Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
That is right, you are listening to the home conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, I am your host, Todd Huff. Folks, I just want you to know and have it on the record here. And the world that we live in, in the, in the, I guess the tensions and turmoil that we have, I want to tell you that I still love this great nation. I still love this great nation and believe in this nation. Believe in the Liberty and the freedom that we have. I believe that is under assault, no doubt. But I believe in this concept of America as as it was founded. And so might need Oz's helper this morning. I'm trying to get us up and running on on social media. I can't tell if the device is saying something. It's just not letting me connect. So for those of you that are watching on social media, sit tight, we'll have that up and running. God willing here in just a moment, welcome to the program. I'm your host, Todd Huff email, as always, you can share your thoughts, opinions, questions, comments, you can share articles and things that you found I I get some of that and appreciate those of you that have done that as well, you can imagine that navigating through all this is quite, quite challenging. It is quite challenging here. And so I appreciate that. adoration and praise is also accepted. Again, Todd, The Todd Huff So again, this nation is worth standing up and fighting for these liberties that we have in this great nation are they're still in our foundation, they are still they are still things that we need to pass on to our children, they are still things that we need to stand up and defend. And we've got some practical things that I think we have to look at doing here. In this nation, we have again, the Republican Party is run by a bunch of, well, there's a bunch of wimps in the Republican Party. There are a bunch of socialists and radicals, even communists and the Democrat Party, I'm talking about those that hold positions of power, those that are leading the party, the respective party, and so forth, but rank and file people. And this is really what my hope is I know. You know, I'm conservative, not bitter. That is the, that's the brand of this program. And it's a real thing. It's a real thing here, ahead and restart that as well just restart, we're just having some sort of technical glitch for social media, we're gonna try this again. But this is it conservative, not bitter, basically means it's not that I don't get angry or upset. It's not that this nation isn't worth fighting for, or something like that, in fact, I believe this nation is worth fighting for. And I believe that there are plenty of things that we can do and that you should not feel hopeless, you should be concerned. Right? I mean, we see, we see basically companies that are being
I don't know acting like they're Stalinist tech companies, effectively. And we see government officials saying and doing things that are problematic, but I think rank and file, rank and file people, most people can come to agreement on some of these fundamental and core issues. I see it all the time. I see it all the time in my personal and my personal life. It's when you you know, for example, if you do something like this or you stand up and you call out some of these radicals or hypocrites or whatever, this is when you begin To make you make it you make enemies. And it's not really because of the ideas. In fact, we rarely now on this program, we talk about ideas. But oftentimes it's not even about context or content, or ideas and argument for the radical left. Instead, it's about name calling. It's about maligning. It's about misrepresenting it's about, you know, talking about an issue in a way that really isn't even, in most cases. accurate. A fair description. People call people names, if you support Trump Now, some people consider you as we're just now there we go with social media. Good morning, social media. Sorry, for for the delay there. We had a technical glitch, our system wasn't launching and going, getting up and running. So anyway, we're there Now for those of you that watch us online, and yes, I am wearing my Crimson Tide sweatshirt. I know many of you have given up on sports, but I did watch the national championship game last night. Roll Tide. I know some of you are Ohio State Buckeye fans, and I apologize for that as well. But anyway, you know this. Some people don't want to talk about content and ideas. They want to call you a traitor if you support the president. And why why are you a traitor because as they say, the next thing they'll say is because he incited violence at the rally. Well, they don't even know that that he incited violence, he incited a mob. And you say okay, well, how did he do that? Well, he, he used I don't know, code words. They don't even know because they haven't heard the speech. In fact, I was listening to to rush limbaugh yesterday. I don't really listen to anyone else's opinion. I rush to someone I've listened to since 1999. But honestly, when you do something like this, and you launch it from the you know, from ground is from the from the the bottom rung of the ladder, you don't, you don't have time to follow a lot of folks you got to build there's a whole bunch of stuff that goes into this, that maybe one day we'll even share on here. But anyway, he was talking about this very thing yesterday in which isn't, you know, people, they know the media is not playing the sound bites, right? They're not playing the things that they're accusing Trump of, they simply say Trump incited a riot. Well, how do we know he incited a riot? Well, because people stormed the Capitol while they storm the Capitol. If Trump didn't tell them to they were there supporting Trump, Trump would have had been the one to storm the Capitol. And you and I are left scratching our heads because we think that's just not the way that this works. In fact, I've said on this program many times before there are there are crazy, lunatic lunatics in on all in all groups. Folks, I am a conservative Christian, there are people who are conservative Christians that are not always making the best choices. In fact, if we're being honest, not any one of us always makes the right choice. And I'm not saying to the extent that some of the stuff that we've seen, don't misunderstand me, please. I'm simply saying, I'm simply saying that, you know, because groups are comprised of people and people are broken because of sin, then you're gonna have problems in any group. The question is not whether or not there are people in your group that need to be, you know, condemned for something that they said or did or of course, we really go overboard. The left the left never has to do this, the left never has to apologize for an Tifa the left never has to apologize for the Black Lives Matter leaders who said that they are trained Marxists. The left never has to condemn any group, any group of people in fact they encourage this we got some sound bites that that God Willing I'll get to here this morning.
But we do right and and I don't know why. I don't know why though. I said the other day they don't someone who does something stupid or illegal or violence. They don't they don't speak for me even if they voted for the same person I voted for why? How is that the How is that the criteria? How is that the standard? Every single person who voted for who you voted for conservative they speak for you now do what what are you talking about? What on earth are you talking about? I mean, that's just simply not rational or realistic. And when you say how to Trump inside violence there's there's crickets, there's no response. They don't know. Because they haven't listened and they haven't listened. Because the talking has the chuck Todd's the Take your pick the Don lemons, the tough guy, Chris Cuomo, a CNN, wolf blitzer is CNN. They haven't they haven't shared it. Why haven't they shared it? Because, in fact, in the speech, and I'll play a portion of it, Trump's speech at the Capitol at the at the ellipse, I should say, in Washington, DC, talking about walking over and protesting last, almost a week ago now. at the Capitol, he says it'll be peaceful and patriotic or that that's what the followers the crowd should do. And folks, the vast majority of the crowd did do that. Some did not. For those that did not, there should be consequences. I don't understand what's so complicated about this. They don't speak. For me, they don't my actions don't align with theirs. Right that I just I don't understand. I do in the sense that we live in a symbolic culture and just the way that media works, and that's fine to an extent, of course, symbolism matters. symbolism is powerful. That's why By the way, I'm using all this hubbub about Kamala Harris, Kamala Harris, apologize if I pronounced the name incorrectly, it's not intentional or tended to harm or anything but anyway, the she's her team is all upset about this, this cover shot for Vogue, right? They are upset about this upset because I don't know. I mean, I'm not a I'm not a fashion kind of guy. I'm a comfort for comfort kind of guy. Like I like to wear what's comfortable. And oftentimes, I've shared with people that know me, I wear what's on top. Oftentimes, it's not really that important to me. I don't spend time thinking about that, but they're all upset about Kamala Harris's photoshoot on Vogue magazine. They think that it's disrespectful and why is it disrespectful? Because Vogue magazine I've learned by reading these comments is racist and whatever the name was the name of the Vogue, lady. Do you know on Anna Wintour? Yeah, Anna Wintour, I guess. And people are saying she's racist. They've put they referenced a another cover of LeBron James and some other female on the front of a cover of Vogue some time ago, and basically saying that it was designed to mimic a Godzilla. I don't know if it was art for a Godzilla movie years ago where the Godzilla was carrying the woman or some such thing. And I don't get into that stuff. I'm not. The point is optics matters, symbolism matters. So much so that they're in a tizzy about this cover shoot for Kamala Harris on Vogue magazine, which Vogue magazine folks is this is the they are the allies of the radical left. I mean, this is this is, you know, kind of turning on their own here. So I understand the importance of or the value of symbolism and optics. In a world where there's no context, in a world where everything is an inch deep, and a mile wide, there's no depth. What does matter is how something looks. What does matter is how something sounds, they don't want you really thinking for yourself, they just want you to think oh, man, I mean, look at look at how they marketed President Obama or even when he was candidate Obama. I remember listening, listening to these interviews, you know, he gonna vote for in 2008. President Obama man he wants a college football playoff heard that Heard that? That's a real thing. Talking about the jump shot of Obama practicing with the Chicago Bulls and people coming out from his high school saying, you know, if Obama wasn't a president, I thought I thought he was going to be an NBA player. These are the sorts of things people were would say. He would have give speeches, audience members would feign he would promise to give them kitchen sets and all this sort of stuff. And people just applauding this for what what's the content? What is the what are the ideas that are being promoted here? See that that my friends, you know, people talk about Trump being a Nazi, and some sort of a dictator, extreme danger to our American system. In reality, truth be told, the greater danger we face as a people is when everyone is fawning over a president not when everyone is criticizing the president. Trump's been critic sighs harshly, continually, relentlessly non stop. Since the day he came down that escalator, of course he was laughed at at first. But once once they realized that he was the way that he could connect with people like you in this audience, and you may not like all of his tweets, but that's not what it's really about. Is that your vision for America? He he represented that in the sense of Make America Great Again, I know. Some people don't Some people think make America great again, is a hate filled racist slogan. But that is, of course, not what that's about. And we talked about that recently on this program. It's about returning America to its foundational principles. It's about stopping the swamp and stopping the government where we're a culture a society of by and for the people, not of the government, we are citizens of this republic and not subjects. Government is not our God. Government is not our Savior. In fact, that rule has been taken and filled quite well may add by the God of the Bible, and by his son, Jesus, but we don't need those things in Washington, DC, we don't look to them for saving us, we look to them for protecting our liberties and acknowledging that those liberties come from Almighty God not from people sitting around in Washington, DC. And so that's why I love this country, folks. That's why I still have faith in this country. There are these are perilous times we this things that we are witnessing and watching I mentioned yet yesterday, do you even recognize this place as America right now, that wasn't meant to dishearten you or enraged you, as some people will probably say that was meant to, to say this is serious. We need to be able to talk about this and communicate this and, and fight back against this not not a physical call to arms, but an ideological informational sense. We have to be able to convince or persuade, not convince, persuade, we have to be able to, to teach and articulate, define ourselves. Now let these radicals professional deceivers in the media, do that for us. So lots of things to say and I want to get to Trump speech. I want you to hear it for yourself because it's not being played anywhere. Right? What is said Trump's Trump is is calling for riots. And it's, you know, insurrection. He's traditionalist, he's treasonous. He's a traitor, and if anyone sets says anything other than that you are a traitor, as well, which is insane and laughable if we weren't out in so such serious time. So I want you to hear Trump specifically say in the speech that it's to be peaceful, peaceful protests. Anyway, lots of more to get to as well. Sit tight. And we'll go through that when we return. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in back in just a minute.

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satanic, whatever you want to call it, just evil world, godless world of child pornography have a harder time to have communicating than folks that are engaged in that egregious and evil, evil practice. Anyway, let's listen real quickly. And I'll take a bit break to President Trump. This is this is from the speech. This is from the speech that he has, apparently, allegedly. Right? If they're going to shut down our free speech, if they're going to say, you can't say this or that if they're going to sue Sidney Powell, Dominion voting systems for 1.3 billion with a B dollars because of what she said about them, then maybe folks should consider filing lawsuits about what they've claimed here that Trump is somehow criminally responsible for starting riots when this is actually what he said. And after this, we're gonna walk down and I'll be there with you. We're gonna walk down. gonna walk down anyone you want. But I think right here, we're gonna walk down to the Capitol. And we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women. And we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. Because you'll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong. We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated lawfully slanted. I know that everyone here will soon be marching on To the Capitol Building. to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard today, we will see whether republicans stand strong for integrity. Okay, peacefully and patriotically. There's actually some people that say that that's a code word peacefully, not peacefully, well, who knows? Someone might claim it. That's the code word peace peacefully, but patriotically, that's a code word to those in attendance to get rowdy like the founding fathers did. It's crazy stuff, what we're dealing with, but he's specified peaceful and patriotic. Well, he did say, he did say to show strength, but the strength is in the protest. Right? The strength is in the numbers, the strength is in holding these folks accountable, letting them know that they're paying attention to what's happening in the halls of Congress at the Capitol. Right? I did see where Kevin McCarthy is on record. I think I saw this on Newsmax saying that President Trump admitted in a phone call with congressional leaders and who who knows who the heck knows anymore. But he said that President Trump at least admitted some responsibility and I guess charging the crowd up to where they can get to this point. But I don't know. But if we're saying that President Trump is literally responsible for the riots when he specifically specifically said what he said they're peaceful and patriotically. I don't know that just doesn't seem to hold water for me, especially when you compare some of the other things that we've heard coming from the radical left, and the part of the resistance, and we'll play some of those sound bites some of the things that the left has been saying, again, let me be clear, it doesn't matter. If one side does it, it doesn't give the other side permission to do it. I'm not saying that. But I'm simply saying, let's identify what the standard is here. If the standard is any potential way that something can be interpreted to an anger to anger a group of people, I think we should compare and contrast and see which of these is more likely to meet that criteria. Anyway, timeout is in order. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk, not bitter, folks, I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, by the way, by the way, if you are interested, I just think one of the things we're trying to do here. And there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that we're working on. But one of the things that I really think is at the core of what this program is about is creating a conservative, community conservative group of like minded people and what we want to do, we want to start giving, you know, having this group work together, give you opportunities, some practical things that we can do. And there's a lot of different. There's a lot of facets to this. There's everything from what we have to learn personally, and get better at, which is defining ourselves persuading, communicating, that sort of stuff. But there's also the element about getting together and finding candidates. And I think that's one of the things that is important to me, because I've watched, I've watched candidly, people like Senator Todd young in our state, completely absent, no leadership whatsoever, Republican By the way, and just go on down the list. I've watched governor Holcomb and the just some of the stuff that we've seen there, and I just look, it's not personal. I really do not like saying these things, I really don't. But I wouldn't be doing service to you. If I acted like these folks were good representatives, good defenders of liberty and standing firmly for the Constitution. Where are these folks when it comes to what we've seen with free speech, and so forth, and I know, these are private companies and all this sort of stuff. But there's also this section 230 protection, there's also the idea that these platforms are created for that, for the ability for people to exchange ideas freely, but you're not allowed to do that. Right? I know that parler has sued Amazon and so forth. I mean, this is the sort of stuff we're gonna find ourselves going through and it's it can be scary for people to share their, their ideology and part of it is because we Become over time complacent, or we've bought into the idea that we've got to play the game this way. And we've got to keep our opinions to ourselves. I don't mean you specifically just in general, right? Some of you, it could be you personally, that's for you to decide. But I mean, the point is, is that there is a lot of just some things we have to improve on. One of those things is to is to work together. So you can sign up for a newsletter. And look, there are things I've said this yesterday, things that you can buy, and so forth. I'm not even asking you to do any of that. I mean, you're gonna have the opportunity. As I said before, I hope some of you do, but that's not what this is about. This is about creating a group of people that are going to be pushing in the same direction working for the same thing and demanding locally, or whatever. However big our footprint is demanding that we find people that actually stand up for freedom, and the Constitution. Here's an example of someone who is not Maxine Waters out speaking, crazy talk back in the early days of the Trump campaign, has a rally a small rally is the size of rallies that current members of the Democratic Party can gather like Joe Biden, about 47 people, it looks like she's rallying a group of people against the Trump cabinet. And she's telling them if you see him, don't want to meet in peace. Remember this. Don't let them eat in peace. If you see him at a restaurant, remember this when all this stuff started when people started going up to Trump administration, people's and Trump administration, administration, individuals and getting in their faces? And I guess just yelling at them and get some other people involved, and get a crowd together. That's what she says here. And I want you to listen to this and just ask yourself, which of these seems more likely to get people violently riled up Trump saying we're gonna walk over to the Capitol, and peaceful and patriotically protest or representative from the People's Republic of California, Maxine Waters saying something crazy like this?
If you see anybody from that cabinet, in a restaurant, in a department store? They're not welcome any anymore anywhere in a gasoline station? Is that even what we? I was calling gas stations a gasoline station. If you see someone at the department store, if you see him having dinner, if you see him, they're not welcome here anymore, anywhere, anytime getting their faces get a crowd together, start screaming at him. Is that more likely to incite violence? Or is it Trump's speech to people who have witnessed what they believe is the theft of an election? By the way, Facebook is now scrubbing any reference to any social media post that uses the phrase or I guess the hashtag stop the steal. That was something that was trending for some time, it may still be I don't really, I don't know, we've used the hash tag just to get you know it. Like just because you use a hash tag doesn't mean you're even those hash tags we use it I don't agree with at all. But if it connects to the, if what we're going to talk about relates to what that hash tag is referencing. We use it because it It attracts people that are interested in that. And that issue, even if they have opposite opinions, which by the way, I welcome you with an opposite opinion to this program. I do I want you to hear what a conservative really is, I want you to let us or let me anyway, define what I believe and why I believe it directly to you instead of having it filtered through the professional deceivers in the mainstream media folks that have no interest in letting you know what people like me. Really think. And I happen to believe that once you know what I think there's gonna be a whole lot of agreement. I see this on a regular basis. Not just me, but anyone else who actually takes the time to communicate, listen, and share with people who have a different opinion. There's a novel non novel concept for 2020 or I guess 2021. Now, anyway, but which of these two seems to be more likely to get people fired up? She's telling them getting their face kicked in their faces. Tell them they're not welcome here. Okay. Thanks. Representative maxine waters. So by the way, thank you, Matthew. Matthew shared this article. There's other quotes or other soundbites, too, I just don't know if I've got time to get to them. But the point is, the point is context and Content matter quick timeout is in order though, as over here trying her darndest to get me to pay attention and I'm going to oblige. So sit tight we'll be back here in just a minute.

welcome back my friends is program odds also brought to you by our friends at Edwards equipment in Danville. Edwards equipment in Danville, you can find out more information, visit their website, Edwards And words They're one of our newer advertisers, good to have them on the program as well check them out Edwards So there we go, got the video feed backup of my lovely face here. So I guess, you know, waning moments of this of this program. I think, look, we need we need to come together as conservatives, we need to find better conservative leaders. And if you're interested in that, sign up for our email newsletter, it's free. I really mean there's no like this is I'm just trying to get conservative like minded people together pushing in the right direction. You don't have to buy a thing from us. You don't have to listen to this program. You can have your own program, you can, whatever, I don't even I don't care. I think one of the things conservatives have to do is stop being at least people in this business, I guess is to stop being so territorial, we've got to actually move, move the needle here on in the public. I mean, we've got to make some some difference here. As far as getting people elected or whatever the case may be seeing conservatism win. And so you can do that subscribe by going The Todd Huff slash subscribe simple and easy. The other thing is we've got to get better at communicating the message. And there's a lot of things that I guess go into that. There's understanding how to persuade, there's maybe understanding, you know, getting a better understanding of what we believe in why we believe it. Tapping into that inner when I say that inner strength and not being intimidated by whatever it is at work, or socially where we're told we can have opinions, but yet, everyone else can sort of thing. We can't fall into that or feel sorry for ourselves or anything like that. So there's some skills we have to improve upon as well. But one thing is, is just coming together. So that's what we're trying to do. Again, sign up slash subscribe, and give you some practical things that we can do here. As we move into 2021. We're still in the fight concerning times ahead. But folks, there's also we got truth on our side. And that's a powerful thing. quick timeout, come back and wrap up. be back in just a minute. Alright, folks, welcome back.

That's all the time unfortunately, that we have. But again, as I've said before, fear not. We'll be back here again tomorrow morning. Not only that, you can go to the website, The Todd Huff slash listen and find archives of this program. You can download the podcast, all that stuff's free. All that stuff's free and encourage you to like comment, share, if you listen to the podcast, leave comments to that helps us reach more folks. This program is growing, we're reaching more and more people and I want to thank you for helping make that possible. You guys are fantastic. I am indeed blessed to have you in this audience. I've got to go hang in there. sddc tomorrow, take care.