Interview With Indiana Senator Gov. Mike Braun | December 4, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
We have a lot to get to, as is usual, usually the case of today's program, but we have a conversation after the program. Yesterday I spoke with Senator Mike Braun, one of Indiana's great senators here, well, Senator from the great state of Indiana, excuse me, but senator Braun and I had been he's been on this program for some time. And I have I have respect for Senator Brown. But as you've known on this program, we've been clamoring. And you have to we've been clamoring for more elected representatives to actually stand up and speak out against what we're seeing in in this election nationwide. And I will say this. There was I didn't hear any of it for a long time for about a month, from really anyone locally. I've mentioned some nationally that were out speaking. Marsha Blackburn was on this program, Senator from Tennessee, of course, we had Jim Jordan and louie Gohmert and Matt gates and folks like that, but not many could be seen across the country, Jim banks and signed on to something in the house regarding election integrity and voter fraud are so I drawn a blank, specifically what it was, but outside of that there wasn't there wasn't much. And so prior to my I had reached out, we had reached out to several people, including Senator Braun, including Senator Todd young, and a couple of others representatives, and really didn't hear back. We had heard back from the brawn team. In fact, one time we were going to, we had a date that we were looking at pretty seriously. And then there was not an you know, availability or some such thing. So I was getting frustrated and I still I still am definitely at the overall picture of things but things I do sense that the tide is turning here. I do sense to some degree that the tide is turning in this with where we stand, especially in the wake of what happened in Georgia yesterday, which we'll we'll talk about seat, a suitcases full of ballots, nothing to see here. You know, the same party that told us about Russian collusion, Russian interference and all this stuff for years. They can't find anything suspicious about this. In fact, they are blaming people for chasing conspiracy conspiracy theories, they're the ones they're the ones that literally thought that Pokemon GO ads produced by Russian agents could hypnotize people into casting votes for Trump instead of Hillary. And they're going to lecture us about conspiracy theories. Not Not every conspiracy is just a theory. Sometimes there's evidence of conspiracies. In fact, I've shared before I was on a jury that we convicted an individual of conspiracy. They're not all theories, some of them I mean, clearly, there's the the tin foil hat version. But then there's the evidence and the testimony, the coordination and the intimidation. The drama Kratz in certain states use I say drama crass, because it's performance for these folks. But anyway, I've been, I sense that the tide is somewhat turning more, you'll see you're seeing more folks come to the forefront. And so, prior to my interview with with Senator Braun, I had seen that he had written an op ed in the Washington Examiner kind of criticizing the media for not looking into this. I was, I was pleased I applauded him for that. I also saw him walk into the hornet's nest at MSNBC. Which is like I mean, that's that's not a friendly environment. That's that's asking for it. They're not there to try to get a fair perspective and give a conservative or a Republican a platform to communicate their message clearly so that their audience can say, Oh, that's really what conservatives and republicans or whatever think that's not the point of that. So he goes, and this is exactly what more people need to be on. So I, I applaud him for that. I'm just setting up this interview. Because, you know, no matter who we have on this program, we're always going to be respectful and gracious to our guests. We're not going to have screaming matches or anything like that. So this was nothing of the sort. In fact, I've, as I said, just just moments ago, I'm pleased as to what Senator Braun is doing, beginning this week. Others need to follow suit. Others need to follow suit. And again, I'm going to hear on the program, ask our other senator Todd young to follow suit. I don't like to say these things I would like to say tell you that our elected officials are doing what they should be doing. But in my estimation, Senator Young, and other Republicans in this state in this country who have seen what's going on, regarding voter fraud, voter intimidation, voter integrity, or lack thereof, they're Whistling past the graveyard. They're tweeting things and putting social media posts about whatever stuff that's traditional politics sort of thing. Hey, here we are at the, you know, this event, look at my speech on introducing this legislation or this person, I get business as the go on as usual, I get it. a certain amount of that is always part of what's happening in Washington, okay, I guess to a point. But folks we are in, if we lose the election integrity, if people cease to have confidence in this election, this nation as we know, it is completely over people. Well, meaning people, conservative people have always thought we'll make the difference at the ballot box. You know, we'll go and we'll cast our ballot. That's how we'll make our voice known. What happens when you lose that? That right, that's my question, what happens? Right, we know what the left goes out the radical left, and they burn buildings down and they Riot and sometimes it's peaceful protest. Sometimes it's violent riots. Sometimes it's peaceful protests that turn into violent riots or whatever the case may be. Conservatives don't do that. Conservatives. Again, go to the ballot box and what happens when their confidence in the ballot box is completely zero. And if what is being alleged, with Dominion voting systems and voter fraud and printed ballots and suitcases of ballots turns out to be unequivocably true, undeniably true. And that's true, and we don't do anything about it. Whether it be for this election or for future elections, what are conservatives going to do? That's why Republicans need to be out there. I'm taking an early break here because this interview this this conversation with Senator Brown is about about 20 minutes. So I want to make sure we get to that whole entire interview. So a quick timeout is in order. But again, that's going to be the next segment my discussion with him. I'm grateful for him coming on. I'm grateful for him stepping up and beginning to speak out and lead on this more need to do this. And I asked him about that. Why? What would he say to people who are not so that'll come after the break quick timeout is in order. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

The program, Senator Mike Braun, one of Indiana's two senators, and for those of you listen to this program, and Senator Brown, I'll say this to you as well. I've been clamoring and many of our listeners, many Hoosiers have been clamoring for some time now for a month now for more elected Republicans to step up and get involved in this fight regarding this election. All the stuff that we're seeing all the problems and so forth. So I want to first of all, commend you, you first of all, you were on you wrote an op ed it looks like in the Washington Examiner. And you're on MSNBC, I guess tell us your you know, what you're out there trying to communicate and and why you why you decided to get involved and to to speak out against some of the stuff that we're seeing.
Well, God it was very similar, if you kind of drift back to impeachment. As it was gearing up in late 19. I was disappointed then that Chuck Schumer and several democrats would after every session dominate, you know, the the mic as they call it out here. And sadly, as a freshman Senator, I saw no other Republican, you know, at least trying to give a counterpunch or point and then asked john Barrasso, who is from Wyoming good guy in leadership in Tim Scott from South Carolina said, Hey, I'm gonna go down the mic. And I think faster than Chuck Schumer, and we're gonna get a word in edgewise. And they join me. I think that's first day. And from that point forward, we were at least getting our point of view out there. And sadly, I saw the same thing happening here again, impeachment to me was completely vindicated. Because when we got through the Moller report in it, we should have been talking more Gehring it because it was debunked as the other side likes to say. And it was done formally, you know, through the vote here. And election carries some different characteristics to it. And it gets sacred. And I think people need to be competent in them. And the way this whole thing was unfurling, it looked like the media, again, was getting by with that standard phrase, conspiracy theory debunked. You know, it's not worth talking about, with all of the instances, aside with the fact that this is the most unusual election, in how it was carried out due to COVID, to think that you wouldn't have just naturally irregularities and things to look at. And you dismiss it, just categorically, I felt it was the same kind of thing happening again, that I saw on impeachment. And for me, being the having the benefit of, you know, coming into politics as I did, it gives me that independence to at least step forward without having to calculate well, is that good or bad? I do it if it makes sense. And here again, I thought it was time to at least speak about letting the process play itself out. And to ask that question publicly, why is the media not throwing as much enthusiasm into what they should hear when it's the election integrity that we're talking about 15 years ago, Jimmy Carter, and James Baker, had a commission on federal election integrity, came up with 80 different recommendations to make it more sound and trustworthy for the American public. I think that indicates if that was in the case, 15 years ago, surely in a situation like you've got now it warrants, the media at least looking into some of these issues? Absolutely. It does. And they've been totally ignoring this. they've not been reporting on it at all. And there's a big mess with the media as as you know, and I'm sure you've learned since being a senator just how corrupt and pathetic some of these folks are, which, which brings me to another tweet are another report, I guess that I want you to, to respond to Carl Bernstein listed you and 20 other republicans and a tweet here a couple of weeks ago, as being as senators 21, who expressed privately disdain for Trump. You were listed in that you came out and I commend you. You said this is not true. This is fake news from CNN, whatever. This? How would you respond to it to the accusations leveled by Carl Bernstein?
Well, again, that is the hypocrisy that's implicit inherent to how the media, mainstream media roles in the sense that that didn't even make sense to anybody that read it. When you look at how I weighed in during impeachment, and so forth, and you know, I'm not going to be one. There's a few things I've disagreed with the President on. Sure. I'm a fiscal conservative, one of the few senators that'll vote against the bill I like due to policy. And a lot of times, you know, the White House and my point of view would be different there. And in in that particular case, it harkens back to when I ran for Senator, I didn't think you could have a more wholesome political resumes and growing up in Jackson For Indiana, starting your own business, and doing that for 37 years, but that didn't make any difference. When it came to how the other side with the media complacent, you know, on all the negative advertising, it doesn't, you know, Todd, it's frustrating there. Because you would think that media would call out something when it comes to even campaigns that wouldn't make sense. Don't do that, as a rule, if you're a conservative, they might step in, otherwise. And I think that was sad, because that had to be embarrassing, even to a guy like Carl Bernstein. And when you have guys like Rick Scott from Florida, and Maine from Indiana, that that didn't make sense. So that was an easy one to, you know, say it is fake news. And it also shows why it's fake news, when they concocted a list like that didn't check with us put us on it had to elicit a response. But that's part and parcel the way it works.nThat's right. And that's why I think it's so important what you're doing. I commend you for walking into the hornet's nest that I saw the interview tweeted out the interview of where you are on MSNBC, which is, yeah, literally walking straight into the fire. And that's, that's what we have to do. And because of the media, fake news, or I call them professional deceivers, this is a big chunk of them. And that's not against the constitution or free speech to point this out, if what we're saying is inaccurate about the way that they're reporting and the things that they're saying they can put their big boy and big girl pants on and tell us why we're wrong. But the truth is, these folks are deliberately creating a narrative. We've seen this with the CNN leaked tapes that James O'Keefe has recently released. So we know that it's this is a coordinated effort on many fronts to silence conservatives misrepresent the beliefs and the the individuals who carry those beliefs. So that's why it's so important for folks to stand up who are elected official. So I'm going to ask you, I guess, like, I don't want you to speculate on why other senators are elected republicans haven't been at the forefront here. Because we, you know, as far as talking about the election, integrity, and so forth, but what would you say to those, what would you say to those who aren't standing up? And speaking out at this critical time? I, I think Senator Braun, course there's business has to go on, as usual on this in this country. But some of the things I've seen on senators, social media feeds, it's almost like they're Whistling past the graveyard here. We've got this legitimate problem with election integrity, no word about any of that. What would you say to your colleagues or other Republicans who have not entered into this discussion and who are not vociferously? You know, pointing out what's wrong here? Well, you know, in the little under two years I've been here. It's interesting, because when you come, remember, I didn't come from the farm system of politics. I came from the frustrated world of being in an entrepreneur and an enterprise and having to contend with the rules and regulations and the output from this place. So there are a few other senators like Ron Johnson, or rick scott, both ironically, entrepreneurs, business people that just don't look at the system the way most do here. And that's talk a good game, when you run. Most mentioned term limits, I will term limit myself, it would clearly fix almost everything that ails this place. But not most get here, NASA when become part of the system, and then you start calculating every move you make by couple things, what's going to keep me in office, and what might please people that may write you a check. And I know that sounds maybe overly cynical, but there's a lot to what I just said, because you start playing it safe. And then you start shrinking from maybe the principles that you believe in, because you don't want to take the risk wrestling on CNN or MSNBC is not easy, either. Because they're constantly trying to get a clip or a snippet that they can post out there that, you know, would malign. You know, the President, and I will and I've done it on both of those networks. Honestly said where I don't agree with something that the President might do, I'm going to say it honestly either way, that way. You don't have to remember what you said before. First of all, stick with it, but it's mostly just having the get up and go to do it. And the, you know, kind of you take risks in life building a business, and you have to do it politically. But mostly it just making the effort and not calculating if you're gonna do it or not, in terms of how it might impact you, in many, I think do that here. I call it getting nestled in
Yeah. Well, and you're right, I think I think it's it's a constant campaign for people. I think for many folks, the job number one is to keep keep their seat and it's a constant election mode. But I'm amazed, Senator Braun, to see how people have watched Trump and Trump went to the people he built this. Many Americans have just been completely won over to Trump. And he built that connection with people he did what a lot of people consider to be the common sense, the obvious thing. And so why don't I guess? Two people in DC does not see it? Do they see? Do they see? Wow, that was he's connected with people. But man, he's really had to walk through the fire of the media, like what? What is it that prevents them from saying, you know, what, if I just stood up and was a fighter like President Trump? I would my I could bypass a lot of those problems, I wouldn't have to worry so much about getting reelected, because people would be behind me energized and saying, yes, this is what needs to be done. I mean, what what's the mindset? What prevents that from happening?
Well, I think first of all, people are mostly risk averse. Obviously, a guy like Trump would maybe push the envelope, sometimes too far in too hard. And maybe that is one of the things that he probably never felt quite comfortable with, when she went from running and winning it to them governing but that appeal to people that are sick and tired with business, as usual in DC, is why he got more votes than any other presidential candidate. Other than you can see how tough the system is, because they got galvanized because I think they were surprised. Number one, he made it through the gauntlet of the Republican primary and number two, won the election. In then I think it shook the system. And since he's been here, they've tried to do everything they can to not let it happen again, and I don't know if you can say it was successful or not. But that's what you're up against. In anybody here knows that. Once you get here, because this hasn't occurred overnight. It's evolved over decades, to where you've got this big, huge bureaucracy, you got the people say the board of directors being the US Senate, that all generally swing in the same direction. And, yes, it back in 2016, the American public could see it, and he got in there. But then four years were spent to try to make sure it didn't happen again. That's why I'm hoping that there are enough of us to come in as recruits, to keep the system at least to where we're talking about the things that don't work. And whether we'll ever change it to where it would reflect that kind of point of view, the way the founders had it intended, don't come here, make a career out of it, get back to where you came from, let others come in term limits would fix it. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever get there unless it's done through a crisis. But that doesn't mean that you can't get more people like me, Rick Scott, others that have not made their life in politics here. And I think the American public will always appreciate that in reward you, even though you're fighting against the system, to win in the first place and persevere once you're here,
and I think people are longing for that. Senator Brown. You've been gracious to me with your time. One more question. I'm sure you followed to some degree. Some of the answers evidence, some of the testimony that's being provided by the Trump legal team, whether it's by Sidney Powell and Lynwood, or the Amistad project or whatever, but I'm curious if you were in the state legislature in Michigan, what you would do at this point, because I think the evidence that they presented last night, if you watched any of that, which was a sideshow, I did
watch some of that and that was plenty, you know, the, the other the media asked for will give us something. There's been nothing, exactly what's not nothing. And I think the legislators in the states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, ought to be stepping up and They need to if it doesn't stop there, you know where the people in your representatives are a lot closer to one another. That if that accountability doesn't motivate legislators, like in Michigan to do something. That's the point where it's even spread further than the swamp in DC, I'd be disappointed. And I think again, you've got to do it. methodically, you got to make the case in a way that it's not emotional, not based upon true evidence. But yes, the point of my article in The Washington Examiner, and speaking out about it is you need at least need to make the effort before you dismiss it as being conspiracy theory or that it doesn't count. Or she'll have people questioning elections. From here forward That's exactly right. So if you're on that body, would you because I mean, you know, state law says, you know, thatthere I would I be far, pushing it to where you either find something that makes sense, are you say, Hey, we made our best concerted effort in it just wasn't there. And that's where you and any of this is, you can't say that, hey, just for the sake of on the surface, or because the mainstream media says there's nothing there that you do nothing? And I hope they do, push it and take it to the point where they say, hey, it doesn't amount to the threshold of what we need to go further are Yes, it does. And then they have the political will to do something about it. Would you be prepared at this point? Because we know the electors have to be chosen here in the next couple of 10 days or so. I mean, would you be to the I mean, you've got a short window of time. But I think if you see enough, there, that gives you pause, you would have to that doesn't mean that all that means is that you wouldn't get the electors in from that state. In time, it would create a new kind of probably a journey that we may not have been on historically, I think there's been some key situations similar to this. But I think whether it delays it, or what if the evidence points in that direction? I don't think you should just walk away from it. So yeah, I would be if I were in a state legislature. That was a pivot point. Ithink they owe it not only do their own citizens in Michigan, but they owe it to the country as well.
Is there anything the average person can do I mean, call, right? And then what what do you do here? I think that largely, is going to have to be generated from all the folks that supported Trump in Michigan to make sure they're bending the air of their representative. Oh, very good. I know. You're a busy man, Senator. Brian, thank you so much for being graceful and spending a little bit more time with us this morning. That's always a pleasure to have you on this program. And you're welcome back anytime. Thank you, God. Take care. Thanks. Bye, bye.

Welcome back. I want to shift gears or jump into Georgia now. Wanted to it's an extended extension of the conversation I had with Senator Braun. But this is of course, these are developments that happened yesterday. I don't know if you watched any of these hearings. But again, the amount of evidence evidence EV I DNC evidence that was shared and presented and explained and articulated yesterday. was overwhelming. I listened to a good chunk of this yesterday, Arizona I did not I was telling oz during the break I did not see much I saw a tiny bit of Nevada, excuse me, Nevada. But this video, I am telling you right now, this this video that they released yesterday, that shows you have to set the scene and that's what I was telling us here during the break. You have to set the scene. I don't know if you've seen it, maybe you have maybe you haven't. But it's you know, just like a surveillance you know, we closed caption video recordings of what's going on within the facility. You know, there's there's not I don't know how many frames per second but it's like a series of still shots. It's It's It's It's not fluid video. It's good video. It's just it's just not super high number of frames per second or whatever. But you can clearly see what's going on. So the stage was set. So the people in the room, keep in mind, so there's balance being counted in Georgia, with Fulton County, I guess. And someone walks in to the room, a lady with blond hair and braids. I don't know if we've identified her yet or what the deal is. But anyway, she says we're going to stop counting, she asked the observers to leave the room, they all leave the room, the problem is some people stay behind. So that's the scene of what's going on here. There's table setup, looks like they have like the table cloths, and then the drape down the sides. It's what it looks like, to me, it's from a high angle. So I could be mistaken on this. But then, when everyone leaves the room, when everyone leaves the room I keep in mind by law, people are allowed to watch the counting process from both sides or from whatever political parties, however many there are. They are allowed by law to have observers they were asked to leave some stayed behind. When they did that, they will doubt what's being called a suitcase. But it's more like a big trunk on wheels. They start wheeling these suckers out from under a table. And according to testimony or what appears to be the full picture, there's ballots in this in these boxes and these suitcases in these totes, whatever you want to call these things. ballots in suitcases, suitcases, ballots, however you want to say this under the table, that do not appear until after people that are supposed to be observing the count leave the room what there is what is the possible explanation for this, this is this has stirred people in Georgia to a whole new level of fact, now governor Kemp now at this point, December 4, a full month in a day later than election day, after all the shenanigans after all of the nonsense after all of the intimidation and testimony and witnesses and all this stuff. After all that, finally, Governor Kemp is saying he's going to push for a signature audit. And this is one of the things that's been debated. So high level that we recounted in Georgia, that's that's what they want you to do. We read it, they didn't recount, but they didn't go back and see if there were any balances shouldn't have been counted the first time. They just recounted what they counted. So it's like I don't even know if it's like if you're operating the boss of the RCA dome, Lucas Oil, right? And you let Well, let's assume fans are allowed to go to a game. It's as though you say you open up the gates and you love people and you don't check any tickets. You don't check any tickets. And then Ursa says, Hey, I'd like to know really how many people are supposed to be there? How many people paid to be there? Well, instead of looking further tickets approve that they purchased, whatever was necessary to get into the building. It's just that they go around, they count the people that are in the building. And they assume that everyone in the building is already a paid, paid customer paying customer has a ticket. Well, maybe they don't have a ticket, you got to figure out if they have a ticket if the tickets legitimate. Did they steal the ticket? Did they photocopy the ticket? I mean, what is there's a bazillion possibilities here. You just recount the people that are in there assuming that every person in there did things according with the law. And poof, Well, look, we did a recount. Mr. Say that's how many people same exact number we told you the first time, Mr. Say might say, Well, why in the world? Didn't you see if they really actually paid. And when you hear the word audit, that's really the equivalent of what's going on here. People are saying why don't you actually figure out if any of these votes should be pulled out? Do signatures match? Are they legit? Is there reason to think that I'm going to get a break. But after the break, I want to share with you one of the testimonies that we heard yesterday, the number of people that shouldn't have been casting ballots in Georgia that did is an astronomical number. But nothing to see here. This is just the way that it is. In fact, I saw a democrat at this hearing yesterday in Georgia actually say that it worked as it was supposed to work. Are you stinking kidding me? I mean, to me, this is the closest thing to an admission of guilt that we've heard to acknowledge the Georgia election worked as you wanted it to work. Seems to me the only logical explanation for you to come to that conclusion is if you simply think that an election that works is only an election that results in a Joe Biden victory. There's nothing that worked about that election. There's nothing that worked about Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada or Nevada, Arizona. Questions about all these places. questions in Virginia, probably questions even more so more widespread than even that, but I'm gonna take a break, I'm going to share this other clip of evidence of the number of ballots that were cast and counted. Again, they're counted, they've been counted twice, but they shouldn't have been voted at all. In the state of Georgia shouldn't have been counted the first time, let alone the second time. quick timeout is in order. Sit tight, be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I told you, I was going to play this, this is I gonna get to this. I don't have time to do that to read this instead. Sorry, this is someone who testified yesterday in front of the committee in Georgia. He did an analysis and this is what he found. A witness yesterday, people who Illy all these groups have these numbers I'm about to give you are illegally cast votes in Georgia. 2506 felons voted in Georgia. 66,248 people who are not of the legal age at the time that they registered, voted in Georgia 2423 unregistered individuals voted in Georgia 1043 use the P o box as their home address, which is against the law. In Georgia for 1926. were late to register. And Georgia voted anyway. 10,315 dead people voted in Georgia. 395 people voted in two states, which is illegal in both states. 15,700 people had filed a change of address order now some of those folks may have been it's possible that they might not have been making a permanent move and it would have still been legal, but a chunk of those a sizable chunk cannot vote. At least that's how I understand it in. In Georgia. 40,279 people moved and then they failed. They went to a different county in Georgia and didn't re register where they live. They went back and voted in the places that they were before. I don't have the total number, but I do know that Trump is down by a total if you believe the counts here. Well, the counts are what the counts are if you believe that they're legitimate or not 12,670 I don't know out of those numbers. I read Do you think that there's enough potential fraudulent votes illegal votes that could potentially affect that election? It seems rather obvious for those of us who have the basic math skills required to do that calculation, quick timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

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