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Joe Biden's campaign manager, Jen O'Malley Dillon, admitted that the national public polling numbers showing Biden largely in the lead, are inflated. 
Evidence found in emails between Hunter Biden and Ukrainian and Chinese officials has been released connecting Joe Biden to his son's overseas business dealings. 
The first Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden is tonight, and some of the most critical issues of 2020 will be discussed. But one debate topic in particular, "Race and Violence in Our Cities", has angered the left. 
Ballot harvesting is a problem in America. And the practice is rife with opportunities for voter fraud. 
Now, new evidence uncovered by Project Veritas shows that the State of Minnesota may have major problems with this practice - and it may, in fact, play a big role in how the key swing state's electors are cast in the upcoming 2020 election.
Two of President Trump's expected Supreme Court nominees, Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa, are Catholic. And to no surprise, their faith has already caused anti-Catholic bigotry among Democrats in this nomination process. 
Monday evening on CNN, Don Lemon told Chris Cuomo that "we're going to have to blow up the entire [US] system [of government]." 
In August, about a month before the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The National Review published an article explaining that history is on the side of Trump & the Republicans filling a Supreme Court vacancy in 2020.
A month ago America watched Joe Biden vow to secure a nationwide mask mandate if he were to win the 2020 Presidential Election, only to backtrack and claim that he will not do something so unconstitutional. 
Exactly two months before election day, The Atlantic released a hit piece claiming that President Trump thinks all Americans who died in war are "losers and suckers."
Hair salons in San Francisco have been shut down by the government for the past six months due to COVID-19. And what does Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful Democratic politician in the country, do?
According to Hawkfish, a Democratic data, and analytics firm, it is highly likely that President Trump will appear to win by a landslide on election night, even if he ultimately loses when all the votes are counted. 
According to  poll, black approval ratings for President Donald Trump rose 9% during the Republican National Convention. The numbers jumped from 15% to 24% within four days. The support among Hispanic voters also grew two percentage points from 30% to 32% since the most recent survey. 
Democrat leaders are using the Post Office as a tool to try to make Americans believe that Trump is actively trying to steal the election from both Joe Biden and the American voter. But that simply isn't true. 
Co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski, has a near meltdown on live television. 
If you're confused by everything the "experts" have told us about the Coronavirus and how to protect ourselves and our families from it, you're not alone. And you're not the idiot they portray you to be either. In fact, if you're paying attention, you should have questions about what they're telling you. Just consider the evolution of their position on wearing a mask. 
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Alex McFarland, culture and religion analyst, joins our program today to discuss the cultural problems we face in America today. 
Did you know that you can catch Hour 2 of The Todd Huff Show on YouTube weekday mornings at 7am? It's true! And from what I understand, it's absolutely fantastic! 
If you've listened to our program for some time, you know that I am a big, big fan of J-Dot's 3-in-3's! But you may not know the story behind the 3-in-3. 
Dr. David Samadi joins the program to talk about Covid-19, using hydoxychloroquine to treat the disease and what we can learn from this pandemic. 
Donald Rainwater, Libertarian candidate for Governor of the Great State of Indiana, joins us to discuss his campaign and the issues that he thinks should matter to supporters of limited government and liberty.
If you follow politics, you've almost certainly followed the incredible Michael Flynn case. But whether it's because of legalese or incomplete information from the media, it's not an easy story to follow. 
The Electoral College is under assault. It's under a direct assault from those who want to amend the Constitution to eliminate it. And it's under an indirect assault from those who are trying to circumvent the Constitution through The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 
Conservative Not Bitter University is our brand new online conservative training academy. It's designed to help you become a more effective and persuasive conservative.
I had a great time talking with Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona's 5th Congressional District. We spoke about reopening the American economy, Covid-19 and some of the petty tyrannical actions taken by governments around this great nation during the coronavirus crisis. 
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