The Intersection of Faith and Politics | January 15, 2021 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Last night I was yesterday, sometime I was flipping through Twitter saw that Franklin Graham was trending. For those of you who don't know, Franklin Graham is the son of the late Billy Graham. The evangelist. Franklin Graham is an evangelist as well. But Franklin Graham has gotten involved a lot more in the political discussion in the political fray than his father. Billy ever did. Billy Graham stayed from my recollection and vantage point out of it completely. But Franklin Graham tweeted yesterday that the republicans who be trade President Trump, he made an analogy to the to Judas betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. But let me tell you, for those of you in this audience this morning, that are Christians who've ever been concerned about your salvation. Did you know that Twitter can help? Twitter can help I learned this last night, I'm going to read you this tweet in a moment, then get started into something I've been chewing on for a bit here. But if you're interested in how much you can make, and the terms of money, how much you can earn, and still be considered a Christian, or maybe you want to know if your soul is secure, if you are a magga supporter, though any of those described you, you are in luck. There's a lady on Twitter that will judge you. In fact, I retweeted this late last night. Her name is Amy Holden Jones. If you read her description on Twitter, it says she's a screenwriter of mystic pizza, which sums it all up pretty well to me. She says this, never forget Franklin Graham takes $600,000 per year in salary from his charity. This is the only this is only a part a small part of his total income. He's a charlatan, a con artist like the trader he supports he's no. He's no Christian. So there you go. You can turn to Twitter, and she will judge you she will tell you that reminds me by the way. By the way, welcome to the program. I'm your host, Todd Huff email. Do you want to email me your thoughts, questions, opinions, and I know there's actually a whole lot and I owe some of you responses. And I've gotten to some of the things that that had been messaged to me through email or social media or wherever you're reaching out to me, I do see those and I respond. Anything that's genuine and sincere from someone who really wants to have a dialogue. If you are a one of the very, very, very few who are some sort of pots, I just I don't even read it. So I don't know what you said. Because if you've made the pots list, you don't even get looked at. But that's 99.999% of you don't fall into that category anyway. I'll get back I'll do my best. But if you want to respond or email me with your questions, thoughts, and so forth and in including your adoration and praise, you can always do that, by email me Todd, The Todd Huff talking about what I just mentioned off the top. You know, I am a conservative Christian. And that's what we're going to get into today. Because apparently, it's okay to talk about faith and politics and the intersection thereof. Again, the left has given us a temporary a temporary reprieve from the normal. Don't talk about that. You know, you've got to separate those two things into two completely different worlds. And no, I'm not. I'm not someone who believes that I'm not a you know, someone who believes in forcing people to adhere to my faith. That's not it. But to say that faith must be completely absent from the public square is also not is not the truth as well. But anyhow. Talking about the security of salvation, you know, questioning whether or not you are sincere in your faith that reminds me when I was young believers, yeah, I grew up in a good home. I had great parents still good people, but we didn't go to church. I didn't hear anything about Jesus until I was. I mean, literally, I went to VBS I think once or twice as a child went to church occasionally. At my group My mother's church, but I didn't know anything. I didn't really hear the gospel until I was 15 years old. And a group of people put on an event called Well, the group was called Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And the event was in martial Indiana. That was the first time ever at first I'd ever heard the gospel. And I remember as a young believer, having accepted, you know, accepted that and made a profession of faith back in 1993. I remember there for the first little bit as a Christian, wondering if I was sincere in my, in my faith, and I really mean that was I just caught up in the moment this went on for a long time. So anytime they did an altar call, you know, I was up there, I prayed the you know, the the sinners prayer, the prayer salvation, if you, if you will, so many times, and it occurred to me one day, and hopefully this will help anyone out there who maybe feels the same way. It's it's a natural thing. In fact, my best friend and I, he felt the same way. 20 some years ago as well. I realized that if I don't well, either I realize it, I guess you could say God revealed to me this truth that if I'm that concerned about whether I'm sincere, then it's probably genuine. If it's insincere, you don't spend hours upon hours questioning your sincerity, right? I mean, you best just not the way you do it, if you forget about it, and think, Oh, yeah, did I really mean that that's a different thing. But if you're sitting there wrestling with it day in and day out, it's probably a genuine thing. And you can, you can rest assured that you are, in my opinion, it always comes down to the individual but sincere in your faith anyway. Your salvation, my salvation. Franklin Graham, salvation is between you. And God. I mean, yes, it's true that it will be known by our fruit, but we're also not, we're not the judges, no matter what this lady on Twitter thinks, or Facebook or jack Dorsey, by the way, don't want to get off the beaten path here too far, but jack Dorsey has been exposed to a degree by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas someone actually some whistleblower, we'll see if the left and the media praise this whistleblower. But this whistleblower was recording calls, I guess, zoom calls or some such things company calls with with jack Dorsey and has released some of those, I'm sure more things are to come. But jack Dorsey, it's it's a crazy thing to listen to it. I mean, it's almost, you know, some of the things that he was he had said, that it just doesn't, it doesn't line up. It's almost as though he's, well, he's got a political agenda. But he's he doesn't want to damage his platform. But yet he took the decision to damage his platform anyway, because the politics were too much too important to him. I don't have time to get into that. But you can, in fact, maybe we'll have. Maybe I'll have pedals later today, posts a little bit well, that that clip of that Expo z or you can google Project Veritas and Twitter, and I'm sure you'll find that as well. But anyway, anyway, anyway, I want to stay on this issue of religion. Now, for those of you who aren't religious, just hang in there, because I think I think there's a part of this discussion that you'll need to hear, as as well, this isn't going to be it's not designed to be a sermon business. The left has brought it up. And since the left, oh, there's another tweet as well, yesterday that I saw by a guy named David French. David French is an intellectual, conservative. I hesitate, because I don't know what to think of people who are never, never trumpers. I mean, I'm not trying to be provocative here. But if you find yourself voting for Biden, or for Hillary in 2016, I can respect if you don't vote, I can respect if you have issues with Trump. I'm not that's not even what this is about. But if you if you actually are casting ballots for the Democrat Party right now, and I don't mean rank and file your neighbor, I mean, the ideology that is outlined and embraced by the radical left, that's who's running the Democrat Party right now, make no mistake about it. There is still a fair fight for the party. Because a lot of these folks have to go back to communities that are not radically left. I think of Tim Ryan in Ohio, for example, there's lots Connor lamb, but it doesn't mean I mean, at the end of the day, there's still voting for their their speaker that has to be Nancy Pelosi, and most in most cases. They're still cool with whatever it is Biden wants to spend another $1.9 trillion COVID you're gonna quite possibly be on the list of getting an additional 14 $100 per person, and all sorts of other things that are that are coming in that regard now and fairness spending with with Trump and the Republican Senate has several congresses where the spending is really supposed to be initiated but all those parties involved Senate House and President have to be in an agreement and we've been on a on a spending spree right and lots of money to the point where I mean, you rarely even hear about people talking about about money. But anyway, this this issue, to be able to identify as and vote for the radical agenda, the you know, the abortion perspective of the radical left, for a true conservative slash even Christian conservative, it's problematic the move towards socialism, Marxism, in fact, Marxism is the true antithesis, the exact opposite of a free society. exact opposite. They don't even want. Marxism says you can't even believe in God and outlaws the belief in God. So how can a Christian conservative, choose that? And I'm sure there's all sorts of justification and so forth that says, I'm not voting for, you know, all those things. I'm just not voting for the other side. I'm not voting for Trump and his tweets and his comments from 2006, or whatever, whatever it is. Anyway, it's just hard for me to understand that to some degree. I mean, on the other hand, I understand it completely, as you know, as your host here, but I'm just kind of sharing with you. I don't always where these folks come from. It's sometimes a little bit problematic. David French being one of these. This is what he tweeted out yesterday, at the end of the day, this is true. everything we know about leadership, Republicans threw away everything we know about character republican Christians. Yes, if you're a republican Christian out there, you throw it in the garbage, says David French. They grievously hurt this nation. They grievously hurt their neighbors. May God have mercy. And there's a lot of this is really the the first thing that I saw yesterday, as I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about today that piqued my interest about this, this concept of Republican Christians and then the thing with Franklin Graham came up and we had this lady on Twitter that can tell you if you were saved or not, if you have a sincere faith in Jesus, as you said, Franklin Graham does not. So you know, if you're concerned about that, you can tune in to her and see what just tweeted to see what she says and I'm sure she'll be happy to judge you don't do that. I'm kidding, by the way. So it suddenly it's okay to talk about faith in the public square again, but you know why it is because they think that they have can use your conscience against you, you cause this Christians, as David French here says, everything we know about Republican leadership republicans threw away Look, I'm not the first guy that's gonna get on the bandwagon and talk about the leadership of the Republican Party. There's a lot of you hear me criticize the Republican Party. I'm regularly I don't know if I say every day I may not do that every day. But it's a it's something that needs to be done. It is something that needs to be done. I've you've heard me voice my displeasure with our governor here in the state of Indiana, hunker down Hoosiers, we're all in this together, all this sort of meaningless drivel. Meanwhile, as we are facing a constitutional crisis, he's telling us to cheer on the Hoosiers in the Boilermakers and the Ball State Cardinals and Notre Dame Fighting Irish and getting all sorts of different pictures in his gear, snapping and clapping and I mean, just stuff that I just think what in the world, this is embarrassing, number one. And number two, there are real problems. And you're not even pretending to act like care about it. Same thing with Todd young senator from Indiana Todd young needs to be we need to find a conservative to primary Todd young. Todd young has let this this state down. He has let you down as a conservative. He's He's absent. When it's time to lead he's absent completely absent not there. Now I've experienced this personally with with his his team. And and and that needs to be we need to remedy that. So I'm not standing up for Republican leadership. But I guess he's David French here is upset with with Trump and the way Trump's lead because republicans threw things away. I guess David French was happier when the leadership of the Republican Party was making you know, what was capitulating constantly, was apologizing constantly, was weak, was unprincipled in the sense of standing up to the media to the nonsense that our government wanted to do. I guess he was okay with those days, because that's candidly what we had before Donald J. Trump came in Donald J. Trump helped Congress, Republican congressmen and senators grow a backbone. He helped usher in more of these folks that are prepared to fight and fight hard. Where he stood alongside these folks, folks like Jim Jordan, folks like Matt gates. Right. I mean, this is here for all of us to see. So I don't know how anyone through leadership away. David, French republicans did actually think Republicans threw it away a long time ago. And there's been some Republicans who actually want to fix things that are trying to revive it. And the party saying no, don't make us do it. That's how I see it. Then this nonsense here about everything we know about character, Republican Christians threw in the garbage, that's what he says, you throw it in the garbage if you're a Republican, Christian. Now, it's funny to me how he talks about it. And you know, he, I mean, this, from what I understand he's a professing Christian. So I don't know why he's talking about republican Christians in the third party, maybe he doesn't consider himself a republican anymore. Surely, he considers himself still a Christian. But he says that they right. He talks about, well, they grievously hurt this nation they previously hurt, they're hurt their neighbors, I happen to think I happen to think the ideology of the left is hurt people in ways that are sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes uncomfortable, the welfare state, the socialist state, the state that says it is your God now, it'll take care of all your problems, just trust it and vote for it. The deceit. The, I mean, just take your pick. There's plenty of issues to look at here. But anyhow, these things have got me focused on this this morning. So this is not a lecture on or a sermon, I should say, but rather, kind of a defensive or a an explanation of constitutional conservatism, the role of faith, at least from my perspective, and I think many of your perspectives as well. But it's okay to talk about this now, because the radical left now says it's okay, which means they think they can use this to politically defeat conservatism or Christianity, but nonetheless, I welcome the debate because when you get right down to it, outside of the people in your life, there's ultimately ultimately what matters is I mean, among God, people in politics and how we live on how we live on this side of heaven. I think when you get down to it, those are the things that matter God people and how we live which is politics. So happy to talk about this, but I gotta take a timeout you're listening here to them of conservative not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

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That's Beech Grove. I want to look here at constitutional conservatism. I want to talk about this for for a moment as we're as we're going through I don't know there's a bit of an assault now. You know you you've gone through the election. And of course, we all have our opinions and thoughts on that. We've gone through all of the tensions and the everything that happened post election and we all have our thoughts on that. We had what happened last week at the Capitol, and everyone blaming Trump and Republicans we have now 10 Republicans in the House voted to impeach President Trump, who by the way is leaving office? January 20. That's the plan right? Here. We are just a few days from that. And yet they're trying to impeach him. And that's why yesterday I talked about talked about payback politics, get ready for payback politics. They're gonna make Trump or anyone who stood by Trump face the consequences of that, politically, payback. Politics is really what the radical left, I don't wanna say is best at because I think they're best at deceiving people and coming up with really terrible ideas. But right up there near the top of that, is retribution, payback politics. So we talked about that yesterday, by the way, you can listen to old programs old No, no, no, they are, on course, encore episodes of this program, by going to our website, or you can subscribe to our podcast, which is totally free. So you can have that content all the time. I encourage you to do that. Because look, I mean, at any moment, where if you listen to us, or connect with us on social media, there's a risk that that's going to be broken. Why you should also think of signing up for our newsletter. Free also anyway. So there's this this focus on republicanism, conservatism, Republicans have lost the Senate. And I know there's, you know, there's a whole litany of things to discuss there, blah, blah, blah, they don't have control of the House that lost The White House, according to this election. Now, there's almost like this. This post mortem report, right. I mean, this is almost like an autopsy report what happened and people are criticizing and saying, What's, what's wrong, what needs fixed? and all this sort of thing. And I think this is a great time to review what constitutional conservatism is. And as we've been talking about as well, tying in this concept of the Christian part, because there's there's articles, I've had a buddy sending me articles asking my opinion on this, this discussion of Christian nationalism, how terrible Christian nationalism is, and all this sort of stuff. I want to try to tie all that together here in the latter half of the program. So we're going to talk about constitutional conservatism. We're going to talk about this concept of Christian nationalism. What does that mean? How do I view the intersection of faith and ideology? Why this all matters to you, in a free country that's built upon liberty, that's built upon freedom, that is built upon the idea that we are created in wealth created by God with inalienable rights, unalienable rights, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and this concept, rich, you know, diverted from the normal path, no longer are we were we considered subjects to the king, we were considered citizens and free people who had the opportunity to live their lives to live our lives, however we, we saw fit and to follow our dreams and ambitions and passions and to do that, and that's how we were created to live this side of heaven. That's why this matters so much to me. The radical left thinks that you're an idiot, you can't manage your own life, you create your own problems, if only people like them would be in positions of power, then they can fix everyone's issues. Because people are morons, and they're smarter than everybody else. This is what they think. And it's really the anti I mean, it's really an anti God state of mind. Right? I'm not saying you can't be Don't misunderstand Christian and, and liberal. I'm saying that that mindset is not the mindset that God wants us to have. So this is why I think the religion discussion matters to me today. If you're ever in a position where you say, hey, look, I'm on the scene. Now all problems are saying you shouldn't be confident, but I'm on I'm on the scene. I'm gonna fix your problems, you stupid second class citizen. If that's ever your mindset, you can rest assured, you can rest assured that that's not the mindset that Christ talked about. He says, consider others. You know, better than yourself, you know, don't, don't act like you got all the problems or solutions to all the problems. Pride comes before the fall as well. So we'll get to those things here in the latter half of the program timeout is needed though. Sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, my friends. So let's talk about constitutional conservatism. I learned in Sunday school about 25 years ago and Thank you, Jim, for teaching me this to me. The What is it the Royal, the Royal Canadian Canadian Mounted Police known as the Mounties, one of the things that they do is they identify phony currency, right? current US currency that's not legitimate not officially, you know, printed and backed by the Government of Canada, it is faked. It is fabricated, right? It's not real. And it's counterfeit. So what they do to study how to identify it, you might think at first that they study all the nuances and differences between the you know, the mistake people make when they try to counterfeit something. Now, they might be aware of that, I don't want to say that they're not aware of it. But what makes them the reason they're good at spotting counterfeits is because they study the real thing. So I want you to think about that they study the real thing. And they know that anything that doesn't look like that does not isn't real, isn't true. And so there's all these different terms in government today. And I'm going to tell you, nobody knows not even political science people they think they want you to think they know but nobody knows what these things mean, in practice, they might know what they mean, in the you know, in the in the faculty lounge, what they technically mean, I don't mean that. But in reality, no one knows what anything means. Because people don't know what they mean. And people are using these things. For example, I had a guy, a friend of mine who told me he's a classical liberal, while telling me how awesome socialism is. Right? So I mean, I'm a I think conservatives are the classical liberal of the day, these were these were limited government folks whose were pro individual, right, and, you know, people that believed in the rights of the individual, I had another guy who's confused as can be one moment, he's a rabbit, rabbit liberal. The next is a libertarian, the next he's believing some form of a conservative or that he and then he tells me he prefers candidates who are in the establishment of the Republican Party. The point is, is that it's easy to get confused. And I would say don't get down. Like, for example, I we started talking about Christian nationalism, which we'll touch on here, time permitting here at the end of the program. I would say to you don't get so caught up in that, and what the terminology is, I'm going to tell you what I mean, when I when I say constitutional conservatism, and I think that well, I whether you agree completely with this or not. And just as a disclaimer, you absolutely should wink wink. But it constitutional conservatism, when I say it, this is what I mean. I mean, that throughout so throughout history, governments did. Governments, oppressed people, governments, viewed in most cases, the people as some sort of a servant or a subject to itself, right. This is this is a common, common sort of approach. And that's why there was this this arrogance and condescension that often flows from the ruling classes we have the day to, but it's for different reasons. These for these folks were appointed. In fact, many of them were, they believed appointed by God to be king, and they would make their decrees and there's some horrible stories throughout history, some really terrible people and some atrocious things that happen. And our founders lived under that. And so they understood through reading, you know, philosophical works by understanding Judeo Christian principles and values which this nation is, at its core rooted in Judeo Christian principles and values, you don't have to become a Christian in this country. But it is true that the principles the foundations of the Judeo Christian belief system, you know, the system of morality and right and wrong at least is, is based. Our nation is rooted in that Western civilization. Common Law. Some thing this was this was a progress over centuries, right people moving from oppression, to to what we had the day which we can I mean, we have to Combat those who try to take away our freedoms, but we still can live our lives much more freely than the vast, vast, vast majority of people who have ever walked this planet. And so the founders came up with this notion that said, again, you are citizens, not subjects, you have rights that are given to you not by the person in office, not by whether in the case of you know, when they when they first got together, it was under the King of England, that dude doesn't give you your rights, your rights come from God. If that sucker in, in England tries to tell you, you can't do something, he's taking away what God has freely given you. We cannot allow that. That's the idea. And when I talk about this, this nation was was built upon a fantastic foundation. That is what I'm talking about. The ideas that talk about your right to free speech, your right to protect yourself by keeping in bearing arms, your right to have your own thoughts and opinions and beliefs and desires and goals and objectives. The government can't do that for you. And that's what governments were seeking to do for such a such a long time was to try to organize and the structure and for society into the direction that they thought that society should go instead of letting people live their lives. And understanding as Adam Smith taught us that there's an invisible hand that invisible hand is when people are living their lives there. They realized that by coming together, through free markets, free associations, and helping each other get them what they need, they can then in turn, use the proceeds right the profits from what they provided one person to then use that money to help themselves in the area that matters to them. So this trading it actually brings people together and by people looking to work in their own self interest, not selfishness not not my preference at the sake of everybody else's but focused on what I want to do and how can I cooperate with others to move in that direction. This is a good this is a good thing and that is what our nation the idea of constitutional conservatism. is rooted in and based upon so I got more about this but I've got to take a break. The clock is telling me it's time actually as you're telling me it's time and she's right. Sit tight. We'll talk more about this when we get back. See here in just a just a minute.

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Welcome back, look, when you come down, get down to the nation, this great nation is great because of you because of you and the ideas that we have, because of the individual not because we have master I guess manipulators of people or management's managers of society in Washington, DC, that is not why you make this country great. That's what it is. It's the individual the American and it's also important I that's why I think, you know, as a Christian, we tap into our to our true greatness when we connect with God, because that's our source of all goodness. So that's where they intersect, folks. I've got to go sddc Monday. Take care.