Time To "Unite" Leftist Style | January 18, 2021 | Hour One

Here's your conservative not bitter host, Todd Huff All right, my friends welcome to home of conservative not bitter talk, I tell you it is a refreshing place to be you know it, even if you're a radical leftist tuning in this morning. It is good to be here. Welcome to the program. We are conservative, not bitter. I used to say I don't care what you think I do care what you think we hope to persuade you for constitutional conservatism, and liberty, and all things that are good in the foundational aspects of this great nation. So welcome to the program, email, Tom The Todd Huff show.com facebook.com. Well, whatever I did more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we're streaming on most of the well, several of those channels. You can check us out Todd Huff show you is the handle for all of those social media platforms. And of course, you can always email us Tata Tata show.com, with questions, thoughts and yes, even adoration and praise will be accepted by your host. I want to start here this morning and echo what I had said late last week, which is this, which is this we are in the midst of payback, politics. We are we are living in the era of payback politics, in fact. In fact, we're about to get a bigger dose of payback, politics. And there's a lot of stuff to get into right. First of all, we get Trump's impeachment, which is a form of payback. Politics is also of course designed. It's also of course, designed to make sure that President Trump never sees office again, that President Trump cannot run in 2024. It is designed to send a message to anyone out there who actually wants to do the work necessary to eradicate the despicable mess that exists in the swamp. We've already returned to politics as a normal in Washington, DC. With the imminent departure of one Donald J. Trump, here in the next what is it 48 hours or so, folks, we're down to the final 54 hours. I look here 54 hours of Trump's presidency I'm sure in the next 54 hours you will feel you will feel an instantaneous awakening or reawakening of the American spirit led by none other than Joe Biden. If you want to believe that left by none other than Joe Biden are led by none other than Joe Biden and this dark stain on the American on American history will begin the process of being lifted, of being scrubbed from our existence with the ushering in the swearing in of one, Joseph Biden and all things will be made new, my friends, all things will be made new by Joe Biden by Kamala Harris by those who are going to make all things right, they're going to pay back those that were in the Trump administration, for those that voted for Trump. Folks are going to pay, they're going to either pay by being silenced, they're going to be they're gonna pay by losing their jobs as Professor Eastman has a law professor who was actually making the case for President Trump had the audacity to be on President Trump's legal team. During this the past couple of months when we were talking about election fraud and stop the steal, don't use that phrase, Facebook will see to it that you will not have any way to communicate that message or even talk about talk about that on their platform. They're scrubbing even as we speak any reference to stop, stop to steal. You know, a quick word about that when I we use hashtags to promote this program across a variety of platforms for folks just to get the message, you know, our message in front of folks, you know, when you use a hashtag, if you Use the hashtag stop to steal. It didn't it may have meant that you believed, or that you still believe that every single well that the election was absolutely stolen. It may didn't necessarily mean that. And maybe this meant that people were who were engaged in that conversation you wanted to communicate with. We use hashtags on this program regularly that I don't even fully understand what the world all the details are. But if it's talking about something political, and if it's something that we'll touch on during the program, we will use that we will use that just to get the message out because people using that hashtag, are people that are wanting to communicate about that particular issue. I may not. It may be a bunch of nonsense, what the hashtag is it doesn't mean I'm endorsing it or anything, it just means I'm using it to get the message in front of people who may want to hear content, who may actually want to hear an alternative perspective besides what they hear in the mainstream media, the fake news, CNN, Brian Stelter, who we've got some sound bites from him also Don, good old Don Lemon, Don Lemon is one confused me and by the way, we've got some information, or I get some sound bites from him as well. But we are in the midst, we're in the the era of payback politics, if you voted for Trump, to some degree, you are the problem. The media believes the radicals believe in fact, Don Lemon. Don Lemon thinks this was last week that you are effectively a member of the KKK. I mean, basically, is what he's saying here. I always love this. I don't watch CNN often. But when I do, I am never disappointed by the stupid stuff I hear on there. I am never does. I am never I never tuned in CNN. And don't start shuffle at the absolute idiocy that I witnessed on that on my screen. When I do that. I mean this. In fact, I had the great pleasure of actually seeing some awesome, idiotic things that Don Lemon has said in the past. In fact, I was watching live when Don Lemon asked asked the question after the tragic disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight many years ago now several years ago now, where he actually raised the question of whether or not it vanished in a black hole. I was watching that up. I was watching it in LA, real time on the spot. And it's tragic, of course, what they were talking about. But the the things that people on that network, say and treat a serious is not to be taken seriously. In fact, I remember the response of the person who Don Lemon asks, Is it possible that the missing Malaysian Airlines jet hit a black hole went into a black hole? And the person with much grace, I can't remember who the person was. But I remember the response was something like this. Well, you know, if a black hole was that close to Earth, we all would have been sucked into it already. So I think we can probably, we can probably eliminate this concept of a black hole and fairness to Don Lemon. These were questions being tweeted by the audience and so forth. But still to ask the question. I mean, I'm known on here for saying there's no stupid questions, but that one makes me want to reconsider my position on that anyway. So Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, tough guy, Chris Cuomo, right. So Chris Cuomo wants to fight everybody, Don Lemon, Don Lemon, just I mean, crazy, right? I mean, he's he is crazy. He's a radical. Of course, he's told us in the past, he's been confused. as being a conservative, he actually said this. He told his audience that he's been accused of being a conservative. If someone's accused him of being a conservative, it only furthers my argument that the average American citizen has no idea what a conservative is. If someone out there in America, thanks Don Lemon, CNN ANCHOR propagandist, fake news. You know, fake news creator. Right. If someone thinks Don Lemon is a conservative, their understanding of Parliament they needed one on one politics is too high up the ladder for where they need to start. I'd politics one, politics 001 I don't even know what the core should be. Someone needs to start at that sort of remedial level before they begin any further discussion in the politics because there's nothing about Don Lemon that is conservative. There is everything about Don Lemon that is radical. There's everything about Don Lemon. Who disparages and maligns people like us. Me. So Don Lemon, he and Chris Cuomo when they're passing the, their programs, I don't know who comes on before and after I don't really care. But there, there's a segment there's like a segue between the end of one of their programs and the beginning of the next and they're sitting there talking head, they're side by side. And so they're having this discussion last week. I think it may have been Thursday or Friday. It must have been Thursday because I had this Friday, I just didn't have time to get to it. But I want to play this. I want to play this Don Lemon thinks that you, you are to be lumped in with all sorts of radicals. Anyone who voted for Trump for any reason, you apparently, and I apparently, agree wholeheartedly with everything about their worldview. This is such a simplistic and ridiculous outlook perspective. There's no way on Earth, that this should be treated. Seriously, folks. There, there are people who are very, very close to you, that you, you do life together, right. And you don't share every single opinion that they share. This is stupid. But let's I want you to listen to this. And this look at this through the lens of payback politics because they're lumping 70 plus million 70 for whatever the number actually is. Some say it's over 80 once you factor in all the algorithms and so forth, and all the fraud in the 2020 election, but nonetheless, whatever the number actually is, they want to lump us all together. I guess if someone robbed a 711 and voted for Trump, we're all guilty of conspiring to rob the local 711. And this nonsense can go on ad infinitum. Let's listen to these two knuckleheads talking about this. Last week on CNN. Now what you hear is, well, you can't say that everybody who voted for Trump is like the people who went into the capital response. You can't say that what everybody's like everybody who voted Trump I like them. And now I just explained to you if you if if you are on that side, you need to think about the sides are on I am never on the side of the Klan. I am net principle people conservative or liberal. Never on the client side principle people conservative or liberal, never on the Nazi side principle people who are conservative or liberal, never on the side that treats their their fellow Americans as less than that says that your fellow Americans should not exist. Your fellow Americans should be in a concentration camp, or that sides with slavery or sides with right and if they say I don't agree with those people, I just like Trump's policy wouldn't get out of the crowd with him. Get out of the crowd. I wasn't in the crowd. I just voted for Trump. You were in the crowd who voted for Trump. If you voted for Trump, you voted for the person who the Klan supported. You voted for the person who Nazis support. You voted for the person who the alt right supports. That's the crowd that you are in. You voted for the person who incited a crowd to go into the Capitol and and potentially take the lives of lawmakers took the lives of police officers took the lives of innocent lives. who were there on the Capitol that day, you voted on that side and the people in Washington are continuing to vote on that. So you're basically a writer and potentially I mean, much worse murderers. I guess I don't, I don't know. What does he talk? Does he not know does this goofball not know that the gentleman from the great state of Georgia, if you can believe what we're being told Raphael warneke is now the senator is one of the senators does this dude Don Lemon not realize that Raphael Norn warnick invited or was sharing a stage with Fidel Castro? At his church? Standing ovation was in order. Now in fairness, warneke was just the what was it the youth pastor at the time or some such thing, but Fidel Castro, literally murder of 10s of 1000s of people, by the way, was able to murder 10s of 1000s of people because of his at least 10s of 1000s, by the way, because of his political ideology. Because the people of Cuba were subjected to a communist regime. The people of Cuba are still and were then subjected to sanctions. To a authoritarian style of government that had no restrictions that could do whatever it pleased, and it did, by the way, whatever it pleased. Whatever Fidel Castro pleased, pleased him whatever pleased Raul Castro Take your pick these evil doers perpetrating harm, and violence, and death, and rape, and you name it on there people share the stage, share the stage applauding him by the way, applauding him. I defy you to find people to find to find people that applaud some of these things. That that Don Lemon just mentioned, applauding racism, slavery, what in the world is this guy talking about? There are fringes I had been through this before. I say it again, groups are comprised of people, people, people sin, there are evil people in every single group, I am a conservative Christian, there are people who are evil, that do bad things or who are downright evil that are Christian or conservative or by the way atheist, or by the way any other faith, you know, any group of religious group or political group or ideological group, bad people all over the place. It's like Buckley said, William F. Buckley years and years ago, he said that the problem with capitalism is capitalists, meaning that the system is fine. But the individual capitalists sometimes do bad things. The problem with socialism is socialism. The problem is the system itself. And yet they had this completely backward. And they applaud the thing. I mean, are they on their on the side of the Stalinist, by the way, if you're on the side of Hitler, which I maintain the Nazi ism is a radical leftist ideology. But nonetheless, if they want to say that the traditional political continuum, they want to argue that and then Nazi ism fashions on one end, and communism's on the other, then there's their style on us. And I can say with a straight face here this morning, even though I've got a face for radio, I can say that Don lemons a Stalinist, I guess. Is that really where we want to go with this? Is that really, the truth? Is that really I'm not saying that he's not done things to help further, maybe unintentionally, or whatever you want to think about that. But the ideology of the radical left, but still, they want to throw us all in one particular group, we're the same, or the same as the writers, we all would have rioted, if we were there. That's what they want you to believe. half the country. That's what they think half the country was ready to burn down the Capitol building and revolt in armed insurrection didn't find any problems with the black lives matter. rallies had no problem with an Tifa. None of that stuff didn't have any concern with Maxine Waters out there trying to tell people to get up in people's faces and all this kind of stuff. You've seen the sound bites and so forth, but they have every bit of problem with with with what happened. I'm not endorsing it, by the way, at the Capitol last week. I am saying I am saying that we're not all lumped together simply because we voted for the same the same person. There's two choices on the ticket, Don, he's a little bit more critical thinking in this I gotta take a break long in this segment oz is trying her very best to keep me on track. She did not succeed. I have to take a break back here in just a minute.

ditching the hat between breaks there. Sometimes I wear a hat sometimes I don't just wasn't feeling here this morning. So I got rid of the hat. So let's get back here to Don Lemon lecturing us. Now you might think why are we talking about this? This is I'm telling you what he's saying. Buckle up for this other headlines out there to kind of take what he's saying and run with it. What about this Forbes says it's targeting Trump staffers and their future employers. That's from about a week ago. That's again, just one example. Again, why is Trump being impeached? He's literally got what I say 5052 hours or 54 hours or some such thing before the end of his term at noon on January 20, when Biden will be inaugurated as President of the United States. I think I just vomited in my mouth but nonetheless, that Here's the reality that we are dealing with Don Lemon saying that we're all racist. All of us who voted for Trump, if you voted for Trump, you're racist. And I can see I can see this actually, in my mind's eye and the left nodding in agreement with what I just said. Racist even if we don't know it. Even if we don't know it, that's what he says here in this next particular soundbite. I want to play this again. Because this is, look, it is time for political payback. That is what it's payback politics. Get ready. They're calling for what is it the Josh Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz, they want them to either resign or to be thrown out of the senate because of what they did. by standing up and questioning. How dare they question by the way, the integrity of the 2020 election. It's that has never been done before. Wink wink, I get another soundbite with a bunch of celebrities back in 2016, begging the electors, begging the electoral college to change their vote and only takes you and 36 others or some such thing. To stop this to be people of integrity, to not elect Donald Trump as president of the United States. They did a video on this. I don't remember. And he calls for them. Leading a rebellion against the United States of America. Do you a rebellion, for Pete's sake? a rebellion for questioning. This is the process folks. electors could have theoretically done something back then. Just as electors could have theoretically, something could have been done here in 2020. But anyway, let's do this soundbite really quickly, even though Oz's already telling me it's time to take a break here but let's listen to this. This is again as rush limbaugh would say the wizard the smart here on CNN going back and forth. I don't find it often that I agree with Chris, tough guy Chris Cuomo, but I do in this instance, I agree with tough guy, Chris Cuomo here. That makes me feel like I need to take a shower as well. Anyway, I'm kidding. Here it is on that. Kind of kidding. Here's Don Lemon and tough guy Chris Cuomo going back and forth about what it really means to voted for Trump in 2020. Bear with me, it's not it's not. It's not cooperating here. Hold on a second. Hold on a second. He doubles down. Let's try this again.
There are a lot of voted for Trump who don't agree with you. That's fine. It doesn't they are allowed to their own opinion.
Thank you. Thank you. Right. But
they're allowed to their own opinion. You're allowed what I said last night? Oh, absolutely. You do what I'm saying they look at this mob.
They say that's not me.
I'm not I'm nothing like those people. I would never have done that. But they're all wrong. Those people voted the way you voted for. I'm just saying, right. But just because you vote for the same people doesn't mean that you believe the same thing put you in the same crowd? Yes, it does. We put you in the same boat people who voted for him. But we may not have the same reasons you may not have the same understand you vote for people who have common interests. If someone has a common interest. People who vote like you have a common interest is you. That's just how it is. You don't vote concert, you don't vote for the most liberal person in the world because you're a conservative. you vote for someone who shares your common interest. That's how that's how voting works.
You guys are stupid. This is stupid, flat out idiotic and stupid. He's saying so he's Cuomo and lemon both voted for both voted for Joe Biden. There's no question about this. They disagree on this issue. Now wait a minute, by Don lemons own logic. by Don lemons own logic, they should agree on every issue. So why are they disagreeing on this one? Chris Cuomo, without even knowing and by the way, has just checkmated Don Lemon in this battle of the Wits here on CNN. But they have their if they voted for the same guy by Don lemons logic, they should not disagree on everything. He just said if you're a conservative, you're not going to vote for the most liberal candidate. That's right, Don, you're right on that. But if I vote for the conservative, and some lunatic, some lunatic votes for the same guy I vote for it doesn't mean we voted for him for the same reasons at all. What on earth is this guy talking about? In fact, to be quite honest, that's why you've heard Donald Trump In fact, back in 2016, we've played the sound bites before where Trump, Trump condemned, Trump condemned the racists who even voted for him. So it's this is so I'm gonna play the rest of this idiotic nonsense. doesn't really work. It doesn't mean politically oleation work, but it doesn't mean that a voter believes that their vote means what you think it means? Well, but it also believes it also means that you share something with that person. And you also own up to it. Yeah. And you want to stop saying giving people an out. For the people who represent the worst behavior, stop trying to make an excuse for people who voted for someone who has those beliefs, you may think that you don't believe that, but in a way, what you're doing, you're complicit with it. Because you're voting for the same type of person. You may think that you don't have the same beliefs. You may think that you're not racist, but because some are racist somewhere voted for Trump. You're complicit. That's his argument. You don't understand this is liberalism. In a nutshell, by the way, you think you know what you believe? No, no, no, you think you know how to run your life? You think you know how to make decisions for yourself? No, no, no, what you need, what you need are the elites in this country making the decisions for you explaining to you the decisions that you made the ramifications, the consequences, they can explain that. This is stupid. This is childish. I've got an 11 year old kid that could beat Don Lemon and and debate tomorrow. I guarantee it. wouldn't mind seeing that, by the way. This is patently absurd. But look, it's the era of payback politics. It's the era of payback, politics. And this look, Chris Cuomo. Don't be asking these questions. Don Lemon wants to make anyone who's voted for Trump, pay the price. pay the price, shut him down on social media. Don't let them run for office. If they're in office, kick them out of office, if they worked for the Trump administration. Heck, if they wore a magga hat, if they thumbs up a picture on Facebook of someone wearing a mega hat or shirt they need to be they need to face the music. That's where this is headed. Do not doubt this. This is where this is headed. So coming from the party who says it's time to unite you know what unite means to the radical left it means Shut up. Get on board with their ideology and their politics and don't do anything about it vote the right way. Or there will be more political hell to pay if you don't click timeout is in order. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

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Maybe reach out by email or phone you can visit them online CHW e i NC that comm ch w e i nc.com Carriage House woodworking or call them directly 317406304 to 317-406-3042 Be sure to tell him that we sent you But listen, this is One of the ways we've got to fight back, one of the ways we've got to fight back is to unite is to, is to work with one another, and, and to show even a little bit of preference to one another. This This needs to be to be done all things being equal. I hope you would support the folks that advertise on this program, by the way. Congrats, or let me commend I should say, Bill Maher, who actually said let's not confuse the 5000 Capital riders with the 74 million voters. Kudos, Bill Maher. Kudos, Bill Maher, for understanding that. Now, the 74 million voters may be upset the 74 million voters, a lot of them believe that this election was stolen. A lot of them have a lot of questions, and that had been scandal ignored and will not be answered. A lot of them are concerned about the future and the fate of their country, the direction that we're going doesn't mean that any of them besides those that actually perpetrated the the riots, and what transpired last week on Capitol Hill, it doesn't mean I guess it was two weeks ago, almost now. But you know what I mean, it doesn't mean that the rest of the 74 million have would have done or did the same thing. It's not the same thing at all. Just like when the radical leftists burned down cities, it doesn't mean that every democrat would have done the same thing. I mean, this is beyond stupid to me, where we've we've got ourselves, but they think they smell blood in the water. They smell blood in the water. And remember, their objective here is to make sure that conservatives and republicans never win elections again. And from the looks of things from watching mitch mcconnell that looks like that may be his objective, as well, as well as other elitist republicans Country Club republicans in the Republican Party. by hiding, not leading like our center here, Todd young, through these difficult times completely absent from the scene, completely unqualified to hold the Office of Senate from the great state of Indiana, or, you know, take your pick, there's so many to choose from in Washington, DC, we've got to do what we can to get conservative, conservative folks, truly people who are committed to the Constitution, who are not afraid, who are not going to wait to see which direction the political winds shift before they make an announcement or a decision see people that actually lead and fight to defend this great nation. Her founding the founding principles to fight things like packing the court to fight things like making DC and Puerto Rico states, all these things that are percolating in the background, but will be front and center here in front of our eyes, and not very, not very long at all. So that's another reason to join our email newsletter is because we're working on some very practical things to make make a difference on that front. It's well past time for conservatives to get together and to make sure this is the time this is the time to actually make sure conservative candidates are on the slate that we can vote when we vote for them in the next two years. During the primary, this is the time this is the time that we do that. So quick timeout is in order long in this segment again, but you can join our email letter email newsletter if you just want to be a part of that. Again, I don't care if you don't buy a thing from us or don't listen to the program or download the podcast You certainly should but look we've got to push in the same direction I don't give you get another talk show when you just want to work together that's exactly what needs to happen. You need to quit being I don't know territorial and you know we need to work together. Tada show.com slash subscribe is how you do that quick timeout is necessary though so tight back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So remember earlier in the program. earlier in the program, I referenced something that the post millennial has has shared this is something from 2016 bunch of Hollywood actors, the liberal elite get together to put together a video a video to send to the electoral college members asking them asking them to consider voting for someone other than the person that their state laws that necessitated that they vote for In other words, don't vote for Trump vote for anyone else. You don't have to vote for Hillary they say in this video. You just need to vote to not let Donald Trump get to the 270 electoral votes so that America can be saved from a Donald Trump presidency. Basically, I don't remember any calls for imprisonment. I don't remember at saying that Martin Sheen should be locked away in Guantanamo Bay, for being for leading an insurrection. But here's the the soundbite. I want you to hear I won't play all this, but you get the idea. Here it is. Republican members of the electoral college This message is for you. As you know, our founding fathers built the electrical deposit to safeguard the American people from the dangers of a demagogue and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is to an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. an eminent degree Debra Messing someone who is highly qualified for the job can take the drama, The Electoral College was created specifically to prevent an unfit candidate from becoming president. Republican members of the electron was not
to get the idea. So they did this entire video. I don't know why that stopped playing. But they did. They did this entire video calling on members electors in the electoral college republican electors December of 2016, to stand up, and to do what the constitution required. This was necessary back then. And look, I don't I didn't have it. I thought it was silly back then I'd kind of forgotten about this. And kind of forgotten about this, but seeing the postmillennial share this. It just took me back down memory lane. And it shows the I mean, of course, the blatant hypocrisy of what we've experienced here. Yeah, but Todd, no violence, and so no violence ensued. Folks, do you remember last year at the inauguration? And look, I categorically condemn this right. I don't care which group what the party is or the person what whoever the person is perpetrating the violence. I don't say Oh, let me wait and see what they think. Let me see what their races their gender is. I don't care. This can happen. they violate the law. Lady Justice has blindfold on. She has a blindfold on so as to make sure that whoever is accused of a crime she looks at not looks as she hears the evidence against them without making a determination based upon anything else besides what what the allegations are and whether or not those are true or false. So it makes no difference to me who commits the violence but you do not remember back in 2017 at the inauguration, I remember Starbucks getting their windows busted in. I remember riots and all sorts of things happening last time we we had this in 2017 it wasn't right then and it's not right now either. But the act is though, that only Trump's words incited violence is ridiculous is long in the segment. Got to wrap up, shut up, but you get the idea. So tight back in just a minute.

Alright, folks, that is unfortunately, all of the time that we have the day but again, as I've shared with you before, never fret. Do not worry, do not fear you can catch archived episodes of the program The Todd Huff show.com slash Listen, can also subscribe to our podcast which I highly encourage you to do. Just search The Todd Huff Show on your favorite podcast outlet and you should be able to download it unless they decide to flag us for some reason which I never put past them. But anyway guys, it's always a pleasure to be here. Keep the Faith stay strong. SDG see tomorrow. Take care