Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. You know, I went to bed last night, went to bed last night after reading, hearing watching the news that the Board of Elections or whatever it was in Wayne County, Michigan had voted deadlock vote Republicans, two Republicans, two Democrats to certify this election in Wayne County. Republicans stood firm. Republicans wouldn't capitulate. Republicans said we can't certify the result. Because you know what, this is absolute chaos and pandemonium. That is what I went to bed to last night wake up this morning to find out that the two republicans were basically from what we're understanding. This is a fast moving situation here. They were attacked, shamed, bullied, whatever you want to call it, called racists. going after them heavy on Twitter, people releasing their names. I mean, this is an intimidation tactic. Folks, we have reached a level we have reached a level that is intense. I mean, this is absolutely intense. By the way, welcome. To The Todd Huff Show. I am your host, the one and only Todd Huff. You can email me your thoughts, questions, opinions, adoration and praise Todd, The Todd Huff, I do my best to get back with as many as I can. And I truly do appreciate hearing from you. Some of you send me information that I hadn't seen some of you have some very thoughtful remarks and responses. I read everything and I do my best to to get back. But this is this is an amazing time that we live in. Also, by the way on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, till they take us down folks, Todd Huff Show on all those platforms, the safest place to go if you want to watch this and see that I have a face for radio is our website. See, we own that we don't have to bow down to the demands of jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg, whatever they dream up next, you don't have to see the little apostrophe. or excuse me, exclamation part, exclamation point next to my videos that say Click here for more information about the election. Basically what the guy's telling this guy that's talking up here, just in case he says something we don't agree with, you can click here and we'll make sure that you think correctly about this. You don't have to look at any of that stuff, our website, The Todd Huff You can watch us live as well. But also, I should mention to you that I'm coming to you live from the official, official office of the future potential President Elect since we're making up names of offices, I thought I should let you know that that is what we have now. deemed this office, the potential office for a future president elect. Even though I have no political ambition, I'm just telling you that that's what we're going to call this and nobody can stop us because hey, free speech. So I want to get into I want to get into this insanity that we're dealing with this insanity that we are dealing with here. Let me do one thing. This is again, a fast moving situation. So you've got Trump's legal team out there making arguments collecting affidavits 234. In the state of Michigan, excuse me in the county thing. It's just in Wayne County, Michigan. 234. Think about this. They get 234. Signed affidavits in a county. That is absolutely run like I mean, it's it looks to me like this is a talk about mob rule. mob rule in multiple ways here in the county of Wayne, Michigan, Detroit. I mean, just thinking of fire 234 people to sign their names to something is probably terrifying because if there's 234 people that agreed to do it, there's probably 10 times that are some factor of that, that probably have a story to tell, but say, ah, Marsha, I'm not gonna put my name to some piece of paper. Right, Phil, I'm not going to sign that I'm not going to tell them what I saw. You saw what they did. To the two individuals that voted against certifying the vote of Wayne County. They're called racists. And that's it. That's it, they're not going to stay in fight anymore. Nobody wants to be called racist. Nobody wants to be doxxed on Twitter. Nobody wants an army of anti fur warriors coming outside Black Lives Matter. Protesters walking around protesting, excuse me peacefully assembling on the sidewalks out in front of their house. Nobody wants. Nobody wants that. Reportedly, they agreed to, to vote to certify Wayne County's election, if there was an audit done in the state. I mean, folks, this is if you can't look at this, I mean, this. If you cannot look at the situation in Michigan, if you cannot look at the situation in Michigan and realize we have an utter, unmitigated disaster on our hands. If you can't look at the state of Pennsylvania and realize we have an unbelievable unmitigated disaster on our hands. If you can't look at the state of Wisconsin, the state of Arizona, the state of Georgia, my goodness, if you can't look at this Nevada, or as Trump says Nevada, if you can't look at this, and see that there's at least a serious problem. They want you to think I you know that, you know, somebody there made a clerical error. No, that is not at all what's being alleged 234 affidavits folks that I, some of the allegations and accusations made it in these signed affidavits. These folks if they are lying, who signed these statements who made and signed these statements? legally, they're under under punishment of perjury if they are found to be untrue. Under punishment of perjury if these things are found to be untrue, they've they made allegations that that some ballots were counted up to eight times in some instances, this is just what I've seen. There are allegations that ballots for Biden came in overnight, between election night and that following Wednesday morning, which is now two weeks ago. 200,000 balance for Biden zero for Trump, that you talk about a statistical anomaly, where the pert were the people who say we're on the side of science and the Democrat Party right now. There's a science of statistics. And if you have 100,000 votes, folks, and not one, not one of those is for Donald J. Trump, that my friends is impossible. It is absolutely impossible. Unless there's something nefarious or incredibly questionable happening in this situation in this election. 100,000. Someone signs an affidavit saying that nobody seems to care, they want you to think oh, well, you know, this ballot had a signature on the wrong line. And we counted it. That's not that is not what's happening. And I chuckle because it's not it's not funny. It's certainly not funny. It is incredible to think the amount of willing or willful ignorance that we have in this in this nation. So I have a couple of sound bites I want to get to i have i i want to play for you Jenna Ellis who's on Team Trump, the legal team, which by the way, she's not been applauded as much as she I've been applauding Sidney Powell like crazy. I plugged in Alice too. I applaud Linwood as well, for what they're trying to do, folks, this is this is critical. If this is allowed, I don't even again, I care where the results stay in. The idea of there being a President Biden legitimately terrifies me on another level, not just that they may have potentially stolen this thing, which terrifies me. It terrifies me to the idea that we have an administration a Harris Biden administration, that's gonna drive as hard left no matter I mean, they're already talking about forgiveness of student loans. I mean, that they want to get on that. I don't know where that falls in the list of priorities for Biden, if that is before. Is it before after cancer is cured or Alzheimer's or diabetes? I'm not sure COVID not sure. Biden's gonna come in. Boom, problem solved. democratic Big D by my name media telling me how great I am how great I'm going to be as President, I'm going to stop the nonsense from happening in this country. Boom, problem solved. Maybe he can solve all these the first week. I don't know, I think some of these things can actually be solved by the president elect. I don't think you have to really be president yet to solve some of these problems. So I'm hoping Biden go ahead goes ahead and gets gets working on these from his office, Office of President Elect whatever the world that's supposed to mean. Actually, people people out there defending this, by the way, apparently, Obama was the first to use this Trump did as well. Of course, Trump probably to toy with the media all day. But this office of the president elect is not is not a real thing. I don't care what they tell you. I've read. I've read the memo, between the GSA and whoever was between the the, I don't know if it's with the executive branch or the I guess, Congress, I don't know who it was with. But they, they, they want you to believe that this office is a legitimate thing, they being the media, they be in the Democrat Party, they be in the Harris Biden ministration. They want you to believe it's a real thing. It's not a real thing. Someone is referred to as the president elect, if that is, in fact, where we are. But that's not where we are, clearly by what's happening in Michigan, we came within a millimeter of the whole entire election of Michigan hanging in the balance. In fact, it still may be who knows they're doing their best to salvage this and so forth. But this office of President Elect is not a thing. In fact, if you read the paperwork, it refers to the eligible candidate, Biden would be more appropriate to refer to himself as the eligible candidate than to be in the office of the president elect, the eligible candidates that don't quite have the same ring to it, though, the Office of the eligible candidate, but there are so many smoke, the smoke and mirrors here are incredible off the charts, the the deceit, the deception, the amount of stuff that's percolating below the surface that average watchers of media have no idea about because they're not being told about this. They're not being told about this. They are basically ignorant to this. Ignorant is just without knowledge, folks are ignorant about what's happening here. And how close this really is to being a massive, massive constitutional problem.Be at the media keeps referring to Biden as president elect, you know, I was at I was thinking about this yesterday, I was out at a restaurant, not going to name the name of the restaurant because they're not paying me to do that. But I'm kidding, not kidding. I'm not. I'm at a restaurant for lunch. I sit down, I order my food. I'm sitting there doing a little work, whatever. power goes out, not the place I'm at is one of these places that has, you know, TVs and music and stuff. Everything goes out everything. So it's it's silent. It's dark. I ordered my food. I wasn't sure what was going on. I'm being honest. I wasn't sure. They were still bringing me my food. If we were waiting for the power to come back on this thing it was off for I don't know. I want to say 45 minutes. That's just my best guess. And I'm sitting there. And it occurs to me, you know, this is this is the difference like when the power was the difference between the noise Echo, you know, smoking mirrors, lights and production of what we how we see liberalism and the left's narrative. When the TV is on, the music is blaring, and there's, you know, lights on in the place and there's all this hustle and bustle. That's how liberalism is portrayed. That's how the left's narrative is portrayed. When it's time to go on to under Showtime, right the theatrical performances, but then the lights in the music went out, and it was quiet. And I was sitting there thinking, Oh, this is what happens when you take all the hustle and bustle, and you could hear people's forks and stuff. You could hear noises that you normally didn't hear, and it wasn't as it wasn't as appealing. It took a lot out of the situation. But, folks, that's what happens when these things enter into the courtroom. You take away they the courts going to take away all the drama, they're going to take away all the cost the accusations about you know, people not certifying elections because they're racist. People in Wayne County are high percentage of black Americans. These two republicans just don't want to have black votes count. That's the only the courts will cut through. Well, any court that's run with any degree of respect for the law. We'll cut through all this stuff and get down to the actual arguments, the logic, the reasoning what the law says. Should meanwhile we're subjected to being in, in the part of the performance where we have to watch the smoke and mirrors, the make believe Act. The drama, Kratz as I call them, that's what they are the drama craster. They're actors, and oftentimes they're bad actors. But this is where we are get to see past this stuff, you get to understand the truth, you get to understand the law. And you got to understand that, folks there is I'm not predicting, who knows. I'm not predicting anything here. But this is far from over. We have a president who's not conceited, we have election results that are virtually we have no idea what they are evidence of fraud in ways that is overwhelming. You got voting systems, you got poll workers that are either potentially criminal or inept, or something Who knows? You've Got Mail in ballots. You've got dead people voting you got more you got the audits don't add up in Michigan 71% in Wayne County, have the votes didn't add up to what they were supposed to be. That's we're told not a big deal because the only reason republicans cares because they're racist and on and on this goes. If this gets to the courts, and all the drama, all the sides show, all the performance is forced and we're left with argument or left with the law. This could have who knows if you have judges that care about the law, and interpreting the law and applying the law, this could be a different situation. But right now we have pure, unmitigated drama all around this country as it pertains to the 2020 election from Georgia to Michigan and Wisconsin to Arizona and Nevada. And I'm gonna take a break we'll keep talking about this when we get back see you in just a minute.

Welcome back to the office of the potential future president elect here in our own studio. We're making up offices I thought I would do one as well. Oh, okay. I want to so again go to bed last night. Last night her tu tu tu deadlocked vote, Republicans were saying we cannot certify this mess in Wayne County. Apparently, all hell broke loose. You know, they were threatened and all sorts of thing I want to play this this democrat named Ned Stabler stable, I tell you that I don't sta e bl er, this guy could be stable or not. I don't he's not stable. This is what this is what republicans are subjected to. This is why when you hear 234, signed affidavits from Wayne County, you have to think about the level of bravery it takes to put your name to anything when this when these are the sorts of people this is what you're up against. They'll go straight to Twitter, go out there on Twitter and want people to be Doc's that, folks, the frickin Lincoln project. The Lincoln project supposed to be this very astute, very sophisticated group of Republicans that just can't stand for Donald J. Trump. They exposed people who were fighting, were on Trump's legal team and gave their cell phones and I don't maybe address I have to see Twitter eventually, I think blocked it eventually. But it was up for a while I saw those folks dropped off the team or whatever mob rule. This is what mob rule is this is precisely the sort of thing our founders protected try to protect us against mob rule. This is folks who have lost their ever loving minds here. And a lot of folks think that this is republicans trying to steal something, this is how the system is is set up. And folks if there is fraud to the levels or even a fraction of the levels that we have been that that had been alleged to us, then there should absolutely they How do you certify any of these elections? I just want you to hear this. This is Ned Stabler. Ned Stabler goes to Twitter last night talking about I guess, you know, just the these two republicans in Wayne County who didn't want to certify the election revolt results because well, it's a complete hot mess. And let's just listen to this listen. That just, um, we also know that the Secretary of State and the Attorney General have already tweeted out that your legal arguments are rubbish, and you're going to lose and when it comes to court, so we're not worried about that. at all not we're also not worried about any of your old things are bad. So we can't certify arguments, because that's just ridiculous. You certified in August when they were worse, but 50% of the ballots are accountable. Now over 72% are 58% of the or even balanced when it was less than 30%. Last time, so it's doubled. I think I paused it, I think, I think he's got his numbers wrong. I think Jenna Ellis said 71% 71% of the balance can't be matched or whatever, it doesn't matter. This, this sort of behavior doesn't come from people, folks who are not worried. But I just want you to listen as he goes on here and gets fired up. Way better next, state actually jumped in and did her job. But I know it's not gonna change your opinion. Um, you talked about not certifying Detroit, even though you know, it's that Lavonia a city, by the way, I know you know, is 95% white and bigger, very, oh, shoot there, we get lost the audio there. We'll try to re cue that but basically what he's saying is the only reason you didn't certify the results was because of course you're racist. Lavanya county or whatever county he's talking about here. Here we go. I'm getting queued back up. So let's try this again. If I can hit the right buttons, not certifying Detroit, even though you acknowledge that Livonia, a city by the way, I know you know is 95% white and bigger variances in Detroit, which is 80% black, we understand and you know, added your name, so I'm not gonna try to change your mind. I just want to let you know that the Trump stick the stain of racism. They you William Hartman and Monica Palmer, covered yourself in name. I'm going to follow you throughout history, your grandchildren are going to think of you like Bull Connor or George Wallace, Monica Palmer and William Bartman, forever be known in southeastern Michigan as to races who did something so unprecedented that they disenfranchise thousands of black voters in the city of Detroit because they were ordered to probably I know Monica, you think q told you to do it or some other crazy stuff like crazy asleep tonight, that millions of people around the world now on Twitter know the name Monica Palmer and William Hartman as two people completely racist. And without an understanding of what integrity means or shred of decency, or side, history won't be on your side. Lucky on your side, and more knows, when you go to meet your maker, your soul is going to be very, very warm. Apparently now, thank you, Ned for telling me this. As a Christian, this is important for me to know, apparently now, you're very salvation, whether or not you go to be with Almighty God and heaven or I guess very warm, he's insinuating that they would go to they're going to hell over this. These folks are going to be eternally separated from God, according to the book of Ned Stabler, which apparently should be added to the Canon should be New Testament should be in there maybe a third test and maybe maybe it's a it's a whole testament of radical leftist insanity. We just put that in there so that we can include stuff like this. Ned Stabler says, your souls are going to be very, very warm because of what you've done. You have been your grandchildren are going to know you as though you were a Bull Connor and George Wallace could have thrown Robert robert byrd in there as well. Ned Stabler, maybe Joe, maybe Joe Biden. Maybe what about joe biden's the one that called the people in Detroit that voted for Trump? That he said that they weren't black? Anyway, I tell you what this is this is what they resort to. You're going to be basically you're going to be known as you're going to go down in history as one of the worst racist ever. your grandchildren are going to know it probably will be completely excommunicated from society may be locked up in the gulags that were marching swiftly towards here in this great nation. What is this stuff? This guy again, he thinks he's thinks he's the one that's being reasonable. And rational here. Does this sound like By the way, a group of people who are not afraid of where this might go? Does this sound like, sound like that to you? Anyway, timeout is an order lost their ever loving mind. So, again, as I went to bed last night, maybe as you went to bed last night, you thought, wow, Michigan is actually not going to be able to certify their loan potentially because of Wayne County, biggest city county with the biggest city in the state. They can't certify it. This may really go somewhere, then you wake up this morning to see that they flip that supposedly going to be who thinks there's going to be an audit, by the way. That was the deal. Supposedly, I'll play a soundbite from Jenna Ellis from Trump's legal team after the break, but that was the deal. Have an audit. Anytime you think of an audit or recounts look at what's happening in in Georgia. They don't want to look at signatures they just want to get the count done. They're finding balance left and right. Kayleigh mcenany haven't seen this in print print this morning or online. Kaylee mcenaney says there's now a third candidate come forward with votes that are missing all these. All these counties had votes that favored Trump. So his 14,000 or whatever it was vote lead Biden's 14,000 vote leaders dissipating just from votes that they found votes that they found because people weren't loading them to the machines with the memory stick or whatever it is, who's thinking knows what's going on in the states who believe that's going to happen in Michigan, you think that this this democrat is going to make sure that that that happens in Michigan. Anyway, people like Ned Stabler threatening to humiliate destroy the lives send the Twitter mob after them. inexcusable stuff that by the way, is what it looks like to be liberal and very bitter. And you're listening to conservative, not bitter talking back here in just a minute. 

Welcome back, folks. I mean, this. I mean, this this question I'm about to ask. Well, this, let me ask it. What's the point? What's the point of even having the election? I mean, really, what is the point? If the numbers we have are absolutely questionable, for multiple reasons, from Dominion voting systems, to mail in ballot nightmares, to poll workers, blocking observers from watching the counts, from poll workers being trained to effectively encourage people to vote for Biden, in some places, poll workers cheering in some places when republican poll watchers are kicked out. I mean, the allegations are dead people voting people. I can't even keep up people voting for in states that live out of state voting in this case of Nevada, maybe up to 10,000 people supposedly voting in Nevada, didn't even live in Nevada. couldn't vote in Nevada, but did vote in Nevada. See postal employees doing things with with mail and ballots and all this sort of stuff. How in the world we don't have we don't have enough of it. Well, how do we know? This is what this is what we've gotten to without having a real investigation into this stuff. This is what we've what we've uncovered, just because people were brave enough to put their names to sheets of paper these I saw people tweeting Kaylee McInerney held up 234 pages of affidavits last night and someone says I have papers. What kind of matters what's on the papers there knucklehead? Well, what matters is the contents on the paper. There's like if I hold up the Bible, Oh, I got a book. Yeah, well, it's the very word of God. How about that kind of matters? I hold it the Constitution. Oh, look, he's got parchment. Yeah, it's the it's the words that establish the Society for a free people to live. Which by the way, by the way, is at risk of being completely destroyed during this entire process. I get this song by to play from Jenna Ellis on Trump's legal team. Really quickly, it's going to put me behind the next slightly the next break. jenelle is talking with Shannon Bream last night. Fox News Shannon kind of goes through a summary of where we are in She basically says, Now we have, you know, a certified election result basically asking her to chime in and speaking specifically about Michigan. So Jenna Ellis part of Trump's legal team responds by saying this. Yeah, so we're hearing reports as well, that that that interim time period of about two hours is really critical, because you have these GOP board members who very rightly are saying that they are seeing significant discrepancies, we have reports of 71% of the precincts and that the ballot count does not match the voter rolls. That's significant. That is not a political question. That's something that no matter if you're Democrat or Republican, you should be concerned about then in that interim, two hours in the public comments, even as sitting, Congresswoman Rashida to leave are accusing these people of racism, they're getting threats, then they back off, and they say, okay, fine, that will allow the secretary of state who is a political democrat operative to conduct an audit, that's backing off. This is absolutely mob rule at this point. And the President is right, that these people need to have courage and the state of Michigan absolutely should not certify their false results until we get to the bottom of this systematic and pervasive fraud. Everyone is asking the Trump campaign Shannon, where's the evidence? Well, we have 234 pages of sworn affidavits. So there is a letter from 40 michigan state legislators that was filed yesterday to the Secretary of State, they allege dozens of allegations of systematic irregularities, outright fraud, voter intimidation, all of these tactics just in the state of Michigan, that is unacceptable, right and
shady, right? It absolutely is unacceptable, by the way, oh, boy, I don't want to step into something here. But you hear charges in this country, with black lives matter that this is this is a systemic way of systemic racism, systemic racism, because and they'll show a video of some, in some cases, terrible circumstance, right? Some of these, some of these things are misrepresent and I don't want to throw them all in the same bucket. But sometimes you see something that's very troubling, law enforcement, and an unarmed black man or what have you. This is evidence This is evidence of widespread systemic racism. Folks, if we applied that same logic, to what we're looking at here with widespread, systemic voter fraud problems in this nation, then, I mean, we would have massive marches and rallies, hundreds of thousands, millions of people in cities and states across this country protesting demanding that this systemic problem be stopped. Anyway, gotta take a break. Listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, I don't want to be misunderstood. I'm not again, the analogy I made between the Black Lives Matter allegations. Where there's video of someone I mean, I'm not going to pick any particular one because it's, that's not the specifics are not the point. The point is to say, if one video or a couple of videos or even 20 videos, even the names that they list, Black Lives Matter t shirts that the NBA players allegedly wore, I didn't know because I didn't watch any other their political propaganda down there. But I saw pictures of names on the backs of shirts, say their names, right? Even if all of those and I'm not speaking to the personal tragedy or anything with those on there, please do not misunderstand. I'm simply saying if that amounts to evidence that, you know, specific names, and again, I'm not going to mention which ones because then it comes down to that particular case. That's not what I'm saying. I'm simply saying if the names of the individuals constitutes enough evidence to show systemic, systemic widescale racism in this nation, and our law enforcement applies to all officers, all officers are I mean, some to the point where we're defending police departments. People are chanting abolish the police. People are chanting pigs in a blanket frame like bacon, that kind of stuff. then surely 234 signed affidavits from one county would suffice. Those aren't just sheets of paper as some of these Twitter lunatics, I'm seeing are suggesting I tell you what, folks, we have people, people have lost their ability, maybe even their willingness to think for themselves. To remarkable thing i'm i'm looking here, I'm not gonna retweet this I thought about this. people tweeting out the picture of these two election, Wayne County Board of canvassers, the ones that actually voted. First they voted to not certify the Wayne County election than they did. After these things happen. people tweeting out their pictures, saying their names, name and shame them as what this guy says. name and shame a Mel lamb. Twitter, one of these Twitter cowards, or she did sleep representative, US house cat representative, not just candidates as candidate here on a profile, but she's actually the representative. This was her tweet last night after the board. Verse voted not to certify the Michigan results is plain and simple, folks. The Republican members of the Wayne County Board of canvassers put politics above their duty to prove to our residents suggesting that all of Wayne County can be certified except for Detroit as horrifying racist and a subversion of our democracy or maybe, Congresswoman to leave. Maybe it's indicative of the abject and ridiculous amounts of fraud and irregularities and abuses that we've seen maybe just maybe, maybe let's let's forget about for a moment. You can't just make these allegations up. Yeah. If you look at a logical universe, yes, that is a possibility. It is logically possible that these two folks were racist, and they didn't want black votes to count that is a logical possibility, without looking at any of the evidence is a potential outcome. It's something that could be the case, if you had a couple of Klansmen on the board, which is not what I'm saying. I'm just that's not what happened. I'm just saying that that's a logically something that could happen in this broken world that we live in. BK does make the claim with that in the evidence, especially when they can point to specific evidence that say that that that demonstrates and illustrates why they didn't want to certify the votes in Detroit because folks, and it's an abject failure. It's an utter disaster. And who makes this possible what what political party runs, runs Detroit, by the way, for decades, to second and disgusting thing, sitting us Congresswoman, calling these two individuals horrifying racists, and that they were subverting our democracy. We don't know. You know, what else subverts our democracy Rashida to leave, vote fraud, voter fraud, making up votes, tabulating votes that don't exist, sending things overseas, allegedly to computers, and possibly creating a scenario whereby votes were changed per allegations of Sidney Powell. That's also a subversion of our democracy. Gotta take a break sit tight back in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks. I mean, this is just words fail me. Ford's fail me to to describe all that's going on. Votes popping up in Georgia, multiple counties, whatever is happening in Michigan, whatever is happening in Pennsylvania, what's ever happening in Nevada, this is far from over and we look there's no reason I shouldn't say there's no reason but don't give up. Don't give up hope. Don't throw in the towel. We've been in bad situations before we can fight our way out of this. Hang in there. Be tough. SDG see tomorrow.