by an anti Trump FBI agent. They still have politics infecting the FBI instead of just following the law. We're on the precipice of this is essentially a new American Revolution. And anybody who wants this country to remain free needs to step up right now, these are federal felonies, altering a vote or changing a ballot is a federal felony. People need to come forward now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud they know existed in Dominion voting systems, because that's what it was created to do. It was its sole original purpose. It has been used all over the world to divide the will of people who wanted freedom. Okay, there you go. So we have states that are using a software using a program using technology that is supposedly, under the auspices, supposedly there to count votes when Sidney Powell says they're strictly for the purpose of changing those votes. She also said that we are in the midst of a Second American Revolution. And for those who love this country, those who want the truth known those who believe in the founding principals here in this great nation, they need to stand up, we need to stand up and fight back against this nonsense. First, we need to fight to make sure that this actually is done. Now there's a whole nother battle waging because now we're getting we're inching towards the dates where elections will be certified by states electors will be chosen. This is when the President is actually elected when the electoral college cast their ballots, but there can be problems with that as well. The possibility of this going to the House of Representatives, which even though the democrats hold a majority, it's still favors Trump there because each state gets one vote not every representative. So California gets gets one vote, not just not all 50, whatever it is 53 I guess, representatives there get a vote on they only get one vote. Folks, there are so many red flags here. So many red flags. I don't have the time to get to any more. But this is in many ways. Just beginning quick timeout. Come back and wrap up. Listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in a minute.

Welcome back, I just have a few moments remaining. But I told you earlier in the program, I was at least going to reference some of these Facebook ads that supposedly were used by the Russians in 2016. to trick to trick you this was more problematic to the media to the left of the Democrat Party than these allegations being made against to minion voting systems, statistical analyses, all these things that are popping up left and right, signed affidavits. This is more what I'm about to tell you is more problematic to the left, to the media to the Democrat Party, to the leaders of that group of that political party. Then what we're seeing here, a picture of Hillary Clinton with a black, extra face. This Facebook ad Hillary Clinton is the caption here. Hillary Clinton is the co author of Obama's anti police and anti constitutional propaganda that is more problematic to the media to the left to Facebook than what we're witnessing here with dominion and this election nonsense in excusable folks gotta go SDG you Take care.