The Electoral College Votes & Biden Gives a Speech | December 15, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff why'd you want that speech last night given by President Elect allegedly hold on President Elect allegedly gee Biden, last night puppet of China, g Biden out there trying to unite supposedly, the American people I think that that speech that we witnessed last night was arguably the most delusional. The most ridiculous, the most deliberately. What I want to say deliberately avoiding reality that I have seen in some time now. I'll tell you here this morning. I'm gonna try. I'm going to use the word try here. Even though Yoda tells me Do or do not there is no try. I'm gonna try to play some of this soundbite. Now the problem is, my normal system here is not functioning. One of the technical pieces that I use in this, in my setup to trigger sound bites is not it's not available to me today. It is it needs to be replaced. Long story that goes along with that, that I won't bother with at the moment. But so I'm going to try because I don't know how to if I can if I can pull this off and trigger the sound bites from another source or not. That being said, I don't know if you heard that speech last night. By the way, welcome to the program. I am your host, Todd Huff. Always conservative and always not bitter here at The Todd Huff Show email Tata Tata You can watch the program Yes, in fact, even see that I have a face for radio, if you tune into The Todd Huff, where we're streaming the program live. And as long as our friends and the censors at Twitter and Facebook and YouTube as long as we do not upset them too much. They will allow the program to stream there as well to have show the hash or the the account name, the handle there you go for all of those platforms. But I started the program by doing that. Because I've never heard. I've never heard a president do that more in a speech last night. And I heard Joe Biden excuse me, President Joe Biden, President Elect, Joe Biden. I've never heard that happen more remotely anywhere near as much as it happened last night. In fact, it reminded me you remember the one Marco Rubio a couple of years ago. And it's been more than a couple of years ago. It's been when Obama was president. This goes to show the older you get folks the further the longer back the term a couple of years ago actually applies to how we think about things, at least how I think about things. But Marco Rubio gave the rebuttal to the State of the Union address that was given by Barack Obama. And I remember you remember this too. He was talking to the camera and reaching for a glass of water bending down, like motioning for someone to hand him water off camera. some such thing as it turns out in politics, something like that is a is a really big a big deal with the television. And now of course we're streaming and social media, you do something like that. They'll be memes everywhere. In fact, there probably are memes. About Marco out there. Marco Rubio reaching for a glass of water during his rebuttal to Obama's certainly delusional State of the Union address. Anyway, last night speech Biden comes out there this is let me set the stage. The stage is the Electoral College has voted around this country. And each of the respective states and the District of Colombia. Don't get me started on that. But all 50 states and the District of Columbia cast their electoral votes yesterday. Biden 306 Donald J. Trump 232 same, the same count by which Trump won in 2016. And so Biden's out there. By the way, you know, Biden's dogs have a Twitter account, wondering if there's video evidence, the dogs have video evidence of Biden chasing them around by the tail. Because I would like to see this. I'd like to see this video video proof of Biden. I mean, I can believe it, it sounds like something Biden would do. And I did see that Biden's dogs actually have a stuffed Trump dog doll, excuse me, not dog doll that they chew on, which of course, is sophisticated and just very appropriate. That's not considered something that's crossing the line for these folks that lectures every day about Trump's tweets and so forth. But anyway, anyway, so Biden, yesterday was, according to the current Electoral College vote was elected by the electoral college 306 to 32. Now, what also happened were that six or seven states, I think even New Mexico did this. Republicans had their own slate of electors vote because of the contested election. So what has to happen? And I know we've not you know, normally election night or the next morning, we know who won the election. Right now, what the democrats and the media are failing to tell you is back in 2016. They carried on created a narrative that Trump's stole the election stolen, stole it from the will of the people by tricking them tricking them, I say to vote for him instead of for Hillary people went to that voting booth. It's a remarkable thing. They were on their way to the actual polling place, or know to cast their their absentee ballot or to go early or on election day. However, you were voting back in 2016 people headed on the way to the polling on their way to the polling locations. They turned on Pokemon GO as they were waiting in line and they saw an ad, they saw an ad that was created by Russians. And it tricked them. It tricked them into voting for Hillary for Donald Trump once they get into the booth. remarkable thing. There's no evidence of this. It's insane. And it's I mean, most fundamental form is as far as being delusional and ridiculous. But this is what we were told. For years. Trump stole did they still say this out there? There was a whole movement based upon this the resistance you remember this? Of course you remember this? Do you remember on Inauguration Day 2017. On President Trump went to Washington DC, you remember the riots beginning there. That was before Trump sent one single tweet as the President of the United States. I guess by that point, he had sent tweets as the president elect. But nonetheless, nonetheless, this is what happened in 2016. Pokemon GO ads, Facebook ads, trick people because Russia made them. amazing thing for those of you who own businesses, for those of you who are in charge of marketing departments, you know how hard it is to move people to take action with ads, if you could do it with this Russian firm that created these ads that allegedly hypnotized and tricked people into voting for, for Trump, who had every intention to vote for Hillary. They totally lost their minds. I mean, I think a lot of businesses and marketing firms and marketing departments around this country in business large and small, would be looking, looking to have these folks teach them a thing or two probably even contract with this Russian company. Maybe Putin himself if it was so effective, I'm sure companies would be clamoring for this. But this is what we were told. We were told for. I mean, 45 years now, whatever it is, in fact, Russian collusion 2.0 the hoax continued with Trump being impeached for something that was just an extension of that with this phone call with Ukraine. Trump setting up to work this time and 2020 apparently with Ukraine to steal the election this time from President Elect now President Elect allegedly g Biden. So this is this is what we're supposed to forget. This is what we're supposed to ignore. This is what we're supposed to just I mean, it is remarkable. It is truly remarkable. I saw someone yesterday tweet a line from the book 1984, which if you haven't read it, it's gonna read a lot more Less like fiction today and a lot more, a lot more like reality. But it gives you an idea of what we're being subjected to, from the power brokers from the media from the Democrat Party, from the radicals out there, from the Adam Schiff types from the Nancy Pelosi types from the AOC types. It is a remarkable thing. But this speech last night, I mean, was delusional. It was tone deaf. Biden talking about democracy winning. This is literally on the day, folks. The day that Antrim County, Michigan, remembered using Dominion voting systems, Dominion voting systems, did you see this? Now? You may remember last weekend, not this past weekend, the weekend before that would have been December The what? December the fifth or something like that? December the fifth. The judge a judge in Antrim county said that the antrum the voting machines there would be subjected to an audit and review and so forth. And they were subjected to that. We were told that the report would take 48 hours to generate 48 hours came that would have been last Tuesday a week ago today. December 8, by the way, I should say happy birthday to my brother, who is now joining me in the 40. Club. Happy birthday. But a week ago today they had they were supposed to release these findings. Would you find out from the Dominion machines? Well, there was a protective order a judge that issued a protective order against the release of this information. And this was not this was not lifted until I guess yesterday. So yesterday, the day that Biden supposedly won fair and square, the most transparent. He said that yesterday in his speech quoting Of course, the knucklehead here on the inside the government I'm forgetting the name at the moment. The knucklehead who said this, this was the most secure election in American history. On the very day that all that stuff is being uttered by the so called President Elect gee Biden headline here, the national polls report claims the minion error rate of buckle up if you've not seen this, this is remarkable I the Dominion error rate of 68% 60 868 actually think it's six 8.05 is what I read. The headline then continues to say it's intentionally designed to create systemic fraud, intentionally designed to create systemic fraud Biden's up they're acting as though anyone who has a problem for the election just wants to silence the votes and the voices of the American people. Biden's up there acting as though so called President Elect Biden up there acting as though the American people have spoken. they've spoken emphatically at one plus million people voted for him the most free and transparent and secure election this country has ever seen. And on the same day he utters that with his head in the sand intentionally. You know, I don't know now that I say that if Biden even has the slightest clue about this, but the people that are writing the speech do people that are writing the speech to the folks who are telling us this fairy tale that Biden won this fair and square, there's no questions Trump's the one out there trying to under mine, our system of governance, our system, our elections, Trump's throwing a temper tantrum Trump's trying to burn this thing down on his way out. That's the narrative that they're that they're furthering. Meanwhile, of course, no one wants to talk about this 68% error rate, folks that is unfathomable. How do you have a 68% error rate? And I mean, that that's a genuine question. How do you have 68% 68% error rate i i for the life of me cannot understand that. I for the life of me, cannot seem to get that my head wrapped around 68%. These things the error rate and the Dominion software seems to be about as bad as the COVID test rate. They're wrong substantially more than they're right. What's the point of casting ballots? If the chances are I mean, two out of three chance that is wrong. What does this even mean? I don't even know how to comprehend the numbers here. That basically means if you voted for Trump, the odds are, the odds are it probably was a vote for Biden. I mean, it's just a remarkable. It's just remarkable what this system what this is telling us. On the day, Biden's out there claiming the day Biden's out there claiming that this is a complete, completely transparent, just perfectly run election. And I've got to take a break long. In this segment, I'm going to try to figure out a way to trigger these sound bites today, my systems a little bit different than normal. That being said, a timeout is in order, sit tight. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff broadcasting here live from the Office of the potential future president elect back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I am going to share a little bit with you about well from this Biden speech last night. Sorry, that's what he did. I'm telling you, I bet he did that, at least a dozen times. That may be generous. That may be generous Biden walking to the podium last night to share his delusional version of events leading up to the so called President Elect being selected by the electoral college yesterday, even though six or seven states are sending multiple slates of electors to Congress on January 6, January 6, they're still going to tell you Biden as president elect, these have to be accepted by Congress. And look, the time is ticking. I don't know we're in some ways and ventured or you know, on, on ventured waters. I mean, we've we've not been, you can say we ventured into these back in 1876. Or maybe 1800. For the vast majority of American people who decided who have heard, I don't say the vast majority, but for a lot of Americans. They've heard msnbc or CNN or NBC or CBS or the New York Times say that Biden is President Elect. They've seen Biden up there standing in front of the podium that says the office of the president elect, whatever the world that's supposed to mean. And so they're they think, Hey, this guy's one Trump's just own a temper tantrum. Biden's dogs have a Trump doll that they're chewing on. So that must be further evidence that Trump's not going to be in the White House. And Biden's chasing his dogs around by the tail breaking his his foot. Biden comes to the podium last night. Unable to clear his throat here or the really make much sense at all. This was again, I think this was one of the worst speeches, political speeches I've heard is it is delusional. It is not based in reality. He doesn't acknowledge some of the legitimate obvious problems that we're facing whether or not he I'm not saying he has to say that it's enough to overturn his winning supposedly the presidency. But come on. I mean, literally, as as you listen to him talk, just think about all the things that you've seen just envision the suitcases a balance being wheeled out from under tables, this picture, Republican poll watchers being kicked out in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, all these places kicked out. people cheering when they are kicked out. Just picture the revote the audit results that were released yesterday. 68% 60% error rate in the Dominion machines in Antrim, county, Michigan, nothing to see here. march along as usual, keep your head down. don't acknowledge it. Say the pundants say the advisors. Say those who like to operate in the darkness just move forward. Pretend as others No problem, in fact, even tell the American people that this was the most secure election in American history. Remarkable. Remarkable what they tried to get away with and people not in agreement now. Yeah, sounds right to me, I guess what do I know? But I want you to listen to this speech by President Joe Biden last night President Elect allegedly here we go see what he has to say.
Americans Over the past few weeks, officials of each state Commonwealth district, without regard to party or political preference, have certified the winning candidates. Today, member of the of the Electoral College, representing the certified winner cast their votes for president and vice president united states, and an act just as old as our nation itself. Once again, the American America the rule of law, our Constitution, and the will of the people prevail, our democracy pushed to test all threatened proved to be resilient, true and strong electoral college votes which occurred today effect the fact that even in the face of the public health crisis, unlike anything we've experienced in our lifetimes, the people voted. They voted record numbers. More Americans voted this year. The United States of America live in the states that they're voting in 150 5 million Americans were determined to have their voices heard, and their votes counted. We think at the start of this pandemic, this crisis, many were wondering how many Americans would actually vote at all, or still wondering that Joe found it , we saw something very few predicted, even thought possible, the biggest voter turnout in the history of the region from as many as we need it to be so big, that this election now ranks as the clearest demonstration of the true will of the American people. Amazing demonstrations of civic duty we've ever seen in our country, vote center to be celebrated, though two suitcases underneath tables should be celebrated. should be celebrated. He says. Come on, Joe, what's going on here? Okay, well, my my system here is paused on me to take a look at that. But that is folks, that is the definition of delusional. It is it is truly delusional, to go up there and to talk about, we had so many people come out. So many come out. In fact, so many came out that this can be unquestionable that this is the most the election that has the most the shows the most will the American people basically making the argument that hey, not only did people come out and elect me, I have a clear mandate here. This is so clear cut, says Joe Biden, excuse me, President Elect, allegedly gee Biden, he gets to go out there and sell people. He's got amazingly a mandate. I know he doesn't know what he's even talking about half the time, he's probably in visioning himself chasing his dog by the tails. But but this is what we've been subjected to. This is what we're being subjected to. And it's, again, it's delusional is what it is. That that is not a legitimate take, you can say, you can say, hey, look, there's legitimate. You can't say there's not legitimate problems and in our elections, that if you say that you are not, either you're deliberately not paying attention. Or you are deliberately trying to avoid reality, you can say, you can say I still think Biden would have won. But to act as though there's no problem and to act as though that these problems do not every single time favor. The democrat candidate is simply living in a fantasy world. It is. And the American people know it. And the American people are upset by this. What did I see in the state of Georgia? I saw as john mcglothlin, the poet the pollster, he was being interviewed on one of the shows on on Newsmax or maybe it was a one American news on one of those two outlets. And he did a survey his company did a poll and found that in the state of Georgia 58, five 8% of Georgians wanted a special election especially excuse me a special session called so that they can review what happened in the 2020. Election 50% the percentage of people who did not want that was 38%. That's a 20 point difference, a 20 point margin of you know, this is the will of the talk about the will of the American people. President Elect. Biden allegedly that is that's What the clear will the American people at least in the state of Georgia, that clue the clear will have Georgians? Why don't they do this? You know why they don't do this. Because once they do this, they're going to find the same stinking thing that they found in Antrim, County, Georgia and error rate on their voting machines of 68%. And there's going to be more people out there saying that these systems are intentionally designed to create systemic fraud. That is the finding from a forensic report forensic audit created conducted on voting machines Dominion voting systems in Antrim, county, Michigan. We'll talk a little bit more about this after the break. But a quick timeout is an order sit tight. We back here in just a minute.

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That's what these machines are designed for. It's a remarkable thing. This report, according to the national polls, calm reasons that while quote, the allowable election error rate established by the FEC Federal Election Commission guidelines is one in 250,000 ballots as point 000 8%. This group that did the audit observed an error rate of 68.05% with Dominion voting systems. its findings focus on Antrim County, which saw its election results glitch and flipped 1000s of votes for President Trump to President Elect allegedly g Biden. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity, the 13th that's the December 13. Summary noted, critical to the report is the notion that these errors are a result of machine and or software error, not human error. These aren't people punching in wrong numbers. This is the machine saying we're gonna do what we need to do to win this election. That's basically the takeaway was from us. The Allied Security Operations Group explains we conclude that the Dominion voting system is intentionally and purposely designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results, the system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. Electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication, the intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication, the ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud. Yikes. Nope. Joe Biden doesn't see any of this. Joe Biden instead decides to say, the so called President Elect tells us that this is the most secure election ever. Meanwhile, we have systems a voting system that is used in multiple states with a 68.05 error rate the sounds totally and completely made up. totally and completely made up. But this is what their findings are. This is what auditors found forensic auditors found that this system is intentionally and purposely designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence. Election Results. Biden says nothing to see here. The Electoral College is voted. Courts have found no evidence, give me a break. This is beyond. This is beyond delusional. I said off the top the most delusional speech I'd heard and sometime I may have to change that. What's the word that's more? I guess more short shows more delusion than delusional because that's what this the speech that Biden gave last night was absolutely putting one's head in the sand. Got to take a timeout though. Come back and continue our talk of all things political here. But a quick timeout is in order sit tight back here in just a minute.

Folks, is the most secure election ever. Don't ask any questions. Just not an agreement. Nothing to see here. No concerns, nothing that should make any American the least bit uncomfortable. the least bit? I don't know bothered. You should just march along the Electoral College has met in their respective states they voted. It's what they want you to think Biden is now President Elect. Now we can say that they say Even though seven states the most sense, it's been a long, long time that this many states have sent basically contested electors to the Electoral College. We've got a couple more weeks. But now there's there's realities here we got to deal with. There certainly are realities, but for them to just universally gloss over all of this fraud, corruption, all of this. I mean, it's right there for anyone to see. It's right there for anyone to see who wants to see it. The mind will justify what the heart desires, they desire President Trump to be out of office so badly, they will accept any explanation. any explanation whatsoever, they're fine with it doesn't matter doesn't even have to be a real explanation. It can just be someone in the federal government saying it's the most secure election ever. Okay. Good enough for me. Nancy Biden's president we can finally say it. Somebody in the federal government said that this is the most secure election ever and what Who are we to not believe them? Don't believe what your lying eyes see? What do I show you each and every day? Don't believe what you're saying. That's what they want you to do. And folks are willing to do this. I it's remarkable to me as someone who's always been a person that thinks for himself to watch how some people are so easily manipulated, so easily. misled, so easily confused, so easily deceived. Folks, there is such glaring evidence of fraud, there is such glaring evidence of corruption. I mean, we have no they've certified election results, they literally have no idea. They have no idea what's going on. But they've certified these results. electors had been cast based upon those erroneous certified results, in spite of what evidence, scientific evidence, right, follow the science folks follow the science, the voting machines in Antrim County, show that they are deliberately used to to calculate things that aren't that could not be counted as votes. Just fantasy world deliberately used to influence and basically still vote. That's what the audit found. And they have no record of the adjudicated ballots. Those vanished off the machines amazingly, amazingly. And we're supposed to not here sit here and say, Oh, yeah, that was fair, free, transparent, best election ever ridiculous. Gotta take a break. Come back and wrap up. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks. We cannot count on the courts. I'm not sure we can count on really anybody at this particular point. But the fight must continue. state legislators in Congress need to do the right thing in fact, I saw look, Senator Braun came out yesterday made some statement of saying he doesn't like the results but this is you know, the people have spoken that's we're not we're not there yet. I understand I do. But this is inexcusable that we've overlooked all this fraud. I've got to go Thanks for listening StG. See tomorrow. Take care.