Joe Biden Has Been Certified As President | January 7, 2021 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff Wolter it was ever a day. Of course, there's many days here. But if there's ever a day that we need a conservative, not bitter host, I think today is the day. My goodness, yesterday was something I want to unpack here. Welcome to the program. I am your host, Todd Huff. Email me thoughts, opinions questions. I know many of you are completely dejected this morning. Now that Congress has officially accepted the electors for, for Joe Biden to be America's 46th, President of the United States. That happened actually just a couple of hours ago. And of course, you know, the events that happened yesterday. There's just so much to unpack, I have to tell you, and I've said this one other time recently that I can remember. And I'll say it again this morning. I've been doing this now for about five and a half years, I started podcasting. From the bedroom closet, my wife's bedroom closet, I always pause on how to say that because we share a bedroom. It's just that it's her closet in the bedroom, I have my closet. She has her closet, my closet, or her closet used to be the place that I broadcast from fact I remember because we did that because of the you know, to dampen the sound or echo or what have you. And I remember my nose being against virtually against some clothes and so forth. But anyway, that's where we started five years ago and August of 2015. And now here we are in 2021. And I have to tell you that in the five years I've done this, I've never had a more. It's just information overload. You know, I come to you this morning. And what I try to do each and every day is to share you share with you my my thoughts, my opinions. You know, people misunderstand talk radio, we've we've talked about this recently, they think that the people that listen, the left thinks this the media they want you to to believe or they want Americans to believe that people who listen are just mind numbing robots who do whatever the host tells them to do. And that's just simply not the way it works. In fact, listeners of this program are highly engaged you seek out information, you critically think about things you have a higher than average education level, this is not the at all the audience, the listener that the media wants you to believe listens to talk radio. And so I share with you my thoughts sometimes. You know, I mean, sometimes folks, just I don't know, want to explore the thought process. You know, as you think about issues, sometimes folks, I think it helps to hear things and to articulate some ideas that many of you have this morning, and I'm imagining many of you, many of you this morning are dejected. You held on to hope that President Trump would somehow pull this out. And now we have the electors officially being as accepted by Congress. I imagine many of you some of you are mad at Mike Pence for what he did or did not do, as he was the Presiding Officer of this joint session. Of course we have what happened yesterday at the Capitol. We have the the protesters that were there, but we also had riders who effectively for a period of time seized seize the capital. Right. And then all that comes from that. I know many of you You know, this is what's different between many conservatives and the radical left. Conservatives are good, decent. The people right and the radical left. I'm talking about the radical left. I'm not talking about all leftist all liberal All democrats so don't misunderstand me I'm talking about the rabid, unhinged, godless, just completely immoral faction the loud and rowdy. The anti fits swords of the left. You know they they love moments like this where they go out and protest and burn stuff or what have you. conservative people do this oftentimes reluctantly. It's It's as though it's like, the only chance we have right to, to go out into to make our voices known people feel oftentimes as conservatives that their votes are taken for granted. Right. I mean, the folks that earn our votes are just a different breed of politician than say an AOC is and or some other radical leftist. And so I think a lot of folks do there's protest stems from a deep love of their of their country. But what happened yesterday, at least as it pertains to the capital portion, was not a was not a protest that was illegal and violent. It led to the death of 114 year Air Force veteran who appears to have been shot by an officer on Capitol Hill at the at the Capitol building from reports she wasn't even the one causing the problems although she was in the capital. regardless what happened yesterday was was awful. That cannot that cannot happen. Right? That That cannot happen. And I just wish I wish that everybody you know, I it's funny, it's not funny, but in there, it it catches my attention and makes me think sometimes I chuckle because it's so ridiculous whenever whenever Make America Great Again, rallies would have something like this, which candidal is, is not a frequent thing. So of course, even to this level, definitely not not the case. But you know, you look at you look at the the Black Lives Matter protests. Those are considered protests, the media demands that we say that there were peaceful protesters and that you shouldn't lump in Black Lives Matter with some of the other shenanigans taking place. I'm okay with accepting that I'm not okay with accepting that the leadership of Black Lives Matter isn't part of the problem. Because they are trained Marxist, they have told us that they don't even pretend to be otherwise any longer. So, but I'm okay, believing that the pro today the average person, the average person who goes to march for Black Lives Matter is not someone who's trying to burn down a city. I'm okay with that. But if you noticed, if you've noticed the New York Times portrayed what happened yesterday as an anti Trump mob, or you made a pro Trump mob, who basically descended upon the Capitol and overtook it, they didn't have any problems with people overtaking cities like Seattle and Portland, that was fine. In fact, in fact, websites you can travel, you could you could go to Expedia, or whatever the travel site was and request your hotel in the great civilization of chairs, which lasted for all of 300 hours. Until these folks ran out of clean underwear and had to go back home to mommy, to have it washed in the basement, not to live in the basement, have mommy washed the underwear, they ran out of you know, orange wedges and Tang. They ran out of that had to go back home and get your get some get resupplied so to speak. It's bad no matter who commits the violence. I just wish we could agree with it. I don't understand. I do I do understand because there's political implications. I do understand that, you know, the actions of one group can be I don't know, applied to you. And there's probably I think many of you today have that. Maybe have that concern as well. You know, hey, I'm not. That's not me. What we saw yesterday is not me. And then you get the people who say, hey, there's reasons to believe that these are an Tifa that an Tifa infiltrated the group. Let me just go on record here say no matter who it was yesterday, that that ultimately did this. And be it. Trump supporters, be it a mixture of Trump supporters in an Tifa Be it more anti for the night? I did. It doesn't matter. It's wrong. Right. And that is it. And if it is, if it is a Trump supporter Or if it was all Trump supporters, it doesn't mean that you this morning have anything to do with that. It doesn't mean that the President of the United States has anything to do with that, even though Congress now the left, the democrats are talking about, again, the 25th Amendment, which they say that's being discussed, amongst the president's cabinet, where they're going to declare the president basically unfit that's being rumored. Also impeachment has been kicked out, tossed around out there as well. And of course, you now because of what happened on the capital at the Capitol yesterday, you and I and anyone who voted for Trump, anyone who demanded election integrity, any Congressman, any senator that actually stood up, and by the way, I'm disappointed Senator Mike Braun. I'm disappointed. Senator Todd young, I'm disappointed having gone through all the other congressmen here today. But it makes no sense to me. It makes no sense to me, you go into yesterday saying you're going to object to electors. And then all hell breaks out yesterday at the Capitol. And then you say now, I'm not going to what? It's insane to me, it's the same thing that justice Chief Justice john roberts has been accused of doing, which is basically applying the law in situations and then ignoring the law in other situations, if there's going to be repercussions. If the election if the electors are in question, whatever else happens in the world at the capital, a small group of people relatively speaking, right, there were a lot of people in DC but when you figure that 77 million people voted for Trump, that is that is not a sampling or representation of the the average Trump voter what matters the Lady Liberty, Lady Justice as opposed to be blind. So for someone to go in yesterday, like Senator Mike Braun did, and you know, I, I have a lot of respect for Brian but I am tremendously disappointed. Kelly Leffler, which Kelly Leffler says the same thing. You know, I was gonna Lindsey Graham, the same thing we're gonna see. We're gonna see all the backbone that President Trump helps republicans grow. In the past four years that's gone in the blink of an eye. That's gone in the blink of an eye. If the electors are fraudulent. You should stand up for that. I commend Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz and Tommy Tuberville for the folks who stood up for this. who stood up for this last night there were seven senators, and there were quite a few House members. I, when I last saw the vote, it was I think it was between 80 and 90. I haven't looked to see what the final tally was of, of House members who actually voted. to basically say we don't we don't want to count the votes in from Arizona. I didn't see Pennsylvania, I think those were the only two states that were technically challenged. You know, a lot of folks are saying because of what happened yesterday. We just don't want anything to do with this, you know, now becomes political lightning rod, I don't want to be involved with challenging electors because Trump supporters, allegedly, I mean, I think that they were Trump supporters, at least some of them I also think that the idea that an Tifa is in there is not a stretch of the imagination, either at all, that you've seen that there's a company that specializes or has facial recognition software that says that they have found that some of those folks are and Tifa members doesn't mean all of them is art. But what it does mean, what it does mean is that's a that's a logical possibility. And it's also logical possibility that Trump supporters, those Trump supporters or yesterday, are angry and wanted to. They just lost control and their anger to can to control but it doesn't. It doesn't say that you did that, that I'm responsible for that that Trump's responsible for that that's what they want you to believe. Trump needs to be impeached or whatever for this. And also, they are basically wanting to expel people in Congress who voted. voted to challenge these, these electors. Ted Cruz is in that group as well. You think about this, you think about where this is going they want to now criminalize something that's a political concern or political issue. We cannot allow this cannot allow this to happen. The protesters that will the rioters right? The riders are the violent folks yesterday do not speak. Their actions are not uniformly applied to everyone who voted who voted for Trump. And likewise, likewise, the senators who were cowardly and back down from challenging the electors that has that has nothing to do. If the electors what happened yesterday at the Capitol if the electors needed to be challenged, they needed to be challenged, I think by by not going through and challenging these electors, like Senator Mike Braun did. And it pains me to say this, I take no pleasure in this, I really don't. I don't I do not take pleasure in this. I personally like Mike Braun, but my job is to tell you what I think I don't care, whatever the consequences of this may be, or whatever it may be, it upsets the people in the audience. I don't. I'm just telling you what I think you can disagree with me, that's fine. But to be able to go in and saying I'm going to challenge these, and then in the wake of what happened yesterday, say now I'm not going to are you not admitting that it wasn't principled to begin with? Are you not acknowledging that it was a political stunt? Are you not saying that, what you what I mentioned on this program yesterday, which was an over the past couple of days, don't fall for the political ploy here. We want people who are really trying to challenge this stuff on principle, and we want people who are prepared to stand firm. And to to try to get truth and justice in this election. That's been my prayer from the beginning. We want truth. We want transparency. Right? That's what we want. That's all we've ever wanted. And now that's been ignored. That's been ignored because of the violent actions taken on Capitol Hill, at least for some of our congressmen and senators. And that my friends is completely inexcusable To me, it really is. Principle doesn't change just because somebody does something stupid. But the the anger, whatever anger that exists out there is baked into this, whatever the congressman did or didn't do is not look, people who don't feel like their vote was counted. Or people who don't feel that they have a voice at the polls anymore are not going to that that feeling that anger, that's that concern is not going to go away overnight. And Congress, I think, didn't do his job. A state legislatures didn't do their job. Courts didn't do their job. I don't think pence did his job. And here we are, face to deal with the realities here. And the consequences of this are, are enormous for our country. But again, it's not time to give up hope. I do still think there's a lot of people. There's a lot of common ground between the average democrat and the average, the average republican i do believe that we just have to be better we do better communicators articulate our beliefs. Let us let us define us instead of letting the media or the Democrat Party along in the segment. So much to say so many thoughts going through my head. I want to play Trump's video which took criticisms as well just gotten him kicked off of locked out of Twitter and Facebook. So much to get to quick timeout as an order though sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, talking about conservative not bitter, and this actually looking at the the for those of you that watch the program on the video stream, we've got I've got a we've got what images or graphics that go up during commercial break and the one that just came up was get your free membership card so you can join the conservative, not bitter party, folks, you can join it for free. All you have to do is subscribe to our email newsletter goes out weekly. We'll mail you your official conservative, not bitter card. So you can prove to folks you are in fact conservative, not bitter. And we will mail one of those to you it's 100% free. Todd Huff slash subscribe is where you can do that again The Todd Huff slash subscribe. So let's talk about yesterday. Again, bear with me today because there is so much to sift through so many different directions that we can take this but i want i want to talk briefly because there's other things that Want to get to here but I want to talk briefly about President Trump's video. So yesterday and one o'clock the joint session of Congress to count the electors kicked off, Mike Pence started counting they count the states in alphabetical order. Fact I found myself singing the song My kids sing that song. I'm not gonna sing it on the radio. tempted to but I've I can't sing at all. But Alabama, Alaska, Arizona. So third state we get to Arizona. And to a congressman, is it Gosar? I think representative Gosar from Arizona objects. And a senator. I'm not sure which senator objected summit, so much information yesterday, so many things that keep straight. And Senator joined him. So they went to their respective chambers to debate right to debate these electors. And the process and the problems in Arizona might have been Hawley that sign I can't remember. He kind of spearheaded or led this or was the first Republican to come out in the Senate and say, I'm gonna, I'm gonna challenge electors. So they went to the respective chambers, they were debating this and that's when, again, all this all this hell broke loose yesterday, at the Capitol people stormed the Capitol, Congressman, laying down on the floor of the House chamber, because people were breaking glass, and I mean, just completely out of control. This is wrong period, this cannot be allowed to happen. We have to follow the rule of law peaceful protests, to completely understandable. But what transpired there with the violence and of course, some of that, that violence led to led to a 14 year Air Force veteran being shot and killed. This was captured on camera to camera, graphic, graphic, terrible, horrible stuff. loss of life is terrible. And by the way, we're 100% consistent on this. In fact, when you hear me talk about, you know, police shootings, which we've talked about on here, I always 100% of the time, even if the criminal if someone was acting criminally, and they had an officer had complete 100% justification for using deadly force, and the suspect was shot and killed. I always said the loss of life is tragic. It is it is. It's terrible. And I can say that I'm not casting blame at the officer. I'm just saying the officer didn't want to have to do that either. Right. It's a bad situation. It's terrible. You have family members, parents, husbands and wives and children, all this Fallout. And so that is a terrible thing that happened yesterday. Terrible, atrocious thing that happened yesterday at at the Capitol. But I want to separate those that were protesting and exercising their first amendment rights to peaceably protest from just like I did look with black lives matter. You know, even though the leadership of Black Lives Matter tells us they're trained Marxist, and they are, by definition, political enemies, ideological enemies to the Constitution, and we should, we should reject what they're trying to teach and do. There are people rank and file people that don't have anything to do with that they just are out protesting peaceably at some of these events. And so they need to be differentiated as we always have between the the rioters the people that were burning down the cities, and so forth. And we had people comparing this, the democrats are saying this is comparable to 911 and Pearl Harbor day, that is simply not not the case. And I don't mean that, you know, I'm not taking away from the life that was lost, I'm just saying these things are not are not the same this this is more comparable to another Riot that would have taken place where someone lost their life, which of course happened over over the summer. People lives were lost at some of these riots. It's a terrible, tragic thing. People should be able to protest. And I'll tell you what else should happen. We should have representatives who listen to the people who are interested in justice, who are not just interested in keeping their positions, right, keeping their positions of power and authority so they can get the the seats of honor and be called the senator or congressman. Just you know, always in a position of authority and power, lording it over the people and unfortunately, that's what we've got. To a large extent, both parties, I say both parties are responsible for this one is dramatically worse than the other. But both parties are, you know, at fault here. So when a way, look at the clock here, and I just didn't get to this, but that's what transpired to lead up to President Trump. And that's what I wanted to get to hear this. So he, all this stuff's happening. I saw representative House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. say he called up the president and said, Hey, can you you know, this is what's going on? Can you do something about this tell people to stop acting violently. Right. That's that was his request. So President Trump sent out a tweet. And then he did this short one minute video, which ultimately got got what cut off from being shared on Twitter, I can see it on Twitter. Now. It got the president locked out of his account, the President of the United States, people are saying that this is the president basically calling for an uprising, and overthrow so to speak. I wanted to play the whole video, because you may have tried to see it yesterday. And you couldn't because it was locked out of social media. So it's about a minute. And we'll do that on the other side of the break, because I've simply run out of time here. So bear with me last to get through today. Thanks for your patience and understanding. And listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in a minute.

Welcome back, one play for you this video. Again, in the wake of all the violence and all the stuff that was happening yesterday at the Capitol. Keep in mind again. This was a portion of the people. And again, there's some out there who says, who say that an Tifa infiltrated. There's a video of an Tifa busting people. I might even get into that, because I don't I don't know any more. Any more about this than then you know. But I do know that whatever what transpired there no matter who did it needs to face the consequences, as prescribed by law, that's what has to happen. Whether they're Trump supporters, whether they are an Tifa, whether they are whatever their race, gender makes no difference, right? This to me is so elementary and simple. I wish more people could agree upon this. But anyway, so President Trump does a video calling for people to to go home, to stop the violence and to go home to be peaceable, to not cause problems for campus or for Capitol Police. And this is upset, this got banned from Twitter. And I think Facebook, here it is. I know your pain. I know you're hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election. And everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don't want anybody hurt. It's a very tough period of time. There's never been a time like this where such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us, from me from you from our country. This was a fraudulent election. But we can't play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You're very special. You've seen what happens. You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel, but go home and go home at peace. So there it is that upset people now. Some people would say well, you know, Todd was saying that, you know, I want to say I respect you or some some such comment there. Let's keep respecting the people that are causing causing violence. He was calling for everyone to go home. He was saying, Go home. You know, there is reason. There's no need for for violence. We all have reasons to be upset this election was stolen. This election was rigged. There was no remedy. Congress has abdicated its responsibility. But look, this is not the solution. We can't do this. This is not the way to go about it. This is my my paraphrase of what the President said but this is upset some people they said that's not necessary to add in there. Maybe Maybe it's not It's necessary. But I think to say to someone, again, the vast majority of people he was talking to, we're not engaging in those in those behaviors. He was just saying, Go home, this, we just need to clean everything out, and not let this get out of control anymore. And so most people he was talking to we're angry that this has happened in the election, we're angry at Mike Pence, we're angry at senators and congressmen, at the courts, at our government, at state legislatures, at governors at attorneys general, at Secretaries of State, I could go on and on here. And by the way, that's a justifiable emotion to have to be angry. Even the Bible says in your anger, do not sin. It's not. There's nothing wrong with being angry. At if this is I mean, look, if this is what has happened, or if you have reason to believe that this happened, which I think that there's more than enough to believe that and nothing was done, that should anger us. That should anger us. But that doesn't look just because you're angry doesn't mean that you get a free license to do whatever, whatever you feel the radical, unhinged left behaves like that. And whoever did this yesterday, these were Trump supporters, then that falls upon them as well. I distanced myself from that, because that's not that's not the way to handle us. As far as the peaceful protest goes, that's, of course, perfectly, legitimate, understandable, I would even say necessary. And our congressmen senators need to be held completely accountable for this. We are watching. We are taking notes, and I'm going to remind you, I mean, I'm, we're, we need real leaders. In fact, that's what I want to talk about. next segment, I want to talk about what I think what I think we need and I I hesitate in saying this next sentence. But I'm not sure how many Americans are prepared to, to make the sacrifice, I had actually had a conversation with someone yesterday, really get Heart to Heart conversation. And he, he basically told me that that he was was part of the problem. He was part of the problem, because well, because what we'll talk about next segment, very moving actually to hear him. He got emotional when he was talking about it. And this is a guy that, believe me, the average person would say, there's nothing at all wrong with with you, you seem to be someone who loves your country. But he says I'm still part of the problem. Because well, because what we'll talk about next segment, so sit tight, folks have a right to be angry. It's understandable, our government has failed us at multiple levels, we have to now take action through the ballot box and rectify this, rectify this at all, at all levels. And for those who have not stood up for justice, and election integrity. You know, we will, we're going to continue to shine the light on this, this is not going to go away, this will be an issue. I don't care when you're up for re election, this will be an issue. This is a defining moment. This is this is something that it has. This is the survival of our of our republic of our system of the confidence we have in our system and you failed us. You failed us. Simple as that. I'm going to take a break, sit tight, we'll come back with some some thoughts I have on what Americans need to prepare, be prepared to do next, to save this great nation. Folks, do not give up hope. That's something else I want to get to as well. If I can time permitting quick timeout back in just a minute.

Welcome back. 98% 90 Yeah, 98% Sorry, I forgot about the number here. I have to have that re audited. But 98% of scientists agree that listening to this program can cause you to lean to the right. That's 1% more than people who scientists who believe that man is contributing to climate change. So but I wanted to say this really quickly. I think what needs to happen you know, if you read the Declaration of Independence is a beautiful document. One of the most beautiful documents ever written by man right outside of the Bible. This is this the constitution two beautiful documents. The very last line of the Constitution. colouration says, We mutually the folks that signed this, we mutually pledge to one another our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor folks, we need a version. I don't say 2.0 because I'm not saying we can improve upon the the declaration, but we really need you know, like when when a married couple renews their vows, we almost need to do that with the Constitution, we all need to be prepared to say that. And the gentleman I was speaking with yesterday, who will go nameless. He said to me, and the bubbles bubbles was with me in this meeting, and he said, I, I'm comfortable, you know, I'm comfortable with with my life. He's, you know, he's things are. He's successful. And he says, I'm comfortable. And, and, and he, this guy loves his country. So it's not like some person on the street who just doesn't care, pay attention. But he says, Look, I just, you know, I haven't done enough, I haven't watered the tree of liberty, I haven't stood guard, protecting what we have to make sure it's passed on to the next generation basically, is is the point. And I think, folks, we all have to be prepared to sign a version of that, a version of the declaration or even the declaration, just putting your name to it metaphorically, or I thought even having, you know, having a petition that we could, that we could do this with, that we need to mutually pledge to one another, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, this is this is America, this is worth defending. We all have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to water the tree of liberty to hold these jokers in Congress responsible. The courts, it's up to us, we have the power. And that is not what happened yesterday is not the way to do it. There's not i'm not referencing violence or any sort of conflict like that I am talking about standing up and fighting for arguing for communicating, articulating ideas, educating persuading people. That's what I'm talking about. And I have great hope for this nation. I really I do. I mean, I know many of you think that that's not the way to look at this right now. But folks, this nation has faced impossible odds before. Right, it has this nation. I mean, when this nation signed that document, there's no way in the world they should have defeated the British Empire. But they did. They did. And for those who don't have hope, I think this is the maybe the greatest time in your life to turn to the one who can give you eternal hope. And that is Jesus Christ. And I think that by by praying and doing the things we need to do, refocusing and recommitting ourselves to this great cause this great nation, good things, great things can happen. quick timeout, got to wrap up, sit tight, back in a minute.

Encourage your friends to not give up. Not give hope this nation is worth fighting for. She's been through dark days before. We have hope this nation the founding principles of this nation, are rooted in biblical truth or just truth if you prefer truth, all truth comes from God ultimately anyway. But it's rooted in truth. We have full philosophy on our side history on our side, we understand human nature, the system of government, and reflects all of that reflects all that and we just have to be prepared to spread that truth to stand firm for it and demand that folks respect and follow the law, the Constitution of the land and returned to truth. I've got to go sddc tomorrow. Take care