What is Safe Harbor Day? | December 10, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
Well, that is right, you are listening to the hum of conservative, not bitter talk. And we've got a lot lot to get to today. Fortunately for your sake, we are highly trained, very motivated and incredibly skilled here at The Todd Huff Show. So it is good to be here kidding. Not kidding. Thank you for joining us email, Todd. At The Todd Huff show.com facebook.com i guess slash The Todd Huff Show. Twitter oh boy are not Twitter, YouTube, Twitter and YouTube. YouTube, The Todd Huff Show twitter The Todd Huff Show until Twitter starts taking our videos down. You saw that I'm sure yesterday, Twitter released a a statement, Twitter out there saying that they are going to basically anyone since yesterday. Or maybe back to the Safe Harbor day, which would have been two days ago, I guess. Anyone who's not in compliance with respecting safe harbor day, which is something that I would dare say 99% of Americans had no idea it was even a thing. Until well, until this week. Now suddenly, if you don't agree that Biden is the president elect now because of safe harbor day. Forget that there's cases being thrown before the Supreme Court forget that there's evidence of voter fraud. So I'm just gonna tell you in advance by uttering those words, YouTube is probably gonna delete this video. YouTube's gonna delete this video because this is what this is what this is how they behave. This is how this is how they get people to this is this is stifling free speech, I get the whole YouTubes of free independent wealth makes you question who all they're involved with. But these are, you know, there's a difference between government censoring speech and private companies, I get that there's a difference there. But at the end of the game, if it's all coordinated, it's all for the purposes of political advancement of one side and compliance and censorship and silencing of another Is it really? That's a fair question, I think, is it really any different? And what about this concept of, of the public square? And what about this section? 230. Right? Are you are you editor's YouTube? Or are you? Are you a platform where people can share their thoughts and opinions? Question things, where are you? Are you a place where, you know, people are forced to toe the company line like CNN, right? We had CNN, James O'Keefe, Project Veritas breaks into those meetings somehow I don't know how to get in there. I was on conference calls for months, a couple of months, was recording all of it. CNN out there, Jeff Zucker and all the other. Yahoo's at CNN, colluding with one another to silence silence stories if they even had journalists that retweeted I think the New York Post story on hunter Biden, which no one in the mainstream media even existed or acknowledged existed prior to the election in 2020. They acted like it was conspiracy theory, remember Twitter shut everything down. Everybody went bonkers on this. You can't know about hunter Biden. Meanwhile, there's 10% 10% 9.4. I think it was percent of people who voted for Biden in swing states said that they would probably have changed their vote had they known about it. And it's it's it's remarkable really when you look at this in fact, I was thinking the other day, if you actually I saw some some researcher said Biden got, I forget the number now that I'm, I didn't have this pulled up in front of me. But he he said that Google alone was responsible. I think he said, from his studies, from his research, now he can be wrong. Right? He could be wrong on the high side, it could be wrong on the low side. He can be delusional. But there's good reason. There's good reason to at least listen to what he's saying. And so far as what he's talking about here with Google, basically only promoting or giving people's search results, information that was positive to Biden and blocking and moving down the list or whatever things that were, that were negative, like the hunter Biden story, for example. He said 6 million votes, I think it was 6 million votes. Google got 6 million votes, you start calculating all these folks that interfered with the election, you start calculating dead people, you start calculating Google's interference, Facebook's interference, Twitter's interference. I mean, it may possibly when all the calculation is done, Biden may have had a negative number of people vote for him in 2020. I'm just saying, but we got that going on out there. And as someone who broadcasts on the YouTube platform, look, I've made the decision here. They want to take me down, take me down. I'm not going to comply with your silly little rules, and your petty little behavior. to compromise. What I think about something oftentimes is not even what I'm asking questions. A lot of times, I'm not even, I'm not out there claiming clamoring that every allegation is true. I'm simply saying, This is problematic. This is evidence This is concerning. should be to every single American on on planet earth today, every person should be concerned about the things that are being alleged in America. This is the this is America, in spite of all of her faults is a beacon of light and hope to the world. The problem is we've had some nefarious characters who are making some incredible decisions, who are making some very non transparent, taking non transparent actions prior to elections that affect election that are cozying up to foreign influence from China. We got Eric swalwell. There's reports that there's another democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. Rick Grinnell is out there saying that I saw that on hannity last night, right. I saw tweets about that, let me say he's out there saying that there's there's more to come. He's actually saying that mayors and governors are involved in this as well. Some very inappropriate, I'm just telling you what they're what they're saying. This is the sort of stuff that you didn't say, Nope, shut that down. I'm waiting for that to happen as well. There's no credible evidence that what Rick Grinnell has said is actually true. Shut it down. Don't let anybody know about it. It's incredible stuff really happening right before our eyes. Meanwhile, we have the member this the state rep in this in the state of Michigan, first came across her ca Johnson, I want to say is her name. She was the radical at that hearing. That was acting like a fool. She was the radical at that Michigan hearing, who was exposing. She was asking this Indian American who immigrated to this country 3540 years ago, she was asking her to spell her name or her maiden name. Right? For the purposes I believe of trying to have her doxed or intimidated or publicly known so people can track her down. And this lady also accused this representative, every single person who went before that committee, she said they were all lying, all of them. She also was only she only thought that people apparently from Detroit could tell the truth. The thing that troubled Ms. Johnson the most was that not enough people that were making the allegations were from from Detroit. She represents Detroit so apparently I Only people in Detroit can make true accusations. I guess if you're traveling in to the city of Detroit outside of the city of Detroit and you witness a crime, you don't She doesn't care. She doesn't care what you saw, because it only matters and her very. I just illogical mind. It only matters what people from Detroit think so this this lady was she was a drama craft that night. She was up there performing, probably hoping to get Biden's attention. If Biden somehow still becomes our president, which is up in question, especially with the Supreme Court case and some potential actions that legislators can still take, despite the fact that the media and the Democrat Party are telling you it's over and YouTube telling, you can't even mention this very utterance of this will get you potentially banned or your videos pulled down from their platform. Anyway, this lady, in my estimation, from what I've seen thus far, embodies all that is wrong with politics, all of it. I mean, she pretty much is the poster child in my mind. She went on. I don't know where she went, she did a video. And this video, I don't know if it was posted. I don't know where it was posted. I see it on rumble. They haven't gone to rumble. rumble is a place that currently. And I say currently, because God only knows what's going to happen. As rumbled grows in popularity, I'm not accusing them of any bad thing. I'm just saying based upon the direction that we've seen these social media platforms go. At some point as they grow, they begin to censor stuff, but it's generally a place where you can go and find videos that are that are I mean, people are putting up that you can that you can see that really aren't facing the same sorts of pressures as folks would on this on YouTube's platform, or Facebook's platform or whatever Twitter's platform. So she's I don't know where she is posting this originally. Now she's paid because of these comments. She's been stripped of her positions on committees and so forth. And they're looking at potentially in the Michigan Congress, Michigan State House, other potential. I guess punishments for what she's she's saying here, just I want you to listen to this. This is the party of love wins. This is the party who tells us it tells us that Trump is the problem. This is the party who claims moral superiority over us hayseed Hicks over the years, especially since the time of Donald J. Trump, I want you to listen to this. I want you to listen to what she's saying. And I want you to remember this is a this is a democrat representative in the state of Michigan, someone who's been elected. Just listen to what she has to say. It's it's just it's totally believable, unpredictable, but at the same time, totally shocking to hear coming from a state rep. Here it is. So this is just a warning to you. trumpers. Okay. Be careful. Walk lightly walk lightly. We ain't playing with you. She ain't playing with us enough of the shenanigans cut it out. Enough Enough. And for those of you here we go who are soldiers soldiers, you know how to do it. And mommies and daddies basic right to a right be in order being what does this make them pay? make us pay? I love y'all and then she loves I love that. make them pay. I love you. Love wins. Hashtag love wins. Hashtag unity. Hashtag. Why can't we all get along? make them pay? What a freaking idiot. This is completely unacceptable. Completely unbecoming. This this of a of a elected official. Again, predictable. If you would have told me before I saw this if you would have said hey, there's a video of a state rep in Michigan threatening Trump supporters. And he said you haven't guessed who it is. I said I certainly do have a guess because I watched the hearing the other night. Is that radical insane lunatic ca Jami non care I don't care what her name is. She doesn't need a bigger platform here then. Then is give him she's a representative in the state of Michigan ca thing is Johnson. Nice nice lady. Seems like you know, maybe she's vying for a position and Biden's cabinet. Why not? Budaj edge is apparently going to be Biden's ambassador to China, which I mean, come on the timing of this with all this stuff. We got swalwell connected to China. You got Dianne Feinstein, you've got Grinnell out there saying there's mayors and governors. Of course, Mayor Pete, I'm not saying he's one of them, but maybe Who the heck knows. Who that knows. They announced that today. They literally are tone deaf. They are marching forward, heads down in this transition. And this phony, make you believe everything's normal transition heading forward to January 20, where they want you to believe Biden's going to be inaugurated, which he very well may be but to act like nothing else is going on. That all these other things are shenanigans. As representative Johnson here so eloquently explained to us in that soundbite a moment ago, delusional think about the boldness to announce your your pick for China ambassador. and dare I say I go back to early in this year, Super Tuesday, when the Democrat Party actually I get to talk about that after the break, it's time to take a break. When we get back, I want to talk about Budaj edge, getting apparently, if Biden is sworn in as president here. If that actually happens, he's going to be apparently the ambassador to China, which I just want to talk about that and remind you of some things that we talked about on this program. But nine months ago or whatever. So quick timeout is in order, come back and pick up there get to lots of other things as well sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, talking about Pete boot edge edge, make sure you say that properly. America, Pete boot edge edge being considered as Biden's pick for ambassador to China. Do not interpret this sentence. Maybe that was a couple of sentences, but don't interpret them as me saying that this is over for Trump, I'm just telling you, for those in the mainstream media, those in the Biden team. As Biden's running around chasing his dog by the tail breaking his foot, he apparently between between bouts of doing that is coming, coming up with a list of people to put into positions of you know, whether they be in the cabinet or ambassadors as part of his part of his administration, if that eventually becomes a thing. So as an AI we're talking behind here behind the scenes during the break. And one of the things that we discussed was first and foremost, first and foremost, the Biden, the Biden pick in the media is the Biden picks. The media has made a big to do about this. Everything is about your identity. Right. So you've got if someone is nominated to some position or the promise to be nominated to the position again, if Biden is sworn in as president, which is certainly a very real possibility. I'm not pretending like that's not. That's not the thing, because it is we should all be very concerned about this. Trump certainly has options. But time is ticking. And the options are narrowing or just you know, there's realities here. Still a lot of concerns. I stand by everything I've said, all the questions. I've raised all the concerns I have, from the very beginning, no matter what YouTube does here, no matter what Facebook thinks about what I said. Anyway, so Biden, of course, they're checking off boxes we need, we need different groups of people. And of course, we know, Pete boot edge edge is he's married to a same sex partner, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. And Biden's checking off boxes. So they want to tell us all about that, right. This is like the for example, they've got Biden's communication team, all women. Meanwhile, the Trump communication team is led by all women as well. They don't even recognize that it's a remarkable thing. It really is. And it's it's so it's so awesome. Learning the people. Some people are so captivated by this. They can't see the truth that's right before their eyes. It is truly it is a phenomenon. It really is. They don't see anything that the media doesn't tell them to see. fact they sometimes see things the media tells them to see that don't even exist. But nonetheless, that's part of this. But that's not that's not why Pete Budaj edge would be getting this potential nomination to to be the ambassador to China. No, no, no, the reason. The reason is, you got to go back in time back to February, March, whenever Super Tuesday, all this stuff was rolling around South Carolina. Remember, we had democrats in disarray. The Democrats were wringing their hands, they were thinking, my goodness, our nominee is going to be very Bernie Sanders, the nutty professor himself, we're going to have a full fledged socialist at the top of this ticket, if we don't do something. These were legitimate conversations that were had by the powerful and the Democrat Party do not doubt this, do not doubt this. This is absolutely unequivocally, without any doubt at all, what happened? And they got together those that had the money, those that had the influence, and they said, Look, it's a real thing. We've got a bunch of candidates up there on the stage. And every week, we've got people impersonating Bernie, Bernie doesn't even stand out from the crowd anymore, because we've got socialists all over the place. But we can't have Bernie Sanders as our nominee, we'll get walloped. Not only that some of the big donors were thinking, Ma'am, I'm okay with paying lip service to some of these Bernie ideas to get the crowd to applaud me, and I think I'm some sort of a social justice warrior out there. But I'm not really down with my tax rates getting too crazy. I mean, I'm down with, you know, posturing as a moral person, you know, and making sure that I'm applauding the ideas that the masses that believe in this utopia of socialism, I'm okay with that. As long as it doesn't really impact me too much. And I can't, he's not gonna win, number one. Number two, if he does win, there's some some repercussions. That's no longer to something I can applaud and say I support now it's going to actually hit my bottom line, and I'm not sure I'm down with that. And so we've got to find somebody here that can beat Bernie. And so they found somebody, of course, they didn't, they found a puppet, basically, Biden, and I can see I just envision their faces when they realize they go to the names of the people on the on the list, and they just they had to, they had to say our best chances. Joe Biden, I can't believe I'm saying this. I'm sure this this was uttered by somebody in that meeting. I can't believe I'm about to say this. But Joe Biden is our best option. So they get on the phone, and they call Amy COVID chart. wait to see what's gonna happen with her. By the way. I don't know if it'll be administration. I don't know if it'll be now. But there will be payback for Amy Klobuchar in a good way for her. She will be paid back just as Pete Mayor Pete, good old Mayor Pete taking on one of the most important ambassadorships this country has, why not throw a guy out there with you know, I mean, what what experiences the look, you'll hear me a lot of times talk about professional politicians and all that. And it's, it's tremendously overrated, but you also have to have some experiences some life experiences in dealing with with some some foreign countries and understanding the complexities of international relations, and really not being naive to what some of these countries are doing, especially as it comes to China. But I guarantee you the phone call was Hey, Pete, look, I've said this before you can go back to the archives, this exact thing was said on this program. Pete, Look, man, love what you've done. We think you've got a bright future. But this ain't the year and if you don't drop out, Bernie is going to be our nominee, and that is terrible for the Democrat Party. So we need you to step aside. We want everybody to basically coalesce around Joe Biden, we're making the same call to Amy Klobuchar, we're making the same call to Elizabeth Warren, making the same call to anyone else that's still in the still in the field that may be pulling votes away from Joe Biden. We've got to make all those votes go to Joe so that we can beat Bernie. So what do you say? What do you say well, you know, you name your you let us know what we can do in the future, to make this right for you. How we can can pay you back. And I'm telling you here Thursday, December 10, that was part of the decision that in fact, that was the main driver. That's why he's being chosen to announce this, just the audacity of this, all these days going on with China, Hunter Biden and China, Eric swalwell, and China, Dianne Feinstein and China. And potentially, according to reports, there's going to be another democrat on the House Intelligence Committee that's going to be named. I was having I don't know if it'll be with China, but potentially China. Another swalwell. Like, situation, another Dianne Feinstein like situation. And yet, they're gonna go ahead and have Pete Buddha judge, maybe our guy for China. Remarkable stuff. And it makes you wonder, makes you wonder what else is going on there. And again, Rick greenwall is out there Grinnell excuse me, he's out there saying there's a lot more people who have some inappropriate ties to China, in governing positions, mayors, governors, and we're gonna they're all going to be exposed. That's what he says. I'm not suggesting it's anybody, whatever that's for you to decide. And for time to show us. I like for things to play out over time. But that is, that's what's being said. And the media being tone deaf, the Biden ministration, being tone deaf to all these things happening, marching right along as that as if everything is normal here. The only thing not normal is Trump. Trump's refusing to leave the White House is refusing to accept reality that Biden won this election fair and square that people voted. people voted. They've made their voice known who cares about irregularities? Who cares about duplicate ballots, who cares about balance being counted multiple times? Who cares about truck loads about being shipped around the country who cares about pole watchers being kicked out of places who cares about lies about broken water pipes in Michigan, who cares about suitcases about who cares about any of that, who cares about votes being counted potentially as decimals? Who cares about votes being run through Dominion machines and identical number of Trump votes and Biden votes, 100 votes each and the numbers the counts coming out differently to where a Trump vote counted for 1.8 point six or some such thing in a Biden vote counting for 1.12. I forget the exact numbers but something like that. Who cares about any of that? Biden's got the higher score. According to what we know. Other folks have confirmed certified This doesn't matter. It's just a remarkable thing from the same folks. From the same folks who presented a fairy tale about Russian collusion about Facebook and Pokemon GO ads tricking people are the same people who are saying this is has gone too far saying people like representative ca Johnson, telling Trump supporters to walk Whiteley whatever word that whatever that's supposed to mean, I'm gonna walk heavily on this program. Just for you, CA Johnson, I'm gonna take a break. Listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

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Welcome back yesterday, I had someone that was watching the program on Twitter. Someone who's a liberal, at least a Biden voter. I don't didn't look much into who she is specifically. I just saw this comment and we had a brief Twitter exchange. Her name is Carla. So I just think about those Carla watches my show. She tunes in she finds that she said she starts watching it. Then she takes the time to make this comment. I mean, I don't blame her for watching. It's a pretty just, you know, yeah, I bet this face for radio. And it's, I'm sure it drew her in. But she writes this, she says we the people of the United States of America voted all caps voted. Maybe that is what people voted on. And ways that they were on steroids, I guess. But we really don't care if you think it was legal or not. She doesn't care if I think then that's fine. Because they followed the rules. This is a remarkable thing to me. I was done during the break. She doesn't care if I think or you think better yet that the counts were off, or illegal in cases because she says they follow the rules. And why? Why does she say they follow the rules? Because the media saying they follow the rules? What about the 5000 or so affidavits that said that they didn't follow the rules? What about that? Does that not account for anything. She then says the votes were counted by a machine and by hand, just telling us during the break it reminds me there's a book that CS Lewis wrote called God in the dark. I love CS Lewis, brilliant man, brilliant defender of Christianity, incredibly intelligent, profound thinker, just incredible stuff. But he wrote this wrote about this exchange he had with a fellow professor who was an atheist, and they were talking about the laws of nature, right? Or the laws of science and CS Lewis says to him, let's suppose I put $1 now he used he used the British pound and pens and all this stuff. But suppose I put $1 in a drawer today. And $1 in a desk drawer tomorrow, same drawer, put it in there. How much would you expect to be in that drawer? You know, after after the second day, if I put $1 in day one $1 in day two, and the other professor, the atheist said, I would expect there to be $2 provided no one broke into the desk and took the money and CS Lewis says that's precisely the point. precisely the point. The laws of arithmetic say that if I put $1 in the day and the $1 in tomorrow, there's $2. Right? That's the less the laws of arithmetic. That's the laws of math, laws of science, whatever you want to say. If someone comes in there, and takes the money out of the desk drawer, they didn't break the laws of arithmetic they broke the laws of England or the laws of America. or Dare I even say the laws of God. That's what they broke. So the My point is, it just reminds me of this scenario. She says the counselor legal because she says that they're legal. Okay. I happen to believe The 5000 people who say things that call us in calling the question that counts, I think that's legitimate. Why should I be silenced on YouTube for thinking that or just raising the question, look, if you can, if you can answer those concerns, as by the way Jeff Duncan told us he can do if he just has five minutes, Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, five minutes with the voter boom, he can tell him what's going on. He wrote a piece the other day, a couple days ago, didn't even address this. If you can do that. If you're an elected official, and you can in five minutes, put this problem to bed and make people trust what a lot what what election officials are saying if you can make them trust with the media is saying if you can make them trust, what elected governors, secretaries of state are saying you have an obligation, mr. Duncan, get out there. I don't want to hear read an op ed about your baseball days when the manager pulled you from the mound when you were a pitcher because you're you know you were getting you no longer were effective on the mound. I don't want to hear that silly little analogy. I want to I want you to explain in those five minutes, why we should trust this. And that's what people like Anna, Carla and I had a brief exchange. I thought it was odd for someone that didn't care what I thought to listen to the show and then take the time to write me. That's not how conservatives did. If you find something come across something that you don't agree with, I'm guessing you just turn the channel flip through, scroll down, whatever. You don't take the time to tell someone how much you don't care that seems preposterous reminds me of the Seinfeld. Jury saw an ex boyfriend of Elaine. He said hey, Elaine says hi.

He tells a lane that he told this guy that she said hi. She said what? I didn't say hi, why did you tell him I said hi. So she goes down Jake jar, Mel. And she goes down to Jake jar, Mel. And she says hey, I didn't say hi. And Jake says you know what? The fact that you came down here to tell me you didn't say hi was more of a gesture than if you didn't say hi. And that's kind of what I feel about this. That's what I kind of feel about this. It's attractive truth is attractive. Don't forget that. Sometimes people want to tar and feather you, metaphorically and sometimes in reality. But they should everyone should care about this. It doesn't matter votes were counted by hand and by machine. If the and the CS Lewis analogy here if the the money that was in the drawer was tampered with. That's the entire point. 100% the point? Don't tell me about it's been counted 50 times. If the money if money was added to the drawer, it's always going to be wrong. That is the point. Anyway, Carlin I made friends, but it's just remarkable to me smart, intelligent people thinking like this. Gotta take a break back here in just a minute.

Folks, I wish I had time to get to this op ed written by Jeff Duncan, Lieutenant Governor from the state of Georgia who by the way, as I mentioned, last segment can has assured us if he had five minutes with us, just five minutes he could put any concerns we have about this election to bet he hasn't done it and he wrote an op ed about Trump, I guess, being analogous to a picture that was being pulled at the end of a baseball game by the manager. Not sure who the manager was there. That happened. I mean, there's a lot of wrong things with that analogy, but I don't have time Have a great day StG see tomorrow. Take care