Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right, well, let me say this off the top, I went to bed last night. My wife and I were talking as we were going to bed I stayed up a little late to talk about just to kind of see what was going on with the election. Although you may have gathered from listening to this program over the past few weeks that I have thought that this was a foregone conclusion. And that appears to be what we are dealing with here, as they have called the race we have. We have a communist sympathizer folks, a friend of Fidel Castro, who's now going to be a senator from the great state of Georgia. And we had the other seat which currently has pajama boy, john, john ossoff, leading David Perdue and the folks If this turns in if this plays out the way it appears, with 99% of the precincts, supposedly reportedly reporting in the state of Georgia, we will have a 5050 Senate. And of course with a 5050 Senate, even though they mocked her back in 2008, even though they mocked her, Sarah Palin was correct. She was correct the tie breaking vote the 100. And first senator, the President of the Senate is the Vice President of the United States. And depending upon what happens, we had the president elect Joe Biden, as they say, supposedly, today is the big day. So we'll break all of this down for you today. Welcome to the program. My name is Todd Huff, we've got lots of new listeners out there. It is a pleasure to be here. You can email me Todd, The Todd Huff You can email me your questions. You can email me your thoughts, opinions, your greatest fears, your greatest hopes. And of course, as always, we will openly and readily accept your adoration and praise again, the email is Todd at The Todd Huff For those of you who are new to this program, we're conservative, not bitter. We're not bitter. We aren't angry, I haven't thrown in my hat on on America. If someone disagrees with me, I believe in the art of persuasion. That's a shocking thing. I know. I do think that we have serious problems. And I think this is setting up to be very bad what we're looking at here for the American people. But again, I know some I know some folks. You know, I just I don't know, maybe it's the eternal optimist in me. I don't know there's never, there's never hope that is lost. Hope is never lost. And as long as we have the opportunity to have breath in our lungs, we have the opportunity to fight to fight back. And so we've got this joint session of Congress, which is held later today. And I want to get to that. I also want to share with you some sound bites from a soundbite from Jim Jordan yesterday on the house or the floor of the house, speaking, kind of summarizing what is culminating, what is culminating here today. Let me say this. I didn't say this yesterday, because you know, I have so many mixed thoughts about this. about what's what's going on. I have no doubt that very nefarious, illegal things took place on November 3 two months ago, I have no doubt about that. The evidence is overwhelming. The evidence is is completely overwhelming. And anyone who doesn't say that I think either is completely ignorant as to what's going on. haven't paid attention. They've been watching CNN or MSNBC or what have you haven't been paying attention or they deliberately just don't want the truth. The mind will justify what the heart desires if they see a path for their candidate Biden. If they see a path, they don't care about anything else and that's not that isn't most Democrats. By the Way, although it is more than again, I would I would care to admit. And so here we stand at this at this Crossroads today. We have presumably a with what appears to be a 5050. Center. But let me finish the thought before I before I move on. But as I was thinking about the Senate seats yesterday, I had been told this to a friend. I didn't say it on here because again, you know, I, I'm fully confident as to what happened. I don't know exactly how, and to what degree or how egregious these things were. That happened on November 3, when they literally did everything imaginable to mount to disenfranchise Republican voters to make sure that everything went in favor of, of Joe Biden. And they did everything from, you know, count ballots multiple times, to truck in ballots, pristine ballots, to block republican poll watchers in certain places cheering in some places, thinking that they'd done some great, some great good for our democracy, as they say, our constitutional republic. And there's a whole bunch of of things dead people voting people that aren't from the state voting, people voting in multiple state elections. Nevada, has 42,000 people I think that voted was voted in two elections or that didn't live there. One, I mean, massive, massive numbers of things that are highly questionable. You have data scientists who say that Trump lost over 404 100,000 votes in the state of Pennsylvania, for example, it happened in other states as well negative vote counts. We saw decimal vote counts as well, which, how do you ever have a 10th of or a half of or point six 2% of a vote? You don't that's unnecessary. You know, connections to the internet, all sorts of nefarious things happened. They don't want us to see the machines they don't want us to see the audit the pieces of the machines that keep track of what happened with ballots were removed. I mean, it's a it's a fraudulent individual a criminal individuals dream what's led up to to this point. So I but again, going into last night you find yourself wandering, and I you know, I was going a lot last night play out. You find yourself wondering what, what are they going to do this time? Is this are they are they bold and brash enough to do this? You know, how blue has Georgia economy? You know, people are asking themselves these questions. They're asking themselves these questions. We know that raffin Asperger is not going to do anything. We know that. Jeffrey Duncan, who by the way, Lieutenant Governor, Jeffrey Duncan, you said that if you had five minutes, five minutes with any voter out there that you could convince him or her starting to boil it down to two genders, but him or her, you could convince anybody in five minutes, you can do it in five minutes. I'm still waiting for that video. You know, so many things can be cleared up. I wouldn't have any more questions. Other folks, doubting the integrity of your elections would would go away, we would stop demanding that our representatives challenge the election results of Jeffrey Jeffrey Duncan would just lieutenant governor of Georgia just do that five minute video. I know he can't talk with every voter for five minutes. But he told us on national TV now most people didn't see it because I believe it was on CNN. But nonetheless, he said five minutes. conversation if I could just explain things the voters would say Oh, okay. All right. I'm still waiting for that. It seems to me. It seems to me that as we look here, at what's about to transpire today in in Congress, this would be pretty timely. Okay, Lieutenant Governor, Duncan, it'd be a nice thing if you went ahead and follow through on that, on that promise of just five minutes. If you could do that, that video but as we went into that, that election last night, I find I really did. I found my five I texted a friend this. I texted a friend something like he's, he texts me and what do you think's gonna happen tonight? And I said, What do you think's gonna happen? I think they're gonna lose. I mean, again, I'm an eternal optimist here. But I could I mean, probably like you You felt this. Maybe you had hope. Maybe you're still holding out hope here for Purdue. 99% of the precincts reporting. He's down by four, four tenths of a point almost a half point two pajama boy but nonetheless. Nonetheless, I, I told my friend I said, Look, I said, if I'm being candid here, if I'm being candid here, I think I think that and I know that this is probably not popular depending upon who hears me say this, some people probably think this is crazy. But I said, I really believe at this particular point, President Trump has a better chance has a better chance of winning then do love definitely Leffler and Purdue as well. I would put in that in that group. And I'm not predicting anything, please don't misunderstand me. I'm not predicting what's going to happen. But I just think I could just feel the writing's on the wall. In a sense, what what would it prevent it and we saw some great crazy things we saw in fact, last night, I saw Oh, Sterling, Gabriel Sterling. He was yelling at us enough to get someone killed or some such thing. Right. Remember that after the election, people President Trump challenging and saying some, some pretty aggressive things about the state of Georgia, Gabriel Stirling and had enough and had his moment. His meltdown. Think behind his mask, I believe, as he was talking to the press, it was made its rounds on social media. But last night, he was on CNN and there was there was again, you know, it's amazing to me, people put their trust in their government to solve all the world's problems. They think the governments can control the sea levels, they think that governments can make equal pay for equal work. So if women say make 80 cents or whatever the number is that they that they report on the dollar, they think that government can come in and fix that equality, they can make everything completely equal between every human being on the face of the planet. They can erase any sort of racial tensions in our that exist in our nation. They just have the ability to do everything, but they can't even count. They when it gets down to it. The government cannot even count last night. Last night, there were two reports of numbers of outstanding ballots in the cab. The cab county which is a like an 8020, Democrat county 80%. Typically, I think a 2% of the last I saw voted for Warnecke and 18%, were voting for for Leffler. And there was no debate how many votes are outstanding here because they were trying to make projections. And someone said there was 117,000 votes that was the local, the local boots on the ground, so to speak, and in DeKalb County. And Sterling said, No, it's 171,000. And so he said, Well, you just somebody is flipped the one in the seven and guess who turned out to be right, of course Sterling did 171,870 1000 early votes from a 80 plus percent democrat County. That's how that's how this was that that's the numbers that they found last night. So the difference between the 71 and the 17 is roughly a little bit more than what 50,000 votes 50 plus 1000 votes, which of course we're going to go at at least 80% for for the democrat candidates with voting machines go down yesterday for three hours. People I think told to go home then they extended extended the time that the polls would be open last night my three hours I think is what it was as well. They folks that it's these things are unmitigated disasters. They are we can't even run elections. And we certainly can't, we certainly can't count for those who put all their faith in government to make all those other things equal. To make sure everyone pays their fair share to make sure outcomes for all people are completely equal. And all these sorts of utopian ideas and promises. Yet these folks can't even run a simple election. There's no complicated math here. There's no need for decimals, there's no need for what 6070 80% of ballots to be adjudicated. You know, the first time your ballot is counted, it's flagged to at least two thirds of the time when you're using Dominion voting systems, their equipment. That doesn't seem that doesn't seem like it's working to me. If you had someone at your business that was wrong, two thirds to 80% of the time, I don't I don't think they'd be working there. I really don't. Anyway, so this is the stage is set, the status that we're going to have it appears almost certainly now. And this, I think would have been the wise bet going into last night where Have two democrats winning in the state of Georgia, which gives them control of the Senate if in fact, Biden is sworn in on on January the 20th, which is what's going to happen and less unless something happens in this joint session of Congress today. We're state legislatures are given their power back and we'll talk about this. state legislatures are asked to confirm which Mike Pence can do. Much we'll talk about that next segment. But I'm gonna take a quick timeout a little bit long. This first segment, that my friends, my conservative friends, we I know some of you are probably down in the dumps today, there's, there's I understand your concern. And we need to be greatly concerned about this. The first one we have when we have truth, we have reason. We have logic, we have the history of this nation with the Constitution. On our side, it just we just have to be better at communicating, we have to be better at communicating and we've got to be, we can't be afraid anymore. And we got these rallies in DC. We've got people calling their congressmen and senators, and I've been very pleased with some of the things the American people have done. The reason it's gotten this far because of two reasons. Number one, President Donald Trump is going to continue to fight and number two American voters average, everyday people in this nation that make this country work, are standing up. They're making their voices heard. They're holding their representatives accountable. And we'll see what happens today. So that being said, quick timeout, we'll come back and continue this discussion. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk, not bitter talk, we advise listening can in fact cause you to lean to the right back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, talking here about well, the state of what happened last night in Georgia, which appears to be two democrat senate victories in the state of Georgia. So let that sink in Georgia now appears to be heading to having two democrat senators and one of which is buddies with well used to be invited him to his church where he was on staff at a church where Fidel Castro came and spoke and not just spoke You know, I'm I'm actually one of these folks that likes to have an exchange of exchange of ideas. This guy was was standing ovation sort of thing for Fidel Castro and his church, communist sympathizers, socialists. raffia, warneke. He's one of those senators, of course, the others, Jon ossoff. Apparently, we're gonna but who knows. I mean, it's a terrible thing to say in the United States of America, but I, I don't have any faith in this. I just don't, I didn't have any faith. And then I said, I told my, my buddy, I said, it looks like Linwood was was right. I mean, Lynwood folks who's I mean, he is, I don't know if you follow him on Twitter, but some of the things he's been saying on Twitter, just me Whoa, I just, I don't know, it just. It seems crazy. To me, some of the things that he's saying on Twitter, but remember, he was out there early on saying we shouldn't be even voting in this next election. And so we know for sure what happened in the one in November and fix it. And no one seemed interested in doing that. And so everyone who has doubts about this, I think it's a very reasonable, rational thing. And folks will tell you, by the way, I get called Yes, I call like, I was called on social media. What was I called us the dishes. aidable us? I'm seditious. I tell you what, because I'm raising questions because I'm telling because I contacted congressmen and senators, and emailed pensez office. Made sure By the way, I posted that, in fact, I'll have will have later today. pedals can post that will have her posts, a place where you can go online, the Gateway Pundit has put together a place where you can go and there's a an email that you can send out. It's one you know, a couple of clicks, it's really easy to do. And I do I encourage all of you to do that if you haven't already. Because we're watching I think that's part of the message. This morning. If you're a representative in the state of Indiana, that's where our home bases but anywhere around this country, we've got listeners all around the country and even around the world. By the way, we will learn the other day that our podcast is in the top five to 10% of all podcasts in the world. So thank you for as far as listeners go, thank you for helping us reach that level. And if you haven't subscribed to the podcast, it's free. It's easy. And I encourage you to do so just search The Todd Huff Show on Apple podcast or Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts, I Heart Radio, anyhow. Anyhow, this is, you know, we get a 5050 cent and now, it appears. And it's gonna come down to today. And that's what I want to talk about. Before we do that I want to play a portion of Jim Jordan yesterday, from the floor of the house, again, we are paying attention. We are paying attention, Senator Todd young, we are paying attention. And I will say this, if the folks that do not stand up for the integrity of this election, Think for a moment that they will that we will not remember that and talk about this in 2022. Well, actually before that, because there's some things that are going to happen here. Between now and then I've always said, if you don't like the direction of your party, if you don't like the candidates that are representing you, in Washington, DC or at whatever level, this is the time, this is the time to address that it's not during the general election, your slate, your slate of candidates is set. And so we we need to review that we need to make sure that Indiana or whatever state you're in, has the most conservative candidates possible running for the House of Representatives running for the Senate running for governor, what have you. In Indiana, while we have a lot of Republicans holding office, we have a lot of Country Club Republicans. We have a lot of Republicans who are just there. I don't know for the
I don't know sometimes I watch some of these videos from Governor Holcomb and I'm sure he's a nice guy or whatever. But my goodness, the Republic is at risk. And he's over snapping and bobbing and weaving, talking about who's your football and, you know, we're all in this together and hunker down and that kind of stuff. The time to lead here this is I mean, I'm just thinking about what the founders would have done at this moment in time, we're at a critical point in our history here. In this great nation, we have two diametrically opposed ideologies. One of them is rooted in the Constitution, the other is rooted in the Communist Manifesto, to some degree, depending upon your perspective, either completely or just partially. And so we're paying attention representatives. And so I want to play this. And of course, I've gotten to where I need to wait till the next segment here for Jim Jordan. But Jim Jordan summarizes the state of things very clearly here very clearly, for the American people how we're looking at this what our concerns are. And so we're paying attention. Don't Don't let them just cast a vote here today or raise their hand to say that they object to electors, which they should, they should absolutely do that. You see people out there tweeting, I think I saw Eric Trump tweeting that if Republicans do not stand up today, their political careers are over. We're paying attention, folks, we are paying attention in ways that we have never paid attention. And all of my life, I'm 40, I just turned 43. Here a week or so ago, still got the body of a 42 year old though, as I've been told, but we that people are paying more attention at this point in time than ever before. We are engaged these are this is a good thing. We are engaged we are energized. We have seen what how bad our system is not the system itself. But the people that are in it. Our system is a beautiful thing the American system as as crafted and designed by our founders, but the people at the helm, the people who are running the show, the people who are casting the votes, we got some some bad folks, as far as, as far as that goes, we have folks that should not should not be in office, we have folks that are doing things to personally enrich themselves. We have people who I mean, politics is nasty to begin with. But you look at what they've done. You look at, you know how they funnel all this money to foreign countries and try to get their fingers back in the pie at some point later. It's just incredible what we're dealing with, with politicians at large and general I should say. And so we've seen we've seen what an outsider coming in, and I know he's made people uncomfortable, and he's tweeted stuff, and he's gone to the United Nations and said things that you just don't say, but the problem is, folks, when you have individuals who have corrupted things so badly, you have to say the things that Trump says and I think the average American has seen this and that's why there's so much There's 50 plus 1000 people at his rallies and Biden can't even get people to stand in his 50 circles. Anyway. So that being said, we're at a crossroads. We're paying attention. Jim Jordan summarizes, I think how most of us feel I'm going to play that. And we're going to talk about what Mike Pence can do, what he should do. And what's, you know, if there's any hope here today, when the joint session of Congress meets 1pm 1pm, today, to I guess, accept the results of the election or what's going to be happening there. We'll talk about that here. When we get back sit tight, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I alluded to this sound bite BEFORE THE BREAK Jim Jordan on the floor, the house representatives, one of the individuals in Congress that I actually have a lot of respect for. Listen to this summer, we probably won't play the whole thing here because of time constraints. But I just want you to get a feel of this Jim Jordan. This whole thing is about four minutes. But I just want you to listen to what he says and I just have a feeling many of you are going to be nodding in agreement with what message he's communicating here.
During the campaign, Vice President Biden would get 55 people at an event President Trump got 55,000. at just one rally, President Trump increased his vote with African Americans increase his vote with Hispanic Americans 119 of 20 bellwether counties in Ohio by eight, Iowa by eight Florida by three got 11 million more votes than he got in 2016. And House Republicans won 27 of 27 toss up races But somehow, somehow, Joe Biden the guy who barely left his house, won the election, maybe, maybe, but 80 million Americans 80 million Americans, both Republicans and Democrats have their doubts and 60 million Americans think the election was stolen 60 million people over one third of the electorate. But no one in this town seems to care. Democrats don't care. media doesn't care. 80 million of our fellow citizens have their doubts about the election two months ago, and the media and the democrats say nothing to see here. Of course, this town has been out to get the president since July 31 2016. Before he was elected the first time for years and $40 million on the Russia hoax but we can't look into an election that 60 million Americans think was stolen nine weeks since Election Day. Not one investigation, not one hearing in the House of Representatives. We asked for it. We asked Chairwoman Maloney Mr. Comber and I asked for it. We asked Chairman Adler Nope. Not going to do it. We'd welcome an inspector general investigation for goodness sake, over 200 affidavits and declarations of wrongdoing. But no investigation in the Congress. No subpoenas, no depositions, no chance for question or cross examination of witnesses. Why? Why won't they look into it? Why no hearings? Why no investigation? I think it's because deep down deep down they know there were big problems with this past election. They know the constitution was violated. article one section four time, place and manner for holding elections shall be determined in each state by the legislature there of Article two section one each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature may direct look at Pennsylvania. Look at Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania law says mail in ballots by eight o'clock on election day. Election Day ends at eight o'clock mail and balance have to be in by eight o'clock on election day. Democrats state Supreme Court said nope. We're going to extend the election data Friday to five o'clock Friday. Pennsylvania State law says mail in ballots requires signature verification. The democrat Secretary of State said nope. For 2.6 million balance. She said we're not going to follow the law. Pennsylvania law says mail and balance can't be processed until Election Day. But some county commissioners, some county commissioner says no. And allowed ballots to be cured to be fixed to be changed before election day.
And you get the idea. It goes on a little bit longer. I just retweeted it if you want to see it but up against a up against a break here. So this all sets the stage for what's going to transpire in the joint session of Congress. today. You've got the House and the Senate coming together for one session. You got Vice President Pence acting as the President of the Senate during this joint session and they're gonna Vote, they're gonna have a vote to the side whether they accept the electors from the States or not. I have a point to make here. I have folks who act as though the Congress and Mike Pence have no power whatsoever. My question is why? Why have the vote folks, there's a reason they have to vote to accept. And if you have reasons to doubt, the results overall, or in general, General, as it pertains to individual states, you have a constitutional obligation to stand up and speak. Yeah, the constant constitutional obligation, you have a moral obligation to say something about this. Oh, my God, this is a formality. You know what? The idea, you think about this, we had the founding fathers who literally went to war, they pledged to one another in the Declaration of Independence, their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. We mutually pledge to one another, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to defend freedom and liberty. That's what they did. And folks, many of them lost those things. Many of them lost tremendously. The cost personally, to them for the declaration, and for the ensuing Revolutionary War, was great, personally to them, many of them paid dearly. And I'm supposed to believe that those same general folks right, those folks that were involved in the declaration and the folks that were involved in the constitution somehow wanted some formality, these folks hated the the formality, they hated the the pomp and circumstance so to speak. Right? They they didn't like the way that the king could just arbitrarily do whatever he wanted to play political games with them. This is not a rubber stamp they do I defy someone to find in. In our Constitution, something else it's just a rubber stamp. I mean, is it a rubber stamp that Congress must, the Senate must approve the nominees that the President of the United States makes to the Supreme Court? Is that supposed to be a rubber stamp? There's checks and balances, these things are designed to make sure that nothing nefarious is happening in one branch, or in one state in this particular case, that gets passed the entire the entire Congress that gets past the other branch or whatever. And in this in this analogy, this is not this is not some formality, this is an obligation, an obligation Remember, these guys fought the revolution they oppose the tyrannical King, they live in a world where folks dueling happened, there were duals. These folks were not in the in the world of this that let's make it some formality a rubber stamp here. No, there's an obligation. There's an obligation that if you think something wrong happened in one of these states, or many of these states, to stand up and be counted, and we're watching. We're watching individual representatives and senators, we're paying close attention. And we will talk, I promise you, we will remind people on this program. For those that did not stand up for what's clearly clearly nefarious actions that have been happening, fraud, corruption that has happened in some of these states, quick timeout as an order. Come back and continue our conversation here in just a minute. Sit tight. back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So last night, early this morning, I don't even know time blurs when you have overnight elections and all this stuff happening. But President Trump, President Trump tweeted this out and I want you to read to hear this. You can't read it. I've got to read it to you. If I can figure out Twitter on my phone, here we go. I can figure this thing out. Here we go. So President Trump tweets this out five hours ago. Listen, listen carefully to this. It says if Vice President Mike Pence comes through for us, we will win the presidency. Here we are. January 6, we're two weeks away from Inauguration Day. Trump has been laughed at mocked, ridiculed accused of being a treasonous guilty of sedition, all this stuff. He tweets this Vice President Mike Pence comes through for us we will win the presidency. Many states want to decertify the mistake they made in certifying incorrect and even fraudulent numbers in a process not approved By their state legislators, which it must be, Mike can send it back. So that is the refrain today. The refrain is the call is the challenges for my Vice President Mike Pence. I've seen Jenna Ellis out there talking about this as well. You've heard discussion about whether pins can throw out certain electors and so forth. I just don't I don't see any of that happening. And I'm look, we've talked about that on this program. I'm not I'm not sure that there's a there's a definite uncertainty about this is all kind of worn unchartered waters, the constant the courts never ruled on this, is that really what can happen? There's some open things that are open to interpretation and so forth. You talk about precedent, and all that, do we want to go down that path, but there's another option that seems completely legitimate to me and completely reasonable. And that is, for Mike Pence, when he hears these objections today. And again, pay attention to your congressman and Senator, see where they are, pay attention to what they do. Some of them are just gonna go through the motions, that's okay. Um, that's a step in the right direction. Some of these folks like Jim Jordan, are going to be out there fighting for truth and justice, transparency and what this election should be, it would just in the sense of, you know, that we not have fraud and corruption. And in the case, where there is that, do whatever we need to do whatever is legal, ethical and moral to make sure that that is that that is the case. That is that's how this election is treated. So but but people are now calling on Vice President Pence to just say, Look, I'm going to send this back to the state legislators just to confirm we've got six, seven states here, that I've got competing electors for now, the democrat electors are the ones that had been certified. But we have a lot of objections about these. I'm just going to send say to the state legislature just confirm for us which ones you want, because because the state legislators are not the ones that can certify the elections. It's done by the governor, Secretaries of State, and so forth. So instead of I just want you to tell me for certain, and then folks, there's a letter from the Pennsylvania representatives asking for this. It's asking for this. There's rumors of other states, talking about doing the same things, possibly even decertifying. I don't know. But that's where we are. And I gotta wrap up here just out of time, come back and wrap up for the day sit tight back in just a minute.

Welcome back folks, waning moments of the program, but I do believe I really do. What should happen today is that when President as Vice President Pence gets these objections, I believe he should say, look, there's a bit of a discrepancy. there's confusion, there's uncertainty. The election results were certified by the executive branches of government. I'm not going to reassign any of these electors. I think that that's, I think that that's even the wise move, I'm going to send this back to the state legislators and just ask you to do one or two things, either tell me that the electors that your secretaries of state or governors have sent to us or correct. Or if there's something going on there to where you question these electors, you can actually go through the process yourselves, have hearings and so forth. Give you 10 to 12 days to do that. I think it's a legitimate path. I think it's what should be done. And I've got to go, guys, God bless each and every one of you. Thanks for listening. SDG see tomorrow. Take care.