Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
That is right. You are listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk in my own mind. You know, yesterday, yesterday, I came on this program and said, let's see what is today. Thursday on Tuesday night, I went to bed thinking that the election results in the state of Michigan shooting specifically the district, the county of Floyd was going to be over overturned, or excuse me at least not certified. Let's say that not certified. I go to bed and find that. That is simply not the case. Remember, yesterday we had the the findings of where the individuals were unable to come to an agreement the four voters, the four members of the election board would not certify two of them were that the two democrats would the two Republicans would not. And then we find out that yes, yes. They guess they did. Somehow overnight. And so so we I woke up to that yesterday morning. Now this morning, I wake up saying something exactly the opposite. Exactly the opposite. In fact, the epic times and I love the epic times, folks, there's there's not a lot of journalism out there. This is going to tell you this, you know this. The Epic times is a place and I'll tell you another place that you can get news, besides the epic times is a site called just the news, just the headline here. So remember, last night, I go to bed thinking that this was going to be contested, where they would not certify the results we all did. For those those that were watching Tuesday night. You wake up yesterday morning and you find that suddenly they've got the city or the tsunami, well, specifically the city of Detroit and the county of Floyd that's under question. Then we find out the next morning that it's fine. Now I go to bed last night thing in that same thing you did, which is they've capitulated they Republicans have capitulated again, because that's what was being reported. Except, apparently that's not the case. Just the is reporting this headline and dramatic reversal. Wayne County election board. Republicans rescind votes certifying results. Let me just pause. And let me say kudos to the two individuals who've been doxxed by losers on Twitter, losers on Twitter who think that if someone does something against their preference against what they want to see happening on Twitter, that they will release the names, faces of cell numbers that they got them addresses all just Of course in public service. I wonder where jack is jack Dorsey on this. This doesn't seem to be a problem in many instances for Twitter. Twitter seems more interested in making sure if you read anything by Donald J. Trump on their platform that you need to know that the election has been declared by Joe or for Joe Biden by members of the media, which up ba I guess tears anyway. So So apparently, that's not what's happening. What we were told yesterday. Let me just read part of the story and after David's so these are signed affidavits. these are these are legally admissible statements. These are statements that carry you know, if folks are lying in these statements, the consequence of perjury is carried with it. So this is what these affidavits, the geo GOP Canvas board members and affidavits, claim that they were bullied and say there are too many irregularities in Detroit vote to justify accepting re election results. This is by john Solomon at just the and an extraordinary turnabout that foreshadows possible legal action. The two GOP members of Wayne County's election board signed affidavits Wednesday night alleging that they were bullied and misled. misled I remember saying this yesterday. fact I think I tweeted this for the Twitter record, I believe. So I just had a flash in my mind, maybe, can Twitter go in and change your Twitter, your tweets, I don't I don't put a pass. I don't put anything past any of these jokers, at any point at this point in time. But I said yesterday who really thinks or maybe I just tweeted this, these these two election board officials in Wayne County, Michigan, they made an agreement will certify the vote, if you do a full audit, and I said, Give me a break. I told this to friends who really thinks this is going to happen. And if it does happen, who thinks it's going to be a real thing, versus what we're seeing in the state of Georgia. Georgia is an absolute unmitigated disaster Michigan is an absolute unmitigated disaster Pennsylvania is an absolute unmitigated disaster. I think we're about to find out that Wisconsin is an absolute unmitigated disaster as is Nevada or as Trump insist on calling it Nevada. It is an absolute unmitigated disaster. Arizona may be too Who knows it may be even well beyond this. But let me get back to this to this article here saying that Wait a minute. The election board and Wayne County did not certify the results. So they've come out and they said they've been bullied and misled into approving election results in Michigan's largest Metropolis and do not believe the votes should be certified until serious irregularities in Detroit votes are resolved the statements by Wayne County Board of canvassers Chairman Monica pal Palmer and fellow GOP member William C. Hartman resending their votes from a day earlier through into question a new whether Michigan's presidential vote currently favoring democrat Joe Biden will be certified. No, no word yet. If the media who's apparently what? They're the self proclaimed arbiters of the election, though, no word at the media is going to allow this. I guess. That's what we're supposed to believe the media decides who the President is. So I don't know what they're even meeting for. Why are they meeting to approve to certify votes? I thought the media had already spoken. I mean, that's why folks, you are tuned in here to this program. I am broadcasting live from the Office of the potential future president of the United States is a new office that we've created here. And why not? Joe Biden can be the president elect and working officially from his office, which is absurd and silly on so many levels. But nonetheless, this is I mean, if we can create these things if we can carry this narrative of Joe Biden being president because the media said so what are these folks even meaning about? Why are they Why isn't Don Lemon and tough guy Chris Cuomo sitting there certifying the election results? Where's wolf blitzer? Maybe we can get Rachel Maddow over there. That should make you feel more comfortable about these revolt results? No way should this stuff be certified. Folks, we have reached a point. If If people watching this, if you can't look at this, and realize that there are dramatic, insane, inexcusable, just almost two numbers, numerous account problems in our system voting. Now this isn't in every single state, though. It could be who knows what the vulnerabilities are really. This is remember, we've had an election for what, two weeks ago now? Two weeks in a couple of days, two weeks ago, this is what we found out in two weeks. Two weeks, we're still What is it three and a half weeks or so from? electors being chosen. We're not even halfway from the midpoint between election and the electors being chosen yet, we have twice as much time not twice as much, but getting almost maybe 70% more time on between now, and the day that electors have to be chosen as we have between Election Day and today. What are we going to find out in that time? What are we going to find out? It's so naive, it is beyond naive. I will go as far to say if someone doesn't see a problem here, they don't have to say it's the same level of the problem that I believe that I see. Or that maybe you see or whatever, they don't have to acknowledge it in the same. That is the same level but my goodness, if they don't say any, any problem, folks, they are either willingly naive or they just are blinded by their hatred for Trump. This is something and I want to talk to for just a moment to my democrat friends that I know That tune into this program. You're not a radical leftist, you hear me regularly defending you. Many of you are single issue voters, whatever that is, whether you're a union Democrat, you're a pro choice Democrat, but you're republican and every other way you are, it doesn't matter what the issue is, you know, you know who I'm talking to this if this describes you, you haven't voted for Biden, you voted for Biden, because of one issue, whatever that is, it doesn't even matter to me at this particular point in time, not even judging you for that. No, I'm conservative, not bitter. I think that we need to find ways to connect on our commonalities and save what's what is remaining of this republic, this constitutional republic at this particular moment in time it is in crisis, it is stretching at the seams, it is being tested, its constitutional roots are being tested, fraud, manipulation, irregularities, downright alleged criminal actions are taking inside a polling places I'm talking with you I know you voted for Joe Biden, can we just agree. And I will extend my hand to you. I'm doing it now to the camera, you can grab it in your mind and you can shake it, we can agree on this, no matter what the results, no matter what the results really are in the 2020 election. Just forget about that for a moment. Can you and I and millions of others like us connect and agree, no matter what the pundants no matter what the media, no matter what the leaders of either party, say, don't even care about that at this point, not minimizing it completely. Because there are voices of reason and folks that are sounding the alarm bells out there. And we'll get into that a little bit as the program comes together today. But can we agree? Can you shake my hand? Can we have a an agreement that no matter who wins this thing, we just want to count. We want to count all the legally cast ballots. And we don't want to count any illegally cast ballots. Can we agree upon that? Can you and I agree on that? I think that that is so fundamentally simple, we should be able to agree now, if that means Joe Biden, Joe Biden gets 270 or more electoral votes, you'll find the vast majority now we won't be happy, conservatives, Republicans, but you'll find in the vast majority of people, if this is even salvageable at this point, I mean, that's the question. There's so much fraud, there's so much lying, deceit, deception. These folks that like to operate in darkness, behind closed doors, don't let poll workers pull observers in. There's a lot of questions. But if we can somehow expose enough light to where we're, you know, where we know that Joe Biden won this election fair and square, you will find republicans and conservatives like me will accept that. We won't accept it, in some sense, meaning we want to fight and Stop the nonsense that's about to be pushed upon us. But we will accept that. Now, the question is, the question is, and you when you flip this in your mind, you know immediately what I'm talking about. If I if if I if you have to utter the words, Trump won this election fair and squares, I'm looking at Biden here from his office of the president elect, I mean, he's trying so hard, you know, me thinks he protests too much here. But nonetheless, if Trump really wins this and I know immediately when I say that you start thinking about oh, my gosh, what's gonna happen you don't you you think what's going to happen in these cities across this country? You think what's gonna happen if they don't certify the board the vote in Detroit, and again, God bless these two canvassers for standing firm in truth, they should not be asked to certify something, that there's no way they can certify it. No, Id there is no way on earth that they know anything remotely close to the vote totals, what they really are. In Wayne County. Would these folks need protection, pray for their safety. I mean, they they literally have taken their life in their hands because of some of the way that these folks, you see how they immediately on Tuesday night began to go after these folks. And at first they kind of capitulated they thought they found a solution. But then they realized No, no, we don't because we're dealing with people that are completely untrustworthy, that are completely in this for one thing, getting Joe Biden elected no matter what the cost, I didn't talked about the senate seat in Michigan, that puts the senate seat in Michigan up for grabs. Folks, if this is as bad as it sounds like it may potentially be. We may literally have seen a republican gain. I'm not predicting it. But there could have been a republican gain in the Senate. There could have been a republican victory in the house. It is close enough. Remember, they were telling us democrat landslide Nancy Pelosi gonna be speaker, she's the speaker again, whatever. But she was going to have a bigger majority. None of that turned out to be the case. None of it smallest majority since World War Two or some such thing. And we're not done counting there either. But can we just agree? whatever the outcome, if the votes really show that Donald Trump one by one electoral vote, or massive landslide numbers, same for Biden, can we all agree that we will support that outcome? In the sense not, I'm not, I'm not asking you to support what Trump is trying to accomplish, you can still fight that and argue against it. But this nonsense is tearing this nation apart at the seams at a very fundamental foundational level. And I know that there are Democrats and they're not in the leadership of the Democratic Party, folks, those many of those individuals have made their decision and have I mean, gone down paths. And both parties. I'm not just picking on the Democrats, but a lot of these folks have made their decision, they decided to embrace the political world, which means that all they care about is their political survival. This is all a game. to them. This is about keeping power. This is about enriching themselves and their families, in some instances, in extreme cases, abusing their power, wanting to stay there for as long as possible. This is the antithesis of what our founders envisioned. A lot of folks have taken that path. I'm not talking about that class of people. I'm talking about the people that are walking down the street. Well, as much as you can walk down the street in America today, people that go to their Thanksgiving dinners, as long as course governors in certain states allow that to happen. I'm just asking you can we agree? And I think that we can, I think there's a lot of agreement between us. And this nonsense has to stop reasonable people have to be awakened to what is going on here. And we're just scratching the surface. We're just scratching the surface. Got to take a timeout. I know we can find agreement on this normal people. Normal people are not naive to what's going on. This is a mess. This is this is inexcusable. This is probably criminal in many instances. This cannot be allowed to happen in our constitutional republic. No way. Thank God for Sidney Powell. Thank God for Linwood. Thank God for Jenna Ellis. Thank God for the other folks, Rudy Giuliani out there. And again, I asked the question, I see some I see. I see Jim Jordan out there. I see Matt gates out there. I see Ted Cruz out there, where the rest of the republicans were the rest of the republicans when our Republic was at the greatest risk. Some of these folks are hiding in their basement. I don't care what their title is, what their position is, cannot be allowed to stand either. This is when leaders lead. And if you're not out there in front of this, you are by definition, not leading. And I've got a dig a break. Got to get to about long in this segment. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So let's talk just for a moment. By the way, I should tell you that my attorneys, vast, vast team of attorneys here have told me to make sure that I let you know that listening to this program can in fact cause you to lean to the right so be careful. If you're out there operating heavy machinery today, you may be driving into the office, you may in fact find your car veering off to the right, I am not responsible for this. I'm not responsible for this. And that is something you have to just simply be aware of by listening to this program, and I am under obligation, according to my attorneys to pass that information along to you. Now, let's get back to this. This situation in Wayne County, Michigan, Detroit. There's a democrat state representative elect Abraham I Yosh. Forgive me if I'm not pronouncing that correctly, ai y a sh you may have heard this guy out there he is. Well, you can certainly make the case. You know, you had these two Republicans on the county on the the canvassing board who said they wouldn't certify than they would. Now they're saying that they won't in sign affidavits. They mentioned being bullied. We've seen that their pictures have been on Twitter. Again, I don't know what Jack's out there doing jack Dorsey about that he may be in the midst of another trip down the Appalachian Trail. Maybe it's how he gets to and fro When he gets called into senate hearings or whatever, Chris, we do that by zoom, who knows he may be on the Appalachian Trail. living off of I no problems with that. It's just interesting to me to watch how this guy shows up to these, these meetings, these hearings looking like he hasn't showered or even brushed his hair in a few weeks. But anyway, so we have Abraham I OSH again, if I'm mispronouncing that, I just I read this stuff more than Hear, hear them pronounced. But this is what they're referencing. Once the one the two canvassing board members, the republicans who would not certify the election results, this is what they're referencing, about intimidation. This, this is edited in the sense we didn't. We didn't change what he said, we actually bleeped out. I don't say we, I'm sharing this. This is from a gentleman I follow on Twitter named Kyle Becker. He used to be I believe, he sociate producer or something at Fox, but he's really uncovered and exposed a lot of stuff about this fraud and so forth. But anyhow, I want you to hear this. There's a couple of bleeps but he it's not that he's cussing his instead of cussing. what he's doing is giving the location of where Monica Palmer lives and where her kids supposedly go to school. Isn't this nice? Listen to this. Listen to this not even really veiled threat by him. Let's go back here. Here we go. What that tells us is you miss Monica Palmer from which has a history of racism location, are deciding to enable and continue to perpetuate the racist history of this country. So I want you to think about what that means for your kids probably got a name to school, and when they see all their black classmates, and they want you to think about what it means for your kids. Right? It's like I'm watching the stinkin Oh, this lab name escapes me. Like I'm watching some mafia movie or something. Gonna make you a deal. Gonna make you a deal. You can't refuse. Right? What is it? What this means for your kids who probably go to this school? What in the world? Are we living? This? Is he talking about shakedowns, folks. Here we go. This is an actual Shakedown attempt by some radical, idiotic leftist who comes in under the guise of trying Oh, saying that she's she and her republican colleague have voted to not certify the results because people who live in Detroit are predominantly black. Give me a stinking break. She's perpetuating our racist history. How long? Is this going to be a narrative that people actually nod? in agreement with it all? perpetuating our rate? Have you looked at the evidence? Have you looked at the affidavits? Have you looked at any of the stuff that's being talked about? You have no problems with this? Abraham, you have no problems with what we're seeing being reported in the places like, well, in your particular case in Michigan, but it's widespread. In fact, I've got a series you know that there's democrats who have signed in Georgia affidavits alleging problems, Democrats. Democrats, not as Republicans. It is Democrats in the state of Georgia that are signing affidavits. Brian Kemp has got his nose down. He's got one objective, which is to push this thing thing through and to certify it. It doesn't matter what evidence this guy to me beyond hope. I know he's a republican. Same thing with the Secretary of State there. These folks have it apparently it appears to me they have no interest whatsoever and what the actual truth is, they have a result in mind and that's what they are hell bent on achieving. Doesn't matter democrat signing affidavits. Anyway, gotta take a break. Listen here, the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. Sorry, I just realized oz asked me during the break. Are we streaming anything to Facebook, we were streaming here. problem was, you know, I did. I did another video last night. When I got when I got in from, you know, wherever I was yesterday, and I had a couple of short videos to cut for some folks. And when I do I'd take it takes away I changed some settings and I didn't reset that. I forgot about that this morning. So we've been streaming it just wasn't going anywhere but now we're on Facebook anyway. I want to switch gears and go to what's happening in Georgia now. There's a reporter for the epic times his name is Ivan pinch Yaakov. Ivan pincher calm and he is sharing some of this affidavits, these affidavits, this sworn testimony of sorts here with folks who have, you know, in signing these affidavits explaining what's happening in Georgia. Here he has an affidavit from a recount worker in Georgia who has 20 years of experience handling ballots. And this is what the affidavit says most of the ballots had are had already been handled. They had been written on by people and the edges were worn. They showed obvious use However, one batch stood out. So normally she's at work recounting these ballots. You could tell that some of these that the edges were worn some of these ballots were written on by people, you could tell that they that they weren't in some sort of of a pristine condition. However, since she said one batch of ballots stood out, it was pristine, there was a difference in the texture of the paper. It was as if they were intended for absentee use but had not been used for that purpose. There was a difference in the field, these different ballots included a slight D pressed prefold so they can be easily folded and unfolded for use in the scanning machines. There was no marking there were no markings on the ballots to show where they had come from or where they had been processed. These stood out in my 20 years. 20 years experience of handling ballots, I observed that the markings for the candidates on these ballots were unusually uniform, perhaps even with a ballot marking device, by my estimate and observing these ballots. Now buckle up is going to shock you. Approximately 98% constituted votes for Joseph Biden. I only observed two of these ballots as votes for President Donald J. Trump. That's one bit. That's that's one particular person. Here's another one. Remember, I mentioned earlier in the program that there are Democrats who are signing these affidavits? Here's what this one says. Democrat, a Democrat in Georgia, mind you. Excuse me. It was of particular interest to me that hundreds of these ballots seemed impeccable with no folds or creases. The bubble selections were perfectly made all within the circle, only observed selections and blacking out black ink, and all happened to be selections for Yes, you guessed it, Biden, Democrat, that's a sign thing. Think about what you have to get to folks in this politically divisive climate to get a democrat to sign an affidavit to say, You know what? I want Biden to win this thing. But I cannot in good conscience tell you that what I'm observing what the balance I'm looking at in Georgia. I cannot tell you that. I don't think that there's something fishy going on. I can't tell you that I think all those ballots are authentic. I have to share what I believe to be issues of fraud. I know remember, there's no fraud. I can't tell you. How many know it alls that I've encountered out there. I think this is hilarious, though. fraud. This is Trump out there. Yeah. What do you how do you explain? No at all is out there. The left left us out there that want to defend this? How do you explain this? Why are the Mad democrat poll workers? There's not just one, why are they mentioning that there's problems with this. To act like this is not a problem. A widespread? systemic, just absolutely corrupt problem. In some places. I mean, off the charts in some of these places. I literally have zero faith. And they would include places like Detroit, they would include places like Philadelphia, and now it hurts me to say it. It includes places like Atlanta. And of course, I mean, there's other places as well. But nonetheless, here's another another Democrat, another democrat who has signed an affidavit different Democrat in Georgia. I watched them pull out a pile of what I observed to be absentee ballots and noticed two very distinct characteristic that these ballots had. One I noticed that they all had a perfect black bubble. And we're all Biden select Of course, number two, up sorry not to yet, I was able to observe the perfect bubble for a few minutes before they made me move away from the table. At no time did I speak to the poll workers or obstruct them in any way? I heard them go. heard them get to the stack and call out Biden's name over 500 times in a row. Sucks. I mean, what, what we've been talking about turning into a banana republic. I mean, folks, this is a banana republic. You cannot tell me what are the odds? It's like Hillary back in 2008. When she won, whatever it was 10 coin tosses in a row. I asked the question who brought the quarter that Huma avidin bring the quarter? Where's Houma? I want to know where whom is, is whom out there delivering balance in the state of Georgia because I'm thinking this has Huma. Aberdeen's fingerprints all over it. Where's, where's anthony wiener? Where are these folks? Where are these folks that we cannot trust the dinner capper. There's a lot to name. But where are they? Are they driving? If you see one of them in a UPS vehicle, or a pickup truck, or God forbid, even a semi maybe some of these folks have gone out and gotten their CDL so they can drive Big Rigs around full of ballots for Biden, probably there probably is a hashtag balance for Biden call me up, call me
up. Whoever what insert whom Aberdeen, whoever, call me up and I'll make sure we get quote, hashtag balance for Biden need some balance for Biden in your district, not a problem. We know that some states are still counting, we got plenty of time. We have as much time as we need. Because unless brave republicans stand up and tell people what's going on, and get that information to brave attorneys like Linwood, and Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, and Rudy Giuliani. Everything Is Working as planned. Folks, this is unbelievable. I got another thing I want to show you tell you about I can't I'm just telling you what's out there. The Gateway Pundit says that he has the founder has said that he's uncovered what's really going on here. I'm not saying it's the case. But folks it says makes as much sense as anything else we're being told. I'm going to share that with you here. After the break, and we're just to a little over two weeks into this. A little over two weeks into this we've got a we still got a long way to go before we get to the the electors being chosen. So quick timeout is an order sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. I mentioned before the break that there is the Gateway Pundit, the gateway pundants. is telling us here it is took me a second to find this. The Gateway Pundit calm, I read the Gateway Pundit. on regular occasions, it's not uncommon for me to look at their stuff I can't speak to I look, I'm just I'm just telling you this at this point. This is Jim hoft. He is the founder. He's the founder of the gateway pump pundits. So he has released a video, he's released a video it's on Rumble, rumble may be a new thing. I don't know if some of you know about rumble or not. But it's also on YouTube, but it's separate. It's not really on YouTube. It's not on YouTube, because YouTube is I think, last check has blocked it. So he's got this video. It's just words just it's just words like he's typing on a screen. It's a video of, of typing, explaining what he calls the drop, and roll and the drop and roll. The terms that he's come up with, describes what he says is happening, what he says is happening with the way elections are being the way this election is being stolen. So he calls the drop. So you take the Trump, what he puts calls the landslide and you dump a massive number of votes of unexplained votes, usually in the dead of night. in states like Michigan, that was 141,000 I see now in places like where else in Georgia it happened and other places and then he says you fix They fixed the remaining vote counts in exact proportion to keep the lead. So and he's documented. Now I look, I can't personally vouch for this, I don't want you to think that I'm just simply saying that there's people out there that are showing the numbers and explains and showing us things that are problematic. And this is whether or not this happened or not. That's a problem. I don't want to say that. But if you see the data, I mean, the data clearly shows stuff. That's not possible. So in Georgia, for example, President Trump was up by as much as 57% to 42%. This is in his video. So then he says the drop happens the the then dumps of unexplained ballads, given to Biden for hours until Joe Biden takes the leads. And we've referenced some of those right, we just heard a an affidavit from someone who said 500 votes for ballot for Biden in a row, pristine balance, all marked in black ink, staying perfectly within the circle. highly irregular, even democrats attesting to this, hey, there's something wrong with these ballots. Think about that. Democrats are signing affidavits saying we can't trust some of these votes that are coming in for Biden, let that sink in. Then back to back to the Gateway Pundit here, then they say the rule. Then for the next ready for this, listen to this, the next 53 batches of votes that were counted. Every single vote batch had exactly a 50.05 to 49.95 victory margin for Biden. Now. Again, I can't personally vouch for this, I haven't done the data dive and dug into this, but he shows screenshots of returns. And it shows 412 I mean, multiple. I mean, I'm counting over, I don't know, what's the fifth? What was it? He says 53. I'm looking at on the screenshot probably 15 or so. And every single one, it says percent Biden 50.05%, Trump 49.95 on down the list for 53 straight drops, folks, folks, if this is true, and again, I'm just saying, I have to say I have not done this deep dive but he's showing what appears to be screenshots of actual of actual voting data reports or results from Georgia as they came in. If that's true, that is absolutely impossible. No way that 53 straight drops were 50.05 to 49.95. So that's how he's saying this is happening. I'm not making any I'm just saying there's evidence here to to say that something is really out of line and a lot of places and we should be concerned greatly for this republic. Got to take a break. come back and talk more about this in just a second. Sit tight. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Just got a question on I don't have time to go into this deeply, in fact, barely at all, but I can say this. What's gonna happen? I mean, the state legislators I have an interview with Hans von Spakovsky of the heritage foundation here actually, just a little bit later this morning. I plan on playing that tomorrow. But I'm going to ask him some of these questions but folk state legislators are ultimately responsible for choosing electors to send to the electoral college to actually vote for the President of the United States. And the thing is, they have to decide do we you know, normally they go with what the vote says in their state as they should by law but what if they can't believe those results? What if they're so tainted they're got to choose on their own? Anyway, I gotta go. Thanks for listening StG. See tomorrow. Take care.