Does Mike Pence Have The Power To Determine Who Is President? | December 29, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. What did you see that the state of Georgia? Yes, the state of Georgia is now mandating, mandating new sets of rules. With this upcoming election, which has already started early voting in the state of Georgia. They have mandated that folks have that these precincts start early voting by tomorrow, December 30. So I guess that simply means that the folks that are there to determine how many votes are going to need to be flipped this time. We'll know in advance. Kidding, not kidding. I don't know who knows what's going on out there, folks. Welcome to the program. I am your host, Todd Huff email, Todd, The Todd Huff You can connect with us on Facebook, as long as our friends at Facebook allow that to be the case. Tata or she may, slash The Todd Huff Show you to Twitter and parlour Todd Huff shoe is the social media handle for all of those platforms. I want to start today by talking about something that we've heard rumblings about or discussions about for some time. And I want to specifically talk about an article a piece that was written by the neon revolt. I think I saw this posted it was either on Sidney pauwels Twitter feed, maybe it was Lynn Woods Twitter feed, I'm not sure which one I think it was Lynn woods. But I want to go through this and talk about this today. The process by which the President of the United States is selected, of course, now all this attention is being placed on two places really, one is the state legislators that I want to get to that as well. But I want to I think I want to start with with Vice President Pence. So state legislators have the authority in most of these states. That's the second place of the state legislators that the attention is now being being focused, state legislators have the authority to call special sessions to investigate and then determine if they are going to basically decertify their official slate of electors and then recertify ones that they believe are correct. And that can be anything that can be they could have the investigation that hearings, and they could say, you know what, there's not enough evidence Biden is our winner. He won the state of Georgia, Michigan, whatever. Let's have that. Listen, the Biden electors or they can say, President Trump clearly won this because there was so much fraud and corruption in this election, that this is how we're going to remedy this, we're going to send Trump electors because the numbers are there to show that this is fraudulent. And that this was stolen from Trump in the state of Michigan, or whatever the state is, um, just or they can say, we don't really know what happened here. Maybe we send if a state has an even number of electors, like Michigan and Georgia have 16, maybe they could send eight of each. I mean, any number of things can happen at this point. But that can be constitutionally reclaimed by state legislation that that creates a bit of a problem. There, there's some difficulty in getting these special sessions called but I want to share with you some information about that a little bit later in the program. I want to start today. I want to start there. First off here today with this piece in the neon revolt and I want to use it kind of as a springboard to talk about about this. And this. Mike Pence Vice President Mike Pence is involvement in selecting not selecting but determining which electors to, to count. Right, so we have seven states, seven states have sent multiple electors. We'll be sending multiple letters to Trump. You don't get to send two sets and get both sets counted. So there's an argument here that Trump or Putin people Hence is going to have to Pence is the vice or the President of the Senate. Right. There's 100 senators pence conserve. Currently through what January 20 noon on January 20. He can serve as the tie breaking vote in the Senate. Every time I say this, I'm reminded of the criticism that Sarah Palin received back in 2000. And what was it 2008? Because she said, one of the roles of the vice president was to be President of the Senate and she got hammered over this. Are you kidding me? She doesn't even know what's going on. Of course, that's one of the roles of the Vice President is to preside over the Senate. And in case of a tie to cast the tie breaking vote, but in this particular instance, the job of the pres is to me vice president or the President of the Senate, which is synonymous. The job of the Vice President is to open all this. This is, according to the Constitution, folks, is to open all of the states electors, right? The remember a couple of weeks ago, December, what was it December 14, states all around the country were voting, their electors were voting, they did that in their home states. And so that was just kind of a one step in the process. Those votes were then sent to, there's a process by which these are sent to the federal government they're held. And then they're opened on January 6, by the vice president in the presence of a joint session of Congress that includes every member of the House of Representatives, every every senator, well, every one that doesn't have COVID, which there's a whole nother potential situation with COVID that I want to time permitting, we'll get to But anyway, so joint session of Congress, Vice President Pence performing his role, his duties as President of the Senate will open up the the votes, and he'll count them in the presence of all those sitting there. Now, the question is, what do you do with the states that have sent multiple slates of electors in and those states would be Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, or Trump says Nevada and New Mexico. So seven states have done this. So some folks say look, President, Vice President Pence is the President of the Senate on that. Well, he is all the time, but he's performing duties as President of the Senate. He has the ability to determine which electors to count. So you may have heard rumblings about this, arguments about this. So let me read this piece here. VPS rendezvous with destiny, written by the neon revolt, I'll be up front right now. The author writes, I haven't known how to write about anything in long form for a very long time. Now, this season has been the hardest span of time in recent memory. I know I'm not alone in that sentiment, but it's been exceedingly difficult for me to make heads or tails of anything substantial for a while now, beyond following the minutiae and day to day happenings on gab. That's a social media app, the 40,000 foot view has been nearly impossible to discern through the fog of war. And with so much silence from those we depend on, it's often felt like we've been flying blind for some time. Now, I want to chime in here on this because I've shared with some folks close to me of all the time and I've been doing this program since August 10 of 2015 started as a podcast, which by the way, this program is still available as a podcast. If you haven't subscribed, you ought to look into subscribing because then you can listen to this program. Whenever you want. You can listen to it while you're working out while you are you know, well when the weather's better working in the garden, mow in the grass, whatever. But I started August 10 2015, actually, two floors above me now I'm in the basement studio with the the bunker at the health household. But two floors above me we we we have the the bedroom wife has a closet in the bedroom. That's where we started. In fact, I still remember I was telling someone this the other day the clothes, her clothes from the closet because we use it at the time to produce better sound quality it you know, dampen the sound and it's made a better environment. It absorbs some of the the echo and so forth. But I remember the clothes being inches for my for my faces. I was practicing podcasting in that closet. What five, five and a half years ago now it was time flies but anyway So, but since since that day, I don't remember a time. I don't remember a time when it's been so challenging to weed through all the stuff that's before us. I mean, we have sensory overload, information overload. And on top of that, we have an information war that's going on. We have people who deliberately wake up each and every day. They call themselves journalists, who are nothing more than professional deceivers. They want to deceive you into believing that what you think what you suspect is not true. In fact, it's crazy talk. Right? They want you to think that what you see is something you really don't see. They want you to think that this is not this, this these this call these calls are these allegations, I should say, these allegations that there was voter fraud is craziness that you probably need to be locked up in some institution to help you overcome your tendency to following and believing things that are absolutely insane. These folks are professional receivers. And the vast, vast majority of folks who are in the media fall into that category. There are a couple of journalists left, but there are not many. And by a couple that's not really hyperbole. On top of the professional deceivers, we also have, we also have a group of professional Sophos professional pretenders. And those are the folks that we supposedly have elected in positions of our of our government at all levels, we have pretenders they're there to well, they're there to do a job, the Constitution, whether the Federal Constitution or our respective states constitution, the Constitution is point out what these folks are supposed to be doing. But instead, they've taken this and made this into something altogether different fact this is their, this is their retirement plan. This is their pathway to accumulating power. This is their, I guess, roadmap for personal enrichment. This is what we're dealing with. And so and again, there are some folks that are still out there that are good. But again, an overwhelming number of people, in my estimation fall into this category. Now, fortunately, you tuned in at conservative, not bitter top. I'm not, I'm not, it just is what it is, right? I'm not, I'm not ready to throw in the towel in America is not going to ruin my day, we have to face reality, and then try to do something about it. That's why we do this program to persuade, to educate, heck to entertain a little bit, folks, we try to move the needle towards the point that comes back. I use the compass to point us back collectively towards the constitution towards those those founding principles. And so that's where we, that's where we are today. So I say all that to say, when you put all those factors together, and when the radical left sees the finish line, right? They are two Senate seats away from crossing the finish line where they believe they have the presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate, and then Katie bar, the door, all bets are off what they're going to do. I mean, everything is on the table. I mean, after Of course Biden cures cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes, which he's going to do any day now. If he's all sworn into president, I'm really looking forward to that day when he decides to cure those things. And I guess I guess this is where we fall down and you know, fall down in our faces and just praise him for doing these things. But anyway, this is the scenario that we have. And so I point that out as the author said here, there's never it's there's never been a more challenging time to sift through all this stuff. And I guess I would say to you, I appreciate your willingness to walk through this down this path with me and these are things I followed my whole life I studied political science at Butler In fact I get my Butler sweatshirt on today. Butler University sweatshirt and Christmas gift thanks mom for that. But you know we have these are things that I've studied I've followed you followed we know a lot about this but at the same time, this is this does feel feel. I mean, it's it's tough to stay on top of I'll be I'll be candid, I found myself spending more time doing show prep, more time digging, thinking about stuff trying to determine what I even talk about on here. Then than usual, simply Because there's so many things going on here, so many things vying for our attention. So I'm gonna continue going through this article, neon revolt. I'll have five pedals post this a little bit later today on Facebook as well. But this is something again, we're gonna go through this, this eventually gets into Pence, his responsibility, what's pence gonna do? What's the constitution say that sort of stuff. But we'll get to that in due course here. As we make our way through the program today. So quick timeout is in order, sit tight, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So going through this piece written at neon Again, we'll post that a little bit later today on our Facebook page, for those that want to read this themselves. But going through this I want to pick up where we left off. last segment. Needless to say, it's been a it's been very easy to get caught up in the mental maelstrom of this past year. The ever present temptation to overdose on black pills which have magically made themselves both abundant and free over the past few months is ever present. And it's no exaggeration at this dark winter has worn itself very bitter and heavy around the neck of the nation attempting to grind down what little resolve it seems to have left at this moment in time until we all just capitulate and accept the next 100 years of progressive regimes trampling over our lives, our friends, our families, our communities and churches before blending us up and extruding us out into some semi human Golem bound to forever serve the will spoken over our lives by our would be masters Yanks, under that heavy, heavy paragraph to read to you this morning. But he's getting to a point here, so bear with us. Slaves all of us living as a little more than slaves exploited for generations to come. Then the ellipse be ellipses dot dot dot 2020 another ellipses has been a fief. All of us had been robbed in some capacity by this year and we have prepared ourselves as we prepare ourselves to bid at this awful year year farewell. The unspoken fear among many of us. The one thing no one wants to say for fear of actually damning assault as a terrible fate is that nothing will change for the better in 2021. Rather that things will only continue to get worse. And that we will need to accept this new life whatever it is in this reduced and anemic capacity. January 20, will come and go shipment will arrive is deliberately chosen. The deliberately chosen narrative goes and the entire Trump administration will be escorted out the office in shame probably in handcuffs, kicking and screaming. He doesn't write that. But that's the narrative of the media not to be remembered as a little more than an average detour in the history and the march of history. Excuse me. Meanwhile, cackling leftists will gleam with pride as they invent new ways to actively punish anyone who dared stand in the way of their agenda finally embarking upon the revenge fantasies. They've let fester in the depths of their hearts since their crushing and humiliating defeat in 2016. Seeking to impose suffering upon those who are deemed enemies of progress, they've deemed enemy of progress in the hopes of finally killing off any of the lingering vestiges of the valiant spirit that previously conquered them determined to leave those who still possess it in some measure in such a weakened and pathetic state that they can never rise up to mount a serious offense offense against them ever again. Again, he's painting the picture of what the narrative is and what the democrats with the radical left are kind of rubbing their hands in Glee about this is what I mean when they say when I say they see the finish line. They see the finish line folks this this article is gonna take a turn for the better here, just hang on. He's painting the picture. Before I do that, I want to mention debt. Have you ever seen I just saw this this morning. Some some actor, here it is Arrested Development star David Cross. Looking at the daily wirehair actor David Cross. This is the headline responds to Biden's call for unity. f that he says I want blood This is the top Left, folks. I'm not going to read any more about this. He tweeted it out on Saturday. Fact, Biden tweeted out after a year of pain and loss, it's time to unite, heal and rebuild, rebuild, to that David Cross retweets and adds his own caption here that says, EFF that. I want blood. It's what he says.
Vengeance is what they want. They want you to pay, they want you to suffer. You've supported Trump, you believe in the Constitution, they're not going to have any of that you're going to toe the line, you're going to do what it is that they want you to do. And if you don't, there are going to be consequences, ramifications. You're going to suffer loss, you should suffer. tremendous loss because of the pain you've helped inflict upon the American people by the election of Donald J. Trump in his maniacal reign is dictator. This is the narrative right? This is what they think this is how they be I don't know if that's what they think it's what they feel. What they want you to believe that they think is legitimate. Of course not it's it's a walk into the crazy mind of the radical left. But anyway, I wanted to point that out as we got to this particular part of the the article as well. So let's go back to this as I pulled the wrong article here. Here we go. Okay. So so that's the picture, the neon revolt paints are, and this is what they what they write next. This is and this this is this is an important point. And I think it's it needs to be absorbed and taken in. This is a very, very good point again, reading from the neon revolt. And yet he writes, are they right? She writes, one phrase keeps ringing in my ears like a klaxon. And this is the phrase if their victory was assured their propaganda wouldn't be necessary. I've actually thought about this. I may have mentioned this a time or two on here, maybe I haven't. But I thought not those words, but I thought something similar to this, I thought I went back in time in my memory back to 2016. And there was obviously not this degree of a call me of people believing that this was a fraudulent election, people did believe it was in the sense that Russia tricked people into voting for Trump over Hillary right this was this was the narrative Russia's Facebook ads trick trick people, boom, people thought I'm gonna vote for Hillary they walked into the voting booth on the wall before they got in the booth. They were in route probably probably playing Pokemon Go. Pokemon GO ad pops up that says vote for Trump. And they were hypnotized by this ad because the Russians created it. And they went into that booth not having any control over their mind, or the actions that were taken by their their hands or whatever part of their body actually press the button. They couldn't control it. And they pushed the button for Trump or they checked the box for Trump against their will, because Russia tricked him. That was the narrative back then. That was the evidence. That's what we had. And we had years of investigations and, you know, Senate and how it will, I guess house hearings and all this nonsense, right? for years. And then we had the impeachment, which was really and Russia 2.0. As far as I'm concerned, it was with Ukraine this time, but it's the same. It was based upon the picture or the the what I want to say that the foundations that were laid by the Russian collusion narrative, here's Trump doing it again, with this time with the leader of, of Ukraine. He's trying to steal, collude and steal another election. So let's stop this guy. Let's impeach him, this cannot be allowed to stay in Nancy Pelosi stood up there and told us how heartbroken she was to actually have to impeach the president of the United States. She told us she was praying for the president, this whole thing. So that's what they did the house impeach the senate Now, keep in mind, the pandemic had already started spreading around the world, but they were too busy doing playing these political games. But that's what happened in 16. My whole point is to say, when you compare and contrast when someone said to me Trump really isn't the president you know, Russia stole the election. You know what I said about this? Because I just said a version of a right now. I would kind of mock it. I wouldn't sit there and say calling your president you call him your president. Call him your president elect. How dare you? How dare your treasonous. You need to be Did you see this as well? What is somebody Matt gates, Matt gates, boy, at the dig to find this. They're calling from Matt Gates is because he's standing up for Trump. Someone is calling for someone in Florida is calling to disbar him as an attorney. Because of this. They want to cause punishment that to the point of this article, right to what's been written here in the neon revolt. But did you go around the Jeep when someone said to you in 2016, Trump didn't win, Russia stolen and you say, you need to be, you know, tried for treason, you need to be thrown in prison, you need to be disbarred. If you're an attorney, you need to face consequences. I want blood. Did you go around doing that? I don't know of anyone that did that. First of all, it'd be ridiculous and insane to do that. Second of all, it's just it's not probably in the vat. I mean, the conservatives I know, particularly the conservative Christians. It's not in our nature. That's not how we think or act and behave and so forth. Maybe it's in our, in the flesh. But as you know, as believers, it's not. It's not something that God leads us by His Spirit to do and had to act and behave. That's not how we do it. We don't sit there and say column president, President Elect, you better do it. And if you don't, you're a treasonous. And if you don't, I'm gonna demand that your credentials be stripped from you, whatever they are. If you're, if you're a PhD, like Dr. Joe Biden, we're going to strip the PhD credentials. If you are an attorney like Matt gates, we're going to disbar you. If you are, whatever, whoever you are, there's going to be consequences. We want blood, right? This is what they say, this is how they behave. This is not normal. And to the point here in this article, to the point here in this article, if their victory was assured, their propaganda wouldn't be necessary. Or the writer says perhaps for the Game of Thrones fan and the Trump White House, any man who must say I am king is no true king. It reminds me really quickly, I used to work. I used to work with an or I used to run a nonprofit I was in well, an executive director. And I remember having a conversation with somebody, there was some stuff happening internally. And there was some fighting over who the leader was. And I remember telling someone this was this has been 15 years ago, probably something like this. I said, if you have to tell someone, you're the leader, you're not. Same sort of thing here. If you have to demand so much, call him vice president or call him President Elect Kamala Harris, Vice President Elect if you don't, you're colluding with the Russians again. You fallen further, their games and their tactics and you're actually undermining the Constitution. You're, you're basically someone who's engaging in sedition and treason. This is what this has come to folks. And they're serious about this. Meanwhile, you and I are saying wait a second. All we're seeing is something fishy went on in this election. Something potentially criminal, something potentially fraudulent, something potentially corrupt? It looks that way from the outside, we get 1000s of people who've signed affidavits saying all sorts of nefarious things happen, we're called treasonous, truly treasonous. For this, you're not allowed to question the outcome of the election, even though if you have evidence to do so, you know, bizarre and backward, this way of thinking is this is not normal. This is not logical. This is not coherent. That it's what we get. When we engage with the radical left. This is I'm telling you, this is how they quote unquote, think it's not how they think it's how they feel. They hate the Trump supporter, they hate Trump. They hate what he stood for. They love their government, government it to the radical left, make make no mistake about this is their god etched in stone, write it down, recite it in the morning, the radical left to the radical left government is their God and they don't want anything to do with anyone who tries to dismantle that to return it to its, you know, form of limited government. They don't want that. They want more and bigger. They want more grandiose promises. That's why they applaud when Biden says he's going to cure cancer, and diabetes, and Alzheimer's, and let's throw in COVID while we're at it, right? They love this stuff. Yeah, Trump's trying to kill people by is trying to save people. It is so juvenile and infantile, really, but this is what we're up against. Anyway, quick timeout as an order come back. continue talking about this. I think this article actually stimulates a lot of things, a lot of thoughts and points out some good things as well, which we'll get to here in just a moment. You're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, you are being you're listening to a broadcast is coming to you live from the Office of the potential future president elect Of course no political ambitions here just just pointing out the absurdity of Biden demanding that you call his office the office of the president elect anyway back here in just a minute.

Back picking back up where we left off, way off on the time clock today and that's my fault oz. thing she threw up her hands in despair over here earlier because I wouldn't stop but anyway, picking up your neon revolt if their victory they talking about the democrats here, if their victory was assured also, you could throw the media and the professional deceivers the professional pretenders in the world today. Pretend as being the politicians, the deceivers being the media Of course these terms can also be interchangeable in some some sense but if their victory was assured, their propaganda wouldn't be necessary perhaps for the Game of Thrones fan in the Trump White House. Any man who must say I am the king is no true king. And yet we see the proclamations every day often coming directly from the mouth of the bumbling senile, impotent, treasonous, corrupt beyond compare peda kratt who dares peddle the fiction of the non existent office of the president elect, not only to our own citizenry to but to the entire world? So he writes, I'm not going to be able to read all this. But basically folks are telling Trump to concede In fact, I just saw yesterday was it the New York Post? I think it was the New York Post board, editorial board, basically now urging Trump to concede, can see concede concede concede? He writes your accept the line you can concede for us not oppose us. continues to right here the neon revolt everyday I see more the my brother and fall into despair. It's easy to fight when you're well fed, well armed and have overwhelming numbers and resources far harder to fight. When you're being demonized on multiple fronts when the money's run out, and you feel you haven't the strength to go on. That's what 2020 has been about our enemies plotted to steal and Rob and destroy everything in order to bring us and our children to our knees, to control our future. to demand we bow down before their throne for getting that the Spirit. Lost my place, wherever that forgetting that the spirit of Thermopylae still animates some of us, those of us who will never back down no matter the cost. So he writes here, he's saying, look, this is this is what we're up against. Right. This is the scenario. You had the left. You have the the disheartened, conservative Republican you have the left basically gleefully taunting the they are they're taunting us, which entertains me, but they're taunting us mocking us. And but he says, look, and this is I think what a lot of people are saying now as well, something similar here we have there is another opportunity for something to be done about this. Right. We've seen the I mean, the courts have ignored this largely, they've not even heard the case and the evidence, more or less, it's a pretty fair summation. The state legislatures either are being prevented from meeting because they don't have two thirds of some of these folks have either can't go into all of them. But some of the states in question have to have two thirds supermajority to call a special session. Some one of the states Michigan The governor has to call it so there's some some details there that need to be at least acknowledged. So it's left up to the process. And I suppose the state letter there's some some process some some headway being made there in the state legislatures, but this is going to come down to President to Vice President Pence, who is the President of the Senate. And so that's where this this article leads us. What do you What's the Vice President going to do? And I want to paint that picture go through that when we get back. So sit tight. We'll be back and continue that conversation here in just a minute.

Yeah, I've been walking through this article the neon revolt today. And talking about just this, this perspective, that's then the sentiments that are shared by a lot of folks, I think the and again, I'll have pause, we'll post this, excuse me, pedals will post this on Facebook or wherever else on social media later today. But basically, their author here is setting all this up to say, President, Vice President Pence, you're in a unique position, according to the Constitution. Of course, this is the argument. There's some disagreement about this. But the argument is the Vice President of the Senate is the sole determiner of who of which votes count. And so and he's appealing in a sense to Vice President Pence in the latter half of this and a lot of folks are doing this. You have the authority here? Why would you count electors that have been questionably assigned, or determined, or whatever the case may be? That's clearly the case, folks, now that you can say this without even saying that President Trump one that Biden stole the election. But some of these states, you look at how close certain states like Georgia, like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, to an extent to Michigan's a larger a larger deficit, Arizona, when you look at that, and when you look at the evidence, just of what we've seen presented, which there's an overwhelming amount back maybe there's that's something else I should should share. There's some sites out there that that really have done a lot of work and kind of pulling this evidence together and presenting it. The Vice President Pence is in a position and he at the neon revolt says this, I want you to understand writing to the Vice President, you come from a line of giant slayers referencing Mike Pence is faith. Mr. Vice President, and it's not by virtue of any superior quality, which you may or may not possess inside yourself. It's by virtue of the call in your life and the one capital O backing you. For the past four years, President Trump has been the most powerful man on earth. on that, for one day, on January 6, you Vice President Pence will be the most powerful man on earth. So what's gonna happen? Is Vice President Pence going to go with what was certified? Is Vice President Pence is going to look at this and say I can't I'm not going to determine which set of electors to count and and not count it, you know, from some states either set, will he count the trouble electors? Is this going to be an issue or not? I don't know. I mean, at this point, you know, we keep we keep hearing that just wait for this wait for that. I understand the frustration and the uncertainty. But this is where we stand the vice president least according to many, or at least some, I think many he has the authority to do this. We'll see what happens here. That date is January 6. And I'm gonna take a break, sit tight back here to wrap up in just a minute.

That's all the time that I have today. But I will say this in the concluding moments here today. What I mean, truth matters, right? People keep saying that the Republicans, Trump, conservatives want to overturn the will of the people overturn the election results. That's simply not an accurate depiction of what's going on. We want the correct election results to be calculated and tabulated and voted upon by the electors. And that's what we have to make sure happens. And so that's why this pressure and so forth is being placed on Pence, I gotta go. Thanks for listening. SDG see tomorrow. Take care