Interview with Krish Dhanam | December 11, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. conservative, not bitter indeed you are listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff, email, Todd, The Todd Huff For those that want to email me your thoughts, your opinions, your questions. Yes, even your adoration and praise will be accepted here on this Friday or, candidly, any day of the week. Kidding. Not kidding, always good to. To be here I want to today's program is a little bit different. We have a special guest, a good friend, a former filan hosts of this program, Chris Dunham, author, speaker, evangelist apologist just a very thoughtful, insightful individual on all things pertaining to faith, culture, Christianity. And so many things we chat about. He's got a book that he is that he has written. And we talk about some of the things that the books about his relationship with Zig Ziglar. And he was kind of Zig Ziglar, his protege when he first came to this great nation as an immigrant from India, so we'll get into that story. But I want to start there's a lot obviously to get into. But I want to start with something that I think might help some people who are not understanding what exactly they don't want it they don't either don't want to understand they can understand the the on the rage or the the reaction the just the the beliefs that people have as to what has happened with this election with the 5000 plus affidavits with the state's changing election rules in the in the leading the days and months leading up to the election without going through their legislators with AP which absolutely is not allowed by law this is this is not it's not even a question folks. What is done about it that's that's another thing altogether I suppose a different conversation to be had. So leading up to this Texas lawsuit basically is what we're getting into really quickly because Chris and I spend it's we talked for a bit I like to have guests on for longer periods when we do it. We don't have them frequently, but when we do we try to have them longer. But anyway, I thought for the average common everyday person who doesn't follow politics, and I thought I thought about this last night I even talked to a buddy to say is this do you think this is an accurate analogy? For those of you that follow big 10 football, you may have seen that the big 10 at the beginning of the season, remember we had this whole delay on COVID the big tin and the pack whatever they are Pac 12 I don't even know whatever they are now. Those conferences did not. did not start their seasons as early as say the SEC in the ACC I believe. That's why you'll look at the records you'll see Alabama's nine no Roll Tide by the way. You'll see that fact you can see if you're watching on video, you see that Paul? The Bear Bryant coke bottle back there that came from my my grandfather. I've been a Bama fan since the 90s I would say But anyway, so this Ohio State so the big 10 they delayed their season at the beginning of the season, the leaders of the big 10 said in order to qualify for the big 10 championship. You have to you have to play at least six games. We can't let you get in there if you displayed five well as the season began to play out. And by the way, the Indiana Hoosiers, Indiana Hoosiers have surprised many and has had a wonderful season so far shocking people, losing only to the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Ohio State Buckeyes I should say they had a chance at representing the East big 10 east and the championship had they won that game they would have well who knows? This is the point. So for those that follow this, you would have known that the big 10 announced earlier this week that they were changing the rules. They changed the rules, they decided they had an analysis, they said they had an analysis. And they decided they discovered in that analysis, they discovered that if the big even if Michigan and Ohio State were to play, and even if Michigan were to beat Ohio State, which candlelit the odds of that given the way Michigan is played is, I mean, very, very small. But nonetheless, they calculate they had their analysts supposedly do some math here, and you know, figure this out. And they said, there was no way that Indiana or whoever was still gonna pass Ohio State in the rankings. So Miss Ohio State was going to be allowed to play. they violated their own rule of saying you had to play at least five games to play in the national or the the big 10 championship in I guess it's still here. in Indianapolis usually, anyway, so they change the rules during the process. This is very, very analogous with what happened in states. So if you have people that act, they don't really follow politics. I'm telling you little things like this happen. In fact, I remember one time on here, I shared an analogy about the electoral college. And I said, the electoral college is I compared it to a seven game. You know, a seven game series in the NBA Finals, for example, and I said, you don't take the total number of points scored at each of those seven games. And you know, base the final outcome of the series upon who scored more total points. In fact, the Pacers at a series with the I think the calves are the heat. I know it was one of the bronze, LeBron James's teams, I think it was the Cavs, maybe they outscored the Cavs in a seven game series, but they lost four games to three people would have lost their mind at the Pacers advanced having scored more points, the points would be analogous with the popular vote, the seven game series, each game would be analogous with a state's electors, so to speak, in that perfect analogy, but a pretty darn good framework. Same is true here. Big 10 set rules started season, it unfolded. There, moneymaking Ohio State did not meet the criteria. But they said wait a minute, we did an analysis. And suddenly we find that that is the best thing to do is to have them playing the national champ or the the big 10 championship. They changed rules during the game. Now the only difference is the big 10. This is their prerogative, they can do this. If you want to make the analogous complete. And better, you'd be better off to say that I changed the big Ten's rules, because I am more like a an election official in this analogy, say an election official in the state of Pennsylvania, arbitrarily changing or a court arbitrarily changing what the state of Pennsylvania does, because they have no authority to do that. That'd be like me going in and saying Ohio State you're going in with five victories to the championship, even though the rules say six, and then the big 10 have to comply? Right. That is that is the analogy here. I think it's important to point out that that is what people are. So one of the things that plus that's not even calculating the fraud. That's count. That's just taking into account the what happened on the front side of this the intentional changing of rules under the guise of we got to say everybody from COVID suddenly, people who do not have authority to make decisions regarding how elections are run can do that. And they change the rules. without going through the proper authority, which is the legislation, I lead the legislate legislature in their states. So anyway, timeout is necessary quick timeout, because I'm gonna get to this, get my conversation with Christian as I said, we speak a while but I want to share that off the top because I know a lot of you. Maybe you have conversations with folks who do not. You know, they don't follow politics closely. They don't really care. But they might care about something like the big two. They might be riled up about this. What do you mean the big 10 change the rules for Ohio State? That's not fair, that sort of stuff. So if they say that, it might be worth pointing out that this is precisely very close to what happened. When the states changed the rules in elections. I had to take a timeout, sit tight, come back and share my conversation with Chris Dunham, apologist, author, evangelist. all around good guy buddy at this program, sit tight back in. Back in just a minute.
Well, it is always good to talk with old friends, especially when we get to have them on the program, especially during the Christmas season. And maybe even especially when elections maybe possibly being stolen around us. So I'd like to welcome our good friend Chris Dunham to the program. Chris, welcome. How are you, sir?
I'm doing incredible. Todd, thanks a lot for having me back. always a joy to listen to you when I can and hear you're calm, but assuring and reassuring opinions.
I appreciate that. And you've got a lot of, you got a lot of stuff that you're involved with to in fact, I, it's hard to get into all the things that you even do or have your hands in, but you're an author, you're a speaker, I consider you an evangelist and apologist, you even filled in here on this program. And we were just kind of chatting with that off off air I guess. tell tell folks and I, Chris, we literally I hear when I'm not in I hear from people, Hey, who's this guest and all this sort of stuff. I heard more requests from people wanting to know who you were, how they can follow you all that kind of stuff than I ever had before. So you did something right. So I guess what's it like to fill in as a host on the show? And have you ever done anything like that before,
never have done anything like that before and was really grateful for the opportunity. But the number one rule I follow whenever I fill in for anybody doing anything, is don't take away from what is the core reason for their existence, which means you don't try to supplant your opinion, your identity, your knowledge, you just try to roll with the punches and get in there and try to basically try to complement that which you have already done. And so that's what I tried to do you bring a calm assurance to the audience. And I know you gave me permission to go down the theological realm, which I did, but I tried to stay within the tracks of what you offer, and that always is a winning formula.
Well, we appreciate you, you filling in and of course, we'll, we'll we'll look at doing that again, as as the times and opportunities present themselves. And then you touch you know, the theology and and the Christian faith that those are. It may, I don't know, shocked, maybe some of the listeners to hear me say this, but I, I really consider myself. I think that this I have an interest in evangelism, I think that being able to speak to people about larger issues, culture, morality, religion, politics, however, you draw those lines, people want to draw them wherever they want to draw them. But to me, it's, it's all about our worldview, our behavior, and so forth. So to me, this is a this is a way to actually share the truth of the gospel. So I'm glad that that you took the opportunity to do that. So thank you. Thank you for doing that. So really quickly. For folks that don't know, you, maybe tell us a little bit about you, you've got a great story Krish maybe give us a quick background summary of, of who you are, and and maybe what you do.
Well, the origins were in rural India, and then like everybody else, I set my sights on America when I was very young, I think I was about seven when I wanted this to be my destination. And of course, the other day, I posted something saying that when you're in India and US fire for America, you never come you never hope hope that when you arrive in America, you realize that someone here decided to honeymoon in Russia, yada yada yada. Now I understand. Right? But, yeah, so I came here $9 in my pocket, landed in America, four years into my track here, I ran into a man named Zig Ziglar, the motivational giant who instructed me from the ground up. And one of the things that I tell people about my own story is that most people who move from point A to point B want short term quick fix. Mr. Ziegler was the first person who said in a speed ease and convenience world, I'm going to teach you to play the long game. So when you arrive at the pinnacle, not F. And I love that it was a word of assurance that hey, I've made a drastic change in my life. Nothing is happening at the speed I wanted to maybe I'll try this long game. And in fact, he last night when we were speaking to a bunch of people who are at a halfway house I shared with them. I shared that that concept of I I'm what you would call a 10 year overnight success. And then, of course, Dallas has been home since the sixth book just came out. So along the way, I decided I would go into speaking and training and my joke has always been the same that those that can do those that can't teach and those that can teach become sales trainers. That was easy.
So you were I mean, tell us about that what I my background Krish I don't know what I've really shared with you about this, but I find graduating from college at Butler I was my plan was to go to law school, but I did a pre law program and decided, you know what, this isn't for me, this isn't what God wants me to do. And I spent literally three years I called him my David years out, you know, tending I wasn't tending sheep, I was tending horses on a horse farm, I was a horse farmer for three years, and got into sales thereafter. And I remember one of the early was the very first person I really, you know, kind of connected with and consumed as much of his material as possible was Zig. So I guess, Zig Ziglar for those that may not know who we're talking about, but tell us what you did there. Tell us about that relationship? Maybe maybe shed some light on Zig himself. What What can you tell us about that?
Well, it's uh, you know, it's a, it was a journey that truly was he was my fall and he treated me like his Barnabas. So it was, it was a divine thing. Mr. Ziegler was the one who led me to Christ. But he was a salesman, salesman, people always ask me, what was it like to learn selling under the great Zig Ziglar. And what is the best clothes he ever taught us? Mr. Ziggler taught me a closing attitude. He taught me that I deserved to win, I needed to believe I belonged. You will win some you lose some some we'll get rained out. But the relationship I realized was divided about halfway through when everybody was fawning accolades over him, but and I had a front row seat to greatness, I traveled with him all over the world, he let me sit next to him and the plane in front of the plane. He says, God is designed to you for a great purpose, and you don't need to go early and come late. You're going to travel with me, I have great, I have great plans for you. And he took me under his wing. And so that relationship was no longer a employee employer relationship, or a superior subordinate relationship. It was truly one of those. I tell people, you know, if you look at basic physics and basic optics, it's okay. I love being in a shadow because the light was falling on him. But he was telling me when I moved, the light will fall on you. And it was almost like he was designing me for a purpose that I could not see for myself. And so if I had to sum up his my journey with him and two bookends, which has been what I've been doing since he passed away in 2012, I tell people, I remember taking a shoes to be shined in Iowa when nobody knew who I was. And I remember taking him to the bathroom when he would not trust anybody. And he had forgotten who he was because of Alzheimer's. So he was my spiritual father, a man who gave me great, great insight and wisdom into life. And I'm so grateful that whatever I do around the world, he's already known there. So even though he's gone, I can still claim that that relationship and one quick story My dad has always when my dad met Mr. Ziggler, my dad said, you know, my son wanted to run away to the west to find payment fortune. He's our little one, we were upset that he was leaving the family. But this is our This is our seed. We wanted him to fall in good soil and to do something good. And but he met Mr. Ziegler, he shook his hand and said today I met the gardener.
That's incredible. Yeah, it's, I mean, Zig touched, as you pointed out, so many, so many people in so many ways. And one of the things that I was always impressed with, of course, I didn't know him like YouTube, but just just listening to his tapes back in the day, his CDs, his reading his books, and just listen to him tell the stories and you know, the passion, the energy, but perhaps the most, I guess, the thing that was imprinted on me the most was his willingness to bring his faith into what he did. So many folks are, I think, scared of this today, you know, scared of losing jobs, scared of, I don't know, getting in trouble getting written up and all that sort of thing that Zig was, you know, he wasn't overbearing about it. He was respectful, but he certainly there was no way to listen to his material, read his books and not walk away knowing that he had a relationship with Jesus. Maybe talk about that for a minute. Yeah, I
think outside of Billy Graham on this is the person I think would have led more people to Christ and I'm not exaggerating, we got mailed by the pound. When the seminar finished he would say the seminar is over. you've graduated everything you've paid me to deliver, I've delivered but in 15 minutes, I'm going to share the real truth of what what God did in my life. And his exact words verbatim. I've heard it a million times. He says all are invited, not all are expected. So now I want you to picture the seminar of 200 people all coughing up and not have to 15 $100 to learn wisdom from him. At the end of three days, he says, Yeah, I've given you everything that your 1500 can afford. But in 15 minutes, I'm going to give you the real truth, who in their right mind wouldn't come.
And out of the 300, maybe 60% would show up in the side room, which is one, which is the one that I managed, and we coordinated and many of them would give their life to Christ there. And then on their way out, we'd give them a CD or some kind of information to listen to, and they would give their life and commit their life to Christ on the side of the road, if they just listened to the CD. And the next day, we'd get the mail saying, hey, what are the additional resources I can. So the reason I share that is a lot of people don't know that side of them. They look at him as this motivational genius. They look at him as a sales guru. But in 1974, when he met the Lord, and he wrote, see you at the top in the same year, many of his fellow speakers told him Don't go down this path of bringing your faith into it, you will lose business. And he says, between an irate God and an irate crowd, I'll always pick an irate crowd. And he, he never used a booking agent. And his calendar was usually booked two and a half years.
quite a remarkable thing. So you've written a book here, and I want to I want to get to this, but I'm going to take a break here at the formatting. And when we get back. I want you to talk specifically about this about this book that you've written. And there might be some other questions that I'm sure will open up along the way. But we're with Chris Dunn. And Chris is a good friend of this program. He's been a guest host of the program, but he's an author, speaker, evangelist, apologist all around just solid, brilliant guy, and we're fortunate to have him on the program. So we'll continue this discussion when we get back sit tight back in just a minute.

Back a brief little intermission from our conversation with my friend, evangelist, apologist speaker, author, Chris Dunham, which I hope you're enjoying that conversation thus far but to keep the program on track and hitting the segment time allotted. I wanted to make sure that we fit the second half of the interview into the latter half of the program so but I want to talk about something else the diverting from what we've been speaking about so far here in this interview, but I want to touch on something very, very quickly because again, the formatting today did you see yesterday trending on Twitter for those of you that follow social media maybe you saw this elsewhere? Maybe this popped up as a news story somewhere for you. This whole Jesus land succession rush limbaugh situation, I'm going to briefly describe what happened and what it is. And it's just it's interesting. Amy Siskin I think of the New York where she she some liberal media outlets, some some person who believes that she's a journalist, of course, she's really not involved more in furthering the narrative of the Democrat Party due to flee being a member of their PR team. But anyway, rush limbaugh on it would have been I guess, Wednesday, I was asked a question by Mr. nerdly. I believe during the break or something, Mr. sturdily asked where's this country headed? And what's what's the endgame here meaning we have these these two diametrically opposed sides. We've got the the radical left, we've got conservatives, we get, you know, basically butting of heads, you've got all this tension, you get all this stuff that's arisen with the election integrity, and just we've reached a boiling point. And rush made the comment that he said, I think we may be headed towards secession. Now. Whatever you think about that, I just want to put that aside for a moment. Because Russia yesterday said, He's not arguing for secession he's not. He said, Look, I see people talking about this, I read these things. And I think this is where the mood of this is going. And, you know, he basically is saying, We're on the same sort of trajectory where you had, you know, we had the Civil War, secession was the precursor to that you had states that said, we're going to have slavery and another group of states have said, we're not allowing that. And the group of states that said they wanted slavery said we believe in this so much this is our economy is built upon this. There's other you know, there's issues of federalism and so forth, as well. There, but basically it was driven by this, you know, slavery in the south southern states and they said we secede from the union. And so then there was the the civil war but doesn't mean that secession has to go that route is simply just means that this is the direction that folks are heading. And we've already seen maps in Russia defense. I mean, you see, I think didn't didn't Wasn't there a group in California that was wanting to succeed? I think you've got states that are promoting groups of people from states that are saying we want to break off. We want to make California multiple states you've seen these sorts of things. But the idea being that there's we have such a fundamental difference, fundamental difference between big groups of people at some point, how are they reconcilable? Right? What do we unify around us to weaken, unify around a common American concept, but now we have people who believe in socialism, believe America is inherently unfair, believe in all these crazy anti American ideas. And so how do you reconcile those? So that's what Russia said, What do you think of that? That's what he said he wasn't calling for he was just saying that's where I think we're headed. So this Amy Siskin of wherever she's with, she came out, she tweeted out yesterday, a map that she called the United States of Canada, it showed all the blue states basically being part of Canada. And then basically, everything that's not along the coast, the West Coast or the Northeast was part of what she called Jesus land. And this was trending Jesus land, it goes to show you that even the radical liberals understand that there is a fundamental difference that we are what the battle is often about, which is rooted in that I would say is the First Amendment.
By the way, given the choice to live in the liberal utopia, or so called Jesus land, where people have the First Amendment have the constitution instead of being portrayed as the hayseed Hicks that they are accused of being. I think that the freedoms and liberty of what she would call Jesus land is a good thing. Not this socialist utopia that she thinks can achieve, I guess, bliss and perfection on Earth. Anyway, I just want to share that. Don't have time to say anything else. quick timeout, come back and share my conversation with Chris. Be back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, I am with Chris Dunham, author, speaker, apologist evangelist, talking about his mentor, the late and the great Zig Ziglar. who many of you know if you don't, I encourage you. I mean, just there's so many things you can learn from from Mr. Ziegler. It's not just for salespeople. It's an it's an attitude. It's an optimism. It's a perspective of viewpoint. And you can find the big stuff all over the place. But I want to speak specifically Krish about this book that you've written, Twilight, how one man gave unity and a verse to my universe, maybe talk about the motivation for this book, and a little bit about what it's about.
Yeah, well, as you know, from a political side and a cultural commentary side, we're going through great upheaval in society right now, disenfranchisement all around everybody's feeling marginalized. Identity Crisis galore. Everything is intersectionality everything is critical. And so I thought, you know, why did I succeed in going through that as a first generation immigrant with an accent felt marginalized many times. And then I remembered, you know, act 1726, the verse that this book Twilight is based on and the word Twilight, actually MMA is very interesting. When I tell people I'm not black, I'm not white Twilight, because I'm Brown. And so it was just a catchy title. And this is a glow like that as well. So I wrote seven principles from one verse acts 1726, how we all come out of one blood out how he all made us, made us come out of one place and how he decided our boundaries beforehand. So the seven principles include seven very personal stories that were very close to my heart where every time I felt marginalized every time I felt overlooked, and one of the stories real quick is there was a big event in Dallas. They were going to be too big arena 65,000 people over the course of two days multiple times. Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, former first lady Laura Bush, Mr. Ziegler, Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, I think you'd name it the who's who would not be at these two arenas. I had been doing the circus but they certainly called and said we can only give Chris 15 minutes at one of the venues or one of the day Because the celebrities around him their schedules are really hard to juggle. And my immediate conversation to Mrs. Ziegler was, yeah, they're not going to get rid of a former black secretary of state or former first lady who's white. They're going to get rid of the poor emigrant. That's, I mean, that's obvious, right? And Mr. Ziegler said, I'm sorry, you feel that way, but we'll correct it. I said, how he said, pick up the phone and call the organizers. And I'm not kidding. Is this a true story, it really happened because the evidence is what happened after he told the organizers you've given me an hour and 15 on each of the locations that you paid me the headliner, but this is my boy, this is his home turf. This is where everybody knows him. This is the moment I've raised him for. So take the 10 minutes of my lecture each of the four events and give it to my boy. Bottom line, I spoke four times to 65,000 people and my career took off. So the whole principle was, you know, Emerson says, if you were to pull me up, you better be on higher ground. And Mr. Ziegler was that person for me? And so this book is an ode to him. It's trending. Well, it's available both on Kindle and paperback on Amazon. And I wouldn't be a salesperson that he planned. If I didn't give a shameless plug, buy it and buy it for others and put it in their stockings. You'll do well.
Absolutely. And you should and we'll post this too so folks can find the link to to the new bookie so So you mentioned race ethnicity, in this book, this is obviously a very hot, I don't know, topic, issue, whatever you want. in America today, what's your viewpoint on on race and the intersection it has with politics and culture? What's going on here? How do we get get through this and actually get to a point to where we're treating each other? I guess, biblically through, you know, the way God expects versus what we've got going on what's what's the problem? And how do we, how do we get through this, I guess? Well, you know, as good as the free people suicide, and he talks about the golden, the golden triangle of freedom, and he talks about faith and virtue, and they all intersect. Needless to say, America is very founding is one nation under God. Right now we have an America where a bunch of people are trying to understand God. There is a huge difference between that. But having said that, America was always built on the noble ideals of the highest common numerator, which means we always started with the aspiration that we were the envy of the world. Nowhere before had a document been written, which basically talked about that We hold these truths to be self evident, self evident truths do not appear in the ether or vapor or atmosphere, they appear in the conscience of a human being created in the image of God. So that nobody is going to sell me I mean, you know, in the south, we have a saying, nobody's buying it, and you should stop selling. Nobody believes for a second the garbage that is coming out of some of these people who get. And of course, when you look at the whole election issue, I tell people, we were designed as a nation to have elections, not selection. You can just pick and say this is my candidate, and I'm going to change everything to make that work. But that may be a theory that may be a story for a different day. And I'm glad this is a radio show the way that get that blue Facebook logo, but the problem with Facebook is most of them on Facebook are hiding behind the real face and none of them have read a book. But if you go back to the basics, America's highest common ideal is being challenged right now, because victimization is always pandering to the lowest common denominator. You don't want to lift people out of the gutter, you want to broaden the gutter, you want to glorify the gutter and you want to blame someone else for the ditch. There is no out there. And so what we need is we need and so today this afternoon, I'll be with people who are disenfranchised, who are marginalized, who live up and down the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee. But I don't go to them with the idea that I'm going to solve their problem. What I did was I asked them yesterday what they need, and I want to make sure that what I give them a specific so truly we do need to help those that are marginalized, those that come from broken families, but rather than making decisions from a compound somewhere and hyannisport saying here's what the people in rural Arkansas need, go to rural Arkansas and ask what those folks need. And that's what America is about. We'll never solve the race problem unless we install the grace probe.
Amen. Amen. So you immigrated here from from India, what what year was that? And how old were you?
I came to America in 1986. Oil was trading at $9 a barrel and I had nothing to nothing to drive. Today I drive an SUV and oil so I'm not an economist. But this I do know that if you can for those If you're listening to Todd show, and I do is whenever I can, but I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart. If anybody tells you you can't make it in America don't pack you ain't gonna make it anywhere else. I wish more people had that attitude, Chris. I'm so that's I guess that's my question. So having grown up in India and seeing America from a distance, I guess, what is what was the perception that you had? What was America in your mind? And then what was it like when you arrived? And then maybe? What's it like now? I mean, how different is it? I guess, maybe paint that picture for us? Yeah, now the picture is different. Because when I grew up in India, we did not have the clinton News Network. I mean, CNN, we then we did you know, we had, we had to listen to Voice of America, which was the radio that were armed forces were listening to, we had to listen to British broadcast. So way, what happened was shortwave radio. And the late great Ravi Zacharias often said, you know, we would listen to radio Ceylon that came out of Sri Lanka. So everything was hope filled. Everything was something we never had whatever files piped into us was an aspiration. And we had dreams. And we want to get out of where we were in America, we always destination. America was the youngest, and still is the youngest of all civilizations, with most of our accomplishments for our grace, which means anybody who has accomplished anything in America is two generations removed from somebody in their family who came in on a boat. And then so it's the youngest of all places. So we never competed against Europe that had a 1500 or 2000 year history. We never competed against China that posted 5000. Everybody wanted America because it was an easy place to go in and realize that there was no great tradition here that would challenge you or change you. But if you came because of its newness, and its modular excellence, you would be able to fit in at least this is what we were raised to believe. That man, all you need to do is get there. So in my room, I had pictures of Statue of Liberty Empire State Building like any other aspirant trying to get out of that village in India. In fact, when the former the lady who ran for president, the former senator from New York, who wrote a book, it takes a village came out. I used to tell people, though it takes getting out. It's easy to say it takes a village when you're in a $17 million hole, but when you're actually in a village, you want to get out of it. So I remember coming here and realizing that the dream was alive. And the reason it was alive was whatever I heard on the radio was the same thing I heard from the race, as rush limbaugh says Ronaldo Maximus dictate Ronald Reagan, shining city on the hill speech, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, you know, when he heard that speech, he realized this was the place where dreams are made. And he because he grew up in Austria, and you know, that whole European socialism model. So America was just not it was not a destination, freedom was not a coined term, it was an ideal. And everywhere I went in the world, you know, after I came here, I carrying that American passport, give me access. Now fast forward to where we are going back to our original statement of a biblical generation. America, you know, Ravi Zacharias wrote a book called deliver us from evil and he says, post Vietnam, America's cultural soul came home in a party back. And when you look at the 40 years since Vietnam, one biblical generation, we went from a group of people who were very now you know, decided we're not going to practice objective morality, right? Wrong. Yes, no black, white, we're going to subjective morality, my heart likes it, you better approve it, you better applaud it and you better you know, parade it. So what we are seeing now is just a stark contrast to what I saw 435 years ago when I landed here. Granted, I've lived in Texas all the time up here. So, you know, in the old days there one of the evangelists in India says we have inoculated the world with a mild form of Christianity so it's almost immune against the real thing. In Texas we have real patriotism you know, if it's moving we hug it if it's not we sell if it argues we take care of it, the second amendment In fact, I think we need to go back to two amendments first amendment is you have a right to say whatever you want Second Amendment, Is that your final answer?
I'm having fun as you can say, that I really do believe that with all the hurt in the world unless there's a little jest, because I mean, otherwise, I would go insane. I look at what is now paraded as common sense, it is just abject stupidity. nd it's time for the church. It's what past time it's time for the church for Christians for patriotic Americans to stand up and to put an end to this to this nonsense. I mean, we That That to me is really the Crossroads we're at, I still feel like we have a majority of people that want to do the right thing and make the right choices. There's some conflicting interests there many times. But at the end of the day, I think that that's true. But there are certainly folks there that in DC in our state houses, that all levels of government really that are doing some some nefarious things and up to no good. And we've seen some of that in this in this election and so forth. So truth needs to be proclaimed. I applaud what you're doing. Folks should get your book, where can they get yourbook, Chris, tell them where they can find your book. The electronic version should be available on multiple platforms, but just type in the word Twilight's and Krish. Dunham, Amazon or Twilight Amazon, and they may have it on your show link as well. I think I sent the link earlier. But it's available on Amazon both in the paperback format, they can order it or in the Kindle format, as well. Or they can go to our ministry website, which is ma la mala, Marla And they should see it up there as well. But it's a small pocket book. It's designed to be read in one sitting. It's not cumbersome, but I think it'll give open it'll give some give some encouragement much needed at this time. men. We appreciate that. Again, the title of the book Twilight, how one man gave unity and a verse to my universe, written by our friend and guest, Chris Dunn and Christians Always a pleasure to have you sir. we'll have you back soon. And maybe, who knows even filling in here again, and I can't do that too much, folks. Or folks may clamor and want you to be full time, so I got to be careful there. But it's always good to have you my friend. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate it. Thanks for having me. I look forward to seeing you soon. Bye. God bless. Folks, that is all the time we have today. But I want to take this opportunity to remind you to remind you to if you haven't already, check out the website This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can find out how you can help those in need this Christmas holiday on the Near East Side of Indianapolis by providing through our partnership with Shepherd Community Center. Christmas gifts for children. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is that website. Thank you so much for listening. Have a great weekend. SDG soon take care