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Liberalism is condescending.
We cannot expect the media either to accept or report this. And we can't expect the Democrats to boldly proclaim it. Though the evidence of this truth is everywhere for those who seek to understand, it's up to conservatives to explain and articulate this.
I rarely stay up late enough to watch The Ingraham Angle, but I am sure glad I did last week. I caught this truly unbelievable interview with Dr. Ivette Lazono, a family doctor in Texas who has been successfully treating her covid patients with hydroxychloroquine. 
"More light. Less heat." I first heard that phrase from Ruth, a member of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries' team (RZIM), as we were preparing to launch our interview with them last year. 
Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is right about a lot in his latest 'Covid Rant.' And the central question he raises absolutely deserves an answer: When did 'flatten the curve' become an indefinite government order for everyone to #StayHome?  
Prior to Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017, everything in our government was hunky-dory, apple pie. 

The government had no problems. 
So Google is planning to interefere in the 2020 Election? I guess the Left is ok with that - you know, since they're not Russian. 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares US detention centers for illegal aliens to concentration camps. 
Make absolutely no mistake about it: Nancy Pelosi's decision to avoid pursuing impeachment at this time is not based on principle, but rather, on politics. 
The headline of an ad in yesterday's New York Times read, "Don't Ban Equality." 
The Constitution prohibits religious tests as a requirement for being a federal officeholder. But in what universe does this constitute a religious test? 
Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. Now, he'll tell you he's a Democratic Socialist because that (apparently) makes it more palatable to some. But he's a Socialist. 
CNN's Chris Cilizza is apparently upset at President Trump - not Congress - for "tax loopholes" that exist. 
Attorney General William Barr said that the Obama Administration "spied" on the Trump Campaign in 2016. 
It's our pleasure to welcome Senator Mike Braun to the program today to discuss his first 100 days in office.
Everyone knows that slavery and racism are disgusting aspects of America's history. 
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If you follow politics, you've almost certainly followed the incredible Michael Flynn case. But whether it's because of legalese or incomplete information from the media, it's not an easy story to follow. 
The Electoral College is under assault. It's under a direct assault from those who want to amend the Constitution to eliminate it. And it's under an indirect assault from those who are trying to circumvent the Constitution through The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 
Conservative Not Bitter University is our brand new online conservative training academy. It's designed to help you become a more effective and persuasive conservative.
I had a great time talking with Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona's 5th Congressional District. We spoke about reopening the American economy, Covid-19 and some of the petty tyrannical actions taken by governments around this great nation during the coronavirus crisis. 
Hi Don. Great Question!
You’ve obviously been listening to the program because you took it to heart when you heard me say that when you reach out to “talk to Todd,” lavish adoration and praise will absolutely be accepted!
I really enojoyed my conversation with Ashley Bratcher, lead actress of the move Unplanned. We talk about alternatives to abortion and the importance of speaking truth in love. Hope you enjoy!
Listen to Todd's interview with Gary Varvel, internationally syndicated editorial cartoonist. 
We were excited to interview Brian Kilmeade about his new book, Sam Houston & the Alamo Avengers.
We had the pleasure of interviewing Dakota Wood, senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation about the events taking place in Syria.
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