Where's The Evidence? | December 2, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff. Email to see daisies. There we go. Email, Todd, The Todd Huff show.com facebook.com. slash The Todd Huff Show for those that want to watch the program live or on demand also streaming on our website? Where else are we streaming? YouTube? It is good to be here. Thank you for for joining us. Today really quickly. Give me a second here. Less something on the printer. I'm gonna just take me a second sit tight here. Hold on. There we go. So here we are. Folks, we have this battle, this this war, this waging the evidence that's being presented in multiple states around this great nation, we have what I would say amounts to overwhelming evidence of systematic problems and the problems are not with I guess some of them have to be systematic in or with the actual system itself. But it's really the players. The players are who are involved. You know, you can have you can have at a bank, for example, you can have a system of security in place that prevents against fraud and theft. But if you have a bad actor, if you have an individual who is hell bent on taking said money, he or she can find a vulnerability and create holes in the system. And that's effectively what we have happening around around the country, particularly now in the swing states that we've been looking at here. And there's the left and the media is still telling us fact there's an article. That's what I was grabbing off the printer here really quickly just on the other side of my computer screen. But there is a website quick on detroit.com headline headline was, was the headline, but it was like the sub headline. And it said this there's no evidence of voter fraud in Michigan, folks that we either are at a point where folks are deliberately naive, deliberately not paying attention, or they simply do not want to see the truth come out. This is so overwhelming if you've watched even a bit of these hearings, whether they be in Pennsylvania, whether they be in Arizona, or as we saw yesterday in the state of Michigan, it is truly remarkable. What we are being subjected to it really is it is remarkable what we're being told and remember the narrative, which by the way, at some point today's program I want to get to James Keefe, who is releasing tapes. James Keefe, if you haven't jamesy, prior Project Veritas. He is he has, of course released a lot of tapes where he's been undercover or doing expos essays and so forth. In fact, Project Veritas released tapes about these postal workers, which is something we heard about yesterday as well postal workers who were told to backdate ballots, that sort of thing so that they would match what needed to be required by law so that the ballot would count. He's done a lot of stuff, but he's also yesterday released tape Late last fall in the evening last evening, released his first video. Well, it's audio recordings, I guess, he was able somehow to get on to CNNs. Basically, team calls with reporters and with Jeff Zucker, I don't know producers, reporters. And folks, if you don't believe, if you don't believe that the media creates narratives, specifically, people like CNN groups like CNN, then you should listen to just this first, this first tape, where they're talking about how to basically frame and create the narrative about Trump, and his concession or refusal to leave the White House or whatever it is. They're talking about the desired outcome, folks, that's not. That's not news. That is not news. And that's what we're dealing with on a massive scale. So again, as I said yesterday, it is freedom loving Americans versus big media, versus big fake news versus big education versus big government versus big tech. This is the battle. This is the battle that we are now fighting ourselves in the middle of, and it's a fight for the survival of the constitutional republic, it's a fight for liberty. I don't care what your political beliefs are, if you believe in Liberty, I do care what your political political beliefs are. But if you believe in Liberty, you best stand firm, and fight back against us. It doesn't matter it does. But in a deeper sense, it doesn't even matter who wins an election. What matters is can we have faith in our system. And we have evidence that is pouring overflowing from you know, the buckets of evidence, or they're just running down the sides of the bucket, spilling all over the floor. The evidence is everywhere. And yet, we find big media basically still saying there's no evidence of voter fraud in Michigan or wherever, Arizona, you go onto Twitter, you'll find a little disclaimer every time Trump tweets anything, you'll find something that's a little bit of a hyper hyperbolic statement. But it's generally true. If Trump tries to tweet it, they put something in the the tweet a disclaimer that says experts have called the election for Joe Biden, and you take it to a length that says voter fraud is increasingly rare in this country. You have Mr Krebs who was out recently on 60 minutes or wherever his interview was, he's out there telling us telling the American people, this is the most secure election in American history. Folks, this is insanity. This is the narrative is created. The The, the response is so far from reality. They don't even try to explain any of the problems, they just completely ignore them. In fact, they will, in a sense, double down and tell you, they will tell you that there's not even not only is there nothing to see, this couldn't even be this couldn't even be any better. And you know what, from their perspective, I would say they're right. Because if they can get away with this, it's precisely precisely what they want to do. And again, as I said, yesterday, we have this election in Georgia, we have it squaring up right before us. The outcome of this election determines who will be in charge of the US Senate. Those who have invested in this. This process, this fraud, they can see the finish line, it's right before them. They believe they have the presidency. They will they have the house, although it's a closer margin. Remember, they were supposed to expand their lead in the house that was completely not the case at all. only have a couple of seat majority now. But nonetheless, a majority which is terrifying. politically speaking, when they get all the house, the presidency and the Senate, and now they are staring at the possibility of either a 5050 Senate or even a 5149 senate with these two seats in in Georgia and if Biden is ultimately successful in getting the electors necessary, and the Supreme Court upholds us or whatever happens if Biden is literally the president of the US United States then. And and they win the Senate and Georgia, which folks out. I'm one of the most optimistic people I think you'll meet, but how are they not at this point? How are they not with with the way things are? have played out in Georgia so far in this election with Dominion voting systems with Brian camp with Brad rapids burger, the way that they've handled this election down there in the days and weeks and now month, a month from today? Well, I guess tomorrow was Election Day, four weeks from yesterday was Election Day. If you got away with that, if you got away with all of that on a massive scale, if that is, in fact, what happened, and there's an overwhelming amount of evidence, which we're going to play a little bit of, but if that is, in fact, what transpired? Why would they not do it again, especially with the finish line that close especially if they win the Senate, if they have the house, and if they have the presidency, you'll start hearing about things and seeing them move upon things that will make republicans chances some would say impossible, at least very difficult to win. Say the presidency, first order of business for Democrats is to prevent any possibility of there ever being anyone like Donald J. Trump, again, that's the first order of business, and then get back to the business of creating the bureaucratic state. reward those in the deep state who've been involved in this. Whether it was the Trump collusion nonsense, or what have you, some of these folks will probably probably be ambassadors to somewhere who knows this is how this works. And then begin the process of stalking the Supreme Court, then begin the process of trying to create DC as a state folks, I can't think of something any more heinous from, at least as it comes to a new a new state being created as the creation of DC as a state. This is literally the opposite of what the founders wanted. They did not want the that's the very reason they carved out a place to put the federal government that was not Virginia or Maryland. The reason they did that was so that the federal government would not be represented. The the founders understood it and believed in states rights. And so they wanted a place where the government could exist, that wasn't directly tied to a state. They didn't want a state's power to be, you know, tied up in or connected to the federal government. I mean, it's some of it's unavoidable, because you've got now you got the suburbs surrounding DC that are in the states of Maryland and Virginia. But, but the idea that the entire government is housed within a state just didn't sit well, with the founders, they didn't want that to be part of a state that was its own thing that was its own entity. That was a place where the states gathered to do business, to create laws that benefited in theory, all of the states not not, perhaps the state in which they were meeting, not benefiting it more, because DC the capital was in that particular state. So now we're looking at that we're looking at Puerto Rico as well. Why do they want to do this? They want to get that, folks, that's for more senators. For more centers, I suppose there's a chance there's a chance that there could be republican senator from Puerto Rico. But again, what type of Republican Is it a republican? Is it one of these republicans that according to Carl Bernstein, has told him that they basically hate Trump and are embarrassed by him and just have problems with him off the record? He's listed 21 or 22. By the way, both Indiana senators on that list broad has come out and denied it in a tweet. Todd young Whistling past the graveyard. Doesn't even acknowledge it that you go to Todd Young's twitter feed By the way, Senator Todd young, you wouldn't. You would have no idea that this country is in a constitutional crisis that we are facing this unbelievable set of circumstances with fraud, and all these other things happening for a battle of power and control in this Great constitutional republic, they've been quiet. They've been silent. Dare I say we've been invited them on this program I've really don't have any interest in in longer. We the People have to regain control this party, you listening to my voice have to regain control of this party regain control this touch. And the good news is I think there's more than enough to do it. There's more than enough to do this. But they see the finish line. And they are hell bent on crossing it. And they will do whatever it takes in Georgia, here in a couple of weeks. And hopefully, hopefully, we can continue to expose it. Force, the average person forget about, forget about hearing anything from from these elected representatives. They've shown us who they are, they've coward in their basements long enough. Right. They've they focused on other things, other shiny objects to keep from from actually coming out and taking a stand. They've shown us who they are, it is up to us. It is up to us to do this. And that's okay. That's okay. Because when the truth comes out, truth is a powerful force when you look at it. biblically, when you look at the light when you look at what darkness wants to do when they're exposed to the light. Darkness wants to hide and lie and avoided, continue in their evil ways. That's what we've got folks. I, at some point, it's not even republican versus Democrat. And I say this to my democrat friends, rank and file people on the street, we have to unite against what is evil, what is the ruling class against the American people against the American taxpayer. And this can be done but it will take a spine of steel. And an insistence upon the truth, being shined in the dark places, which is what is happening when these folks, these brave individuals are coming forward to testify. So I want to place them this after the break. I also want to tell you, do you remember, I jokingly, right, by the way, who are the ones I can't do this now ought to do it after the break long in the segment oz is probably given a poke and I'm gonna take a break. But when we get back, I want to say something remind you of the side of this argument that's been talking about all the problems that was going to that we're going to be created by mass mail in ballots and just you know, some of the things that Democrats have called for when it comes to elections. And I want to cite one of my suggestions, that was a joke, back prior to the election that I actually think would have created better, more believable results. And what we're experiencing now with some of these returns from places like Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and so forth, so timeout is necessary, come back and continue. after this brief timeout, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk, I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, you know, one way that we can fight back against some of this nonsense, and there's a lot of ways but this is, this is a way that's important to this program is to look at the opposite of canceled culture, right? So if someone says to you, someone says to you, oh, my goodness, I'm not doing business with this company, because they, I don't know, let someone wear a magga hat in the restaurant, boycott them, shut them down. Whatever, right? This is the sort of thing that happens. We've seen this, this is not surprising. But actually, I think we should have that same mentality. But the inverse of that instead of punishing those who don't agree with you, why don't we Why don't we get better and be more deliberate anyway, at supporting those or at least give them a chance of business. Give them a chance that makes this program or whatever you support make that possible and so when you hear these advertisers on the program, you can just give them a chance is what I'm saying to you. In fact, we had one here yesterday. We had Smalling masonry Gary the owner came and cleaned out, cleaned are swept our chimney swept our chimney. I was not here. My wife was here. She was thoroughly impressed with with what he did and some of the extra steps he took. Apparently our units so old are unique and unique that he hadn't even seen it before so he was going to look up a couple things for us to to help with that. But they consider if you're looking to have your chimney sweep or whatever you hear people during the break that's one way that we can begin to unite and fight back against this by the way if you call Smalling masonry 31790381 to one you get a special offer using discount code, Todd. So consider that but Smalling masonry, they came out here yesterday, and we were trying to build a community. Right. In fact, we've got a, we're launching something called support our advertisers.com. In fact, you can go there today to see a list of our advertisers if you want to, to see some of the other folks. But anyway, that's one small way I want to say this as well. I want to say this, this is why I referenced this before the break. Whenever we were going, you know, remember leading up to the election, we kept having states to say things like we had to extend, we got to extend the time that it takes people to you know, mail in their ballots. I mean, they've had them in many cases for months, right? We want to make voting so easy. A person doesn't even have to leave their their couch, they can sit there with pretzels, or probably chocolate chip cookies crumbled up, you know, all over the sweatshirts, as they're laying there haven't changed taking a bath in three or four days. You know, watching CNN and MSNBC as they're getting, you know, unemployment they didn't, they're not that they don't even want to go back to work even when work is offered to them. I'm painting the picture of one type of individual that this is obviously this is not most people, but you know what I mean? They want to make this so simple. So simple. Someone doesn't even have to step off off the couch or out of their house to, to vote, just just color in the circle for Biden, whatever, whatever you have to do check that box. And we'll mail you as many balances you want. Kidding, not kidding. You know, you talk to your mailman, he'll drop you off 10 or 12. Remember that that was a Project Veritas tape as well. But I jokingly said we're halfway. We're halfway to the point to where someone is going to legitimately try to tell us that we should take votes. You know, someone drives around the town square, one of these small town, USA town squares, the courthouse, roll down the window and does yell out the window. Biden, right, Senator Warren, whatever, boom count that someone has a whiteboard up there at the town square, putting tally marks up there. Right. I mean, that's, that's some of the things that they've told us just reminded me of that. And I'm gonna say this, I think, I think after watching all this stuff that went wrong with this election, allegedly, the evidence that's there. Some some, you know, there's there's incompetence, but sometimes there's deliberate deceit, which is what we're dealing with, by the way, I think my system would have worked out better. I think we could have trusted the results of that system in the state of Michigan better than we could trust, whatever we're, we're dealing with today, I think we would have been better off telling people get in your cars stay socially distance, you can drive straight to the Biden rally, the seven of you that want to go, you drive around the town square, the city center, or other we can even put multiple places. We can we can put it we can make this put these anywhere. Put a republican poll watcher and a democrat out there with a marker with a erasable marker and making tally marks. I think that that would have probably yielded a more trustworthy, trustworthy result than what we're getting. I mean, there's no copy machines to where you can bring in ballots, hundred thousand ballots or 150, whatever it was 140,000 ballots, identical ballots that looked like they were copied that were identical, perfectly colored in circles or what have you. At 4am. I mean, the person could only they could make 100,000 checkmarks tally marks on that board. I think I really think we may have had better closer election results. had we done that maybe something we want to think about moving forward Why not? I mean, this is just the the way that the this is the Unreal place that we find ourselves when we get back and I missed. I've been long the first segment but when we get back and want to play some of the soundbites, some of the clips of evidence they tell us evidence is not there. Evidence is not there. There's no evidence What are you talking about voter fraud, no secure Not only is there no voter fraud there has never been anything more secure than this election. And by the way, some of the folks saying this come from the same government that told you that Donald Trump stole the election from Hillary using Pokemon GO ads. Facebook called up Putin's team, his Facebook team and, and Moscow and they came up with the perfect, hypnotic Facebook post. Boom. You think you're voting for Hillary You better not see this Facebook post, boom, you're gonna vote Trump uncontrollable, uncontrollable urges will hit you, especially if you're in the key swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, wherever. So want to play some of these sound bites after the break? Sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, President Trump tweeting away yesterday, examples of some of these testimonies. People said, well, they weren't sworn in folks that these folks have signed affidavits. So this is these are the things that we're witnessing these hearings that are held in lobbies or these conference rooms or whatever. In the case of Michigan, it was actually held in a in a chamber. But these these folks that are saying these things, even though they're not being sworn in, they've they are referencing signed affidavits. So effectively, it effectively has the same purpose. I mean, they're telling they're telling you what their affidavit says they're providing these to these legislators. legislators, I should say, anyway, President Trump tweeted, this is a montage put together by tipping point. tipping point, I can't tell you anything more than this. I just saw this. I thought this was what they put together here. The series of there's so many sound bites, right? I mean, we've numerous examples of fraud. And there's still people that's what I was telling me to turn before the break or during the break. Some people still out there saying there's no there's no fraud, no fraud, folks, you cannot you lose your integrity to me if you say there's no fraud, you can say there's not enough to change the election at least hear that out. But when you hear 100 and whatever 100,000 ballots, all marked for Biden coming in in the middle of the night that are pristine, that are no don't have any other markings of or signs of being a used ballot in any other way, shape, or form. Everyone is for Biden, everyone. Come on, you get You can't be serious. I can't take you seriously if you don't have any problems with that. Okay, say the person is lying. Fine. Okay. If they're lying, they have a signed affidavit. And, you know, let's let's charge them with perjury. Let's do this. Anyway, I want you to hear this. Some sound bites of some of the things that we've heard. We heard yesterday. Here you go. To that point, a Dominion contractor from the TCF Bank accounting center in Detroit came forward to testify today before the Michigan Senate, state senate Oversight Committee, and here's what she had to say. What I witnessed at the TCF center was complete fraud. The whole 27 hours I was there. There was batches of ballots being ran through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted eight to 10 times. Also the adjudication process. I witnessed numerous people walking up, claiming they were both Democrats saying they were going they were sitting together judging ballots all night together all day together. I witnessed at all I was on the main stage with all of the city officials, Daniel Baxter was in on the whole thing and I am under the impression 100% that at least 90% of those workers were all in on this. There was not a single ballot the whole night, the whole 27 hours. I was there that I saw there was a giant Donald Trump not one, not a single baillet. That is that is scary. her testimony corroborates that of another witness, who claims that she observed ballots were all that were all for Biden and appear to be photocopies of each other. She claims many of these ballots were not passed by registered voters. So election staff manually inputted fake birthdays to override the system to have them counted anyway. Not one of the military ballots was a registered voter and The balance of like they were all exactly the same Xerox copies of the ballot, they were all provided across the board, there wasn't a single Trump vote. And none of the voters were registered, they had to manually enter the names and addresses and a birth date of one 120 20, which would override the system and allow them to enter non registered voters of which I saw several that day throughout the day. That's how they would override voters that were neither in the electronic poll book or the supplemental updated poll book. Thank you. A third witness then described how these massive dumps of ballots arrived at the center in the first place, with trucks dumping them off at four in the morning, after mainly republican poll watchers had gone home or been kicked out, should also be noted that many of these Dominion voting machines were reportedly connected to the internet as well take a look at what that means. So two of the main observations that I witnessed at the TCF center on both the third and the fourth when I was there. When I when I got down there on the morning of the fourth, I went back for an additional day because I witnessed so many irregularities when I was there on election day on the third. Immediately upon walking in, I ran into Randy Bishop, and Randy owns radio stations. He's very it savvy, he said, Brian, I was here all night, what what's going on here is unbelievable. He said, let me show you something right now before I leave. So he walked me over to the high speed scanners and tabulators. He said, see all these Ethernet lines running out of the tabulators. They're all bundled together as they accumulate, and then they're all connected to these routers. And then they all go to the main computer. He said, these are all hooked into the internet. And that is illegal. And it should not be happening because it opens them up to hacking. So I was aware of that immediately. Is that? Alright, so I mean, that's just again, a sampling of the no evidence that that exists out there. Why are these machines connected to the internet illegal? Why are votes coming back as decimal? So has anyone wondered about that? How, if you cast your vote, how would you like it to be? point seven of a vote for President Trump or even for Joe Biden is that seem does that seem like it's an error of the person sitting there at the table at the counter? Or does that seem like it's something more nefarious, something systematic? How does a vote get counted as a fraction we've saw, or we've seen the I'm drawing a blank on his name, he ran for congress in our Senate, I believe in maybe Massachusetts. He was testifying in Arizona, he said, our share, you know, he's he's sharing as a statistician. He's got four degrees from MIT, I believe. He said that the only way they could have come up with the numbers that they have for Biden, in one particular county in Arizona was if Biden won 130% of the democrat vote and Trump one negative 30%. Is that not troubling to anybody? Maybe there's explanations, I'd love to hear them. But these are the allegations by people who were there, or by statisticians who have crunched the numbers analyzed how we got to this point. What about the folks who said they were, you know, dropping off truckloads a ballot? I mean, I'm gonna maybe try to play that after the break as well. But to say there's no evidence that's just deliberately not wanting to know, not caring about the truth or just not, I guess, paying attention, having no curiosity, to say there's no evidence, smart people saying this. The mind will justify what the heart desires. Gotta take a timeout, listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, I've decided I'm gonna I'm gonna tweet. I'm going to retweet some of the folks that were making statements yesterday associated with the honest DOD project instead of playing them, but folks these are massive problems, serious allegations, media is acting like nothing there. I'm also gonna have to retweet the tweet out the James O'Keefe expos a of CNNs tapes. He's gonna tweet out more send more out I think during the day to day but I'll, I'll do that. I want to shift gears because we've been talking about this for a while. This election and all that's going on. It gets heavy. I want to talk about something that is a little bit more entertaining to me is for those of you that have followed this program for some time, you know that I am a I'm a fan of the UFC, a fan of Dana White. In fact, I got an A Dana White needs to throw his hat into politics. He's the type of guy he's similar, I think in some ways to Trump As far as not putting up with the nonsense, and I'm past looking to our politicians, our politicians are not going to a handful of them may have an interest but our politicians are not going to fight this problem. They are in fact the problem, but I don't want to get into that. I want to talk about Kobe Covington, Kobe. Maybe my favorite. My favorite fighter now. He is a big Trump guy. He has been for a long time. Fact after his fight, I was one of his last fights. He talked about Trump winning the election or so I can't even remember but anyway, he he tweeted out. Yes, Thursday. Was it yesterday? He basically tweeted out I'm not seeing it here now. Here it is. Yeah, there it is. So Nate Robinson, a former NBA basketball player got into the boxing ring and pretty much got whooped Kobe coming. And he was, you know, kind of teased and mocked by a lot of NBA players, which was, I don't know. In my mind kind of classes but whatever. This is what Kobe Covington tweets out heard they finally scraped Nate Robinson's carcass off the Staples Center floor. I this is the part I wanted to get to. I'd make King James that's LeBron James is LeBron James Twitter handle King James. Which of course nothing arrogant about that. I'd make King James eat the canvas and half the half the amount of time. Kobe Covington, the welterweight that's 170 pounds. LeBron James is what six eight to 60 or somesuch figure. I'd make King James eat the canvas and half half the amount of time. Everyone knows NBA players are the softest and most privileged athletes on the planet. Hashtag Tyson Jones hashtag facts. Have a friend have a friend who told me last night he's the one that that alerted me to this. He told me that he would pay $500 he said I would pay $500 to watch that fight, even if it was the only fight on the ticket, which I found here is what is the normal UFC fights what 5969 bucks something in that vicinity. Then he texts me back a little bit later. He said I've been thinking about this. This individual that has the means to do this. He's he said, I think I'd paid $10,000 $10,000 to watch this fight. I don't know I just find this humorous. to envision Kobe Covington 170 pound fighter taking on LeBron James. By the way, some people that are in the odds making business said that Covington would be a minus 2500 favorite, which as I understand it, I don't gamble. But I believe that means in order to win that $100 you have to put up 2500 that's a pretty steep, pretty steep bet. But that's what a skilled UFC fighter can do gotta take time. I just wanted to share that I found that humorous. For those of you that follow UFC you might as well quit timeout be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks. So, so so so out of time here today, I want to remind you, one remind you of our partnership with Shepherd community center and how we're working with them to try to help brighten Christmas for some folks who just who need a little bit of help on the Near East Side of Indianapolis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is where you can find out about that you can either do the giving online or drop off at one of our three convenient locations including our office folks, you can meet the team. If you want to drop drop those off in person. I've got to go SDG see tomorrow. Take care