Voter Fraud Hearings in Arizona | December 1, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right, you are listening to them with conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. Email me your thoughts, your opinions, your feedback, your adoration and praise will also be accepted at this email address Todd, The Todd Huff We're on Facebook streaming now, I guess, Twitter, YouTube, I guess as long as they haven't deemed this program to be too dangerous for people to listen to today. I tell you what the stuff that we're dealing with folks, it sounds like, straight out of the Orwell novel 1984. I mean, it is incredible the stuff that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. And it is truly incredible. It is it's incredible. You think about there's not a lot of this that's going on now, depending upon what you're watching and looking at and so forth. If you're not, if you're just tuning in, even now to Fox News. You're you know, it's not you're not getting what's going on. I mean, you're just not. You've got to follow people. Looking I don't know where this is gonna go. But yesterday Trump was in, excuse me, Trump wasn't there. Trump's legal team was in Arizona before a panel of legislative tours from the state legislature there in the state of Arizona. Arguing, presenting issues, cases of evidence of evidence that's right, evidence exists. I know that people at ABC, CNN, even Fox News with the noted few exceptions now, folks don't even understand recognize that there is evidence of variation, troubling things. And we're supposed to be, especially if you're in George, I can't do anything about this. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna ask any of you to move to Georgia, as some of these leftist some of these folks like Andrew Yang, who only wants to tell us how good he is at math. And telling folks to move the Georgia to vote and these two senate senate run offs. I'm not going to I'm not going to do that. That's not the way that this is intended to work. But that aside, we're supposed to ignore everything that's going on massively around this country, from Georgia to Michigan, to Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, to Nevada, to Arizona, and probably other states. We're supposed to ignore that and just pretend go about business as usual. As we watch this election, take place the special election in these two special elections in Georgia. I mean, let me just ask you based upon what you know, right now, based upon what you've heard, and what you know, about these elections, about these voting machines. Yesterday, they testified, free. I've got the name here of the individual, but it's on something else. A retired colonel, I believe, testified that these machines, these Dominion voting systems, machines were in fact connected to the internet, that's supposedly not what's supposed to happen. They're not supposed to be connected to the internet. Because you know, when things are connected to the internet, you might realize that things are subject to hacking, things are subject to interference, like legitimate interference. And I compare and contrast this nonsense we're dealing with today with what they were telling us happen in 2016 with Trump Russian collusion. Right. We were supposed to believe that this massive plan that Trump had this, this plan to steal the election hinged upon an ad campaign folks. My background is in in marketing and advertising. And while there are folks out there that are very good at their jobs, very good at being able to communicate a message very good at being able to emote a certain response reaction from people who see an ad or you know, Commercial or whatever, people are very good at. You know, being able to pull out emotions connect people to the brand make them want to associate with it, own it possess it be identified. Fact I saw the other day as an example. And the I don't know where I read this but you know people take selfies right? Did you know that one of the most common i don't i don't really partake in this game of selfies. Nothing I've never taken a selfie for something but some folks you know, you can't get my coffee selfie. You know? Get his new pair of shoes selfie Here I am at the mall selfie. Right? Here I am walking out of my car selfie. Right going into the office today selfie, all this kind of stuff. But I read that one of the most common selfies is the selfie in the mirror. So you like you know Yeah, dude, duck face, you know put maybe put up the peace sign, hold your your item up whatever it is, or maybe just posing something that you're showing off. And and the study said that the reason people like to take the selfie in the bathroom, bathroom mirrors oftentimes, is because it has the Apple logo, they want people to see that they're associated with the Apple logo, I'm reminded of another survey. Boy, you are in for a treat. Today, these are coming to me from years ago, there was a survey done on the Starbucks didn't Starbucks at one point looked at changing their logo, or maybe not putting it on the cup or some such thing. And this bothered customers because the reason that they wanted to Starbucks was because they wanted to identify, hey, this is I shopped I got this at Starbucks, my and I'm sophisticated. Remember when I was in DC Starbucks where it really wasn't a thing. In places like where I came from, you know, small, rural communities and so forth. But in DC, it was a big thing. And I remember a man, these are people that come out of here, they are smarter when they come out of there. The point is that marketers know how to create this, right? This image, this feeling this persona, this brand, what they can't do. What they can't do is what they want you to believe happened with President Trump in 2016. They can't somehow come up with an ad that hypnotizes people into voting for the person that's the polar opposite of what they want in a president. That's not possible. So that was that was the entire argument. You've heard me make fun of this for a long time. I'm still it's an open invitation. If someone can explain to me someone can explain to me why a Pokemon GO ad can cause thousands or millions of people to vote for Trump when they wanted to vote for Hillary but only in those key swing states, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, whatever, Ohio, Florida, maybe someone can describe. Explain that to me. You'll get a you'll have a a special place in my heart and you will be forever immortalized on this program as the great The Great One who has explained to us the Russian collusion hoax. You compare and contrast that to what we had the day. What we have today are signed affidavits. What we have the day as evidence people who are willing to talk about all sorts of things yesterday, there was an an anonymous email that was shared person did not want to be identified. I mean, at some point, can you blame these folks, you heard Sidney Powell saying that a lot of folks are going to need to be put into the witness protection program, which I think is technically called the witness security program. But anyway, people are going to need to be put in the witness protection program. Because there's going to be hell to pay for coming out with allegations making, you know, signing sworn affidavits, and so forth. But this one, one individual emailed and said, Look, I was present. I'm paraphrasing here when they told us that there was we were going to add in, I forget which county one of the counties effectively 35,000 votes for every democrat candidate 35,000 boats and it wasn't going to be it wasn't going to be you know, the results come in and Biden had 35,000 and Trump's zero they were a little bit smarter than that. They used an algorithm. He alleges this this whistleblower if you will alleges. This was shared yesterday at the hearing in Georgia. He alleges that this is what they did. 35,000 votes. 35,000 votes, it was good. You know, they were good. They had a match. Number two, they they looked at, you know how many people were actually going to vote, they thought they could get away with adding 35,000 per, per candidate this. So this wasn't just for the presidency. This was for other offices as well. Probably, presumably, ostensibly, if this is in fact true, which I'm Look, I'm only telling you what they're saying. I wasn't there. And I can't attest to this. But if it is true, then at some point, if there's one, if this was applied to multiple people, then the question of US Senator Mark Kelly, who's now being sworn in immediately, for his particular seat, Senator now of Arizona, beating Martha mcsalley in a pretty close race as well. If that is the case, then it didn't just affect the presidency, it potentially affected the Senate. So we're not supposed to care about any of this. The media doesn't care that in fact, the media will tell you that Trump is trying to hijack legislators to steal the election. That's what he's trying to do. They're trying to convince you that Trump is running an all out coup, when in reality, the evidence suggests the exact opposite. To be very possible anyway, I I'm in order to have to say these words to you. I just this is we knew that there were problems. We knew that the Deep State was. I mean, just awful. Terrible, despicable. Dare I say evil? I think it's even worse than we expected. Even in our wildest nightmares. I don't want to say dreams. dreams can be good. This is a nightmare. nightmare scenario. And there's some folks out there look at Brian Kip, Governor, the state of Georgia Republican, some people it's amazing to me. Some people still don't understand that. There are bad Democrats and Republicans folks, all across this country in positions of power. Some people I was thinking about this last night, some people view the difference, the only difference they view the people that are you know, I would say inside the beltway, oftentimes not not 100%, but darn close, because 90, or the 90 to 93% voted for Biden in DC, again, having his Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro sort of numbers returns Hugo Chavez sort of numbers anyway. But the folks inside DC folks inside the government apparatus, they don't see these massive ideological differences between the party to them. To them, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, in many instances is like being a Yankees or a Red Sox fan. Or to bring it home a little bit more locally here to the home base, a Colts are Patriots fan, right, it's just at the end of the day says two teams and I prefer this team over the other but the end of the day, they might have different offenses and defenses, but it's similar. It's football, folks, we're talking about ideologically, two parties at their core, the core of the constituents, the core of the people who are in the in the base, you have the radical left, who wants to take this country socialist, who wants to demonize the wealthy as AOC has done by the way, time permitting, we'll talk about that. She says no one should be a billionaire shouldn't even be allowed in this country. So you have that. Now granted, there's a whole there's a there's a spectrum of people who are all out radical leftist and communist and people who are moderately so and then people who just want the government to grow slightly, but you've got this in the Republican Party, too. And the idea, the idea that is just republicans versus democrats is not the right way of looking about this at this. I think it's also the people inside inside DC with notable exceptions, people who are inside the offices of political power and influence these folks, these folks versus the rest of the world, the ruling classes, I think, rush limbaugh has referred to them in the past, I think he still does then the ruling class and the rest of us. So it's not as though they just although they certainly do, are happy to have their party in power because then then they get to be chairman. Right of some committee. They get they get to sit behind the microphone and wag their finger at people. people in this country that they bring in before their committees and they chastise them and scold them. Sometimes. I mean, under standardly so but at other times, completely just for a dog and pony show, nothing there but to criticize and attack the free market is these jokers and losers inside DC inside our government do nothing but create more and more problems, create more and more burdens, create more deceit. So some people are asking the question, why would Brian camp You know what, why would Brian camp down in Georgia? You know, be involved in this if it helps the democrats if it doesn't help Trump because Trump doesn't represent that. It's as simple as that. That's not who Trump is an outsider. Trump is someone who came in to this with the idea of draining the swamp, you look at the battle. You look at how much the Deep State has raised its ugly head in these past four years. You look at how much trouble that they've given the administration, you look at what they did to the administration, when it was just the campaign, the Trump campaign, the spying on Carter page? And yes, I know, he's, he's now. He's now pursuing his own lawsuit against some of these deep state actors. But the point is, this is what's at stake. This is what the battle is. To the people who are inside government. The difference between Republican and Democrat is really miniscule. It's details because they think like they're part of the ruling class. They want generally the same thing more power more authority. They know better than the rest of us hayseed Hicks, they think they'd be very wrong, by the way, but that's what they think. This is arrogance on display. This is condescension at its finest. This is the ruling class thinking that it is better than you better than me. Let that sink in. That's what this is about. all this trouble is to eradicate they go to all this trouble to eradicate primarily, although not exclusively, primarily one man, Donald Trump, if this stuff is what really has happened, as alleged in signed affidavits by hundreds of people in multiple states from multiple parties, similar themes popping up. This is not hard to follow if you're allowed to see what's going on. This is what the battle is about. And folks, we have to be Sidney Powell is right this is this is the moment for patriots to stand up and stand firm and you got to stand up both feet on the ground and fight back against this nonsense. support those who are fighting firmly in DC, vociferously oppose those who are not part of the solution, which again, where are our centers? Where are our representatives here in this state? Where they're hiding, like Biden, I think brick long in this segment. Lots more to say. In fact, I'm gonna play a little bit of Trump on the phone at the hearing yesterday, but we'll do that after the break sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, by the way, broadcasting to you live from the Office of the potential future president elect since we're making up offices here by net his time during the break on, on Newsmax, what does mask on at the podium, have some make believe OSS office, Office of President Elect I'm making up our own as well, by the way, I have no interest in politics as far as running for but nonetheless seems to be rather appropriate to declare this the Office of the potential future president elect. So I was thinking during the break we are it is us, it is the American individual. It is the patriot. It is the taxpayer. It is the family man, the the husband and wife, you know, the parents who are trying to raise their children to know right from wrong to be virtuous to to learn skills that will help them in this world, who give back to their communities who oftentimes serve in their local churches. They make up the composition of boards that run nonprofit organizations and charities and so forth in their communities. By the way that reminds me of our partnership with Shepherd community. Caring at Christmas. You can be a part of that. They are perfectly Adding much needed Christmas gifts to those in with the with the big need in this poorest zip code in Indianapolis. And there's organizations like that all over the country. They're all over the country. And this is it's us, it's it's the people that make America work. It's the small business owner. It's the person who has invested his or her life savings, all that he or she is into a business venture, only to go out and get kicked and beaten, smacked around by the world by the government. In many instances, finding obstacles that you didn't even know exists because the government has put them there in your path because they of course know best. on and on. It's those folks it is you it is you hearing my voice, you don't have to be a business owner, you can be a, you know, you can be a devoted employee who has a job to do and you do it well. You've made your company successful, you've grown your department or made it more efficient, or whatever you're tasked with doing. It's us against big government, against big tech, against big education, against just all big media, all of these forces that don't want to give up their power and control that don't want to, I don't know yield to the liberty that Americans possess as a gift of God. That's such an important component folks, our liberties exist because we were given those by our Almighty God. Our creator gave us those liberties. The State of Indiana didn't give us these liberties. Whatever state you're listening in today, United States of America did not give us these liberties they recognized that's what was so transforming about this nation, they recognize for one of the first times in history, that you know, we are citizens, not subjects. We are created by our by God himself with these unalienable rights, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, we are we possess these by virtue of being created by being alive. This is what we, this is who we are. This is what we have been given by guys not given to us by by government, these folks that are in that are lovers of deep government, these folks who are tinkering, allegedly with vote counts, and all this sort of stuff. These are folks that don't like that. They don't like power to be in your hands. In fact, they want to they want to correct the decisions that you've made, and how do they correct those? Well, they implement people who think like them, they implement or they they empower people, they they choose people, the algorithms favor those people who are reflection of them who had the same desires and ambitions as them, which ultimately, whether they directly see this, you have folks that know that this is what's what's at stake. They know that by pursuing their once desires, the power that they want to accumulate as people in positions of power and government, they understand that that takes away your liberty and they don't care. I think there's some folks that are just clueless. They're just along for the ride, even in DC. It's easy to get caught up in the flow of where just where things naturally take you. But there are some folks that understand the cost and do not care. They do not care about your liberty, they do not care about your business. They do not care about your family, they do not care about your community, they care about themselves. They care about their power. And this is hideous folks. This is hideous and they will do whatever it takes whatever it takes, whatever, whatever it takes to maintain that power to maintain that authority. And this is serious. This is absolutely positively unequivocably serious and Americans are waking up. Americans don't believe what we're being told about the selection. And they're trying to act like you know, deucey yesterday, Governor deucey, Arizona was acting like, you know, ignoring this hearing, they went ahead and certified even during this hearing. During this presentation that the Trump legal team had with some of the state legislators went ahead and certified the vote anyway. Because they don't care. They do not care. They have a task. To complete, and that task involves making sure they'll tell you all way, you know, I can't tell making sure that they get Donald Trump out of office. And they'll tell you that I can't, you know, we can't tinker with what the people have said, Well, how do you know what's what the people have said, If you didn't paying a lot of attention to what's been going on at these hearings, because I can tell you, I can tell you that if you pay attention to what's going on, and if you listen to what the witnesses are saying, then actually, actually, if you're concerned about what the people voted for, you should probably pay really close attention to where all the algorithms and all this stuff is allegedly allegedly taking us, which is a way from one candidate to another. It's remarkable. I listen to people, they'll say, well, Republicans want it both ways. They want to say that they've won house seats, but then they want to question the integrity of the election, I tell you critical thinking skills among some people are at a are incredibly low. If there's a group that's in if if all the algorithms are helping the Democrats, folks, then that tells you who is the ones that are tinkering with the system, who are the ones that are trying to affect the outcome of votes. And so if there's evidence Republicans can have done it, then they should absolutely be held accountable as well. I have no, I'm barely I barely even want to call myself a republican anymore. And not because of the conservative values that it's because they've abandoned in many instances, they've abandoned us the people. They hide. They're not leading. They're not doing their job from Senator Yeah, I mean, just it's, it's remarkably pathetic to me. cower and hide, act like the next the what's important. Now is the election in Georgia. Of course, it's important. But how the heck are we going to know that they're not getting the same exact thing? Why would they not do the same exact thing? Why would they not? Wouldn't you This is your chance you get over this last hurdle. If Biden stays elected as your President, the democrats control the house, you are two Senate seats away from having carte blanche, freedom to do whatever you want. You think they're gonna stop here, you think that they're afraid of any consequences? They've never faced the music on any of this? Let's see what the people in Georgia say in this election, how we know and what the people in Georgia are saying. How do we know what the people in Arizona are saying in Michigan and Wisconsin and Nevada. And all these other places as well, long In this segment, Oz's trying her darndest to get my attention. But this is what's at stake. This is what we're fighting. This is who we're dealing with. Anyway, this isn't over either Pennsylvania has now Pennsylvania and Georgia appear to both be trying to proceed with a process to decertify and hold their electors. We'll see how this all plays out. Media is not telling you virtually any of this. But we'll see how this shakes out. I've got a couple weeks here before it really starts to the screws really start to tighten. So gotta take a break long in this segment. Sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome, welcome back. So I want to play the Trump a bit of this Trump call into the Arizona hearing yesterday. But I'm going to do it next segment because I'm off. I'm off, I'm off the time. It's not as his fault. It's my anytime this happened is my fault. She operates very methodically over there. I don't know how she puts up with it to be quite honest with you. But anyway, so and you know, again, just thinking here during the break, folks this we face, we face some very, I mean, there's a lot of obstacles here. The folks, I just want to say that there are a lot of obstacles at a lot of critical points in this nation's history. There were a lot of obstacles when this nation was founded. They stirred a hornet's nest. I mean, they didn't, but they did because they didn't comply. The founders stirred the hornet's nest with the British Empire. Right? I mean, they said now we're not no that's not how we're going to live. That's not how all these things you're doing it to us that are punitive. That are arbitrary that are childish, you know that they they were they were subjected to all sorts of things from the king. His edicts and decrees it sounds like it's like living in California. The King George reminds me as I think about it of Gavin Newsom I got a friend I saw yesterday headline New York Times Gavin or new governor Newsome. gaminator I guess he is looking to implement drastic measures on people in California regarding Coronavirus. I have a friend out there I messaged him and what what Earth is this gonna mean? He had a couple of ideas, but I mean, I put nothing past these folks. They think Coronavirus gives them the authority to do whatever they want. whatever they want, whatever it costs, close down your business tell you you have to wear a mask in your home. Count the number of people sitting around your Thanksgiving table. They think that that is what Coronavirus does, folks, this is insane. This is beyond insane. In fact, I had a friend who over the weekend sent me a link to an article there was a video in it some representative for the who World Health Organization, which I know Yeah. But World Health Organization. They said she said I can't have the name and I can't find the article. But she said that there are I watched this and listen to this. She said that there is no documentation of a single case of asymptomatic spread of coronavirus. That's what she said, from what I understood around the whole world, there's not a single documented example of this. But yeah, what are we told, put your? Well, they'll tell you where your damn mask is what they tell you. That's what they say, or your damn mask. Get out there. You're making people sick. You're making people sick. Your health, it used to be quarantine meant that if you were if you were sick, you were removed from the population for a while, so that you could come back out or not infect people with what you were carrying. Now. They're trying to convince us and successfully I might add, that if you're healthy, you're making people around you sick and probably in some cases die. And they think that I mean, the logic here. And I just think that they've been able to convince us of is remarkable, but the odds have been stacked against Americans. And many times in the past. Civil War, World War Two I mean, first you look at World War Two United States fought a war against two I mean, evil, evil empires on two different fronts simultaneously, after being after having their naval base effectively wiped out in Pearl Harbor in the Pacific. We fought on both fronts. And we won. Of course, we had allies, too. But the United States folks carried a large portion of that burden to fight back. These maniacal, crazy men who wanted world domination. Anyway, this is certainly something that Americans, if we band together to fight back against we can prevail. And we have in some ways it's just we have to be vigilant. This is not going away. I know who these people are, I know what they want. They're insatiable they will not stop. We have to make sure that our ideas prevail, ideas of liberty and freedom. rooted in things like the Second Amendment, the First Amendment free speech, freedom of religion, all these critically important components of our society. Folks, we have truth on our side, we have goodness on our side, dare I say we have God on our side. That's the way when it comes to defending those ideas. I'm not saying republicans them I'm saying when you stand on the side of protecting and promoting those things that were given to us by God, and there's another side that's trying to take him away. You're on the side of God for standing up for those. That's a good side to be on, by the way. Anyway, be tough, stand firm. Gotta take a break. When we get back. I'm gonna play a couple a little bit of this phone call. I just love listening to Trump. I love watching Jenna Ellis hold this cell phone up to the microphone in this in this hearing. And Trump just jumps right into it talking about election stolen millions of votes. Biden didn't get this and all that sort of stuff. But we'll do that after the break really quickly. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back yesterday. The hearing, I want you to hear this whole thing I had it queued up to start where President Trump started talking, but I want you to kind of hear the whole thing. He's just entertaining to me. Keep in mind Trump's not there. He's on the phone. Jenna Ellis, one of Trumps attorneys on the legal team. Takes the call sets it up holds it before the microphone. I just want you to hear just listen wants to make a statement. Listen, I'd be happy to accept that statement. Mr. Mayor, he's probably confused about the time. Well, there's a lot of people that happens to in this day. So she's she's squaring up the phone on the microphone. Yes, it is. Mr. President, your line is connected. Here we go. Well, thank you very much. I've been watching the hearings, and they're fascinating, incredible thing, and I know, some get heat. But I will tell you many more good praise from the American public. We got 74 million votes 11 more 11 million more votes than we had. In 2016. We were looking to get about 68 million rows. And we said that would easily win when we got 74 million votes and getting above that number even could hit 75. But we got 74 million and we didn't win. But I know that we want Arizona and we won Michigan and we won Georgia. And we wouldn't Pennsylvania, we won Wisconsin. But what they did is they play games and games like nobody's ever seen before. This is the first time republicans are the first time anyone has fought back. The 2020 election was rigged. It was a scam. And the whole world is watching and they're laughing at our country. They're laughing at us. They know who won. And we wouldn't buy a lot. The pole watchers were thrown out of buildings, or put it very far away distances, but they were thrown out of buildings in numerous of the states. You have people that came in to vote. And they were told I'm sorry, but you've already voted. We received your ballot. No, I never voted to vote November 3, I'm very proud that we have your balance. And they would go in and they would sign a complaint. And this is I'm gonna fade this out here. But this this is the point of this thing, right is to is to share with this panel. This is what's going on in your elections. Right? This is what Trump's saying this is like we have a you have a job here. And you can't just blindly let this stuff happen in your state. You have to understand that. Yes, you're going to get pushback from people. In fact, I think I read where you Rudy told some one of the folks there yesterday, you know, it may cost you your job to do the right thing. It may make you the most popular candidate in the state. If you stand up for election integrity. Got to wrap up here take a break. Sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back winning moments of the program. I told you I was gonna share really quickly what ao sees out there saying AOC is demonizing billionaire she says quote at some event recently, I'm not saying that Bill Gates or Warren Buffett are immoral? Of course not. They're probably donating to campaigns to support her crazy friends but nonetheless, but a system she continues that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don't have access to public health is is wrong. So she says, Yeah, I was confused by that. It is confusing listening to AOC or trying to read AOC is even more confusing. So anyway, folks, this is what we're up against. I have to go out of time. Have a great day s dgc tomorrow, take care.