Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Lennon's right. You're listening, listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, yes. Yes. I'm your host, Todd Huff, email, Todd, The Todd Huff You can email me your thoughts, questions, opinions, feedback, guests, even your adoration and praise will be accepted here on The Todd Huff Show. Kidding, not kidding. Todd, The Todd Huff Is that email? We're also streaming on one of these, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For those of you that want to see that yes. In fact, I do have a face for radio. I want to start here this morning with a question I want to ask you. How many of you out there listening to my voice today? How many of you trust the election results? How many of you trust the election? results truly trust them? How many do not many Republicans do according to what we've seen? And there's good reasons not to trust the election results? Because folks, there's a lot. There's a lot of reasons to not trust these folks. I think in fact, now I'm not saying definitively anything. I'm simply saying, Do you trust them? Do you trust them? Do you trust your government? Do you trust your media? Do you trust today's leadership in the democrat party? Do you trust the media who by the way, is insisting that Joe Biden is the president elect? Meanwhile, Joe Biden, I mentioned this yesterday, is out there sending emails and he's sending them to me because of my friends put me on these stupid email lists. But I'm getting emails from Joe Biden telling me to chip in chip in five bucks or whatever it is, we got to raise $30 million to fend off this attack on the presidency, which is rightfully his, of course, obviously, we know that. How do we know that? Because the media told us but can we trust the media? I mean, the answer is obviously no. And let me tell you this before. There are people out there and and some people they think some people think for themselves. Some people think what they're told to think some people or think what they're led to think by the media or whomever. And some people actually come up with their thoughts and opinions on their own. They listen to the sources. They realize that not everything I was just told there. In fact, if you watch the media, you realize that about 97% what you were told is probably at least really biased, if not, in some instances completely fabricated and made up. That's why the term fake news sticks. That's why the term fakes and fake news sticks. It's not because Donald Trump's fans and followers and rally attenders are members of a cult, it's because the term has some validity. We've been lied to by these folks for a long, long time. And this didn't start just with President Trump. This goes back as far as I can remember now, I think that the lies are becoming bigger and more widespread. In fact, it's almost ubiquitous. It's almost from every single eyes. I don't even want to tell listeners what's on here. That's out of habit. But I mean, it's across all of the news sites, all of them. sources for news, I watched Leland Vitter of Fox News. Have a meltdown? With some I don't remember who it was a guest. I mean, he was downright belligerent, downright belligerent, because what do you want to do? He kept asking her What do you want to do with these ballots that were the ballots that were cast, you know, illegally, like she had to give the answer. What do you mean what I wanted? I want to do what the court the courts say we should do it. That's the court's decision. legally. Lynne was melting down. Lee looked like he was applying for a job at CNN. He was trying to take the place of Don Lemon over there. Or maybe wolf blitzer. That's happening on on Fox News. Joe Biden is not the President Elect has been declared the president elect by the media, based upon projections. But what are we projecting from? Or projecting from data? we're projecting firm results? That we don't know. It's, it's, it's remarkable to me, the mind will chisel this into stone. The mind will justify what the heart desires, the media desires. a president that has a name any other name besides Donald Trump, anything it can be, you know, you just take your pick Mickey Mouse, Joe Biden, sorry if I'm redundant there. It could be Camila Harris. It could be a mayor Pete. President, Mayor Pete I guess that's what they would call him. It could be my cousin Liz, Elizabeth Warren. Who rush calls Pocahontas which by the way is my 13th. Great Grandma by lineage I've gotten Why don't have a here with me at the moment. But I've got the genealogies showing that so I am officially the unofficial spokesperson of the family. And I'm not bothered by that. I'm more bothered by Elizabeth Warren's and, and insisting that she's Native American and that somehow qualifies or disqualifies her. That's what bothers me more. But these are the folks you believe them you trust the results? Well, Todd, they're basing their the media is basing their their judgment call on the election results. Well, what are the election results? That's kind of the whole point here. Fact I want to point you to something if you've not found this, I saw this on. Where did I see this? national file, national file headline here breaking top lawyer. This was this was yesterday. Top lawyer releases archive of 2020 fraud evidence legal Crusader Robert Barnes publicized here is the evidence calm and archive for admissible evidence of 2020. Election irregularities. Famed constitutional civil rights and tax attorney Robert Burns tweeted out a link this morning. This was yesterday morning about not 24 hours ago, not quite tweeted out a link yesterday morning to here is the evidence calm and advertises itself as an archive for people to submit and review irregularities of in the disputed 2020. election. So he's got a website, people can report just like you can report on some Democrats sides who supported Donald Trump. See, Republicans are out there conservatives are out there, having websites where you can report incidents of fraud. And why did the republicans have to do this? Because there's no curiosity amongst anybody else. There's no curiosity amongst the government official? And let me by the way, let me say this, I've said this before. I've said this before, and I'm going to say it again. I've invited to this program. Representatives from the state who normally have no problem coming on this program. Well, Senator Todd young did in the past, because he didn't want to talk about impeachment during impeachment. He wanted to talk about it after the fact. Folks, that is pathetic leadership. I don't I don't care. I don't care what consequence that causes from I don't care. That is pathetic. inexcusable leadership. That is a senator for our state. Where are the republicans? Where are they and all this? Where are they standing up? I extended invitations to Senator Mike Braun, who I have had a lot of respect for. Still not scheduling. I've sent invitations out to Senator Todd young, nothing, nothing. sure they're wait till the everything calms down. They want to talk about things when nothing matters. Folks, remember these things? Remember these things when it comes time for these folks to come asking for your vote. And the truth is, we need to remember these things starting today. We remember these things starting today, folks, if we have this sort of leadership in the Senate, yeah, amongst Republicans, this is not going to cut it. This is not going to cut it. And the time to think about primary challenges is today. You've heard me say this, like people, people get into this, this mindset that says well, you know, we're going to the elections over let's take a deep breath. Folks. Folks, that is that is not the world that we are currently living in. We are not living in a world where we can put off the thinking of politics and We are in the midst. As Sidney Powell said, we're in the midst of a Second American Revolution. Are we going to allow this nonsense to stand? Are we going to allow? Are we going to allow our representatives and senators to hide in the basement? Just like Joe Biden? Are we gonna let that stand? I think I think that it's time for conservatives to realize, really what we're up against here. And I say this to all my conservative friends, I'm a conservative Christian, you can make conservative atheists, conservative, agnostic, conservative, Jew conservative, I don't care, conservative anything. But I also say this to Mike and my conservative Christian friends, a lot of folks believe that they're they don't have a lot they have the luxury of not engaging in politics. And I think, where do we get these ideas? Where do we get some of these ideas? Folks, we are here we are to be I mean, this. Some things depend upon our response. Are we going to sit by idly and let this happen? Are we going to sit by idly and watch the greatest nation in the history of this planet be wiped away from existence by people who either a are hell bent on changing it? Which that's today's Democrat Party, or B. B, are we going to stand by and let those who are supposedly supposedly defending it? hang out in their basement while this stuff goes on? That's my question. That's my question. Representative Jim Baird has also been invited to this program, we'll invite them again. I'll be very nice to them. But I'm going to ask them where where are they? Where are you? What are you doing about this? Are you just going to accept it? Do you think that there's no evidence of his or no concern whatsoever? about these results? I'll point them to here's the evidence. com. I'm gonna go there. Actually, right. I'll say right now, but I'm going to take a break. But we'll look at this people sad. There's no evidence. There's plenty of evidence. That's preposterous to say that there's no evidence. I'll go through this. This list, I can't go through the whole list. It's it's very, very long. 231 lines of evidence here. Now it's varying degrees of evidence. He has in fact, he has it labeled significance all the way up from from a rating of one to four, with four being the highest. And then he's got it listed by the across the same line. And this attorney has it listed by admissibility level, going from one to four for being the most likely one being the guest the least likely here that it's admissible in court. But folks to suggest that there's no evidence or to pretend like nothing's going on or to hide in your basement. This is the moment this is the moment you have to stand up and lead. And if you can't do that you are not fit for office, you're not fit to be my you're not fit for my vote. I don't know. And I have a sneaking suspicion, you would say the same thing. You would say the same thing. Well, Todd, who else can we vote for either is true to that. And that's why I'm saying that's why I'm saying today, November 17, that we had to find a way to get stronger conservative leaders on that ballot. With the demand that we have to demand that first we have more power than we realize this is not a time to despair, this really isn't. It's time to get a little fired up. You want to get better, we never get better on here you can get upset, upsets, not bitter, right? Even even, I mean the Bible that it says in your anger DO NOT SIN doesn't say Don't get angry. Living in perpetual anger. And bitterness is certainly not the way God wants us to live. But there are things that should light our fire a little bit. And this should light our fire which our fire should be wood, by the evidence that's being presented about voter fraud or whatever you want to call this general election, enter for whatever these systematic problems and some cases where we have some very, I mean, very major allegations, they just found another 2600 votes in Georgia by doing this, this audit, and the vast majority of those between I think I saw between 1500 and 1900 of those votes were for Trump. So Trump just picked up in Georgia, what is the net there? 1000 or so votes? I'm just bought spitballing in here. That'd be Matter, he's down, I think 14,000. But we mean it doesn't matter. What do they find that a couple more times? What if they find more stacks of discarded ballots somewhere? I can go through the list of things here. There, the media is not interested. Our Republican leaders are not motivated. Some of them are a couple, a handful, I can almost mentioned them all, by name, louie Gohmert. Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, in some instances, even. I mean, Lindsey Graham, I know, I know, there's still questions about Lindsey Graham and all that, you know, is he just playing a part here to I don't know that that I don't even care about that. Right now. I just care about actions. I care about actions, what you do speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you're saying. fact, sometimes I can't hear what you're saying. Because you're not saying anything, and you're not doing anything. So that being said, we're gonna go through some of this evidence on the other side of the break. But this is not a time to despair. It's simply not, it's a time to be concerned, it's a time to be fired up, it's a time to demand answers, it's a time to hold people accountable. It's it's a time to, to, to unite, and to fight back against what we are witnessing what we are experiencing here, from our government at all levels, from local levels of government all the way up to the highest levels of our government and cute, including the bureaucratic state. Anyway, gotta take a timeout, continue this conversation, when we get back sit tight, back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks, it is not time to despair, it is not time to give up hope it is time I spend time to be concerned for a long time. But I will say this, as I've said, I've said on here before that I think one of the good things and understand what I'm saying what we're experiencing is not good, what we're dealing with is not good. If there's evidence there's truly is evidence that this is so massive that we can't tell that we can't trust any number virtually from any state, because of dominion, voting systems and all this sort of stuff. backdoors and a feature that's created in the software that allows you to make corrections. All that stuff is problematic beyond my ability to truly articulate completely, you know, that and the depth of your and the depths of your heart, you understand this intuitively, trust your instincts here that is this is bad as it gets for governments, right, as far as I mean, governments that are not collapsing, as far as a government that supposedly, you know, in, that generally has built was responsible. The people are responsible for this country government certainly had a role, the role that it did have. And the reason that the people were successful was because the people were not under the heavy hand of government, the more that this country has, the longer this country has been in existence, the heavier that hand has gotten, the bigger that hand has gotten. And so we are dealing with some real problems. The heavier the hand, the bigger the problem. That's really what we're we're left with here. And so this is a big deal. But people are now awakening to this. Now you got your mind numb, socialist, loving, radical leftists who are going to march down the path of socialism, who are going to sell their sell off their freedoms to the government. To those who promise utopia, those who do things like Joe Biden is going to cure cancer is going to cure cancer. I'm wondering if he's the president elect. If this is if this is just irrefutable. This is undeniable. Can he go ahead and get on that? President Elect Joe Biden wink wink? Can you go ahead and get on the issue of of curing cancer, you promised us you would do this? You promise this not as cancer, Alzheimer's, not just Alzheimers and cancer, also diabetes? I also think you indirectly have stated that you're going to end COVID so can you get on that as well? I think you can do that. If you're generally genuinely President Elect, you should be able to at least start this now. I know. I can hear the refrain right now. Well, tired President Trump's not letting him transition, keeping key information and data away from Joe Biden. Kamala Harris so they can't get busy on curing it. I don't know, I look if these things are as easy and as magical as people like Joe Biden and the radical left tell us that they are I think that Joe Biden could get on that right now. I think we should, we should have him do it. Welcome that fact, I wouldn't even allow it. And my mind, you can go ahead and reveal your cure. And if this somehow the courts intervene, and we see some massive voter fraud and just, you know, this, we reach a point where we can't trust anything in the data. And the results, as Sidney Powell said, if she unleashes the cracking on Joe Biden and releases the evidence, and she flipped states, she said, she's gonna do church states are going to overturn That's what she said, I, I'm just telling you what she said. If all that happened, I mean, it would be a perfect scenario, Biden, during his mystical transition to president, he goes ahead and tells us how to cure cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes. And then then President Trump because of the courts, and the evidence is actually states are flunked, President Trump is declared the president or is voted in by the electors or Congress or wherever this is going to go from this point in time. And then Joe Biden can be just this hit me if, if this does, and I'm not saying I'm not predicting the likelihood, I'm not saying this is going to happen. But if, if Joe Biden, Joe Biden ends up losing as a states really do flip as Sidney Powell tell us, he's going to forever be on this program be known as the former president elect Joe Biden, the the former president elect Joe Biden. Anyway, so what I'm actually encouraged that people are aware now we have to do something I think people are, you know, I use the analogy of a spinning merry go round, people are jumping on a merry go round. You and I, having been on that merry go round for a long, long time. Well, some of you, some of you have just jumped on. And that's totally fine. But some of us have been on that merry go round for 2030 years, some of you much longer even than that. You have years of decades of experience Following this, studying this understanding this, some folks have literally been one lap around the, you know, one circle on the merry go round. And those folks don't know what to do, where to start any of that stuff. And so there are some questions, some some legitimate questions. Some people ask why Republic why republicans like this. What I asked the question, Where are the republicans? Someone who's new might say, you know, what, were other Republicans. I've not seen any I've seen Jim Jordan. I've seen louie Gohmert. Maybe? I've seen Ted Cruz, possibly, maybe Lindsey Graham. I don't even know who our senators are. There's there. I guarantee you there are people that say that I don't who's my representative? I've not seen him. I've seen the representative for people from another state of Ohio with Jim Jordan, Texas with louie Gohmert. Matt gates in Florida, perhaps haven't seen anybody. The only one from Indiana that's signed on to the to the letter that these congressional congressional leaders signed on was Jim banks from Indiana, God bless Jim banks for doing that. Where were the other? What is it six? I don't know. I don't know. But it matters. And folks, let me tell you, whether you've been, you're an old Pro with this or you're someone who's followed it for a little bit, or someone who's brand new, the truth remains the same that you have power. There are things that we can do. representatives will listen, representatives, you'll get the attention. I know when I was in DC, American University, I did not intern on the hill I interned at a place called the Christian defense fund in Springfield, Springfield, Alexandria, Virginia, just just a little bit, what to the southwest of DC I guess. And but I you know, when we got familiar with with some things there in DC, and if they got even a couple of phone calls, it's a lot less than you would realize these things would make their way up to the chief of staff really quickly. And at the Chief of Staff knew it wasn't long before the candidate himself or herself knew. So and that's I'm not well, I don't call for that on this show. I'm just saying to you, there are things that we can do. You can email and call your senators, you can get involved in your local Republican Party. You can well there's a lot a lot of stuff that you can do, but I'm saying and there's two elements to this though there's a political element, the the mechanics of politics and like it or hate it, we have to start with what it is. But there's also there's also a complete Bonus that is cultural. And that I think is where, like we have to win this war on this this cultural battle. We have to win this battle for the heart, mind and soul of America, mechanics of government aside and the mechanics of political parties aside, we have to win the hearts, hearts and minds and souls of people. Again, metaphorically speaking, only Jesus can win a soul. But I'm saying, we have to get people to believe in America. Again, we have to people understand what the differences between these drastically different ideologies are. So there's an educational component as well. That's why we have conservative, not bitter University. It's why we're launching that. Folks I want I want a, I want a network of people who are learning and then taking that knowledge and doing something with it influencing those in their, in their circles, I want people to, to rise up as speakers, I want people to rise up. As educators, I want people that are bloggers and using their sphere of influence for the good of the ideology of the movement, this matters tremendously. We're battling an education behemoth in this nation that is almost exclusively run by the left the radicals I'm not even talking even in the case of education. Here I'm talking about radicals. The NEA is run by radicals, folks, radicals. We knew some of the things that they talked about behind closed doors, we would be shocked and appalled. I know about the things that they talk about, publicly and write about. And it's sometimes shocking, and appalling. And I'm going to take a break.
Take a break quick timeout is an order I should tell you, though, that listening to this program can in fact cause you to lean to the right 98% of scientists agree with that. 98% that's 1% more than agree that man is contributing to climate change. So we know this to be factually true and undeniable, sit tight. Be back here in just a minute.

back so I referenced earlier and I got into talking about other things a little quickly. But this website here is the evidence comm This is an attorney put this together evidence of what irregularities evidence of illegal actions, evidence of voter fraud, evidence of things that should concern every single American, I don't care I've been on I do care. Well, that's the wrong way of saying it. It makes no difference. Who is it makes every difference in the world who's elected here, but it makes no difference for the sake of this point. Who is the winner? The What matters is we have to know that that was what the votes showed. And don't and don't try to pull the old wow, you know, this national popular vote. I'm talking about the rules as we all knew them heading into the election, that the electoral college determined the presidency. Excuse me Fighting, fighting off a sneeze here. But if the that's what matters here, whenever we find out based upon that, that is reality. I made a comment and upset some people. Not most of you upset some people who again, the mind will justify what the heart desires, they in their mind. They can't they can't even envision another term of President Trump. And so their heart You know, their heart desires anything but that so they will argue even the most obvious point they will argue against the most obvious point in my statement was losing an election is life having an election is stolen is criminal. We can't allow this to happen. Can't Why can we by the way that that applies to any time a democrat might win. Any time democrat is having an election stolen? Although it's funny if you look at the evidence, there's there's nothing. There's nothing that I've seen. There's not one iota of evidence and I'm not saying somewhere out there. Some republican poll worker didn't break a rule. But I'm saying the evidence is coming in. It's pretty obvious what was going on here. Here are some examples. As listed on here's the evidence calm. Florida precinct three reports more than 100% voter turnout. Now I know socialists are not good at math. That's why there's that's why they're socialists Take it easy left. I'm kidding, but I'm not. Florida precinct reports more than 100% voter turnout. You can't you cannot have more people turn out than are registered to vote in a precinct. That there's evidence of that. What about this rejected absentee ballots in 2018? Three and a half percent in 2020 0.3% of despite 500% more votes? How do you explain that? What about this 66% of dead? registered voters were born between 1800 and eight, born between 1800 and 1899 voted. So if you were dead. Just funny enough to say that if you were some if you were born between 1800 and 1899. And you're still somehow Gatlin knows how you're on the voter registration rolls because some democrat there says you can't purge the rule. That's That's why that's ultimately why you also can't use a voter ID. You also can't you know, you can't require signatures on mailing ballots. You got to mail ballots out to everybody. I mean, we're again, we're one step away from driving around the town square democrats would probably say this is a good idea. drive around the town square, it's COVID COVID time, roll down your window, yell out the window to the obviously democrat poll worker there with a whiteboard in the center of the courtyard. One vote for Biden, gotcha. That's what we're not far from that. I kid about this, but we're not far from this. So 66% of the dead registered voters that were born between 1800 and 1899. voted. That's a pretty good turnout. The the turnout, I don't know where this was he actually I don't know where this is. This is in Pennsylvania. 66% of dead registered voters between born between 1800 and 1899, voted at 66% percent turnout. For those voters who were born in the 1800s in Pennsylvania. With a sink in no problem, the left don't tell you that there's that's not a what is that it's not evidence tie. What do you mean, what is this? What are we running here? This sounds like this sounds like some third world. election. I don't remember when we had the first elections in Iraq. I don't remember anything like this. They dip their finger in the purple paint. You remember, this is a beautiful thing to watch this. People walking to get to cast their votes. People celebrated this. I don't want to get into the whole iraq thing. I'm just saying it was a beautiful thing to see people be able to cast a ballot. And they walked for miles in some instances. They got to the place they cast their vote, they dip their finger in the purple pain or whatever it was. It's a beautiful thing to see. But I don't remember any of this. I don't remember any of these things happening. It's just remarkable. What about this 3000 instances of alleged voter fraud have been found with the ag by the Nevada republicans 3000 instances had nothing to see there. No big deal. Of course, there's not nothing to see there. For if you're a Democrat, a Democrat leader, if you're a rank and file Democrat, this should upset you to the core 18,000 male male unbalanced didn't have a male date. Only a return date after November 3 that is in the state of Pennsylvania. Even though it's by law, these things are supposed to be there. By law, it spells it out this stuff is I mean is not complicated. It's right there in black and white. The question is, what are we going to do with this? media refuses to look at it insisting that Biden is President Elect. Meanwhile, I'm getting emails from Team Biden asking me to chip in five bucks or whatever, so that he can raise $30 million to fight Trump but fight Trump about what you don't need to raise $30 million for a legal fight. If any self respecting judge is going to throw the court case out in five seconds. What is going on here? You know what's going on here? And I'm gonna take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So again, it is remember this whole that the left in the media establish this false narrative at the beginning, and the false narrative heading into this election was that Democrats just wanted every vote to count. Republicans want to set out obstacles to disenfranchise voters, folks that is complete utter hogwash. That's, that's ridiculous. What matters. What we're witnessing what we see happening all around us all of this absolute chaos with mail in ballots. And what we're seeing people can't count ballots? Well, there's lots of reasons for that. There's lots of reasons for that if you want to talk about some of the the voter system, and and it's it's remarkable what may have been happening. We'll see where this whole thing plays out. But forget about that for a moment. Forget about Dominion voting systems. Forget about the back door, forget about the states that were paused on counting votes. Forget about those being the six states that are most in question here, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida. Forget about all those. What a coincidence, by the way, forget about all that. Folks, we need to have, I want people to be able to vote who are eligible. I want that to be the case, it should be as reasonably easy as possible, while being difficult enough so that we prevent fraud. we prevent people from exploiting the system. That's the way that this should work. And that involves things like showing a voter ID that involves things like purging voter registration records, it does. There's no reason on this planet that there should be any person born in the 1800s. Do I have to say these words today? There should be there is literally no reason for someone who was born in 18, whatever to be on today's voter rolls, there's no reason none. They they are not with us. They that they are not eligible to vote because they're not alive, folks. It is preposterous that this is the case. I mean, folks, we're getting back to the time of our founding. I mean, is George Washington on the ballot in Virginia or on the voter registration? rolls in Virginia? I mean, come on. What in the world are we dealing with here? And at some point, instead of instead of accepting the narrative that Republicans want to put up safeguards, and I'm not saying that there's no republican that's not trying to. To do that I I'm just simply saying, it is not the motivation. It is not the motivation of the Republicans, the conservatives, I know we just want to be able to trust the results. We just want to know that we're not creating a situation whereby people can vote who shouldn't be able to vote, or people can cast ballots, if they you know, if they're not really the person that's supposed to be counting, casting ballots or voting multiple times. That's all we want. We definitely don't want corruption with the machines and the voter, the vote, tallying software and so forth. The real narrative is why don't the democrats want these safeguards. And I'm gonna take a break, come back and wrap up here in just a minute. Sit tight.

Welcome back. Something else. I retweeted this quickly here. Quickly hear something else? I retweeted last night. I started to I now I don't know if I did or not but meant to saw this. Did you see Project Veritas has a another video. Another video? Someone who says that in Georgia. They're doing this recount during this recount in the state of Georgia. And they're supposed to be two poll workers. They're Democrat and Republican. One of them calls out the ballot, the other one is supposed to confirm it. And then they're supposed to move on Well, one poll worker called 333 in a row for Biden that were marked for Trump. The second poll worker didn't catch it or pay attention or whatever. God only knows what's going on here. But anyway, nothing to see anywhere. Nothing to see anywhere. Totally aboveboard. I get to go have a great day. SDG see tomorrow. Take care.