Sidney Powell's Case Thrown Out in Georgia | December 8, 2020 | Hour One

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That is right. You are listening to the host conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff. Email, Todd, The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show thoughts, opinions, feedback, adoration and praise, all accepted on those at that email address. Lots of course to get into today yesterday in the state of Georgia, the state of Georgia, Sidney Powell, her lawsuit was tossed out by the Georgia court tossed out multiple reasons cited lack of standing is one of those reasons but another peculiar thing that happened was that the court said the court actually said she should have brought the lawsuit against the Dominion machines much earlier in the process. That's what she should have done. I guess she should have made the lawsuit before the parties involved with all the nefarious activities in Georgia before they did that. Anyway, it is unbelievable times that we're dealing with she says that the case will be she thinks headed to the Supreme Court along with a couple of others. There's so much to keep up with. Regarding regarding this, these developments, it's a little bit overwhelming, but fear not. We are on it here at The Todd Huff Show. In fact, last night here she was on Newsmax kind of giving a quick little update on things here is an exchange she has there. The fact that the recipients the organization of heads of various agencies ever approved this A number of years ago is found absolutely appalling Supreme Court tomorrow for you. I'm sorry, I missed that. Will you be in the supreme court tomorrow? You said emergency relief? does that entail you going there? how's that gonna actually work? That's gonna work as fast as we can humanly make it work. It may not be tomorrow, but we also have a case out of Michigan that needs to go a case out of Arizona that may very well wind up there. There should be at least three states before the Supreme Court with enough electoral votes to change the outcome before the end of the week. Sidney Powell I wish I was at a turn. So there you go. Three cases potential as she says that should be before the Supreme Court. By the end of the week, that clock is ticking not just on these cases also on the reelect or the the runoff elections. In the state of Georgia, Georgia is in a very unique situation where both of their Senate seats are up for runoff elections, not just general election, which is rare enough. You know, you're supposed to have Senate seats. Senate terms are six years. And there are a third of Senate seats that are up each election roughly. Sometimes there's retirement so that number can fluctuate. At least for you know the elections, to replace someone who's retiring and they'll get back on the regular schedule and so forth. But by and large, there should be 33 or 34 senate elections every year and there should only be one from each state. Right. And in fact this year in Indiana, we did not have we did not have any Senate races we will in 2022. That will be senator Todd young, the incumbent who I still waiting to hear back from still waiting to see what they what they're going to do as far as leading here along with many most others, the vast majority of other elected republicans unless we get their attention unless we send enough emails make enough phone calls Like I said, just just get their attention. This is what the status quo is to put your head down and hide, to hide in the basement. But in Georgia, they don't have that luxury except for they are still doing the same thing. They're not coming out. And this is what Linwood has been crying for. I don't mean that in a bad way, just just pleading with David Perdue pleading with Kelly lafleur. Saying, stand up and demand that your your party in the state of Georgia has a special session. Brian Kemp, Brad rathmines Berger, Jeff Duncan, get their attention. Demand this because folks, we're heading for this election, but put yourself I know most of we have listeners in Georgia, but the most, most of our listeners are not in Georgia. Just imagine what it's like to think we have the whole nation number one is watching what's happening here. Number two, we have we have this scenario in place where we just witnessed through the hearings through the court cases, just through the affidavits themselves, we have witnessed an incredible amount of fraud. We have witnessed, we haven't personally witnessed but through those who have signed a sworn affidavits which they can go to jail, they can be charged with perjury if they're lying. Through that evidence, folks, we have seen, we have seen a lot of reasons that we have zero faith in what's happening in Georgia, between the workers between the multiple counties of ballots between the suitcases of ballots, totes or whatever you want to call these things that are wheeled out. They're trying to tell us there's nothing, of course to see here. This is this is the way it's supposed to work. You're supposed to I guess in the state of Georgia. And in other states, by the way, not just picking on Georgia, but Georgia is the one that's guilty of this. You're supposed to I guess fake a water pipe bursting and then telling partisan poll workers to go home for the evening. I guess that's the way this is supposed to work. I guess you're also supposed to then we'll out the ballots and count them multiple times. Ironically, and of course has nothing to do with no one being in the room. The massive vote spike for Biden occurs during the time when no republican poll watchers were in the room. That's all it's all just a heck of a coincidence. You see this stuff and you're in Georgia, and you're asking yourself and I've not I don't think we've touched on this yet. But this whole thing, Lynn Woods out there saying don't vote for these these jokers. You got Trump going down there and saying vote for he isn't say these jokers. But, you know, part of me thinks he may as well say that. Vote for these jokers. You don't need no one, you take Trump out of this equation and you think what would we know about this fraud? Where would we be economically? Where would we be politically? As far as some of the x some of the fundamental issues in this in this nation? It's one of the things that perplexes me about the never trumpers the never trumpers they talk about things about it talk about things that Trump has done as though he's not doing it right before their very eyes as the reason that they're opposing Trump. We want to be a big tent party will trump is the one who has more black American support since 1960. Hispanics support massive growth in that as well. I mean, Trump did better statistically, with virtually every group out there still somehow managed to lose the election. Right, he won more votes. In fact, Levin had someone on the other night explaining just forget about all the evidence of fraud. Just look at the the markers. as to if you were to ask, he said this expert guest which is I don't have the name in front of me. So forgive me for that. I wasn't expecting to say this. But he said you know, if you if you were to bring in experts, 100 of them and you said here are you know the results Trump got more votes and all this different stuff like this. You look at the states of Florida and Georgia, whoever won those states, almost always wins, at least in modern times. The presidency. On and on down the list. This goes. All these all these bellwethers. All these districts like, for example, Vigo County, in Terre Haute just west of west of Indianapolis, I don't know, 60 miles or so. And if you look at that, look at that district, that county that county picks the winner every year, every presidential race except for like, I forget the years, a long time ago. And there's lots of counties and places like that. All these all these indicators, all of them. They all went to President Trump. And it's not that some of them didn't this year, is that all of them did this year. And yet, that still wasn't the case. It's a remarkable situation to find ourselves in. But you look at all this and you're a Georgia voter, and you're looking here that early voting. Early voting starts next week. Next week, you're supposed to have faith in your elections, because raffinose Berger, and Jeff Duncan and Brian Kemp tell you to don't believe your lying eyes. Believe instead, you're elected politicians. And so Lynn Woods out there. He's Of course involved in some of these lawsuits. He's telling Georgians don't vote in this election. Unless they the Republicans, they especially especially being David Perdue, and Kelly lafleur. If they don't come out, and demand from Brian Kim from Brad rapids burger, Jeff Duncan in Georgia, they have a special session to figure out what exactly happened here to get the evidence out which I saw Jenna Ellis think it was Jenna Ellis last night, saying that the new strategy here is to is to refuse to even see the evidence. Don't let people even see this. The Democrats the opposition to these lawsuits are saying, Do not just just this dismiss these cases out of hand, let's not even get to the meat here. Like yesterday's case, right standing, which of course you have to have standing. But it's a little bizarre, don't you think that they should have brought charges against these related to these machines before they saw exactly how these machines were used? There's a lot of things that happened that were unique that we just found out and this we're just still finding out in Georgia, like for example, the machines are not supposed to be connected to the internet. And how are you supposed to know that that's the case before it happens? Doesn't matter, because they'll say the courts. The courts ruled against Sidney Powell in the the Trump legal team even though they're not one in the same. They lump everybody together and say they just they can't win in the courts. This is a joke. This is a disaster. This is a catastrophe. Meanwhile, none of this evidence gets heard by the vast majority of people. They think Trump's just throwing a temper tantrum, but instead there are 5000 I've seen 5000 is what's reported 5000 affidavits five out you know about a conspiracy 5000 regular Joe blows across this country signing documents that can put them away, put them in prison, make them guilty of perjury. They all willingly sign these papers, but Lynn Woods out there saying do not vote. Lynn Woods point is simple. And I'll get to this and there's a lot of things I want to get to. But Lynn Woods point is simple. And I've actually had a conversation with the good friend about this. He's all worked up. He says you know, Kelly lafleur was terrible in the debates. She looked robotic and all I didn't watch the debate. I can't vote in this thing. But it's you know, now the televised you can see it from anywhere now because of the importance placed on this particular election in both of these elections. David Perdue didn't even show up for his debate against john awesome. Anyway, you got the fear, right? This lady's robotic. She's not likable, what's going on? This is this is not good. I said she's the same person she was a month ago. I think if you want to if you want to worry about something worry about the fact that whatever they did back in November, they're planning to do in January. That's the plan. And that is the angle that lynnwood is looking at this from now. If we lose the Senate, we had to lose both of these to lose control the Senate. But if we lose the Senate, that's a massive, devastating, terrifying proposition for conservatives for Republicans. You look at things like the end of the filibuster in the Senate, you look at things like, and my goodness, the changes to our electoral system I shared yesterday that they want to nationalize the way that elections are managed. They want to do away with the Electoral College. They want to make DC and Puerto Rico states. They want to do all sorts of things that are contrary to the founding of this republic. They want to pursue the green New Deal. They want to whether they're, I mean, they're globalists, by and large and the Democrat Party, globalism equals more power. For these folks, they're in there in the inner circle on even a larger stage, internationally. Got this by the way, Tucker Carlson exposed, something going on between Chinese leaders and how they have direct access to people in the upper echelon of the American government. They, those individuals were unnamed, but nonetheless highly influential Chinese leader was out speaking about this and it's on tape now and it's been interpreted and it's been confirmed the interpretation has been confirmed by multiple interpreters. So we got a mess on our hands. Len would say and don't vote. Most people are saying we have to vote. We have to win this Trump out there as well. Fact Trump's saying this if we lose it's rathmines burger. And Kim's fault, Brian Kim, Jeff Duncan, it's their fault for not demanding that Georgians have confidence in this. And that really, to me is the question. Do we really think that they're not gonna yas is telling me it's time to wrap up? But do we really think it's, it's that the they're not going to cheat in this election? Does anyone out there believe that? based upon what we've seen, do we believe that they think they think Okay, we got away with it by the skin of our teeth. Okay, now let's just play by the rules, you really think that's gonna happen. So I think the Lynn Woods point, he's saying the only way that we really have a chance to win is if they are held accountable for what's happened so far. And that an investigation is done, a special hearing is done, so that we can fix that situation and then proceed with making things better this next new this upcoming election, which is just what four weeks away? Actually it starts next week with early voting. I think Georgia, the state right now that's in a position to be doing early voting. They have no idea what's going on. No idea what's going on in the state of Georgia. Lynwood says if we want to make this right, we've got to demand that they fix it, but they hold them so that they're held accountable for what's happened so far. That's the way to win this lynnwood says, and he's got a heck of a point, by the way. Others are saying, look, we gotta we can't win this. If we don't vote, you know, they don't have to cheat at all, if we don't show up true, but they're already poised to cheat. They are going to cheat Get that through your head. This is this is not what if they cheat. We know that they will do exactly what they planned to do before or what they did before. This is gonna be a mess. We know it's gonna be a mess. Anyway, timeout is an order along in this segment. So I'm about to take a quick timeout, come back, continue our discussion. Get into a lot of other things today as well. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I want to de I want to share with you if you've not seen this, this is quite remarkable. Tucker Carlson last night. I know many of you are mad, either at Tucker, for his remarks about Sidney Powell and that. That I guess beef that erupted regarding her unwillingness, he says to provide evidence and she said she was happy to in fact, she said that she sent evidence. Some previously unreleased affidavit I believe she sent the Tucker Carlson wasn't enough for Tucker she says regardless, Tucker is mad at her. She's mad at Tucker. She said Tucker was rude. What I don't know. All I know is that some of you are mad at Tucker. I know many of you most of you dare. I say almost All of you listening to my voice today are mad at Fox News. Fox News called Arizona you know, seems like five minutes into the counts. Fox News is not the same. Fox News they've seem to have made a pretty dramatic turn on some things. They still have, of course, some personalities out there. Maria Bartiromo for, for one course Tucker and hannity that are trying to at least talk about this and make sure that their viewers know about this. But everyone there is supposed to refer to Joe Biden as the president elect, which of course, he still is not. He still is not. In fact, Candace Owens won a court case against a penny PolitiFact PolitiFact. They had to they had to make a retraction and a correction. Saying that, yes, in fact, Biden was not President Elect, but that doesn't matter. That doesn't matter, because because they had the media on there. So I didn't know most folks don't know about that. But Tucker last night, has a piece on China. And in particular, why I want you to just hear this, if you've not heard this, this is quite quite a remarkable thing. But I want you to I debated about playing this because the video he shares is in Chinese and I don't know or in Mandarin, I guess. I don't know how many of you out there speak fluently. So I'm going to give you the gist or subtitles, I'm going to tell you what's being said I'm not going to read all of them. Because as some of these things move ultra fast and I can't. I'm not that good folks. Good, but not that good. Getting getting kidding. Okay, so, setting the scene here, Tucker Carlson is just setting up this segment where you have a professor in China who's tied to the government who's out giving speeches. This has been scrubbed Tucker says from social media in China, but we have it thanks to I guess the Tucker's team or some I don't know if someone else had provided this to tiger. I have no idea. But so Dominion voting systems, they say has been tied to China. You may have if you're on social media, you may have seen the connections between Brian Kemp and China and all this stuff. And you may have seen at the Georgia business, Georgia That's Chinese websites. That's apparently there's also you can go look at this. It's a Georgia I guess website here where they're trying to attract businesses from China. Again, I can't read this because it's all in presumably Mandarin. But anyway, I want you to listen to this what Tucker says and I'm going to do my best to tell you what this gentleman speaking this Chinese professor, what he's saying to his audience, here you go. We want to start tonight with evidence with a remarkable video. This video was recorded a little over a week ago on November 28. The man you're about to see speak is a professor from Beijing called Dong Chang. The video comes from an appearance that he made on a Chinese television show about Wall Street and international trade. Dong Sheng works at Renmin University in Beijing. He is also like so many in academia in China, a servant of his country's government. This video was deleted from Chinese social media soon after being uploaded. And there's a reason for that, as you'll see ambient computing in the Trump administration is the Trump administration. The Trump administration he says, Wait, why don't you want to be able to show your sushi trembles fix everything into mommy says maybe a little bit exclusively, because we have people at the top laughter bins that make the top of America's inner circle of power and we have our old friends. That's what he says. We have our old friends who I tell you what you listen to that in light of what we've seen here. You can see why people throw the name China into the mix. You can see why they point out point out some of these connections with Dominion voting systems all this I mean it's it's it's deep. They can And then if what he's saying is true, it's very problematic, and it should be for every American citizen, we shouldn't care. It's just it's remarkable. We had years of President Trump, Trump being, you know, tied to Putin. so ridiculous to me. Putin's puppet, I mean, give me a break. Now we have, we have a leader, Professor in China, making a speech to an audience. This has now been scrubbed in the wake of an election in the wake of people making connections to Dominion voting systems and China in some cases, and politicians in China. In some cases, on down the line. He's out there saying this. He's out there saying this. And yet Trump's the one that's connected to Putin, they say, this professor says that we have our old friends, our old friends at the top. That's why we could fix things up until the Trump administration and that's why presumably, we're gonna start fixing things again. You think about Biden's connection through hunter Biden to China just think about all I mean, it's it's remarkable. It's remarkable to look at this and to see that they so brazenly walk around proclaiming this stuff he says that we had our friend the audience chuckles haha. I don't know China, they might put a they might put a laugh. Sign up, you know, you better laugh and we're gonna send it to the worker camps. By the way, do you see the video? I retweeted this, if you want to see this. It's It's heartbreaking video in Hong Kong of individuals. Individuals being shipped into a way from their friends and family. The families are beating on the sides of the buses. The buses have these kind of like a like a chain link fencing down the windows and so forth. But they're wailing and screaming and beating on the windows because their family members, friends, loved ones whatever. are being shipped off in the China to reeducation camps. Let that sink in reeducation camps. from Hong Kong to China. This is the same nation China's not look at we need to figure out a way to deal with China. But they are not. They're not an ally. They are not. We have to be paying very close attention on what's happening. In China they have they have some very bad intentions, folks. They need to be washed ultra carefully. And we definitely don't need people who owe China something were in who were in cahoots with China in the upper echelons. upper echelon I should say of our government. Anyway, a quick timeout is in order when we get back I want to shift gears and cluding share with you an employee of the month honor Employee of the Month honor being bestowed upon one of America's most infamous members of Congress which I think is fantastic. share that with you after the break sit tight be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back folks. I love this story. Daily Caller tell I tell you what I love people who think like this politics headline Goya foods CEO named Alexandria acacio or Cassio Cortez employee of the month when her boycott spiked his sales. I love it. Here's what the article says Goya foods CEO Bob and I believe it's pronounced. Boonen noona Bob una una noona as the CEO says sales spiked so dramatically after her that's a OC. After ao C's calls for a boycott that he named democratic New York representative Alexandria acacio Cortez as quote employee of the month he told Michael berry that his sales spite 1,000% after acacio Cortez supported calls to boycott golia foods in mid July, numerous This, he was tied to what he was he was on one of those Trump teams or somebody came to the White House. I can't even remember going back through some old tweets in this. Who Leon Castro. Who Leon Castro is one that was calling I think for the boycott. He says Goya foods has been a staple of so many Latino households for generations. Now their CEO is praising a president who villainized and maliciously attacks Latinos for political gain. Americans should think twice before buying their products. That was back on July 9. The summer. Ao C's tweet was this. Oh, look. It's the sound of me googling how I'm just it's remarkable hair. How to Make Your Own adobo. Anyway, this is he's given her the employee of the month award. This is how you combat this. By the way, folks. You laugh at this nonsense. You have fun with this nonsense. You I hope I didn't. I haven't. Well, let's see. I hope that they have a picture of her hanging up on the wall. I do. I hope they have. Whatever month she won, if it's December, put her up there. Put her up there with all the rest. I think that is fantastic. Because it goes to show illustrates some of the stupidity the stupidity that we're dealing with in our nation's government. It's another reason why I don't call for boycotts. I just I don't do that. I think oftentimes, this is precisely what happens especially in this highly polarized culture that we are living in today. This highly politicized politicized world that we live in everything is political. I've said this which eat which drink which were which drive, where you go to school, what your favorite team is, whether or not you watch the NFL, NBA, whatever. Whether you get a Coronavirus vaccine, when they're available, whether you wear a mask, if you're wearing your mask properly, if you're touching your mask, how you say the word mask honor on down the line, right? This is this is the world that we live in. This is the world that we live in. And I'll say we here do it differently. I think instead of having the canceled culture instead of contributing to that crazy mindset of saying we don't want to buy from anyone who disagrees with anything that we think instead of doing that, what we try to do is say we're going to provide you a list or a group of advertisers, you hear them you hear their ads airing during our commercial breaks, which we're about to hit one here in just a moment.

And you have the opportunity to check them out. And to give them the opportunity to earn your business instead of canceling people that you know, disagree with you ideologically or whatever, why not look to support those, at least give them a fair chance of earning your business if they are making programs like this possible. That's the thinking. fact we've we're developing a new kind of catch all here, support our you can go to that link today. And you can see a list of our advertisers. You can see who they are and we're going to continue to build that out and and list other folks who maybe aren't just on the air for folks who have you know, smaller budgets or they don't do radio or whatever they want to support this program and get their message out to you. We give them the opportunity to do that as well support our we're going to build that page up and even once we get this fully launched give you an opportunity to go back and say hey, I bought from whatever advertisers cool we'll take you at your word we know you're conservative and honest you put in the information your name and he bought for him and you're going to get a free gift from us. Really kind of a cool concept. I think it's Porter but we're not going to call for boycotts but this idea What if someone does boycott, boycott this show or whatever? We're gonna have some fun with it just like Goya foods did. Naming AOC their employer, employee of the month. I love it folks. quick timeout is an order sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome Back speaking about support our advertisers I should remind you that we are doing a program with our friends at Shepherd Community Center, East Side near east side of Indianapolis serving Indianapolis is poorest zip code offering Christmas gifts to those families in need. You can find out more by visiting their website This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. caring at Christmas calm folks you can get gifts and drop them off in person you can shop at Target amazon shopping just have them shipped directly to to Sheppard or anything that you know anything in between. We have three drop off locations. If you have gifts to give out in person ones at freedom 95 the studios and Franklin one is in our offices in Morrisville and the others that Mr. Quick Home Services up on 86th street I think it's 86 then Georgetown on the northwest side of Indianapolis Oz's thinking about that I may have to correct that. But anyway, really quickly something else I want to share with you. Something else I want to share with you that I think is fantastic. I saw this during the blaze headline here on the Blaze. Republican Congressman introduces bill requiring Americans to be alive to vote. This is another way. This is another way that you can better combat some of this insane stupidity that we're looking with. out there. Republican Congressman Brian Babin, Republican from Texas, proposed the you must be alive to vote act last week. He says this the right to vote is one of them. One of the most vital pillars of our democracy, the founders of which are election integrity and confidence in our democratic processes. the ease with which someone is able to steal the ballot of a deceased person and cast an image legitimate vote should disturb alarm and outrage every American citizen no matter what side of the aisle they sit on, Hear hear absolutely right by the way to protect that is if they're interested in fairness and injustice. But anyway, he continues to protect our democratic process and America's American's faith in our elections, we must ensure that deceased individuals are not allowed to remain on voter state voter rolls. So though what did people vote, obviously, right? Anyway, I love the creativity. Gotta take a break. Sit tight back and wrap up in just a minute.

Welcome back really quickly here Attorney General in the state of Michigan, Dana Nestle. You would think right now she has enough going on with all the lawsuits and the election mess and fraud in the state of Michigan. But instead over the weekend, she tweeted out something about being offended or tired of people saying Merry Christmas apparently her fame. family didn't celebrate Christmas she deleted the original tweet. And now she's replaced that tweet with something else. Really bemoaning the fact that people say Merry Christmas this time of year it's one thing if you know someone doesn't celebrate Christmas and you go up to them if they're Jewish or an atheist, but folks in the general sense everybody celebrates Christmas. It's a common phrase at least here I get it go SDG, take care.