Georgia Lawmakers Call For a Special Session | December 7, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, that is right. You are listening to the more conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff, email, Todd at The Todd Huff you can email me your thoughts, questions, your opinions, your feedback, whatever, whatever you want. I do my best to get back with you. Tata, Tata, calm. I'll even accept your adoration and praise Facebook, Twitter. And where else YouTube is where we're streaming the program live or on demand, as long as those folks there at the big tech socialist firms allow that to be the case. Good to be here. hope you had a good weekend. I want to start a couple of headlines here. I want to start but you know what, I'm going to start with something I was going to wait a little bit on because I find this now this is something that happened to me personally on Twitter, which twitter twitter is the gutter of the universe. I mean, I'm I am well convinced of this. The gutter of the universe. I gotta find this tweet here. expecting to do this a little bit later. I tweeted, I tweeted out there's a corresponding calls for Brad rapids burger. Brian Kemp, these are officials in the state of Georgia. The governor Brian Kemp, the Secretary of State Brad Ravensburger, Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan, folks have been contacting these folks. Just regular people, Georgians. And of course, people all over this country have been contacting individuals saying, look, and we need a special session. What we have heard over the weekend or shoot me last week, I should say, what we've heard about this election, the things that have happened is too much to handle. Right that there is so much question that there is no way in the world that we should not be looking into this with the legitimate special session of our state legislature. And of course, the Democrats and the Republicans, even republicans being Brian Kemp rathmines burger. Jeff Duncan, I saw Jeff Duncan out on CNN living in another another universe explaining he actually said the Lieutenant Governor, if he had five minutes, he just doesn't have the time. If he had five minutes. He's telling Jake 10 it was Jake Tapper. I don't know doesn't matter who was telling us someone in the mainstream media, it's the same person, this looks a little bit different. So he says to Jake Tapper, insert your favorite liberal journalist here because again, it really doesn't matter. He says if I had five minutes to spend with every person who asked me I could I could explain to them why this election is perfectly fine. I mean, this is my interpretation. He didn't use these exact words, but he may just have used these exact words. It's perfectly fine. And I could convince anyone that I had, you know, I just I can't speak five minutes to every Georgian, I just don't have the time. So I think do make it make a video then take the time to explain it. But it only takes five minutes. You could convince anybody. Gemini, I think if you could use five minutes to convince anybody, you should probably go to these platforms that are going to be more than happy. Heck, Twitter and Facebook. You call your buddies up there. Those in big government pushing in the same direction as these tech giants. You call up jack Dorsey, if you can get him Maybe he has a satphone as he's hiking the Appalachian Trail or wherever he is with his you know, Grizzly Adams look out there, but you call him up. And you say, Hey, man, help me get this message out. I if I got a five minute video, I'm going to post your platform. They might even post that for free. They might even when Trump sends out a tweet and it says quash or whatever it says right that little that little disclaimer elections election fraud is exceedingly rare. election fraud is virtually unheard of. we're unaware of this ever affecting anything whatsoever. They might even be willing to link directly to Jeff Duncan's five minute video explaining everything away in five minutes, folks, he can explain away I guess, suitcases of ballots under tables. I guess he can explain explain away some of the mathematical evidence. That's the statistical evidence. I guess Jeff dunking and do this just five minutes is all the guy needs five minutes? Why the heck with all the controversy going on in your state? Lieutenant Governor, dare I care? Dare I ask the question, why not? Why haven't you gotten off your Duff and done this? Five minutes, I saw a poll This is 58% of Georgians are expecting or demanding or want to require or whatever they're in favor of. They're in favor of a special session, which by the way, now the State House. The state legislature is actually beginning the process of looking to find three, I don't know if they get the votes to do this. But for two thirds, I urge the three fifths I think it is three fifths, three fifths supermajority of state legislatures, state legislators in their particular state legislative branches. If they can get three fifths of them on board, they're going to they can call that special session to order in spite of what camp and rathmines burger and Duncan, all those jokers are thinking. So this is what's going on in the state of Georgia. I just want to paint that picture really quickly, because it's under that. With that kind of backdrop that I I tweeted this out over the weekend. To me it's a it's a very just a very, I mean, innocent tweet. This is the sort of thing, by the way, I think, Americans This is we have to demand at this point. We have to demand that justice is done in this election. We have the demand and we absolutely have the demand that we cannot accept these jokers on the left and even even in the Republican Party, those that don't like Trump. I know when would one of the attorneys that is brought a lot of these cases he's he's saying that raffinose burger and and Kemp are some really, they're really involved here in ways. He's making some bold allegations about financial interest and all sorts of things. doesn't even matter to me why at this, it does. But I mean, at this point, they need to listen to their, to their constituents here. And it's inexcusable. candidly folks that they just act like this. They're Whistling past the graveyard, as I've said recently, in regards to Senator Todd young, and others like him who were ignoring this not stepping out and leading. It's on a much grander scale in Georgia. These are the folks that can I actually do something about it. So I simply tweeted out I retweeted one of Trump's tweets, which is Trump calling for an immediate special session of the state legislature in in Georgia, not Pennsylvania. And so I retweeted it and said you're absolutely right Mr. President Brian Kemp stand up lead call. Stand up leading call a special session in Georgia immediately anything less is dereliction of duty so I had some Joker on here. Oh gosh, shaming me shaming me for that tweet. I'm not gonna say that you can see it on Twitter if you want Val who just go by Val. Val tweets me back Shame on you. You call yourself a Christian? But you and your ilk. I guess you in this audience or my ilk. Todd's I don't know what you you and your ilk are bales prophets. I'm a prophet a bale according to Val, Prophet a bale on Mount Carmel, read about them in First Kings 18 verses 16 through 45. I guess Val had a look that up. I'm quite familiar with the verse. In fact, it's one of my favorite passages of the Bible. And for those of you that don't know what I don't want to listen to a sermon, I just want to give you the picture what Val accuse me of so in the Old Testament, Old Testament times. During the well there were some a lot of people that worshipped false gods and there was this group of prophets that worshipped worship to bale and Elijah Elijah was A prophet of the one true God. And he challenged them, basically, to a face off on Mount Carmel. And he basically said to them, let's, let's see who's God. I mean, I'm really given the, you know, just very basics here, let's, let's see, let's both of us and cry out to our God and see who, which God responds. And so the prophets of Bale, he says, I'll even let you go first. You know, so they were crying and cutting themselves and, you know, crying out to the, you know, to bail all day. And Elijah starts mocking them. He says, maybe your God is sleeping, maybe he can't hear you. Maybe he's busy with something else, this sort of thing. And so the the cries become louder and more extreme, and they do more heinous things to get the attention of veil. And this goes on for a while, and and alijah after hours of this as Okay, have we have we done enough here? I mean, can we can we agree that your God really isn't interested in listening to you? He says, you know, he prepares an altar. Elijah doing some extra dramatic activities then dumps water buckets, a wall of water on the altar, in fact, it fills up a trench around the altar. Totally, you know, just saturating the what's on the altar with with water. And then he calls down fire from heaven, and burns, this destroys the what's on the altar, and and actually, the prophets of bale are taken as well. This is the very fast version of this. So she says to me, I'm the prophet of bail, I guess I don't know what she's talking about. I guess in her mind, government is God. I guess in her mind, Brian Kemp, is the Savior the one true guys the only analogy here that I can, can come up with that's consistent. And I'm calling for that, I guess, making a proclamation against that one true God. And I guess I don't know what some of these folks are out there thinking. I just hope she isn't trying to call down fire upon me in my house. Which will be safe, don't worry. Don't worry, this is this is something I feel quite quite called and to do. But the amount I look, it's just incredible. What you're what we're facing and it is going to get worse. In fact, this week. This week is a big week we get the Georgia legislature calling for a special session. We've got Brian Kemp who's going to be kicking and screaming get Brad rapids burger is going to be kicking and screaming. We've got Jeff Duncan out there who tells he's the Lieutenant Governor, telling folks he can get anyone on board with realizing there's no problems in the state of Georgia's elections if you just give him five minutes. So I get I'm calling out to Jeff Duncan this morning, Jeff. Lieutenant Governor Duncan, if you can hear my voice, just put together talk to your PR team. I mean, I know that this is when you think about your responsibilities. Pr is number one at the top of the list. Whenever you go to your PR team this morning, just say I want to do a video outlines and talking points. I just need five minutes. That's what I told Jake Tapper or whichever other radical leftist democrat it was. I just need five minutes. And if every American would just watch that this world is not in synchronized agreement. Yeah, there he's made the points everything's understood well understand why suitcases ballots are under tables and Georgia will understand why partisan poll watchers were asked to leave in the state of Georgia. We'll understand why ballots were counted multiple times while why they didn't. What the chain of custody see this over the weekend, I saw that the chain of custody documents in Georgia, they can't find them. They don't know where they are. They don't know where the chain of custody documents are. So basically, they can't prove that these ballots were were secure or where they were supposed to be. They don't have record of of anything about them. Just these are the ones we say you should count. Nothing wrong. He's in five minutes. The guy tells us he can explain that. Maybe I should play this soundbite. Now that I've talked so much about this, but this is a big week, folks. We've got Justice Alito. If you had this case in Pennsylvania, they have to make their hand their wrist give a response. The parties involved I think by tomorrow morning we got Michigan. Jenna Ellis announced yesterday and I saw this elsewhere as well, Jenna Ellis, one of the members, one of the lawyers, her and Rudy Giuliani on the Trump legal team. By the way, Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for covid. Jenna, Alice's out there saying, look, we have been given by a judge in the county in Michigan, the access to basically analyzed 22 machines 22 of these voting machines apparently going to take 48 hours to do an investigation or look into these machines. So this all this stuff this week. And then of course, we have tomorrow is supposed to be what they refer to as the Safe Harbor day where the electors are officially chosen. They the electors are supposed to vote on December 14. All kinds of stuff folks vying for our attention, but this is the week that a lot of things are going to have to happen. They absolutely have to begin happening this week. And I think we can see the the dominoes stacking up. And we'll see which direction those dominoes fall. But the idea that these jokers think that they're just going to ignore this, or kick the can down the road, the American that this is we've reached a boiling point in this nation. We we've reached a boiling point in this nation that there is no more just ignoring this. I don't think that that is that's possible. Now they may in their minds make the calculation, hey, look, we can rig elections. Now, who cares what people think part of me has to really believe these are Congress. I don't like to say this, but part of me really thinks that these are conversations being had by people in positions of power, they can see the finish line, they just need to flip a couple Senate seats in Georgia. And if they can do that, which of course, they've already done. I mean, it's very clear to me that there's something incredibly nefarious going on in the States, if they can just continue down this path. They have complete control of both houses of the legislature in in DC and the presidency, even though Biden's out there, chasing his dog by the tail and breaking his foot. Which is another story altogether. Biden's chasing his dog by the tail. I mean, that sounds about right. When I think about the things Joe Biden is doing and private, chasing and trying to grab his dog's tail. As he said, that's the reason that's how he broke his foot. I think that I can I can, I can come on board with that. These are things I envisioned Biden doing in his private time, chasing his dog by the tail, and then of course, falling and breaking his foot. So many things to talk about. so little time, a quick break is in order to sit tight and listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So again, this is a big a big week. Trump was in Georgia over the weekend, giving a speech. That's what predicated this interview between Jake Tapper and, and Lieutenant Governor, Jeff Duncan, who says if he has five minutes, five minutes, he could spend five minutes with you, if anybody listening to my voice right now, if any of you believe that there's something fishy about this election. Or if you think that there was coordination, and dare I say collusion between parties to steal the election from President Trump, if you believe anything on that spectrum, if you believe anything besides, and this worked Exactly. Is there isn't a person who hears my voice this morning. Who can who believes that there was nothing that this is exactly how this is supposed to work? Is there any person out there? Democrat, liberal, conservative libertarian? Is there? Is there any person out there who thinks that yeah, this is the way this is the way elections are supposed to work? Whenever we developed election laws in the various states of this country, by the way, pause that thought real fast. One of the things that Biden and the democrats vowed to do if they are to win to win the courts the presidency in both houses of Congress. They are going to overhaul national the national election, including federalizing it nationalizing it they're just going to take you want to you want to fix the election Biden says he's chasing his dog around the bathroom by the tail. He's he says, Hey, if you want to fix this election problem which of course there wasn't any problem. But if we if there's any problem at all it's because the states don't know what they're doing. That's right, we need to put the center of the federal government's control. That's right. The Federal Government's control. There's a lot that comes with that felons being allowed to vote. 33 states currently have laws against that whatever you think about that, but their state laws state requirements, federal government's going to step in and nationalize all this. Controlling By the way, the way that voter records are kept making basically forcing every single person what they've already kind of done anyway. But they want every person registered. There's no we think about the recipe for disaster is for some bureaucratic, deep state, individual or group of individuals being in charge of the election integrity of why in Washington, DC. So these are all the things that are on the table DC is a state Puerto Rico's a state 15 justices how who knows how many on the Supreme Court? Again, it's Biden's chasing his dog around by the tail in the bathroom, these things are happening will be happening if God forbid, this is the case. So I want to talk a little bit to I've avoided this I don't live in Georgia. I have a lot of respect for Linwood Lynn Woods out there saying look, don't vote in this election. Unless these jokers Kelly lafleur and David Perdue. And by the for that matter camp and rathmines burger and all these other Duncan who's out there able to convince people in five minutes Amazing. Amazing what this guy can do. Why doesn't just go do it. Again, make your video lieutenant governor I want to see it. I say well, you make the video, I will share it to people I will share it. I'll talk about it. I'll play the whole thing. I will play the whole thing on this program. I will play it so that everyone in this audience gets to hear and can be have the switch flipped in their minds. People who believe right now that this election was stolen. They're gonna say yeah, five minutes of listening to lieutenant governor, Jeff Duncan, and suddenly I know why their suitcases of ballots. Suddenly I know why republicans were kicked out of polling places that makes total sense now, no problems. All this mountain these mountains of evidence I saw over the weekend. You know how many affidavits? It's been reported that Rudy and the team have? I saw in a tweet 5000 affidavits is what? Not not in Georgia. But in all the states. 5000. No evidence, no evidence, the media says no evidence. The Democrat Party says fact they say Trump's down they're trying to steal the election. Trump is trying to stage a coup they say, meanwhile, Trump's trying to say is get your election in order. audit these machines do a signature, you know, check these sorts of things. No, no, no, this is this is exactly how it's supposed to go in the minds of rapids Berger, and Kemp and Lieutenant Governor, Jeff Duncan, who better be working on that video and those folks minds. This is exactly how this is supposed to go. Folks. We live in a company. This is an alternate universe. And if you find yourself this morning thinking, What on earth are these people talking about? I'm telling you, it's because they see the finish line. They see the finish line to where they think we don't need we don't need the support of the voter anymore. They don't care about you, folks. They do not care about you. That is what we're witnessing. That is what we're witnessing. They used to pretend like they cared about you. Right? They'll say I every morning I wake up and I think man, how can I? How can I serve the people in my that's the first thing I think that's what they'll tell you wake up in the morning. I just I first thing I think of is how can I help Main Street Americans. And some people buy this stuff until you realize what their day looks like. until you realize you know how corrupt it is. It's a full time job to fight the corruption folks, you have to be a person of such strong and deep integrity. To fight off this stuff. It is that they are they are inundated with pressures to give up their principles and to become lifelong. Politicians that's their first job telling you it's it's I don't want to be cynical here but I just think it's the truth their number one job. Their number one job is to protect their office and to get reelected that's it. That's what they want so used to the intention was to play this game of smoke and mirrors to make you think, man they're really they're really in there working for me right they're in their everyday waking up thinking how can I take care of fill in your name they're now they're to the point of Hey, man, we don't have to play that game anymore. We got control the the elections where we are, we are within five yards of crossing the finish line. Right? All we have to do is steal another election. All we have to do is play this game, where votes magically appear when kick people out whatever the 2.0 plan is for this? These two Senate seats. Right? There's evidence of this. I mean, I'm still waiting on lieutenant governor Jeff Duncan's video, so maybe there's something that's going to just shock my world in that. And I asked him lieutenant governor to make that thing for me. I need to see it. I can give you five minutes. Maybe there's something there right. Instead that they don't want to acknowledge you. You look at the mountains of evidence, the mountains of corruption, the inexcusable behavior the the the absence of chain of custody forms. I mean, it is I'm telling you right now, if, if I, if a for profit corporation acted like this, all the officers would be in prison. They'd be facing charges this morning, facing charges of fraud and corruption this very day. In fact, they would already probably be on trial, like Bernie Sanders at all probably be calling for, for much worse than just the trial. Evil corporate America. But meanwhile, we have the same things happening in government. No one bats an eye everyone says this is the way the way it's supposed to be on top of all that. It is absolutely incredible. To watch. This is not funny, except for it is. So if you find yourself this morning thinking I don't even have the slightest idea how someone can think of this as normal. status quo. There's no problem here. just memorize this thing. The mind will justify what the heart desires. they desire anyone in that office besides Trump so badly It doesn't matter how they got there. Long in the segment gotta take a break. Sit tight. Be back here in just a minute.

Oz has pulled up the soundbite from the interview that Georgia lieutenant governor Jeff Duncan had with Jake Tapper. And I'm just going to set this up. They basically we're playing sound bites of people in Georgia. man on the street sort of interviews, hey, do you believe the results in this Georgia election? And of course they play individuals saying things about questioning the integrity of this election. I don't know what to believe or Yeah, I think that they were involved in some nefarious stuff or whatever. Right? They had three people then Jake Tapper brings it back. brings it back from those, those sound bites and they're sitting there with Jeff Duncan. And he says this to him. Obviously, again, this is not based in fact, the election was clean. You guys did a number of recounts to make sure it was clean. What is your message to your fellow Trump supporters in Georgia? Is Joe Biden the president elect and was it a clean and fair election? Yeah, you know, first and foremost, Jq, you know, I've talked about this. I voted for President Trump I campaign for him. And unfortunately, he did not win the state of Georgia. You know, if I had a chance to spend five minutes with every single person in Georgia that doubted the election results, I think I'd be able to win their hearts over shows them the facts and figures, separate fact from fiction, but certainly I don't have that opportunity. God. So yeah, you know, on January 20, Joe Perry sworn in as the 46th. President, and the Constitution is still in place. This is still America. I can disagree vehemently with this. What I think are bad ideas raising taxes on businesses or shut that up. Okay, so yeah, the Constitution is still in place. What What on earth who? What size of hole Do you have to dig to put your head in in Georgia? To act like there is no problem, folks, this is delusional. This, this is so bad. I don't even know I struggled to find an analogy for what this is. signing on top of that, citing the constitution right side in the Constitution, let's talk about the Constitution. The Constitution says that it is the job. It is the right of the state legislators to assign their the states electors that go to the electoral college to vote here and a week. Supposedly, they're going to go there in a week to vote. And that's actually in spite of the objections from Democrats electors did. The vote that happens this week is actually who determines or next week is actually what determines the the the winner of the presidency. It's why they've been insisting This is the president elect. Well, not the president elect the Ender in a normal sane universe where we don't have 5000 affidavits and mountains of statistical evidence of all sorts of nonsense happening in elections. State law says, state law says that electors are assigned, I mean, the basic I'm giving the general consensus, there's some variations and some states assign their electors differently than others. But basically, you have what you know, when a state votes, there are state laws in general that say, Now we will award our electors based upon the outcome of our state how people vote in our state. Here's the question, how do you know if the separation between Biden and Trump in Georgia is 12,284? Something very close to that? I don't, I think it may be that but it's if it's not that it's 12,200. And something I think it's 84. I can be wrong. So just simply by looking at what happened with the suitcases, and they weren't even suitcases, their big rolling out just totes of ballots that came out when no one was there. Why did that happen? Why were people told to go home? why did why were we told that there was a busted watermain or water pipe or whatever. in Fulton County. It didn't happen. Didn't happen. The only reason we know about the suitcases a balance is because we got the footage and I think Sidney Powell requested 36 hours of that video footage to act like that. This is no big deal. Folks, this is they have no interest in this. They have decided strategically. And I key I know there's people out there that make strong allegations against against particularly Brian Kemp and Brad Ravensburger in Georgia. I can't make those I don't know. But they are some strong allegations. And they accused them of fraud and wrongdoing. And basically having financial interest. I'm not claiming I'm just simply saying there's not a good explanation for this. If you're looking at simply following the facts. They're not a good explanation for this at all. This week is big. We've got Georgia trying to call and convene a special session in spite of Governor Kemp's insistence that it's not it's not needed, why I think he's out there saying that it is needed, but not his called Secretary of State's call. That's how these folks, this is how they handle those. It's someone else's problem, not mine. You would think if it's if it's necessary, and if it's as important as the integrity of our elections, which is fundamental to living in this constitutional republic, if you don't believe that your voice is being heard at the ballot box. What are you supposed to do? What are you supposed to do? Good conservative people for a long time have always thought you know what? I don't have to fight with my neighbor and yell and scream. I'll just wait and make my voice voice known at the ballot box. Now what are they thinking? Now? What are they thinking? It's a thing. It's an excellent question. And Brian Kemp really came to grips with that and Brad rapids Berger really came to and cared and they came to grips with that if Jeff Duncan as he's preparing his five minute video that's going to magically persuade all of us. Poof. All questions aside. No more concerns here. Five Minute Video, man, you would think that if you could do that, that would be the only thing you were focused on. If I can cause All this strife in my state to stop. If I'm Jeff Duncan by a five minute talk with every citizen, I make my five minutes, I'd make that right now I would have come in early this morning to do that, instead of having some meetings about how we avoid watching this go on any further, instead of strategizing and so forth against the truth coming out, why don't you just make your video? remarkable stuff? What are we supposed to do? I really mean that what do they want us to do? What do they think people are just going to sit by they think that their voice is suddenly silenced that what they think. hope not, I pick a timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, by the way, by the way, let me remind you gentle reminder that we're partnering with Shepherd Community Center, near east side of Indianapolis, their Christmas program where they're helping provide Christmas to those families in need. You can find out more about how you can help heck maybe your church might want to help you can look at ways to do that by visiting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. That's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Shepherd is a, again, a wonderful organization, they do things the right way they have consistent that they're consistent biblically, I think with how we should take care of those in need. And I think consistent with conservative values as as well. Want to really quickly here. Time is escaping me. But play this soundbite from Jenna Ellis, with Fox and Friends Pete hegseth over the weekend. Yeah, well, the big news coming out of Antrim County, Michigan this morning, Pete is that a judge actually granted our team access to 22 of the Dominion voting machines for us to conduct a forensic audit. So if you remember, this is the county that had this switch of 6000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. And that was an unexplained and so called a glitch. And so our team is going to be able to go in this morning at about 830. And we'll be there for about eight hours to conduct that forensic examination. And we'll have the results in about 48 hours. And that'll tell us a lot about these machines. That was yesterday. So 48 hours will be tomorrow morning, I get to take a break out of time here. Sit tight back here in back here in just a minute.

Big important week here on a lot of fronts, from Michigan, to Georgia to Pennsylvania courts and special sessions and all that sort of stuff. But folks, I'm going to tell you what it comes down to the chances we have wise and how the American people respond. The more that we stand up, the more that we are vociferous against this nonsense. being told that there's nothing to worry about with these elections. The more that we find out the worst of this gets, the more that they know that we know. That's where our chance lies. So don't be afraid to stand out. This is the time to stand up stand firm. I've got to go SDG god bless See you tomorrow. Take care.